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No. 731: Quibbles about Israel on the net, which informs us about the real truth about the conflict in the Middle East!

Nr. 731:
Quibbles about Israel on the net, which informs us about the real truth about the conflict in the Middle East!
There is a huge great enrichment to know history, not least in the self-promoter, preaching and writing. For me it is not obvious that really support for Israel we see.
One may think much about the Zionist movement. But without such "extreme" people had perhaps never been anything Israel? Yes, it had probably been there since God himself is behind the nation and the people. The image of the Zionist movement founder Theodor Herzl

If we go through the story, so the Israelites always been a vulnerable group of people. As in many areas and ways. If we look at a Christian and spiritual perspective, so really the so-called replacement theology has been the dominant faith and doctrine among those who been carrying Christian name.
Looking at both the Catholic Church and the Lutheran church as they are both distinctly replacement theologians, sad but unfortunately true! That's how I see it, two things that in many ways created problems for this doctrine was the emergence of independent churches and free movements that were strong and studying scripture. Secondly, as it turned out that unfortunately many believed and taught that Israel would never come home to their own country as a distinct people. When this happened in 1948, that Israel was declared an independent state. This was like a mortally wounded for this terrible and unbiblical replacement theology.
The victory for Israel is "won"!
Although Israel does not have it easy, and secure has many difficult years ahead. So is still support for Israel so strong in both the secular world and within its Christianity. The fact that Israel is here to stay, there is no doubt.
Many good posts and articles on the net, I have here Sakset some of them, and put them out. Have had now five articles on Israel on the blog, expect to be done on this topic for now.
Here's some mighty good post about Israel from net. Israel is here to stay:
Palestinians have their own state already!
1 Genesis 16 12 And he shall be a wild ass of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
To understand the conflict directly, it is crucial to see everything in a historical light.
We must try to share what has happened in Israel or Palestine in different eras. But there is one thing we can and should affirm once. It is that in the area that is now the Palestinians want to form their own state has never been a state of Arabs or others. And Jerusalem has only been a capital city for Jews or Israel, no other in history.
I will repeat that there has never been any Arab-Palestinian state, and there is much to suggest that it's never going either, and that Jerusalem in spite of everything, will forever be Jewish capital. But from God Almighty hand, and remains the land of Israel, and those who try to divide the country, he will hold to account.
2000 BC. Christ: Abraham Abraham selection is the seventh from Noah, the first thing that God called. Out from him comes the Jewish people.
1730 b. Christ: Israel in Egypt. We know how Abraham and Isaac and Jacob had his home in the land of Canaan and lived there as strangers and foreigners. They owned no private land or area that they could call their own. Yet God said that this country, as far as the eye could see, was to be their land. But first Israel had to grow large and become hardy so they could win the war by themselves their own country.
1500 b. Christ: Israel redeemed from Egypt The time came when Israel was freed from captivity. God raised up Moses and the night of the Passover lamb was slain was Israel ready to go out. Moses led them and at Sinai, the law was given.
1450 b. Christ: Israel in Canaan Moses led the people up to the border and gazed into the country from Nebo. Where the death of Moses. He was 120 years. Joshua led the people further. We read of Jericho fell by God and the other cities that were occupied by Jews. Little by little they took it and drove out the idolatrous Canaanites.
1055 b. Christ Davidic kingdom David was a special man. He became king over Israel, and reigned for 40 years. His son Solomon became his followers and here is Israel's heyday. It was King David made Jerusalem the capital and it was Solomon who built the temple and the temple service was taken from the pool of Siloam, and to Jerusalem. Temple worship was going on until year 70 AD., And had then lasted for 1500 years (with the exception of 70 years when Israel was carried away to Babylon).
724 f. Christ Assyrians abducting the 10 Tribes A superpower emerging in the East. It is the mighty Assyrian Empire (now Iran). They came to Israel and made the country a sound-rich. The king of Israel had still reign but had to pay taxes to the king of Assyria and promise fidelity.
589 f. Christ Babylonians abductor Judah Only 133 years later, in the year 589 b. Christ comes the mighty Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar and take Judah.
606 f. Christ, Judah returns in Persian King Cyrus the days 606 years before Christ are Jews allowed to return to Judea. The implements and vessels of gold and silver that were taken from the temple in Jerusalem 70 years earlier, is now being handed over to the Jews. Under the leadership of Zerubbabel (of royal blood) drag some of the Jews returned to Jerusalem.
Destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 Jesus had wept over the city. He told of a time when Jerusalem would be besieged by enemies and walls should be broken down and the temple likewise. The Jews were to fall edge of the sword and led captive to many peoples. All this was literally fulfilled in AD 70 when Titus with his army besieged the city and captured it. The temple was burned and one million Jews were killed. The rest were taken captive and sold as slaves to many peoples. Since then, the Jews had never sovereignty and overthrow their own country. But was ruled by many other pagan nations but never as a nation before the Jews came back and they got the land of the United Nations and proclaimed it as their own state in 1948. Then began the Jewish Diaspora 70 AD. Kr. As described expression displacement of the Jewish people during the Babylonian and the Roman Empire. They later spread around the world because of persecution or conversion. It is common to assume that the diaspora began with hærtakingen of the ancient Jewish kingdoms and the expulsion of the Jewish people in the eighth to the sixth century before Christ. A number of Jewish communities were established in the Middle East as a result of tolerant policies and remained important centers of Judaism in the centuries to come. The defeat of the Great Jewish Revolt of 70 CE and the Bar Kokhba revolt in 135 against the Roman Empire made it so that several spread over larger geographical area, as many Jews were scattered after losing their country, Judea or were sold as slaves throughout the empire.
May 14, 1948 Israel's own government again
The creation of Israel in 1948 has given several positive consequences: Persecuted Jews from Europe and Arab countries have been given a refuge Israel is a successful democracy, the Israeli Arabs are better than brothers in neighboring countries and the Palestinians have better education and better economy than the population in neighboring countries.
1967 Jerusalem was again fully Jewish capital, never to be divided, this happened after the so-called Six-Day War and then never to more get away from the hands of the Jews who are their rightful, historical and biblical for their indivisible capital.
Palestinian Arabs 'history is linked to the Arabs' story as they are Arabs and their countries are Jordan as they have already been given by the United Nations and that they can not get there is because tactics and the unwillingness of other Arab States and the world community.
From Wikipedia: The Arabs are a cultural and linguistic ethnic group, the linguistic roots of the Arabian Peninsula. The term is also applied to populations in countries covered by the large spread of Islam in the Middle Ages (end of quote).
Arabs really comes from Abraham through Ishmael and the Jews from Isaac and the way they are half brothers, there is the germ of the conflict as it was between Ishmael and Isaac, as we read in Genesis 1.
How come when the name Palestine come from? Is that your real name or? It comes from after Emperor Hadrian had knocked down the Jewish uprising in 135 after Christ, he called Judea or Israel for "Felestin", which means "land of the Philistines." It was to punish the Jews and erase their attachment to their own country, he abolished the old and original name of Israel. The names "Felestin" and "Philistines" was originally used on the land that lay on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea north of El Arish and about the people who lived there. The very name "Philistine" means "foreign invader", and these people came from Crete / Greece in the 1200s BC and has long consumed. They formed five cities, and Israel's worst enemies in ancient times. When the Arabs conquered Israel and Jerusalem in the year 638 AD, called the land of "Judea." They used all the names of Palestine and Palestinians. These names appeared again in 1922 as the name of the mandate area that England would manage after the First World War. This area included the whole of Israel and Jordan, and the residents who lived there was called Palestinians. In their passport stated that they were inhabitants of Palestine. Jews were also giving Palestinians in that they lived in Palestine. These designations were used in administrative hensendende and not an expression of the peoples who lived in this area. In 1922, Jordan was separated from this area as a separate state, and one was left with a Rest-Palestine. The Arabs also did not use the name of Palestinians of their own population until after the war against the Jews in 1967. There has not been any state that has had the name Palestine or any people who have called Palestinians throughout history. The words are a corruption of the words "Felestin" and "Philistines" and they are long dead. The Arabs have not had any state in Israel. They managed this area of ​​Damascus in about 100 years. It was only after the war against the Jews in 1967 that the Arabs began calling the area of ​​Israel, that they wanted to have, for Palestine and the Arab people who lived there for Palestinians. The so-called Palestinians are not a separate ethnic group, but they are ordinary Arabs, who either have lived in this area for a long or come there during the 1900s. They have manipulated the world community and themselves to believe this, so now speak "the whole world" of Palestine as a separate country and the Palestinians as a separate ethnic group. Many Arabs also expect Jordan to Palestine. Based on what I have written above, we must ask: What is Palestine? The following answers to this question: A) It is the strip of land on the Mediterranean Sea, which the Philistines had. B) It is part of Israel. C) It's all Israel. D) It is the area that England had a mandate over after the First World War. E) is a fictional land in Israel. It is the last answer is right. It is at all strange that the Arabs, who regards himself as a proud group of people with a glorious history, wants to call himself by the name of a nation "Philistines" which is extinct thousands of years ago, but both Arabs and much the world is not in the real historical world when it comes to relations with Jews. They live in fantasy world where dream and reality, truth and falsehood easily blend into each other.
