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No. 801: FRP has reasonable solutions, although they also make their stupidities!

No. 801:
FRP has reasonable solutions, although they also make their stupidities!

FRP and Right is probably the best poltikken for Norway, but I'm far from agree with them in everything!
It is also strange to see how easy AP and Socialists gaining ground. In my opinion this would be a misfortune for Norway. Actually that is so pass much of communist and red thinking which one will produce people who are on a conveyor belt where everyone is exactly the same. Where all think and act alike. It is basically socialism without God.

Their hatred for Israel and support the Palestinians is just sad. Støre said repeatedly when he was foreign minister that he would never support Israel financially only the Palestinians when Israel failed himself and was to blame for the problems of the Palestinians. For me it is not Brende something better, why is FRP and partly KRF as a guarantor that Norway still stand by Israel's side that is for me the most important criterion on which party I will vote for. Whether they are for or against Israel, here comes FRP best out followed by KRF.

Photo of Siv Jensen as yet not understood completely what she did when she presented her first state budget, which was probably the right "medicine" for Norway. But unfortunately, she was probably too fast with their views and were probably taken in "bed" of what matters most for Norwegians who have been under socialist rule mostly after World War 2. Therefore, it is not so easy to shake the "values" that sosialtiene have got it nearly as good to go on welfare to work for many. At the blåblå trying to do something about it will take time for people to realize that it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you can actually also those living on welfare in one way or another risk that they will lose what they are entitled to. If money bin to AS Norway runs out, it will actually not get anything, no matter how much the requirements one has it!

FRP will lower taxes, that's good. But they would also reduce all other welfare benefits, here they meet massive resistance!

Whether we like it or not, the day the oil runs out here in Norway. We must think about now, not when it is too late!

We in Norway have it wonderfully well by and large it all! But the future, what of it?

Believe this to be too generous with ourselves with all the welfare benefits that we have, it will punish them in the long run. But I'm glad I'm not a politician and should make the decision.

Norway will probably be fine for years to come. But to let people get money without working and creating something. It will sooner or later punish them guaranteed!

Tolls and many fees are unnecessary and unfair. There is no reason for the tolls and other should be removed when we in Norway can afford to build roads, railways and everything else.

We should build and invest today, tomorrow we do not know anything about. Maybe we're just as poor as the other nations?

But above all, pray for those who govern and responsible. KRF and the Liberals do strange things when they demand that the rich should pay more tax. Real cap is that without rich people and people with capital as we had seen a much more difficult job market. There are those that create new jobs and keep the wheels up and running!

Politics is complex, and this with industrialization and other also have their weaknesses. But the strength of industrialization is that it becomes more distributed and can control things in the direction one wants and desires. Therefore, it is about making sure this is done in the best possible way. But by all means, we in Norway are privileged and we can enjoy ourselves and have super good at it financially. While others go uphill. But we must be cautious yet skilled, or we can also end up in the ditch!

Final comment:
Let me give a few examples in the end showing that we have it for "good" in Norway. I know about people, not least with the new sick pay scheme that they serve better to be sick than to work. I know of those who are better off to go on welfare than to go to work. How could I have continued. It's really much for politicians to grasp and make the right choices for the good of us all, hopefully!

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