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No. 1035: Newspaper Vårt Land will now allow my equivalent when they rendered the police primitive and unfair arguments against me!

No. 1035:
Newspaper Vårt Land will now allow my equivalent when they rendered the police primitive and unfair arguments against me!

I had a meeting with the police one year ago. Where we went through a part of what I had written. What little they pointed I changed immediately. But now escapes the about this one year later that it is a criminal offense etc.

They have also repeatedly said that after a conflict resolution meeting between me and Torp would they go through what was left. This promise they have not kept, they have lied simply. They've done really all errors it is possible to do. But enough about that!

The newspaper Our Country rendered the it strange that police are doing, indiscriminately.



But finally, something I wanted for 1 year ago when they first wrote about the fictional review that the false apostle January Aage Torp came with against me.



Then I finally then, few come with a similar way I understood it ?!



Here is the reply:



I do not stand for these words



I do not want it to be on the Heavenly blog that Jan-Aage Torp is a "dirty old man" and "a whore buck." It will stand and it says that he is an adulterer. Torp married again, is an adulterer and live in sin, that Jesus and the apostle Paul (not apostle January Aage Torp) said about those who were re-married again as a Christian or believer!



It is true that the police locked up in the words Our Country quoting from the indictment. This happens despite the fact that I have deleted these words a year ago. It is poor and deeply unchristian quoting words I've deleted.



This has been on the blog as a mistake.



That's what I stand for today as it is crucial. After I was told that these words appeared on the blog, I changed this immediately. On the Heavenly blog, other blogs and our website there are seas with articles, commentaries, books and more. There will always be some words and expressions that one had to change, if one becomes enlightened about it. It is for a being confronted with things, showing what a really stands for. Anyone can slip with a word and a sentence, this is used here against me for all it's worth.



Here is the article that our Country had where they wrote against me and rendered the it lashed that police were doing:



Krekar lawyer to defend harassment-accused Pastor



Thursday must Pastor Jan Kåre Christensen appear in court, charged with having called pastor Jan-Aage Torp "whore buck" and "dirty old man".


Erlend Friestad

Published 15 September 2015


- He has formulations that are going far beyond to express their opinions and their convictions from the Bible, said Jan-Aage Torp, pastor of Oslokirken Restoration after he had handed review of Christensen last fall.

In the blog of Christensen becomes Torp discussed inter alia as "dirty old man", corrupt, self-centered, self-centered, whore buck and that he and his wife live in adultery. There are over 1,200 blog posts on Christensen's blog, and dozens of people accused of being adulterers, hypocrites whore goats, spiritualists, controlled by satan and going to hell.

READ MORE: Web Harassment against Jan-Aage Torp gets trial

Not accept the fine

In January met pastors Torp and Christensen conflict stranded without finding a solution. This gave Christensen fined by police at 10,000 kroner for violation of Penal Code Section 390A 'for the troublesome behavior or other reckless behavior to be violating another's peace. "

Christensen not accept the fine and must therefore meet in Oslo District Court. He is convicted here, litigates police that the fine be increased to 12,000 kroner. In addition, prosecutors claim the costs covered.

Testing the limits of freedom of expression

Normally, the parties attorneys in such matters, but because of the case's principle has Christensen asked to Brynjar Meling who defend. Meling is best known for defending Mullah Krekar.

- The principle of the matter is to find freedom of expression limits. How far can one go in a religious debate and discussion, without compromising over the troublesome behavior, writes Meling in an e-mail to Our Country.

 - History of Norway's justismord

 Christensen argues he has not done anything criminal offense and writes on his blog that a judgment will be the history of Norway's miscarriage of justice.

"Plain and happens Christianity persecution," he writes.

 - Will you plead for acquittal, Meling?

- Yes. But there is nothing wrong with the criminal reaction, if it is a criminal offense, he replies.

Taking verdict with joy

Christensen takes the upcoming trial with great peace.

- Torp is so pompous and foolish that everything I have written and spoken about him is true. Should I be judged for it? Then I'll take them verdict with joy! writes Christensen about the upcoming trial.

In the blog post, he calls Torp partly psychopath hat pastor, adulterer and false apostle. He also writes that Torp has bigger ideas about themselves than Anders Behring Breivik had about themselves.

Christensen urges support his players to meet up during the trial and ask.


- Allowing Torp and police lies and sickening behavior must come to light for everyone! he writes.

- Know God's spirit

When Our Country interviewed Christensen last fall, he explained why he writes all the posts where he hit out against pastors and Christian celebrities who have remarried:

- All other fail to write about it. For me as a small player, this is the only way to reach out. After I have written a post I know the Spirit of God's anointing. I know God urges me to it. It feels right, said Christensen of Our Country when review was known.

Lawyer for Jan-Aage Torp is Ann Helen Aarø.

I can not face going all, the way they reproduce so I "know" God's Spirit and otherwise completely beyond how I experience things, and other things. When someone renders me, newspapers and others. Take it with a grain of salt, as a rule, there is a distortion. That's what we write on our blogs and our website, as you get to know what we really stand for!

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