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Nr. 232: Evangelisenteret with management to make themselves into little gods and little kings!

Nr. 232:

Evangelisenteret with management to make themselves into little gods and little kings!

1. Kor. 9. 23 But everything I do for the gospel, that I too can share in it. 24 Know ye not that they which run on the race track, they run well all, but only one receives the prize? Ran thus, that you can win it! 25 Each one who participates in the betting game, the abstention of all, Josephine for a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. 26 I run when not on the unknown, I do not like a fencer who turn in the weather, 27 but I subdues my body and keep it in bondage, lest I preach to others, himself should be a castaway.

The world will never understand true Christianity!

One thing is for a remedial action to get people to a better life. Something else is life in God's kingdom and God's kingdom. When we give ourselves to be believers, we must relate to something other than just what Norwegian laws say, but what God says. It is here Evangelisenteret fails so to the point. We can not say that we are a little better than the world, therefore we are "Christian." Whether we are Christians or not, where is Evangelisenteret? They are doing a form of riding on two horses, it is not.

Monica Johansen

The entire Evangelisenteret is steeped gjengiftede people, it is deeply tragic and completely unbiblical. When a t.o.m. management is gjengiftede to lead others but have not been able to manage themselves, then one is no longer a Christian business in the true sense, but allows the world and sin to be in its midst. Scripture is clear here:

1. Tim. 5. 8 But if any provide not for his own, and most of his household, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.

When Monica Johansen will be a role model for others, but even taking into right to remarry after a divorce with Holger Johansen. If she is the daughter of Lise and Ludvig Karlsen, she must respond to God's word as much as we all have to do it.

When she got divorced she was done as scripture says, either live single or be reconciled to her.

1. Kor. 7. 10 The married I command, yet not I but the Lord, that a wife should not separate herself from her husband, 11 but she is separated from him, as she remain unmarried or be reconciled herself with her husband - and that a man does not to separate himself from his wife.

What did she do? She met her own flesh and remarried, as she is a prostitute teaches writing, not a shepherd and leader of others.

Rooms. 7. 3. Therefore she called an adulteress if she, while her husband lives, marries another man, but if her husband dies, she is free from the law, so she is not an adulteress if she marries another man.

She is a leader and when she marries again, then one must assume that the lambs and sheep in the church doing everything the same only twice as far.

Scripture speaks of the heed of themselves

"Give heed to yourself and to doctrine. Keep on with it when it does, then you will save both yourself and them that hear thee. "1 Tim.4.16. "Think of this, live in this, that your progress may be evident to all," 1 Tim.4, 15

It is by paying attention to themselves and the doctrine, that a savior of others. What is so widespread throughout Evangelisenteret? The answer itself!

Cooperate with the false prophet in January Hanvold

That one will come out with the message very well and good, but when one allows oneself and work with a womanizer as Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway tells me that one does not know the difference between right and left, sacred and profane in the spiritual area .

Where will this end?

The same God who says that remarriage is a sin for a believer, says that homosexuality is a sin. We can not accept anything in the Bible, but neglecting something else. When we live in a delusion.

James 2 10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one thing, he is guilty of all. 11 For he who said: You shall not commit adultery, said also, Thou shalt not kill. If you do not commit adultery but do kill, then you become transgressor.

What is Evangelisenteret?

Is there a humane and charitable orge nation or an extension of God? If one is an extended arm of God, then one must also deal with what God says. In the kingdom of God is not the laws and regulations, but of God.

As a citizen of Norway, we must orient ourselves by Norwegian law

As a citizen of Norway, we must orient ourselves by Norwegian law, but we also need to do in the spiritual area. We all of us working in Evangelisenteret or not, only when we confess Jesus name, we must direct us to what he says and what his decree goes on, as we find in God's word. Above all in the New Testament what he said and taught and what his Apostles later taught and preached. Kingdom of God requires obedience against its laws, rules and regulations, Evangelisenteret can not rise above them, no matter how much good they do and what they have to show for it. We all must submit to what God says, not what others think, believe and think!

Is Evangelisenteret people exempt?

Is Evangelisenteret people exempt? Just because they make so much "good"? They get so much, etc. No, and again a no. We all have to align ourselves according to God's word and God's church to a club or orge nation, but a living organism that gets all the instructions and impulses from the head which is Christ Jesus. Our Saviour and Lord.

