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No. 1292: Dropping out is not something that's going - it's here now!

No. 1292:
Dropping out is not something that's going - it's here now!

When I was saved for well over 35 years ago, so it was a preaching in the begnning that first had a falling away. So Jesus would come again. This apostasy that the word of God says will happen, until he comes again. This I say happened, that drop has come. This is not a single event that causes me to write this. But many events, things and situations that do this.

2 Thess. 2. 3a Let no man deceive you by any means! For falling away first!

Here are examples of this apostasy, there is not one incident. But all events, overall making sure we can say that apostasy should not come, but come!

What exactly is apostasy? It's not necessarily that one stops to confess the name of Jesus. But that profess the name of Jesus, but does not follow the longer the word of God.

Here are some examples, adding a all these examples together. So have a got a big, big harlot church!

1) Here we see Muslims and Catholics united, although they do not believe in the same book even!

2.) Here we see that today so one does not go out by the Catholic Church, BUT GO BACK TO the great whore!

3) Now rife with remarriage, as the scripture says is adultery or fornication. Here at Sten Sørensen.

4.) Egil Svartdahl eager to build mosques in the 1990s, which he really has managed to succeed. This is a Christian leader, leading God's church right down the spiritual darkness and deception!

5.) Aril Edvardsen was a catalyst for all that darkness represents and is!
Here Snakes he hands with Yasser Arafat!

6) It's not just Catholics and Adventists who believe in replacement theology, bringing judgment upon themselves and others. Jan Lilleby in southern Norway is also one.

7.) Jan Hanvold is all just the prototypes of a false prophet, and he also says about himself that he is a false prophet. Hanvold also calls himself a false prophet, as should other belief Hanvold own statements!

8.) Knut Arild Hareide, who is chairman of the KRF promotes a homosexual lifestyle as God's word warns. In other words, apostasy is not something that comes, it's here now!

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