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Nr. 230: Differences in pointing out errors and to the main be the other!

Nr. 230:

Differences in pointing out errors and to the main be the other!

Matt 15:13 But he answered and said, Every plant which my heavenly Father has not planted shall be plucked up by the roots.

It is a form of tango and waltz to warn and to point to Jesus and the gospel together, but I feel nødtvunget to also warn against slipping, error learning, and more. The very simplest had only been time-scale and let watch the world go and have agreed to all, especially the one last talked. But this is not the Lord called me to

Am I a prophet?

For that, I would say that I have a proven prophetic sections of my preaching, but there are also experienced as unnecessary to go around calling themselves prophets, etc. try my preaching God's word, and let me be the Word teaches, it stays. It is so great as a brother because that to me. I was just a simple Evangelist but he was a prophet, it is enough for me to be called a simple Evangelist.

Hove Vere or warn?

It is of course not always easy to know the difference here, if you always have to defame others, or is it absolutely necessary. For Paul it was a necessity, to preach the whole counsel of God to salvation. All parts and all aspects of the word of God and our spiritual life was and it was in need of was lit!

What is sick and unhealthy, and what is healthy and spiritually?

I've been in situations where one is to accept over other people's mistakes and failures. And I've been in situations where one would never hear anything that is negative and that caused discussion and that anyone would think differently than what was approved and widely accepted. Both are wrong, but what is right and spiritually? It is permissible that everything comes out, will be tried on the Word of God and by knowing the spirit witness to it. We read that the first believers and throughout God's word it was a very keen to find out if it matched the writing or not, especially in times of revival. Let us return to God's words again and again, that's where we have our spiritual source and living power!

Church Smyrna Oslo

Why start a new church? Is not it NOK churches? Needed it once or more? How could I continue. I believe that God has called me to start, operate and build the church here in Oslo City.
Now there is much I can write about this and end the chapter is neither written.
We actually started this church in the autumn of 1990. And then we had a much greater progress and support one we now have. At most, we were about. 25 pieces in the meetings. Today it has been the most about. 10 pieces. But the number is not essential.

The first time we ran the church, it was wonderful, good and proper. How I think it is also now we have not had the great success yet! I think the progress and the possibilities are much greater now that apostasy is so large understand the established churches. Word of the Lord is expensive and of visions and revelations are scarce.

The first time we ran the church Smyrna Oslo we put it down because of financial reasons. But it was basically disbelief on my part. We had bought an apartment that was too small for us when we had two young daughters, then (only one bedroom). We broke up and moved to the West Coast. But one can learn from their mistakes, believe it never was God's perfect will, God's only legitimate purpose.
But God is good. After many years in western God called us back to Oslo in 2005. We settled ourselves first on Skullerud before we bought the \ built the house we now live in the Mortensrud.

Both my wife and I have had good jobs and everything has gone right for us as a family. God is and will remain good and faithful if we are faithless.

We have been a part of the Pentecostal contexts after we moved back to Oslo with mixed success. However, control and man-management is great within its all too many churches. Even there also. It has been one of the main reasons that my family realized that it is difficult to serve God within its established churches which control "hangs" in the walls. And the relationships between each other is very weak.

But when we advertised and began with open meetings 6 September in 2009, as a large and heavy stone was rolled from my shoulders. Finally.

Oldest daughter of my said it time and time again. You did not come to Oslo for anything other than to start the church, so true, so true. Actually, we had quite excellent on the west coast in every way.
What is our vision and mission? Very much!

I have an article about the church in Ephesus. Being such a church is my goal.

I have my wishes and dreams. But one need both to ask God what you will. And see the reality. Reality now is that I must have my regular job and run the church on time.

The desire is to quit my job and run the church full time. But when I depend on God and human support. Do you have faith and do you need a Word church?
Where a study God's word and do everything we can to live it?
This is where my call is Oslo, which is to make disciples. Pray for me, family, business and service. Support us financially so that God will be realized.
We all rely on good and faithful employees.
You are God's farmland Paul said about the church.
What it helps with good grain if it is not a ground to put it in? Nothing.
Therefore, I also dependent brothers and sisters to support me in ministry and the task in the operating Smyrna Church in Oslo.
Will you be with? Come to the meetings. Join. Support financially and in prayer. With the gift and ministry God has given you. We need you!

The vision for the Smyrna church is first and foremost to keep the word of God. Both in life and learn! This is a Word church!

See the article whole counsel of God to salvation.

Make that the first Christians who preached the counsel of God for salvation (Acts 20, 27 for I held nothing back, but preached unto you the whole counsel of God).
Come and join the party is already started singing Hans Inge Fagervik in an old song. You are invited to the meal, the party is already underway. Would you like to join, you must respond by answering yes Thank you. And come to join.
The choice is yours. Good luck with your choice dear brother and sister. And all the others are also very welcome in the name of Jesus to be with! And if we meet at a meeting here in Smyrna Oslo, let's meet within its thrones in prayer and praise.

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