This is the manipulation and falsification of history, but who cares about that when this can help to weaken the Jews and their cause. It's in the 5th Mosebok.33,29: "Blessed are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the LORD, the shield of thy help, and your high sword ". YOUR ENEMIES hypocrite FOR YOUR EYES AND YOU EXCEED THE ABOVE THEIR LEVEL. " This is exactly what is happening in the world today: that Israel's enemies hypocrite for Israel, but Israel will be victorious out of these games, for Israel is God's land, and the Jews are God's people.
How to solve the conflict? It's really easy and clear, let Israel get to have their own land and the Arabs hypocrite and call themselves Palestinians can move back to Jordan with support from Norway and other countries with their aid money in billions of dollars that they are sponsored and supported by . It is strange to see that in Palestinians are Jews undesirable and that's fine, but in Israel will all live without if and but only those customs as "people". We know who is behind the scenes pulling the strings to get the world against Israel, it is not primarily Jonas Gahr Støre, Hillary Clinton, Abbas or anyone else, it is Satan who is behind. Those who love Israel loves God, and those who hate Israel hate God. But God is good, he loves his people, and has promised to bless and protect Israel, but he also promised to bless the Arabs as Jews are half brothers, when they live on the east of his brothers. Where is the blessing of the Arabs. The whole question and the issue is hypocrisy and a form of bullying against Israel and the Jews will not cease until Jesus comes with all His saints to establish His kingdom of peace in Israel and they shall reign and rule from Jerusalem, the Jewish capital, Hallelujah! When Israel is alleged to occupy Arab land, the history of forgery. For Judea and Samaria, the so-called West Bank's core areas of the Jews and it was in that area that the Jews came out of Egypt, and that they there had the temple service in Siloam before King David made Jerusalem the capital and King Solomon built the temple and therefore moved the temple service from Siloam down to Jerusalem under King David and Solomon's reign. I think the 2 stads solution, and it is there now, Israel is Jewish land and Jordan are these so-called Palestinian land, they really are Arabs. Many discussions speeches Israel's case, being currently bullied and almost bullied and called for extreme and get personal attacks and other lying stories against them, and this we know is Satan's vile and lying trick when he is the father of lies and his agenda is to murder, steal and destroy what God has made and given promises and said.
It can be said so much more about this, but the Palestinians are a divided people being oppressed more of their own than of Israel. In the Gaza Strip encourages terrorist bodies tion Hamas and the so-called West Bank that Israel's ancient core, it is Fatah that prevails as the old terror movement of the mass murderer Arafat an've received the Nobel Peace Prize and the false prophet Edvardsen asked for forgiveness on behalf of all Norwegian Christian which is and will remain a sham and great draws of all those who intervene in this conflict and not take Israel's side. There is only one truth here, it is of course a two-state solution then also Arabs are entitled to their own country as Israel, but the solution is allready done!
Palestinians who will not accept Jews of Directors has full opportunity to travel where they belong, to Jordan. And with all the aid money they receive from both the Western world and now also from other Arabs of Saud Arabia at the helm, the vast majority live as Kaser and a very good life if money is split in a good socialist spirit where everyone should have equal . But it's probably too much capitalism and Satan cabal present that one will accept this. But one can hope that the Minister and others that both self-deceived and deceiving others to turn? But we know which port this to get to the end, Israel will prevail at all levels and accept Jesus, it is God's word promises. And it will not perish 2 \ 3 of Israel as a teacher, but they will be saved and preserved through all that is going to meet them before they accept Jesus and be saved as a man in a day.
1 Mo 12.1-3 And the Lord said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house to the land that I will show you! I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make your name great, and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth be blessed.
The promise has been repeated many times to the people of Israel.
5 Mo 26.18 to 19 The Lord has now given you his word that you will be his peculiar people, as he hath said unto you, that you should keep all His commandments. He will set you high above all nations which he hath made, in praise and glory and honor and ornament. You must be a holy people to the LORD your God, as he has said.
This principle applies for evermore. As long as the laws of nature works, will Israel be God's people.
Jer 31.35 to 36 Thus says the LORD, who gives the sun for light by day and the ordinances of the moon and the stars for light by night, which divideth the sea so that its waves roar - the LORD Almighty is his name: If those ordinances depart at power before me, saith the LORD, then shall the offspring of Israel cease from being a nation before Me forever.
Promises still Jews.
Rooms from 9.4 to 5 They are Israelites. To them belong the sonship and the glory and the covenants and the law, the worship and the promises. Them belong the patriarchs, and from them is the Christ according to the flesh, who is God over all, blessed forever. Amen.
God has not rejected his people

