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No. 813: How's my review of Torp people ask me!

No. 813:
How's my review of Torp people ask me!

For it is only to say one thing, everything is in the hands of the Lord. The case "my" is just as strong no matter when I both live and keep the word of God. Unlike Torp who do neither. It is not Norwegian authorities or other people who decide here, but God and what he says in his own words.
Picture of mine who has been falsely accused of Torp, but Torp "digger" this situation. Not least if the police are fooled by him, this had been top for Torp with the personality he has.

There was one that I spoke with who knew Torp more than me. He said that these Torp is shot, and do not be surprised that the police bite. This was for one month. side. Torp love resisted, sjau and everything that he puts into focus and center. He can be poltikker, spokesman for children against homosexuals and everything. Only He is the centerpiece!

Further, he said that when Reidar Hjermann psychologist and specialist in clinical child and adolescent psychology was hated by Torp when he saw through him as the psychopath and power of person he is. When he wrote, among other things Oslo Church should not be under the state, for that God had "shown him," Now it is the opposite when Hjermann is gone. Furthermore, he said that Torp can easily fool the police, he is a psychopath and wonder most of the conniving smile of his and could expressing oneself.

For my part, I have shown this long, but nice that others look the same!

He has been in trouble with many others before me, and also report the others before me, but now he's been "better" with that he puts out a lot of things, and so he removes it by saying what he said was ten times worse than what he accuses others.

Let me take an example of how Torp lie, manipulate and deceive. He writes:

Jan-Aage Torp Wed, 10/16/2014 2:42 p.m. that said: Christensen claims that we have named a person that we on the contrary, has consistently anonymized. I went yesterday through the procedures for publication of photographs, documents and articles with Oslokirken webleverandør, Communion, which is the most professional supplier of web solutions in the Norwegian and international Christianity, and they confirm that we have never published in this issue, directly or indirectly, the name the one we have sought to anonymize.
(End quote).
Here was the full name posted in the browser and everyone knows who it came, apart from Torp. So there are tons of examples online, if not Torp has deleted them. He lies, cursing and raging. Other stand for what they have said and done, not Torp. But he is the greatest villain and knows how to lure and deceive. But scripture says that your sin will find you. Therefore I know that Torp will never succeed in their views, everything will backfire on him even as he shall be a believer and Pastor, and live opposite one what God's word says and teaches.

2 Tim. 3. 6 Among them are those who sneaks into homes and captivate weak women loaded down in sins, those women who allow themselves to engage in all kinds of desires, 7 and still get lessons, but can never learn the truth know. 8 As Jannes and Jambres rebelled against Moses, set these men up to the truth. Their judgment is destroyed, and their faith is not good enough. 9 But now they have no more progress. For it should be clear to everyone how senseless these are, as happened with the other two.

Note that they will gain power over weak women, and it is right here my objection against Torp is. He that Pastor has not justice of God's word to be married again - re-married! The phenomenon is not new, it is the ancient battle!
Here are the two last my letters to the police. But that said, relying on people I do not. Who knows? Torp is a clever manipulator, and he may soon be able to fool the police, even though he has no case. so is "psychopath". Torp love resistance and struggle, he's probably in "bliss". This do not police how a man thinks and Torp is on. Where others will retire, this love him, he just comes into focus.

Pray for the matter, but Jesus suffered the biggest and worst miscarriage of justice. So do not be too large hopes, I walk in the Master's footsteps.

Regarding Pastor Jan Aage Torp who fabricates lies on me. That I do person harassment etc.
I am then not the least interested in his private life, it is too boring to.

But as Pastor he lives to God's word, that is what I have written about, nothing else.

But he is clever to manipulate and deceive. He lays things out for yourself on his blog and other people's blogs, with a greater cost than what I and most other writing. Unfortunately I have not been aware that he is the way I see it is a psychopath and a scam, so I was a little scammed. But now I know who this is and will of course try to avoid writing about him in the future!

He deletes almost always their own comments and now he has others who writes for "themselves". He has started something that really is rubbish and to cover a different matter than what he has reviewed this for me.

I maintain that it is false accusations from Torp his side as he tries to put me out of the game to distort the case. I hold out the word of God on our blog, while Torp playing a game where he's trying to trick me and Police.

Jan K Christensen
Tel: 99598070


Would like to say one thing that I have not been clarified well enough when I warned against Torp. So I warned not accept him as "private person", but as Pastor. I have no interest in Torp's privacy, it is all too boring.

This is where he has failed, as Pastor and trust person. Recalling that we religious freedom here in Norway, thankfully. That is why Torp review not only manipulation, but also Christianity persecution. I stand for the Christian view of marriage as the church / congregation has stood for 2000 years, as Torp advocates and unfortunately many others today. Scripture speaks of Torp is adulterer, and the word of God says that it is but a fornicator and is in conjunction with an adulteress. This is unusual for most of the day when one does not read the Bible generally and take with them what God's word says. But I have not done and do not do anything other than keep the word of God.

At Torp now have this to be § 135a ("discrimination or proportionality because of religion and belief"), § 247 ("Defamation"), and § 390 ("Personal Harassment") is nothing more than a charade and staged that nobody can warn against him anymore. that is why his attack on me an attack on freedom of speech.

Therefore his review against me false, and what should be the focus of your page, I hope my review of he and Braut engaged in outright harassment.

Sets happily up to interrogate again to explain this further if needed.

Jan K Christensen
Tel: 99598070

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