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Nr. 184: Temple of Ezekiel

Nr. 184:

Eric Sauer on the Temple of Ezekiel
Eric Sauer wrote:

"At all events, in his prophecy of the Messianic salvation Ezekiel pictures a future sacrificial service with so many details and such exact and particular statements and measurements that it seems scarecely possible to understand it all as simply symbolic and spiritual. The difficulty then is that, in spite of the instruction in Hebrews (10:10, 14; 8:13, 7:18), there will then be a service of sacrifices after the completed work of Golgotha; and that this will include burnt offerings, meal offerings, thanks offerings, and sin offerings, and a holding of special feasts (Passover, Taberncacles: Ezek. 45:21, Zech 14:16). It is possible to resolve this difficulty by regarding these offerings as holding much the same status as Baptism and the Supper in this present time, that is, as tokens of remembrance, as representations of the now accomplshed work of redemption. They will be symbolic pictures looking backward, just as the Old Testament offerings, done away by the Cross, looked forward, to a forseen but then still future work of redemption, which at that time was not yet accomplished but which would be carried out in due time, even "when the fulness of time was come" (Gal.4:4)."
The lines in Ezekiel 40-48

We meet here in Ezekiel perhaps the most difficult passages in the whole word of God to interpret correctly in my opinion. It is therefore important to treat these 8 chapters carefully and prayerfully.

But it is nevertheless important to highlight these chapters, it is part of God's word. And all of God's word has its purpose, function and significance.

Where should we place these chapters?

Is there anything that comes to the church today, or belongs to the future?

That it does not belong to the church and us today is absolutely secure.

It paid such that the priest should not be married to a divorcee, and other moral and physical things. Because of this and many other sites here. So we can be sure, it does not concern the church and our spiritual life directly. It is not a spiritual transmission, but a physical temple with such priests should have a high moral intrigue closely. Size and location are also discussed.

It speaks of a temple that has not been before, it has never been built a large temple in the story before in Jerusalem. Therefore it MUST be listening to the future.

But the hardest here to believe that it belongs to the future, two things. The fact that it is so great and exalted there is no room for this in today's Jerusalem. Secondly, what are the sacrifices. Did not Jesus abolished all sacrifices because of their sonigsdød?

The first here "solved" by the fact that when Jesus comes back to it after Zechariah and other prophets write, be a great earthquake that will make room for this because God will both create space and it will "grow" up a mountain that the temple will stand on. Earthquakes will also be caused double pelvis described in Ezekiel 47 Jerusalem will become a elveby. Where one years of the river would go down to the Mediterranean and the other years the Dead Sea that will because of this will be totally different from today. Therefore, the dual stream.

We read in Ezekiel 43 18 The man said to me, man, thus saith the Lord God: These regulations shall be due the day of the altar is prepared, as a burnt offering and sprinkle blood on it. 19 The Levites are the descendants of Zadok and who stepped forward to minister to me, will you give a young bull for a sin offering, saith the Lord God. 20 You shall take some of its blood and put it on the four horns of the altar, on the four corners of the ledge and on the stone edge around. So you shall cleanse the altar to make atonement for it. 21 And thou shalt make a sin offering bull, and it shall be burnt on the prescribed place at the temple, outside the sanctuary.
22 Next day, take a male goat without blemish for a sin offering. With it they shall cleanse the altar of sin as they did with the bull. 23 When you have finished cleansing, you shall offer an unblemished young bull of the herd and an unblemished ram from the flock. 24 You shall bring them before the Lord. The priests shall sprinkle salt on them and offer them as a burnt offering to the Lord.
25 For seven days you shall daily sacrifice a goat as a sin offering. They also offer a young bull of the herd and a ram from the flock, both without blemish. 26 Seven days shall they make atonement for the altar, cleanse it from sin and dedicate it. 27 When those days are over, the priests on the eighth day and ever since then lift up on the altar of burnt offerings and sacrifices for you. And then I will show you the good will, says the Lord God.

This is a very difficult section when we look at the NT and especially Hebrews.

But there are two "solutions" on this with the sacrifices and that there should be a sin offering.

One is that it is the opposite one in the Old Testament and the Old Covenant. In the Old Testament looked forward to a Christ to atone human family sin. During the 1000 year kingdom sees a return.

It may also be required sacrifices because even under 1000 years of peace are unfortunately those who fail to accept Christ. For those who fail to accept Christ, we need sacrifices if to experience Christ's blessings and his grace. And be a citizen under the 1000 year kingdom. Hebrews 10.3. But sacrifices are an annual reminder of sin. When we come into the NT "Earth" also with Ezekiel's temple and sacrifices, it is reminder of sins. On the way to the wake the people up that it must and will come to him it paid attention that can remove sin, guilt, the verdict and death, Jesus Christ!

One thing is for sure, great things of blessings and dimensions are about to come.

Jesus said in Joh.e.1. 45 Philip found Nathanael and said to him: "We have found Him of whom it is written, the law of Moses and the prophets: it is Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph." 46 "Can anything good come from Nazareth?" Said Nathanael. Philip replied: "Come and see!" 47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming and said, "Look, there is a true Israelite, one that is no guile!" 48 "How do you know me?" Said Nathanael. Jesus replied: "I saw you before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree." 49 Then said Nathanael: "Rabbi, you are the Son of God, you are the king of Israel." 50 "Do you believe because I said I saw you under the fig tree? "said Jesus. "You shall see greater things than this."

What Jesus said to Nathanael: "You shall see greater things than this."

It is in truth even today. But not only Nathanael, but to us today. And the citizens during the 1000 year kingdom of the temple in Jerusalem who does not have to and should be confused with the New Jerusalem. In the New Jerusalem there will be no temple. The last temple to be built, will be the largest and loveliest that have been built throughout history.

What we have before us the building of temples. Is it one and the first temple that the Jews will build to start the OT sacrifice that the Antichrist will sit in order to demand worship and recognition.

Secondly, "Eskiels" temple that will remove the first temple by the earthquake in Jerusalem when Jesus comes back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The larger is about to come for those who believe in Christ.

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