Rooms 11.1-2a I say then, Hath God cast away his people? Far from that! I too am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew.
The church has not replaced Israel, but we are grafted into God's people.
Rooms from 11.17 to 18 And if some of the branches were broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree were grafted in among them and became partaker with them in the sap from the roots, so praise you not against the branches Roses to you, know that it is not you who support the root, but the root supports you!
Some branches (Jews) were broken off from fellowship with God because of unbelief so that there was room for the Gentile. But God has the power to graft them in again. God's plan is that ALL Israel shall be saved.
Rooms from 11.24 to 29 You [are Gentile] was cut off out of the olive tree which by nature was wild [the other nations that are not God's people], and grafted into a noble olive tree [God's people]. How much more shall the natural branches [the Jews] be grafted into their own olive tree, which they by nature belong! For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery - so that you should not consider yourself as wise, that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in [a large number of Gentiles have been saved ]. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written: From Zion to the deliverer [Messiah] come. He will clear away ungodliness from Jacob. And this shall be my covenant with them when I take away their sins. When it comes to the gospel [of Jesus Christ], they become enemies for your sakes [that we Gentiles can now be saved]. But when it comes to selecting [the promise to Abraham], they are beloved for the fathers sake [Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob]. For God did not regret their gifts and callings.
All Israel will one day be saved by that they accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah. This is done by the outpouring of God the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of grace and of supplications) on the Jews. They should then look up to Jesus as they (their ancestors) have pierced (crucified). They shall mourn for him, and the blood of Jesus to be an open source of salvation and cleansing of sins.
Item 12.10 The house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, I will pour out the Spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look on me whom they have pierced. And they shall mourn for him as one mourns his only son, and complain because of him as a petitioner of his firstborn.
Item 13.1 In that day shall there be an open source house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness.
When Israel thus accept Jesus as the Messiah he comes back to earth and save Israel from their enemies. When Christ returns, he will put his feet on the Mount of Olives and world history last major battle to occur. Then Jesus and all the saints (the saved Jews and Gentiles) victories over the enemies of Israel and Jesus Christ will reign as King of kings over the earth.
Item 14.3 to 5 For the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east. And the Mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst from east to west, so it will be a very great valley. One half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south. And ye shall flee to the valley between my mountains. For the valley of the mountains shall reach unto Azel. You will flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of King Uzziah. Then the Lord my God will come, and all the saints with thee, my God!
Item 14.8 to 9 On that day living water will flow out from Jerusalem; half to the eastern sea and half to the western sea. Both summer and winter shall it be. When the Lord shall be king over all the earth. In that day the Lord will be one and his name one.
What are the consequences for our relationship with Israel? First, we must know that we are called to bless Israel. God will bless those who bless Abraham's descendants.
1 Mo 12.3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth be blessed.
We have received the blessing through salvation in Jesus Christ, and salvation is from the Jews.
Joh 4:22 Ye worship ye know not. We worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.
Jesus redeemed us from the curse by becoming a curse for us on the cross. In this way, we share in the blessing of Abraham.
Gal 3:13 Christ redeemed us from the curse by becoming a curse for us. For it is written, Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree. This happened so that the blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we should get the Spirit as it was promised.
We are grafted into Israel through faith, we become part of Abraham's seed. Jews are therefore our brothers and sisters and we are called to comfort them in their difficulties.