From my commentaries Judas letter 4 For it has crept into certain people among you, wicked people who according to the Scriptures long ago are destined to doom. They distort our God's grace so they can live a dissolute life, and deny our only Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.
It has stolen the people who are not what they purport to be. They are wolves in sheep's clothing said Jesus. Paul says something similar to the church in Ephesus in Acts 20. 29 For I know that when I pulled away, the ravenous wolves will enter among you, and they will not spare the flock. 30 Even among their own to raise up men who go with the false doctrine to get ripped disciples with him. .
It is natural that the spiritual laws. Therefore, there are no shortcuts to go, it is that we sing a song, it's just cross the road that leads.

16 They are rebels who complain of their fate, but live according to their desires. They brag and use big words and flatters others when they have the advantage of it.

There are laws that say that if one falls so falls a downward and not upward due to gravity. So it is with our lives. We can not curse God or the Lord's messenger as Pharaoh did with Moses when one does not want to align their lives for the Lord and God's word.
To flatter the benefit of itself is one of the False Prophet clever ways to proceed.

17 But you, my dear, you must remember foretold by our Lord Jesus Christ's apostles,

This is happening now should not come as a surprise and make us checkmate! But encourage us as never before to follow Jesus. End of Time will be a prøvsom time for both believers and non believers.
2. Pet.3. 11 When all things shall perish in this way, how holy and godly, should you not live 12a while you wait for the day of God shall come, and accelerates it.
All this must seem stimulating and for us to live more like Jesus.

18 when they said to you: "The last time there will be people who scoff and follow their own ungodly lusts."

All the time we met with people who care about spiritual things and yet do not follow God's word and have a true and faithful witness of Christ.
Would think that a waiver of time so people are less religious, but the truth is rather the opposite. But only those who follow the Lamb wherever he goes will be among the victors.

19 These are they who cause divisions, they have souls, but the spirit has not.

Who creates divisions in the church and that makes all the problems in the spiritual field?
Those who do not follow God's word and organize his life and teachings of God's word. We turn it on the head but it was Ishmael who persecuted Isaac, and not the opposite.

20 But you, my dear, you must build yourselves up on your most holy faith and constantly praying in the Holy Spirit.

We have a most holy faith, a faith that God wants for himself. It is not always the greatest value to hear and read most of God's word.
But that word is a part of us and we bear fruit, fruit that lasts. Then Bible reading and study of very great value.
We must continually ask the Holy Spirit in sites to pray in the secret place when one is for themselves to pray in tongues. Paul spoke in tongues more than those all he says to the church in Corinth.

21 Remain in God's love, while you are waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ's love, which gives you eternal life.

It helps nothing to be aware of all this if one does not even follow Jesus and believe in him. We will let our walk down here to be in love with it that we devote ourselves to our own spiritual and carnal family. Down Prior this world and oppjuster Jesus, God's church and family. Setting up for each other and love each other are things that belong together.

22 Those who doubt, you shall have mercy.

There are also those who fail and fail to think they would like. The reasons for that are many but we should not treat everyone equally.

As far as possible we will get people to attend and show them love and care. T.o.m. apply them is our Christian duty, especially shepherds in churches.

23 Other you will save by tearing them out of the fire. And some you will take care of, but be careful as you even abhor cloak that is stained by sensuality!

We can not have the same tactic against any human being. We are not robots and it is not either. Some have spoken of age and must take authority on the Dam's behalf. Others will be drawn away and pray for. And there are those we should not ask for but leave them totally in the Lord's hands. It is a sin unto death.

24 He who has the power to keep you from falling and present you before his glory, error-free and joyous,

There are a lot of preaching about sin, rebellion and the consequences of it.
But we must and shall be for a view that there is always the good will prevail and it is fully possible to be preserved until the end and through everything.
He has a sincere desire to bring us to himself victorious, and in great triumph. And we are going to a day at home rejoice more than any other.

25 he, the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord: Him belong glory and majesty, dominion and power before all time, now and for all ages! Amen.

And who will be exalted is not you or me, but God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Father is the only one who fully belong glory and majesty, dominion and power before all time, now and in all ages. But Jesus is the first to receive part of that glory in full. For us we need an eternity to get part of the same. Amen says Judas means, let it happen!

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