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No. 809: Mads Gilbert finally ban from Israel and Egypt, but when shall Fredrik Græsvik and Sidsel Wold be?

No. 809:
Mads Gilbert finally ban from Israel and Egypt, but when shall Fredrik Græsvik and Sidsel Wold be?

Photo of Mads Gilbert who was put emphatically in place by the Danish journalist Martin Krasnik that Gilbert would have to admit that Hamas was a terrorist organization. Had he said that they had well cut the tongue of him the next time he had guested Gaza? Gilbert is cowardly and deceitful!

Egypt has already banned Gilbert, but this has not written about. And certainly not going to write about either. It is always Israel to be taken, Huns and smeared. This summer Mads Gilbert prevented from entering the Gaza Strip via Egypt. Israel let him in. Now they say finally stop!

When Mads Gilbert during a 50-day Gaza war this summer appeared on Shifasykehuset in Gaza, had the Norwegian doctor first tried to gain access via Egypt and the Rafah border station. There he was arrested by Egyptian authorities and had to turn back to Cairo.

Gilbert then flew to Amman in Jordan, and drove the car into Israel where he came to Gaza via the Israeli border station Eretz. Gilbert became the Israeli authorities granted free entry and exit to the Gaza Strip until 11 November.

At Egypt he refused entry, while Israel dropped Gilbert into the country and on to Gaza, is something the Norwegian activist not talk much about.

Due to a number of serious terrorist attacks in the Sinai desert near the border with Gaza particular Egypt to close Rafah border station on 25 October. The day before was 31 Egyptian soldiers and police killed by terrorists, that Egypt claims related to Hamas and other extreme Islamic groups in the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian blockade includes the transport of goods and will initially last for three months.

Moreover, engaging in Gilbert much more than health care there. Much of the so-called information he has made have been when they have gone after them. Gilbert driver policy where a terrorist organization that uses human shields, firing rockets at schools and hospitals. In addition, stored rockets at schools and hospitals. This is very unethical. In addition, they would not be involved in five ceasefires. End of the story was unilateral ceasefire from Israel. It is almost impossible to believe that Israel accepted the kind terms.

Has Gilbert violated Egyptian laws? Why was he not equally upset and angry with Egypt? It says something about that it is a country he has something special against. First supported Gilbert Israel where he lived on kibbutz. Then he comes home to Norway and are seduced by the Palestine Committee then leader. Turn around 180 degrees. The same can be said about Sidsel Wold. First, consider her to convert to Judaism. Then she turns 180 degrees and is mega opponent. Then she of course work in NRK with this as a special area.

Here's what Miff writes about Sidsel Wold:
Propaganda on TV

In the evening news Friday 11 July, Sidsel Wold built directly from the Gaza Strip.

The journalist began with the following questions:
"Sidsel Wold, you are with us from Gaza is today, how is the situation there now?"

Then said Sidsel Wold:

     "Yes, just when you read headlines then it went a rocket right over us here, fired from Gaza, and it was stopped by this missile shield Iron Dome. There we could see, it was a very flash in the air, that's how we see it. Otherwise it has been very quiet here, but it seems there is little calm before the storm, because all talking about what might happen at a ground invasion.

     Gaza people are terrified, because they know that it comes in lots of nervous Israeli soldiers who shoot at everything that moves. [MIFF italics.] "

Is it true that Israeli soldiers are nervous? Israeli soldiers in actual combat units are among the best trained in the world. Neither Norwegian, American or Israeli soldiers missing enough nervousness in combat situations, but it is unclear why Wold mention this here.

Is it true that Israeli soldiers shoot at everything that moves? No.

The last time major Israeli combat units were built in the Gaza Strip during the war in 2009, followed the soldiers of war "well above average". Up to 20,000 soldiers were inside. Israel conducted over two thousand air operations. The death toll on the Palestinian side ranged between 1200 and 1400. There were considerably more people moved.

Wolds statement stands back as lies and propaganda.

