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Nr. 255: Audun Lysbakken shows the true face of socialism!

Nr. 255: Audun Lysbakken shows the true face of socialism! The socialist spirit is a direct insult against God, as in socialism as we see many times is Gudsfornektere that controls almost all socialist partiere more or less. The communists are socialists very close, therefore it is not strange that Audun Lysbakken has called for marxisist, which it looks like he's still there.
The storms around Audun Lysbakken, but it is an ideology and understanding behind his actions! We see how Lysbakken sorry, but what Dagbladet, VG and all the other newspapers do not write about the ideology behind them. It is quite alright for a socialist to flay others, and give out to their own. It is in social simen to "share" but it is always at the expense of those who create veridiene, this brought to a head. Margaret Thatcher said in an article that sociality abilities only to take from the rich and distribute it to imelom. In other words they flay those denominator nothing but steal it from them and redistribute it among themselves as they please. We see now what Lysbakken does, he puts himself above all others, although central government and hand out to their own just as it suits the other cheeky youth, he has about himself. Cash benefits shall be removed even if it is contrary to Norswk constitution to allow a decision be applied retroactively. We read: Refers to the Constitution § 97 "No law must tilbagevirkende Gives Power" The case is not worse than the government does not have permission to do so, and all concerned should immediately take this up in a single complaint evntuelt, wait and sue the government on this basis. They have tried before and could not do it then either. Should believers care about politics? I am certainly excited about the injustice, lies and obvious errors and that things can be done better. There must be much, much better for Norway with a non-socialist government, or a pure AP government, only SV disappears from Norwegian politics for good, Goodbye you are not missing for the arrogant and helpless politics you stand for. Socialism is a spiritual power Of course it's sad with the people, but I'll give an example that it is possible to promote Jesus. The two daughters of mine went to kindergarten and they should stop singing for the food and just sing to the cow. But I said no, also to my daughters, just singing to God and not bother you, I said. The outcome was that they sang to God and cows for food. No, I'm not embarrassed to believe in God. Stantsminister Jens Stoltenberg says openly that he does not believe in God I believe and will always believe that Stoltenberg in many ways is a great shame for Norway and its people when he says he does not believe in God. The Bible says of such that they are in good Norwegian fools, in other words, Stoltenberg it, it looks also at the molbo politics he leads. The Socialists will have removed everything with God and good Christian and human values, such a shame they are too Norge.De will have all in their A4 pattern, but is good at taking liberties themselves. Psalm 14 1. The fool says in his heart: There is no God. Evil, abominable, their deeds, no one is doing well. Stoltenberg and all other sociality, with Norway's worst RE game in the lead are some fools, I'm fed up of people who dismiss God, he is life's greatest and most important reality! Another new party I saw that there was still a new Christian party, but those guys are more deluded than ever. They set up the Vision Norway to promote his new par, then a not understood anything what one is doing. A do not set up in such a channel that is too dark and not light. I hope that Christians do not turn call on either the new Christian party or Vision Norway, that's how I see several things here in Norway that does not measure both the spiritual and political level. Although we have a democracy here in Norway so I must be allowed to think that I want Vision Norway, Sosialistik left party and a few other things far, far away! Jesus loved righteousness and hated iniquity, therefore, he was anointed by God This is from my commentaries Hebrews. 1. 9 You have loved righteousness and hated iniquity: therefore God, thy God has anointed you with oil of gladness above your fellow. Jesus was perfect in hatred and fullommen in love. He hated the sin in all its shapes and facets, but loved God and His righteousness above all else. Therefore, God anointed him as no other. John. e 3 34 He whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit in full measure. Related links: http://the-heavenly-blog.janchristensen.net/ http://the-heavenly-blog.janchristensen.net/2011/09/nr-31-foreign-minister-jonas-gahr-store.html

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