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Nr. 216: Brandon Spiker an offshoot of Howard Rodney Brown

Nr. 216:

Brandon Spiker an offshoot of Howard Rodney Brown

By Eva Nilssen

Straight to the point, namely Vision Norway,, Jan Hanvold and "last man out" there, because Brandon nails, also from the USA and born of Rodney Howard Brown's Ministry too. :
Having watched while I seriously and increasingly have sought the Lord in prayer during the whole culminating in last night with such an unpleasant encounter on the air including more ironic statement against critics of their "sessions and circus" (which it is) that I was very bad in my mind and went to bed with images of this show on the retina. After a good night's sleep I woke up today with the same image on the retina and in my spirit, and during my morning prayer I experienced again the need and the tears and the sickening feeling that this is nothing more than an initial manifestation in Norway at the age skjøgekirke . And I was so moved by the thought that "Why is there no warning?" Whoever said nothing is really an agree! And Scripture says that if we hear His voice, and no warning, then I (and you) are responsible and guilty. But if I (and you) warn they will not hear - when they bear the responsibility for his sin, seduction or whatever it may be.
I saw myself (in my mind) Jesus Christ my Savior on the cross - made to be sin in a bloody pole - for MY sake, and for whosoever will come to Him - and be His pure and holy bride, and allowed HE washing to clean the blood and the Word, and therefore love the truth! But this - what I saw last night, which was a preliminary conclusion on the nail visits (he gets the back, but may God forbid it) - was a whore, a whore clothed in "purple and scarlet" (Åp.17, 4) . When I checked today, I found that "purple and scarlet" is in itself a clear illustration of the "mixture" of true and false when scarlet is made of such wine while purple is made of scrolling. sea ​​slugs, is an organic substance and can EASILY BE MADE ARTIFICIAL ". .. The Bible warns often and in different ways contrary "Mixtures". (Wool and linen, two kinds of seed, mix of species and the mixture of culture and religion). Nor can anyone serve two masters; Matt.6; 24 No matter who the "other gentleman" had to be - although in this verse is mentioned Mammon - and it is indeed much of the Vision Norway! Should not the Lord could and would take care of their OWN? If it is of Him? Well, I say! And warns against "giving to found" because they "do not BELIEVE"! Do WHOM? Have DHÅ spoken to you? Or is it the man in the TV route that is enthusiastic about you? There is nothing in the Bible about "people who have blood from the poor people on their skjortefliker"! JER.2, 32-35! To stand and say that God does not do anything if you do not believe because nothing else touches him is erroneous. It is then certainly in Heb. 4, 15-16 that we are including have a high priest who has compassion on our weaknesses, etc.! This is a misuse of the concept of FAITH in the light of Scripture! Read also Hebrews. 4, 2 that the Word has to work faith. I was saved because I thought! AND the faith was not even on my own, but by God! (Efes.2, 8). So what "faith" is what one is exposed to the Vision Norway? It is written that "The devil believe - and shudder"! James 2: 19 and bring out v24 also for the sake of clarity. Furthermore:
Jesus warns against the disciples ask what the sign of His coming to be. And say, See that no one leads you astray! And continues to say that many shall come in my name .. "(they call themselves Christians and are using the name of Jesus) - and that many false prophets will appear (a prophet is not a" fortune teller ", but one that proclaims the Word of God - hopefully at the right time and place and in the right context, which is a false prophet NOT do). AND that "false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders, to lead even the elect if that were possible" (Matt.24: 24). False Christs are simply FALSE ANOINTING as "Messiah" simply means "the anointed or anointed." Healing in the Name of Jesus is therefore no evidence that our Lord is in it at all. Let us take 2.Kor.11; 1-4,13-15 on "or if you receive a different spirit which you previously could not have been" .. and that deceitful workers, disguise themselves as apostles of Christ! - Truly, Vision Norway operates under a "different spirit". The devil laughs almost to death by their "spiritual laughter." It is a stumbling block for both believers and unbelievers! Therefore Jesus also said that His name was blasphemed among the Gentiles for OUR sake. Rom.2; 24 ! I HAVE known the Lord JOY but it is in my spirit, my inner being in my "guts". Is then the joy of the LORD my strength, that we should have the strength we need now