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Nr. 176: Worship leader and Evangelist Arvid Pettersen is re-married as believers!

Nr. 176:

Worship leader and Evangelist Arvid Pettersen is re-married as believers!

From Wikipedia: Arvid Pettersen (born April 19, 1970 in Drammen) is a Norwegian musician, singer and composer. He grew up in Åros in smoke along with a brother and a sister. His musical practice began early in the local independent congregation in the village. Since then he has written about. 200 songs, has had over 1200 concert performances in 15 countries and released eight music albums. The artist has sung in the parliament buildings, large churches and concert halls, for political leaders, business leaders and religious leaders, but his music is first and foremost directed against people who need encouragement and consolation. He is also engaged in work among children and adolescents at home and abroad. Arvid Pettersen's biggest sources of inspiration is the Bible and interpersonal relationships (end of quote).

The vicious dogs

File. 3. 2. Give heed to the dogs, give heed to the evil workers, give heed to the sønderskårne!

The Norwegian Bible is so incredibly bad and primitive translated. This word heed the dogs, it is used in Greek Kyon - literally, a dog, scabby rabbit, (figuratively) a spiritual predator who feeds on others.

Why would File. 3. 2 has been translated as follows: Give heed to the naughty preachers who nourish themselves on others, they are scabby (religious Christians) without being converted!

The idea then is that they seem to be "professionals" who can his craft, but will take payment but do and can not work. So this is to demand payment, but not do the job. Otherwise, to explain it another way, the driving without a license (certificate is covered by red dots). He is not competent and "law" of God to be his representative fa he did not live like the font requires!

I was familiar with Arvid Pettersen

I was familiar with Arvid Pettersen on the net for I think 2 years ago when he tried to sell me his car. I was not interested in it then, but he learned to know. Asked him some questions and some more. What a sickening guy, he was directly rude, carnal, rude and arrogant. Understand very well that he was divorced and had problems in the marriage.


It is very obvious that he is guilty of adultery when people behave carnal, but what has he done? Remarried. This is what is sin and that Scripture speaks so strongly against which I have written so much about before.

The man is an adulterer

1. Kor. 6. 9 Or know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Neither adulterers, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, or effeminate, or those who sin against nature, 10, or thieves, or covetousness, or drunkards or slanderers or robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Here are gjengiftede set in the same category as idolaters, thieves, and others. In other words, these people are not qualified to be preachers and singers. Scripture says about those who are not customs, their own house.

1. Tim. 5. 8 But if any provide not for his own, and most of his household, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.

No one is exempt from following God's word

Psalm 119 4 You have given your commands that one should keep them carefully.

Many preachers and singers are both divorced and re-married, this is a great tragedy!

His Inge Fagervik, Glenn Gulli, Carola Häggkvist and many, many others are either divorced and many of them also re-married. This is a great tragedy, and through their bad habit life, they are really unfit to be a platform service.

What shall we do?

Actually there is only one thing to do, not least because of the present distress we live in. It is to deny anyone who fails to conformed his own house either to be separated and those who marry again. Deny all gjengiftede as believers to have a platform service. It is the only way!


Homosexual, gjengiftede and all others that can not and will conformed their lives, they go down the church of God at such a low level, that this must be put a stop to before it is and will be too late.

The complaints 1 10 The enemy laid hands on all her precious things, for she saw pagan nations enter her sanctuary, those you had forbidden to enter in your church.
Now it's unfortunately the way the ministers do not keep track of his family, and children are disobedient and fall from the faith that the course should have because they are raised in a Christian faith.
What should a preacher of the Word of God as do, the Bible speaks clearly about the fact that those who can not conformed his house, should not be preachers.
Bottom line is scriptural case ready, you disobedient child, go down from the pulpit and sit in the back row and ask for prayer for you and your family and seek the Lord for your children, even in silence and trust that God hears prayer and do something in your family.
What good is it if you gain the whole world, but do not have your kids on the road?? No, where we see clearly that a preacher who has not only obedient, have not done the job of raising children well NOK. And what should he have to do on a platform and guide many people when he can not handle his family?
Lewi Pethrus had 9 children, and one of them, a son, would not be Christian. Pethrus, let down the entire service and was praying for her son and said that if not also the son became a believer, he could not continue in the pastor's role. It ended well, his son took to the faith and Pethrus could continue in service. Petrus is an example for preachers.

To hell with anyone who does not agree that I am re-married

This said Jan Hanvold the airwaves here in London: "To hell with anyone who does not agree that I am re-married." Homosexuals want to marry in the church and those remaining married is even risqué. Nice that Emanuel Minos and Co.. Taking these damn kids under their wings! Where will this madness end?

They are "innocent"

For all I know, this Arvid Pettersen be separated again. That's how they're doing. I was to have meetings up in Sogn and where I meet an American preacher who came over there every year, as a "new" wife every year. But there was a change when I was there they said, the last wife he had had in two years.

What scripture says

Jesus said of contemporary religious that they were both one thing and another, especially in Matthew 23 I think Jesus would say something in the same day to the Norwegian Christian. They are so behind the goal that I do not know what to say, and now there are so many divorced and gjengiftede preachers and singers that this is completely out of control! Who governs the church? Jesus is the head of the church but as I see it, it's abdomen that controls the Norwegian Christianity, not Jesus and God's word.

This is from my commentaries Philip Wiper letter 3 18 I have said it often and have to say it again with tears that there are many live as enemies of the cross of Christ.
It's a pain to see that other believers fall short, often time after time. We are a body, when a member suffers and feels pain spread it over all others. Psalm 119 158 I look with disgust at the treacherous, do not keep your word. Unfortunately there are still "Judas" which is among the believers, who do not have the wedding garment on. But we must distinguish between misleading and being misled. And between cheaters and those that fail to.
19 They end up in hell, they have the stomach to the god and takes pride in what is a shame for them, and they are only concerned with earthly things.
It shows, unfortunately, time and again that there are too many who take it easy at all. God is rich NOK for all but one have to open up and let him in.. When pleasure and deeds of the flesh can take root even in the believer's heart and mind. This can and will be lost if one does not repent again (Ezekiel 33). (End of quote).

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