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No. 1032: "Kangaroo-trial" exposed! Is it coincidence or God's control of contents so that Oslo police can take rationale capture and prosecute Torp for false accusations against me?

No. 1032:
"Kangaroo-trial" exposed! Is it coincidence or God's control of contents so that Oslo police can take rationale capture and prosecute Torp for false accusations against me?

Image of Google headquarters (headquarter), here is Kimmer the conflict between me and Hat false Apostle Jan Aage Torp. I preached against remarriage among preachers and deliciously with God's help to build up a powerful blog, called the Heavenly blog.


Torp hated this blog and me greatly that he found some words I had written. Created a fictional review, Manglerud police "believed" in this. Torp continues with its lies that I've written about him x amount of times that he lives in adultery.


No, it is a criminal crook here. His name is and will remain January Aage Torp! It is criminal to someone for one thing, but it is my view and preaching on remarriage which is the main problem, nothing else!

Torp's goal is and remains to get a judgment against me to go to Google to remove me from all seeking fashions and online! This is nothing else than Satan's lies that we see here, nothing else!

At Hat Police on Manglerud will let himself use of such a manipulator and false apostle, it testifies misconduct and lack of sound judgment. But that said, there is still time to turn around and come to their senses, even for the police!

First house burned to Torp-law down to nothing, the judgment that awaits a person who Torp. This was exemplary when Sodom and Gomarra burned down, so will it go with all wicked scripture says.

We should be very careful to say that this is God, Satan or the coincidence behind things.
My experience is that we humans have very limited sense when it comes to such things, so it is about to do to tread carefully here. But to think that we have no answers here, there is something of what I am thinking in and around such events.

Now was Meling sick, why? I believe this because that Oslo police must soon realize that they have made every mistake possible to do. And they can fix it all up doing the right thing here. Aiming Torp for false accusations against me.

Here from article about Torps "laws" that lost the house on fire. Fortunately, only the house was lost. What if the next time than not hear the word of God? I do not know, but God has the entire control and monitoring of humans, I am fully convinced! Nothing happens by chance and coincidence. It also says Jesus.

Matt. 10. 29 not two sparrows sell for a farthing? And not one of them falls to the ground without your Father. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Therefore have no fear! Are of more value than many sparrows.

Half a victory!

Now at least Oslo police hat police Manglerud opportunity to do retreat, and make it right. With aiming your Hat Pastor January Aage Torp tried or what had been the best. Been fined for false accusations.

Torp's only argument also fell in fish, it is that I've written about him x amount of times. But it was only after I was reported to the police concerned. Then it becomes quite shady and manipulative to use this argument. It was like pushing a ketchup flapping writing about Torp, much worse than I had ever imagined and believed!

The police do not realize that they have been thoroughly deceived and manipulated amazes me!

There is no disgrace says a mountain sense rules. So also here! We've all been duped, often several times. We need not be bad people for that reason, what is the secret here is to take everything learned the lesson!

Here there are really only two things for the police to do. Put away the matter concerning me that is just trickery! And give Torp fined for false accusation, as is the case out of the world once and for all! If one is unable to see this, so I can not or something others help!

This we now see it as the ancient Christians called to God's providence. Here on this subject from the net.

What is divine providence?

Divine providence has to do with the means that God controls everything in the universe and through. The doctrine of divine providence say that God is in control of all things. This includes the universe as a whole (Psalm 103: 19), the physical world (Matthew 5:45), associated nations (Psalm 66: 7), human birth and destiny (Galatians 1:15), human successes and failures (Luke 01: 52), and protection of his people (Psalm 4: 8). This doctrine stands in direct contrast to the idea that the universe is governed by chance or fate.

The purpose, or goal, of divine providence is that God is complete. To ensure that his goal is reached, determines when God over human actions, and working through the natural world. When there are laws of nature, so it's just that God constantly acting in the universe. Nature Lover not in itself no real power, and also does not work independently. The laws of nature are indeed the rules and principles that God has deployed to control the world running.

The same applies to the human choice. It is very true that we can not choose or act independently of God. Everything we do and everything we choose is in full conformity with the will of God - even our sinful decisions (1 Deuteronomy 50:20). The bottom line is that God controls our choices and actions (Genesis 1. 45: 5; 5. Genesis 8:18; Proverbs 21: 1), but he does it in such a way that it does not deprive us of our responsibility as a moral traders beings which is free to act, and he removes nor our ability to make choices.