Isaiah 40.1-2 Comfort, comfort my people! says your God. Speak kindly to Jerusalem, and proclaim to her that her strife is ended, that her iniquity is pardoned, that she has received the Lord's hand double for all her sins.
Our mission is to bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Psalm 122.6-9 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May those who love you! May there be peace within your walls, and prosperity within thy palaces For my brethren and my friends' sake I will say, Peace be within you! Because the Lord our God is there, I will seek your good.
As Christians, we can not be indifferent to Israel. He that is not with Israel, oppose Israel. Whoever does not bless Israel, curse Israel. And the one who curses Israel will themselves under a curse. A church that does not bless Israel will never experience success and revival. But when we see our responsibility and speak comfort to God's people and pray for Israel, then will God's blessing upon the church.
Gaza war Israel is facing an existential challenge and can not afford to lose a single war. Therefore all Israel that they do mean two warring analysts.
More responds to Israel's use of weapons and bombing in Gaza. Over 4,000 target is bombed and around 35 terror tunnels are blasted. Around 1,400 Palestinians have been killed and over 6,000 wounded in the fighting
Israel's powerful use of violence in Gaza says researcher Brett ulriksen must be seen in light of the existential situation they are in. Thus, the outcome of the war more important for Israel than it was for Norway in our involvement in Afghanistan and Libya. Ulriksen is a social scientist and researcher at NUPI and the Naval Academy in Bergen. Existential Threat
- There is a big difference Norway's military involvement far from home and Israel's situation. They live with threats around him on all sides and fighting at home. For Norway are no consequences if we lose the war, while Israel, this is an existential struggle. Lose those, they disappear. Thus, there is no room or time to put so much emphasis on the humanitarian aspects of warfare, says ulriksen the day.
He refers to the massive rocket from the Gaza that Israel was exposed to as they could not live with.
- The result is that the political resolve to go to greater dramatic steps to do whatever it takes to protect themselves, says ulriksen. Before and after 9/11
He refers to the attitudes in the United States before and after 9/11 bombings in New York in 2001, and believes they were characterized by a "Vietnam syndrome" where they practically were terrified of losing their own soldiers. After the 9/11 attacks disappeared interests of their own forces, and they launched a worldwide "war" on terror.
Ulriksen do not think it is any wonder that Israel do what they do in Gaza.
- There is something about the whole situation in the area and the background of the war to do. Around them cook it on all fronts, both in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and partly in the Palestinian Territory. It is not just uneasiness on one front, and the political situation could almost be described as a siege. The war in Gaza has to be seen in this light, says ulriksen. Accurate assessment
Commander Per Christian Gundersen Media Group at National Defence College said he believes the Israeli defense makes a careful consideration of the goals they take on the Gaza Strip.
- This is a densely populated area where Hamas is inferior technologically and militarily. For Israel, it will be difficult to take out both production sites, armaments, launchers and Hamas leaders without risking civilian lives. My assessment is that there is a thorough preparation and careful consideration in relation to the objectives of the bombing, says Gundersen to day. Civilians suffer
That many lives are lost says the two are obviously when fighting death in a congested area like Gaza.
- War in cities is very difficult and can lead to greater losses than otherwise. We are talking about men with machine guns fighting for every house and on every street corner. When they also use missiles, would inevitably many civilian lives lost, says Ståle ulriksen.
He rejects, however, that Israeli soldiers shooting wildly at anything that moves.
- If they had the desire to kill as many as possible, they could be deleted Gaza with bombs in a single operation, says ulriksen. Protecting the population
Per Christian Gundersen believes it important for every Israeli prime minister is to protect its own population.
- Israel can not afford to lose a single war on its own soil. They will do their utmost to protect their own population if it comes at the expense of the international reputation of Israel. So they know that the United States has in the back whether rhetoric of Obama at times is relatively harsh, says Gundersen.
1 Israel became a state in 1312 f. Kr. - 2000 years before Islam.

