fredag 27. januar 2012

Nr. 225: FALSE PROPHETS! NOW into your living room! So Hanvold get Money!

Nr. 225:
FALSE PROPHETS! NOW into your living room! So Hanvold get Money!

Interested in Christian media about such things at all? They should .. We have now been served one after the other on TV Vision Norway and I call for a truly REAL Christian argument with good foothold in the WORD OF GOD.
After uncontrolled laughter for a long time. Something that does not have with either joy or strength in the Lord to do. Moreover, "the spirits of prophets prophets obey." Ridiculous is ukontrolerbar.
NOW was recently Sharon Stone - a "prophet and apostle," "launched last day and coming in the next month or in March. In the meantime, it appears now a KRIS nobler, a "biiig prophet to bring both the one and other falsksneri of gullible people and now they are SPECIAL OUT FOR OUR YOUNG! ATTENTION ATTENTION! For we have not been looking for them! Have we??

Check this link here and see what he sstår for! Demonic visits to the room and then asks the demon "where are you?" etc etc! Do not throw him out, no! Oh no, they're the same spirit!

I heard for sure, "" crass out. " But now the NOK of seduction, false prophets, uncontrolled hypos, fake "save notes" mammon money market with promises that basically rob people and not with "Autumn"!

Where are you in all this? IHOP and Kansas City proftene and apostle-generation! It is totally taken out of the Biblical dimension and context! It reminds me all the magicians of Pharaoh who did the same as Moses - until it was all about BLOOD!
I'm really looking forward to a genuine Acts Refugees time again where we get the characters that Ananias and Sapphira when they lied to God! DA, no one joined them longer to ghost it is written!
I'm not just dyktg tired of seduction to Hanvold and this "TVkirken" his, but seriously jealous of future and existing children who walk INTO the New Age stresses seduction! As I live and touches me and is in the Lord Jesus Christ must be allowed for light MEDIA when these forførerne starts to go after and stealing our children and our children's SOUL !!!!!!!!!
With a true and zealous greeting from Eva Nilssen

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