Propaganda in radio

But unfortunately this was not an isolated occurrence. In Dagsnytt kl. 07.30 Saturday 12 July, Sidsel Wold built directly on the radio.

The situation in Gaza was the first news item. Newscaster began with the following introduction:

     "There have been new Israeli missile attack on Gaza last night. The attacks will in total have cost 16 people their lives, according to Palestinian sources, the news agency AFP. And foreign worker Sidsel Wold, on Gaza, how is the situation around you now? "

Sidsel Wold responded:

     "Yes, here it bombed in one set. We hear rumblings every 20th, every 30th second, and so has been since half past five in the morning local time. Yesterday was pretty quiet, because it was Ramadan and it was Friday, and it seemed like it took a little break. But what you are asking about here is whether this is a preparation for the ground invasion. But you know that every time you hear a bang, it is probably someone who dies. [MIFF italics.] "

Gaza is one hour ahead of Norway. It is therefore, according Wolds claims, within two hours of at least two boom minute when she was on to Dagsnytt kl. 07.30. There are 240 boom. According to AFP, 16 people were killed during the night. If Wolds last sentence should have been close to the truth, up to 240 people have been killed in just two hours of the morning. Information from Palestinian sources shows that not all were killed in the morning hours.

Over the past five days, the Israel Defense Forces, according to their own figures, conducted attacks against terrorist targets in 1220 (per kl. 23.26 Saturday 12th July). There has probably been more rumblings hearing on the Gaza Strip, partly because the IDF sometimes sends a small explosive charge prior to the buildings to attack. This is to warn the civilian population. But let us for the conservative calculation sake say that there have only been 1220 boom. Saturday night comes the information from Palestinian sources report that approximately 150 Palestinians have been killed.

This means that nine out of ten times you hear a loud noise, no one dies. It did not fit as well into the picture that Wold tried to convey in radio news.

At 10:00 am (kl. 09.00 Norwegian time) reported IDF's blog that they had suffered 60 terrorist during the night. Much to suggest that the Wolds anlag for the number of boom itself is greatly exaggerated.

Dear NRK!

You know Sidsel Wold finished his career as a Middle East correspondent in the middle of a complaint storm. There is little evidence that she has learned from its mistakes. You have many other foreign workers who can approach this material without the use of propaganda. Instead, use them.
(end of quote).

Fredrik Græsvik

Remember Fredrik Græsvik few years ago where he stood to scolded Israel on Gaza Stripper, where he was to be killed. The day after, still with the same lesson, you then in Jerusalem that he enjoyed considerably better. The man is a big joke. But he is doing and living well off as Sidsel Wold to spread their propaganda is against Israel, and for terrororginasjonene Hamas and Fatah (the old terrororginasjonene to Yasir Arafat).

Final comment:

It is of course bad with Mads Gilbert, but he is after all "freelancer". While Fredrik Græsvik and Sidsel Wold is the Norwegian people who pay through NRK and TV2.

We sustain that they have spread propaganda for Arabs and defame Israel. Maybe it is time that Israel boycotts NRK and TV 2, for "security"?

There are so many socialists and others here in Norway who oppose actually God and Israel that it makes me matt. But it is good to have read the book, who will prevail in the end. There are not socialists and Arabs, but God and His chosen people Israel.

Israel must be said that not taking this lightly, after all that affects these people with their lies, half-truths and fabricated "truths" a large number of people. Therefore, I think it is a very good line Israel has settled in here for "security" that shuts out people who do not want the well!

Taking Psalm 121 at the end: A Song of Ascents.
           I lift my eyes to the mountains.
           Where will my help come from?
      2 My help comes from the Lord,
           heaven and earth.
      3 He will not let your foot falter,
           your guardian will not slumber!
      4 Behold, he slumber nor sleep,
           Keepeth Israel.
      5 The Lord is your guardian,
            The Lord is your shade
           at your right hand.
      6 The sun will not harm you by day,
           nor the moon by night.
      7 The LORD shall preserve you from all evil.
           He shall preserve your life.
      8 The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming
           from now and forever.

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