The doctrine of divine providence can in a precise manner summarized as follows: "From all eternity, God himself took the decision on what would later come to pass, but God is in no way behind sin and human responsibility is not taken away." The primary way that God performs His will is using secondary causes (eg. the laws of nature, human choice). In other words, God works indirectly through secondary causes to accomplish his will.

Sometimes it seems also God directly, to bring his will into action. These deeds we often call for miracles (ie, supernatural events as opposed to natural events). A miracle is an expression of God to intervene in the natural order in a certain time frame to complete his will and his purpose. In Acts we find two good examples that God directly and indirectly, to complete its will on purpose. In Acts 9 we read about Saul of Tarsus' conversion. Saul / Paul experience being turned blind by a flash of light, and is the only one who hears the voice of God who transforms his life forever. It was God's will to use Paul to do his will, and God used direct means to convert Paul with. You can talk to someone who has been converted to Christianity, and probably will never hear an equally amazing story like this. Most of us come to believe in Christ through hearing a sermon by reading a book, or through a persistent friend or family member's testimony. In addition to this, there are often circumstances in our lives, which paves the way for us - that we lose our job, to a family member die, our marriage no longer works, or that are dependent on certain substances. But Paul's conversion was direct and supernatural.

In Acts 16: 6-10, we see God accomplish his will in an indirect way. This happens during Paul's second missionary journey. God wanted Paul and his company to travel to Troas, but when Paul left Antioch in Pisidia, he wanted to travel eastwards to Asia. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit forbade them to speak the word of God in Asia. When they wanted to go west into Bithynia, but the Spirit of Christ prevented them, and they ended up going to Troas. This was written in retrospect, but at the time there were probably some logical reasons why they could not travel to the two regions. But after it had happened, it dawned on them that it was God who had led them in their migration - and this called for divine providence. Proverbs 16: 9 speaks of this: "Man's heart devises his way, but God directs his steps."

On the other hand, there are some who believe that the idea of ​​God directly or indirectly shall compose everything out any idea that we have free will. If God is in complete control, how can you talk about, that we are free to make decisions. In other words, there must be some things that are beyond God's decision about the free will to make sense - such as human freedom to choose. Let us for a moment that this is true. What are the consequences of this? If God does not have full control of all contingencies, how can he guarantee our eternal salvation? In Philippians 1: 6, Paul says, "He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ." If God controls all things, then this promise, and all other biblical promises invalid. We can not be absolutely sure and confident that the good work of salvation that began, will also be conducted.

And if God had no control, he is no longer omnipotent, and if he is not omnipotent, he is no longer God. So the price by claiming that there are situations that are beyond the will of God is that God is no longer God. And if our "free" will replace the divine providence, then who is God in the end? We are. This is completely unacceptable for any man who has a Christian worldview. The Divine providence does not destroy our freedom. Instead of divine providence, which allows us to use our freedom in the right way.
Final Comment:

What this issue boils down to is whether it is permissible to allow preaching whole counsel of God unto salvation, and in some settings if it is allowed to warn against false apostles?

It is of course, this is a far cry within its religious and free speech. Secondly, that I have written against Torp x number of times is not enough, because it was after Torp came with his fictional review I've written most about him. And I have also coatings to do when I did not think Torp was near as bad as he has been doing.

He is a fool Apostel, more pompous and foolish than any other I have been in contact with. A case where all my warning against him really is only a fraction against what really I could have written.

Here burns Torp-laws house down, as I see it. A sign from God where Torps demise if he does not repent!

And Meling gets sick, why? Because the police will get to realize that they have brought here culprit go free and all the innocent. So we'll see how this ends. For my part, I have a conscience that is totally clean and good. And this is in God's hands, this is not mine, but his! It is he who has said that remarriage is adultery, adultery and sin for a believer. And here there is an "apostle" who keeps on as he is the focal point and unfortunately managed to fool even the police to believe in their own lies. How is it I see it and understand it, and you who believe! Just pray and thank God, something better than what you can not do!

This happened now during the week:

Lawyer Brynjar Meling got sick.

Got this from him.
Jan Kåre. I have since yesterday been bedridden with a powerful stomach virus. I join you when I've been to the doctor.

This police.

Message from Oslo Police Competition Office. Item 13105403 scheduled 09.17.15 exposed. You should not meet in accordance transmitted subpoena. You get a new notice when the matter shall be scheduled again. Mvh Competition Office.

Request dismissal, I'm not a criminal, but a law-abiding citizen who worship God in spirit and truth!
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