2 Arab flygtninge Israel begyndelse the cold himself "Palæstinensere" in 1967, two decades after (modern) Israeli statehood begyndelse in 1948.
3 After that have conquered the country in 1272 f. Kr. Reger Jews landed in tusinde years and opretholdt one still very g presence there for 3,300 years.
4 The only Arab regering came after the conquest in 633 f. Kr., And varede only 22 years.
5 For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem was the Jewish capital. The city was never the capital of any Arab or Muslim enhed. Even under Jordanian Government, was (east) Jerusalem not made the capital, and no Arab leader came and besøgte city.
6 Jerusalem positing over 700 times in the Bible, but not once is the nævnt in the Qur'an.
7 King David made Jerusalem reason; Muhammad never set its footing in the city.
8 Jews pray in ansigtet facing imod Jerusalem; Muslims face Mecca ansigtet imod. If they are in the midst of the two cities, Muslims pray facing with ansigtet imod Mecca and back imod Jerusalem.
9 In 1948 impel the Arab leaders that their people traveling, as they promised that cleanse the land of Jewish presence. 68% af them Flygt Without any Sinde that seeing an Israeli soldier.
10 Virtually the entire Jewish population of Muslim countries had to Flygt resulting af violence and pogroms.
11 Approximately 630,000 Arabs forlod Israel in 1948, but tæt by a million Jews were forced to precharge the Muslim land.
12 For in spite of the huge territories, as was their disposition, they were Arab flygtninge forsætligt prevented the abiding assimilated into their been land. Ud af 100 million flygtninge, as a result af the candidate world war, they are the only group that never has integrated themselves with their medreligiøse. Most af the Jewish flygtninge from Europe and from the Arab land dwelt in Israel - a country no larger than New Jersey, USA.
13 There are 22 Muslim countries, when not raining Palæstina with. There is only one Jewish state. Arabs started all five war imod Israel - and tabte every one af them.
14 Fatah and Hamas constitutional founders kræver constantly Israel tilintetgørelse. Israel afgav most af the West Bank and the entire Gaza palæstinensisk myndighed and supplying it even with weapons.
15 Under the Jordanian besættelse was Jewish holy places vandalized and afskåret from Jodern. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian holy places tilgængelige for all faiths.
16 Ud af 175 United Nations Security Council Resolutioner indtil 1990 97 imod Israel; ud af 690 ordinary legislative Resolutioner was 429 imod Israel.
17 U.N. was tavs, when Jordan ødelagde 58 synagogues in the old city in Jerusalem. It forblev tavst, when Jordan systematically desecrated the ældgamle Jewish gravpladser on Oliebjerget and it forblev tavst, when Jordan imposed apartheid love, which prevented Jews that have access to the Temple Mountain and the Western Wall.
Gaza - the most densely populated area in the world?
Both NRK and other Norwegian media becomes Gaza Strip often described as "the most densely populated areas in the world," or "the densest populated place on earth." But is this true?
Population in Manila (Philippines) is 9 times higher than in the Gaza Strip
According to Wikipedia the Gaza Strip has an area of ​​365 square kilometers, and there are 1.8 million people living there. This gives a population density of 4,931 people per square mile (but. / Km2).
A quick survey of the internet shows that there are many areas of the world that is much denser populated than Gaza. Here, a few sample: 

