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Nr. 228: Thank you Prime Minister to ask the Jews to apologize for what happened during the Second World War!

Nr. 228:

Thank you Prime Minister to ask the Jews to apologize for what happened during the Second World War!

Facts from Wikipedia:

At the outbreak of World War II, the number in excess of 2 100 Of this number was 350 refugees from the European mainland. Around 290 were stateless persons who had lived in Norway for many years. In the early days after the outbreak of war the Germans with caution. Life was pretty much as usual for the Jews, but was more difficult over time. At the beginning of the war, fled some Norwegians by sea to Britain, including some Jews. As the war progressed, this route is very difficult to use, and after the first year was largely escape to Sweden.

In May 1941 it went out to write the country's chief of police to collect all the radios in Jewish homes. Radios were banned for the rest of the population in the autumn. The occupying power began at the same time also to draw up lists of Jews in the country as well as Jewish businesses. Jewish businesses were eventually labeled "Jüdisches Geschäft." Until the summer of 1941, only a dozen Jews were deported to German camps, while at the same time had several hundred other Norwegians have been deported. Actions specifically against the Jews was because of that little noticeable to most people, and people were also bombarded by German propaganda against the Jews. In January 1942 it went out the message to all Chiefs of Police and sheriffs that the passport of all Jews in Norway should be stamped with a J.
At a conference 20 January 1942 in the Wannsee outside Berlin did the German government a decision on the implementation of "Die Endlösung" - the final, complete solution to the Jewish question. It was decided that all Jews in German and German-occupied countries to be brought to concentration camps in Poland and Germany. This decision was of great importance for the Jews in Norway. In March 1942 the Jewish section be added to the Constitution. Towards the end of October was a law passed that indicated that all property belonging to Norwegian or stateless Jews were seized for the benefit of the Treasury. Mon created Liquidation Board to take care of this.

25. October 1942 sent the state police chief Karl Marthinsen out a iltelegram to all police in the country with the following order:

"All male persons over 15 years if legetimasjonskort is stamped with J, be arrested at any age up [...] arrests to take place on Monday 26 October at. 0600 ... "
Some people got during the 25 October notice from people within the police and they immediately began to notice further, in addition to traveling around to warn people who had no telephone. The result was that around 250 were arrested in Oslo and Southern Norway, which was less than half of the Jews was issued arrest warrants for. It would take just one month before a campaign was launched to arrest all women and children. The arrests were mostly carried out by the Norwegians.

The same day as the arrests of women and children, 26 November, was 523 men, women and children aged 4 months to 81 years of power brought on board the prison ship DS "Danube", which was moored on Vippetangen in Oslo. The ship sailed down to Stettin, where the prisoners were loaded onto trains headed for Auschwitz. Only eight of the prisoners were alive when the war was over.

In the magazine Hirdspeilet stood there in November 1942: "One of Hird old goal was realized in this month, as the great hereditary enemy the Jew now finally been stripped of authority to continue to stay in Norway. Their assets are seized of great woe and moans for our opponents. Ultimately, however, it was our money people passed, and now, it is the end for good. "In December the same year wrote the NS-sheet Borlaug," cleanup of the Norwegian Jewish world now exceeds certain to come. All male Jews are long on good roads to his removal, and provisional destination. The women and children all offshoots go these days the same way. At the same wound all Jewish enterprises that are not considered desirable to continue operating. The Jewish assets confiscated it further, "
During the war the hospital in some cases, a temporary refuge. Jews were from time to time, "admitted" without being sick, which in many cases bought them NOK time to escape to Sweden, as the occupying power for a long time seemed hospitalized Jews alone.
The Jewish refugees were saved, came mainly to Sweden, although some also were saved over the UK. They were helped by resistance fighters and civilians Norwegian women and men, including even some police officers. It cost a lot of money to operate these escape routes, so it was usually demanded money from the refugees. Extra money was general opposition to further work, and there was rarely any were rejected even though they had no money. It was used a lot of escape routes and capacity on routes out of Oslo was the fall of 1942 from 50 to 60 people a week. Opposition People had priority, but it almost never happened that the Jews had to give way in favor of these. The occupying power introduced in the second half of 1942, the death penalty for those who helped Jews to escape. The pilots were in constant fear of being arrested, and they often ended up as refugees themselves. Some had problems with the nerves after having guided only one or two groups of refugees across the border.
Even though most escape routes consisted of transport by car and train and the last stretch on foot, there were also a number of innovative methods were used, such as transport across the border in sealed railway wagons and load of hay.
During the war, 768 people of Jewish descent deported - 27 of them survived. In addition, lost 22 Jewish life in Norway during the same period as a result of murder, extrajudicial executions and suicide. Around 1,100 were saved - around 925 of them to Sweden. (End of quote).

