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No. 1310: Criticize Anders Torp is both ugly and vulgar, here is a man / child of a pastor who is lying down, with two broken wings and need healing!

No. 1310:
Criticize Anders Torp is both ugly and vulgar, here is a man / child of a pastor who is lying down, with two broken wings and need healing!

Image of a judge in court, Malin Strømberg amble as Jan Aage Torp managed to fool roll around in with Polti at Manglerud.

But as I said, Hitler managed to deceive a whole nation, that a scam and manipulator capabilities to fool a judge and a police force, should not surprise anyone?!?

Anders Torp has grown up in probably Norway's most extreme religious family? He writes the way he does is just a sign of health.

Unfortunately do not understand many Christians this, that here we are faced with a set of parents who lived under constant spiritual battle, as Jan Aage Torp writes about it on his blog. Others have a fight for sure for 1 hour, at most a day or if it's very, very long two days. While January Aage Torp had this in decades etc.

We are simply facing something far worse than that Anders Torp conveys, he only skims the surface.

Jan Aage Torp came with prophecy that all of Athens would stand flames, he was going to be used to mass revival and restoration.
This "maniac" Emanuel Minos prophesied of Jan Aage Torp that he would get a mega church ala Kensington Temple in London, which of course never happened or is going to happen!

Torp has fleeced people for millions and afterwards said that they are quite sick. There he was absolutely correct, but people who supported him with millions and afterwards learn that they are quite ill, testify that here we are faced with anything but a true apostle and shepherd!

Anders Torp speaking course both in tongues and another, it was the only way to connect to. And be heard and seen, as do a lot to get parental attention.

Anders Torp grandfather, Bolivia-missionary Erling Andreassen, father of Ann-Chistina who is the mother of Anders and former wife of Jan Aage Torp.
This Erling was a pedophile, which he was convicted as well. Anders was "won" with what was outside the "normal", it is no wonder.

Could it have been a contributing factor that a man such as Jan Aage Torp as a must without doubt stile big question.
Got operate so freely to the entire family and in the various congregations he served? Actually same church, only the changed name constantly.

Erling was also Norwegian consul, it also tells us that here there is a family with oratory out of the ordinary.

Other "love" outside the cabinet, while Anders Torp has fully understandable be a burden!

I SAKS an excellent cross in from the Debate.

are Karlsen

Citing first Anders Torp:
"To go on the narrow path was like being in a glass cage where all outside beheld me. I grew up in a parallel society in a church during the past decade have signed themselves into and out of the Norwegian Pentecostal movement. World - as I perceived it as small - was very different from the world that actually lay before me, and the church I grew up in, we considered ourselves as one of the most extreme in Norway. "

The theme of Torp's article is outside the closet. I shall not try to analyze it, - just note that he was an accident.

I have also grown up in a parallel society - in a Pentecostal church. Outside hosts were quite palpable. I remember my mother pointing out when one day I complained that I could not do something that the others in the street were allowed: We do not like the others do.

But within outsiders Council idyll. My father was a merchant, he drifted including site grocery store, and was a respected man. Stand by Summertime: My daddy was rich and my mom was goodlooking. But the lifestyle they were without compromise according to the strict codex that prevailed in a Pentecostal church in the '60s. Family social network consisted solely of Pentecostals and there were not a few hours every week that was spent in the Pentecostal premises.

But it was an outsider not without pride. Yes, I was bullied for it in the street. But within outsiders was compensation: Community, the good friends, visions we shared, our home that is constantly filled with colorful preachers and relatives, humor, the atmosphere, the existential questions, prophetic events, dad's business adventures, his many practical jokes, and so on.
But the biggest inventory for me, and being Mommy's proud declaration: We do not like the others do. Safety, atmosphere and values ​​in my childhood home made outside the cabinet easy to carry. I think that some of the best you can give a child, is the courage to stand for something, to withstand being outside. But parent who puts her child in such a position, must also be prepared to compensate with support, a safe family unity and a strong social network. This is something that user to follow a life that is linked to a Christian church.

However, there are unfortunately the exception.

Final Comment:

It is that one does not know where to begin and end here, only it's Jan Aage Torp is a scam, manipulator and a dangerous psychopath in my eyes.
Hitler managed to deceive a whole nation, that Torp managed to ripped Politi at Manglerud in Oslo and Oslo City Court with Malin Strømberg Amble!

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