Who are today's "Palestinians"?

Most of those who call themselves "Palestinians" today are descendants of Muslim Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula. The origin of the name "Palestine" however, Ples, the area to the Philistines (pleshtim in Hebrew), who came from Greece and settled on the coastal plain of Israel in 1200 BC More than a thousand years later Roman Empire introduced the name "Palestine" with the intent to erase the memory of the history of the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland - Judea.

Contrary to what today's politically correct to say, was never an Arab Palestinian entity with its own national, geographic and cultural identity. The area was part of a larger unit, where the Arab inhabitants considered themselves as part of the Arab, Muslim, Ottoman or large-Syrian unity. George Habib Antonius considered Palestine to be part of Greater Syria.

Pacifist John Haynes Holmes, however, leftist unitarprest, co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union and author avPalestine Today and Tomorrow - a Gentile's Survey of Zionism (1929) wrote: "This is the land of the Jews has arrived to rebuild their ancient homeland .... On the whole surface of the earth is no home for the Jew, except in the mountains and on the springs of his ancient kingdom .... The Jew in exile everywhere else .... However, Palestine is ... his. Scrape anywhere in Palestine, and you will find ... Israel. There is not a spot that is not characterized by an ancient [Jewish] tribesman ... No way, source, height or village which does not awaken the memory of a great [Jewish] king, or echo of a great [Jewish] prophet .... [Jew] has a higher and more noble motive in Palestine than the economic .... The mission is to restore Zion; and Zion is Palestine. "

History proves that the Land of Israel was the Jewish identity manger; 2000 years before the appearance of Islam, and that the connection between the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland has always been maintained. Palestinian Arabs, however, has no ancient presence in the area west of the Jordan River; no Palestinian state has ever existed, no Palestinian people have been robbed of their land, and there is no basis for the Palestinian demand for the "right of return."

Most Palestinian Arabs are descendants of Muslim immigrants from Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Bosnia, the Caucasus, Turkmenistan, Kurdistan, India, Afghanistan and Balochistan.

Arab itinerant workers was introduced by the Ottomans and the British mandate, the Board (who defeated the Ottomans in 1917) to work on projects related to infrastructure: The port of Haifa, the railway between Haifa-Qantara (1918), Haifa-Edrei (1905), Haifa-Nablus (1914) and Jerusalem-Jaffa (1892), military installations, roads, quarries, draining of marshland etc. The Jewish immigration from 1882 created an economic boom that attracted both legal and illegal Arab workers.

The Arab population of Haifa rose from 6,000 in 1818 to 80,000 in 1919 as a result of labor migration, modernization (instigated by the British occupation forces) and the creation and expansion of Jewish settlements - which strengthened the infrastructure and the need for labor. The outbreak of the First World War heightened the demand for labor and the power of traveling in the area west of the Jordan Valley.

According to the British Peel Commission of 1937 is "the growth of the Arab population ... most marked in urban areas because of Jewish development and construction. Comparison of censuses conducted in 1922 and 1931 show an increase in Haifa on 86%, in Jaffa 62%, in Jerusalem on 37%, while pure Arab cities such as Nablus and Hebron only increased by 7%, and in Gaza there was a reduction of 2%. "

As a result of this significant Arab immigration in the period 1880-1947 - and in spite of depopulation due Arabic chaos and mutual violence - so grew the Arab population in Jaffa, Haifa and Ramla respectively 17, 12 and 5 times.

The conquest of Egypt in 1831-1840 Mohammad Ali was boosted by an influx of Egyptian and Sudanese immigrants who settled in deserted areas between Gaza and Tul-Karem up to the Hula Valley. They followed in the footsteps of thousands of Egyptian conscientious objectors who had escaped from Egypt before 1831 and settled in Acre.

The British travelers HB Tristram, identified in 1865 Egyptian migrants in the Beit Shean Valley, Acre, Hadera, Netanya and Jaffa.

The British Palestine Exploration Fund documented that Egyptian society grew strong around Jaffa; The longing for home electric Mussariya, Abu Kebir, Abu Derwish, Sumeil, Sheikh Muwanis, Salame ', Fejja, etc. In 1917 Jaffa Arabs least 25 nationalities, including Persians, Afghans, Hindus and balutsjere. Hundreds of Egyptian families settled in Ara 'Arara', Kafer Qassem, Taiyiba and Qalansawe. In 1908 struck Yemeni Arabs settled in Jaffa, and Arabs from the Syrian Hauran region grew rapidly in the port areas to Haifa and Jaffa.

"30000-36000 Syrians from Hauran has gone to Palestine only during the last few months," reported the newspaper La Syrie on August 12, 1934 Az-ed-Din el-Qassam Brigades - Hamas's terrorist-model that terrorized Jews in the British Palestine Mandate - was acids, as was Said el-A'az, one of the leaders of the anti-Jewish pogroms in 1934-36, and Kawukji, commander of the Arab mercenaries terrorizing Jews in 30s and 40s .