to say that Jeremiah that "if only my head were waters and mine eyes a tear source, I would weep day and night over the slain of my people" . Jer.9; 1. Verily, there are people who are spiritually dead and are lost in the worst case - if they do not repent - from Vision Norway's vision and spirit. It is a seduction that affects those who "do not have love for the truth" - so that it is God who thus sends them a powerful delusion so that they should believe a lie (and hence the liar - who is behind it all. See 2.Tess.2; 10-11. Read also 1.Joh.4; 1: test the spirits (it does not try if it is "evil spirits" but test the spirits!). Essentially, it is man's own spirit. And THE HOLY SPIRIT. And SATAN spirit. (Demons). Within this one has it more concretely in Gal. 5, 17 and 19-22. As we see, including spells mentioned in the "works of the flesh" and I am convinced the laughter of Vision Norway is under this description and the concept. "With zeal maker He after the Spirit which He made to dwell in us"! Jak.4; 5 To call the look of "The Helige Ghost bartender," which is often quoted in Vision Norway - in my opinion to "make the Holy Spirit!" (Efes.4, 30). Therefore, it is well worth taking with him James Chapter 4 and verse 9 in this context:
"APPEAL AND mourn and weep! LA Laughter Turned to SORROW AND JOY TO Sadness "(Feel free to read the whole context, verses 1-10).
And if Mammon: James 5, 1-8 is a word in due time these days! Sure does the Lord care of her, but where's hearts when it comes to money? For where your treasure is, there will your heart be! Matt.6; 21 Psalm 37: 5 Finally a comment on Hanvolds many rude and direct vulgar opinions expressed in public by someone who says he is a Christian man: Efes.4; 29! "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouths, but a good speech that is necessary for edification, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." See also Matt. 15, 11 that there are so going out of the mouth - not - by the, defile the man. It can hardly be said about much of what has been stated by Hanvold on Vision TV Norway. Measuring cup is nearly full when it comes Vision Norwegian TV. Soon also Sharon Stone is in cahoots with Bill Hamon - who has a reputation for being a false prophet. Check for yourself! He has certainly prophesied a number of things that never come true and this is just the enemy's next move on their application, false prophets - that those who call themselves this, and says they should "redeem gifts" of the people and lift them "to a higher level." The way I see it in Scripture so hard I can see that there is Biblical evidence to bring a completely unknown man in a context in order to "redeem gifts" and / or services / service donations. Read. Efes.2, 19-22 and 4, 11-16. I am convinced that this applies to the local church collections and relationships. They knew each other and prayed for and with each other. ! An unknown person (regardless of who or what they call themselves or units) can, for example. be carriers of the sins we are not familiar with, and in the worst case, we infected without knowing it until it's too late and it is manifested. (1.Tim.5; 22 and applies to everyone, not just the elders or leaders! As some claim).
Moreover, we can get in harm to a prophecy of us who are in conflict with the DHÅ have made in your or my heart. Thus, we ended up in conflict with ourselves, or worse, we take the "new" and comes out of God's plans for our lives. When Satan wants to deceive, hinder or destroy a person so he uses pretty much any other man. It also makes God! SO you have to have an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit so that one is able to judge what is of God and not. 1.Kor.2; 6-7 and Jak.3, 13-17. I am therefore afraid that the next move of Vision Norway, dating back to the same "spirit" as before and the next move CAN be .. - A false prophet who calls himself a prophet and apostle. Watch therefore, And BE! You do not be deceived - then ALSO THE SELECTED will be lost, if it were possible! Matt.24.v5, 11,22,24. AND LUKAS 17; 1-3! Any woman who has lived in the world and been saved in adulthood KNOW what it means to be seduced! Then you talked about, put down, disappointed, abandoned and injured .. Think about it, and the seductions in the invisible!
I will stop referring to Luke 16, 1-15 of a dishonest manager who hit on both oil and grain when the bill was paid. In the same way that grain is a Biblical image of such The word and oil a Biblical image of the Holy Spirit's anointing on it also in the day "off on the requirements," according to the Scriptures, and held "circus-meetings" with no anointing. I will personally do like the rich man in v.1. :
Rear view of our God, as He Himself can "check out" and EVEN intervene.

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