What can you do?

Please register here during office hours: Prime Minister's Office - 22 24 90 90 \ 40 00
Prime Minister's Office - 900 20812
Glacisgata 1, 0150 Oslo
PO Box 8001 Dep, 0030 OSLO

Mail address: redaksjonen@dss.dep.no

Enter the following: We want to bring our thanks to you Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg for your courageous and correct decision to ask all Norwegian Jews apologize that we in Norway could allow as many Jews were sent to Germany to never come back to Norway back. If this was late, so we are proud and happy, better late than never, thanks!

1. Genesis 12 3 And I will bless them that bless thee (Israel), and whoever curses you I will curse: and in thee shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed.

Here is the speech: Speech at the ceremony on Holocaust Remembrance Day on Friday 27 \ 1-2012

Here is the excuse for all Norwegian Jews of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg:

I find that today the right to express our deep regret that this could happen on Norwegian soil!

Dear all,
This year it is 70 years since the "Danube" casting off from the quay, and embarked on shame while sailing.
532 Jews were brutally stowed on board.
Only nine returned.
One of them was Samuel Steinmann. He is the last survivor of the "Danube".
I'm especially glad you are here with us.
Today we remember the millions of innocent people who were wiped out of history's most heinous genocide.
We remember all of the Norwegian Jews who were killed.
We remember the Roma, the disabled, gays and other victims of the Hitler regime's cruelty.
The Holocaust will forever stain the history of mankind.

Thursday 26 November 1942 came the Holocaust in Norway.
One of the many who were arrested that day was Ruth Maier.
Her story is well known thanks to Gunvor Hofmo and Jan Erik Vold.
At dawn on 26 November heavy boots stomped up the stairs in rooming house "Englehjemmet" in Oslo.

Shortly after, scared girlfriends humble Jewish girl being led out the door in Dalsbergstien 3
The last glimpse of Ruth Maier is that she is pushed into a black car by two powerful Norwegian police.
Five days later, the 22-year-old's death.
Murdered in the gas chamber in Auschwitz.
Fortunately there is a human characteristic to learn from our mistakes.
And it's never too late.
Over 50 years after the war Parliament established a settlement, collectively and individually, for the economic liquidation of the Norwegian Jews were subjected.
The result was a moral acceptance of state responsibility for acts committed against Norwegian Jews during the 2 World War II.
What about crimes against Ruth Maier and the other Jews?
The killings are without doubt the Nazis' work.
But it was the Norwegians arrested.
It was the Norwegians who drove the cars.
And it happened in Norway.
During the war, 772 Norwegian Jews and Jewish refugees were arrested and deported.
Only 34 survived.
Without denying the Nazis responsible, it's time to see the police and other Norwegians participated in the arrests and deportations of Jews.
I find that today the right to express our deep regret that this could happen on Norwegian soil.
Just as important as to apologize is to learn.
And more importantly:
To commit ourselves to combat the attitudes and actions that lead us away from decency and civilization.
70 years after pains me to say that the ideas that led to the Holocaust is still alive.
All over the world, we see that individuals and groups, spread intolerance and fear.
They grow violent ideologies that can lead to anti-Semitism and hate against minorities.
The Norwegian Jews say that they live in fear.
In the newspaper, Our Country, we read that some of our Jews are afraid to make themselves visible as Jews.
How should we not have it in Norway.
No one should have to hide their faith, cultural identity or sexual orientation.
Every human being is of equal worth.
All have equal rights.
This and only this, it should be in Norway
Naturally, it may be tempting to turn away from the discomfort.
Ignore the nascent signs of evil.
But we are not allowed.
When we fail as human beings.
When we fail ourselves.
Instead, we love each other to meet totalitarian deceivers with firmness.
We shall argue against them with steadfast faith in humanity and equality.
To conduct their attitudes out of the darkness with the light of knowledge is incumbent on every one of us.
To protect vulnerable groups against threats and violence is a mission for the community.
The goal is the same:
It should be safe to be Jewish in Norway.
No - no man, no minority - should have to live in fear in this country.
Thank you for your attention!

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