Libyan migrants settled in Gedera, south of Tel Aviv. Refugees from Algeria (mugrabier) escaped the French conquest in 1830 and settled in Safed (alongside Syrians and Jordanian Bedouins), Tiberias and other parts of the Galilee. Caucasian refugees, fleeing Russian oppression (1878), and Muslims from Bosnia, Turkmenistan and Yemen (1908) provided the variation in the Arab demography west of the Jordan River. Many of the Arabs who fled in 1949 were reunited with their families in Egypt and other neighboring countries.

Mark Twain wrote in his book Innocents Abroad (1869): "Of all the gloomy and deserted land Palestine must be ... top. The hills are barren .... The valleys are unsightly deserts .... Dead Sea and the Sea of ​​Galilee lies dormant in a large stretch of hills and plains where no color shades gives the eye rest .... It is a bleak, wild and inhospitable land without hope. I was so happy to see Jordan's shoreline spring, Shechem, Esdraelon, Ajalon and the border with Galilee - but even then these spots was as far as scattered toy gardens in a wasteland of boundless misery .... Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes. Over brooding curse that has been shown to fade and has added power and real desire to ... iron. Only weeds growing, spreading stems and tufts .... Nazareth is deserted. By Jordan ford where Israeli troops entered the Promised Land with singing song is only a paltry camp of eccentric ørkenbeduiner. Jericho is condemned, currently lying in a bortsmuldret ruin, as Joshua's miracle left town for more than 3,000 years ago; Bethlehem and Bethany, in poverty and humiliation .... Legendary Jerusalem, the most majestic name in history, has lost all its ancient grandeur and become a poor village .... The famous Sea of ​​Galilee ... a silent wilderness. Capernaum is a shapeless ruin; Magdala is the home of begging Arabs ... Palestine is desolate and without beauty. And why should it be any different? Can Deity curse make a country beautiful? .... The expedition name, published under the title The amusement excursion to the Great Holy Land, was misleading. Funeral Procession for the Great Holy Land would have been better - much better. "

Mark Twain's statement resonates in Joan Peters book From time immemorial (1984), which is compelling both in terms of historical documentation and footnotes, and is written in consultation with Middle East history and politics three pillars; prof., Bernard Lewis, prof. Elie Kedourie and prof. PJ Vatikiotis, in addition to prof. Fred Gottheil, prof., Walter Laqueur and Martin Gilbert. Peters cites Dr. Carl Hermann Voss, former head of the American Christian Palestine Committee: "The Palestinian Arab population was small and limited until Jewish settlements anew restored the barren fields and attracted Arabs from neighboring countries (p. 245)". President Roosevelt noted in 1939 that "Arab immigration into Palestine after 1921 far exceeded the total Jewish immigration during this period" (p. 395).

"Palestine Egyptian conqueror, Ibrahim Pasha, leaving permanent colony of Egyptian immigrants in Beisan, Nablus, Irbid, Acre and Jaffa. Around 500 Egyptian soldiers families founded a new district [Jaffa], and this was only one of countless similar cases. Jaffa's growth started in the background of this supply, plus the Jewish nybyggervirksomhet, which dates to 1830 Muslims in Safed are mainly descendants of Moorish settlers and Kurds .... Most of the Muslims who were in the country was a fugitive and through travelers, the Arab leader Sharif Hussain pointed out in 1918 (p. 169-170): "Groups of Caucasians, Algerians, Egyptians, Druze, Turks, Kurds, Bosnians and others arrived Palestine in 1878 ... at least 25% of the 141,000 Muslims [in the whole of Palestine in 1882] were newcomers or descendants of those who arrived after the Egyptian invasion in 1831 ... in 1858, reported James Finn, the British Consul General in Jerusalem that "the Muslims of Jerusalem exceeded barely a quarter of the entire population (p. 196-197). ... "

According to the census in 1931 there were registered 23 different languages ​​among Muslims. Most of these, in addition to 28 other languages ​​were also used by Christians, many of them Arabs; Thus, a total of 51 languages. Palestine's non-Jewish population reported at least 24 different countries of origin (p. 226) ....

Joan Peters documenting Britain's fight against aliyah (Jewish immigration), in parallel with the encouragement of Arab immigration. For example, 3 January 1926 signified the British charge for residence permits that "it is certain that the refugees of Syrian, Lebanese or Palestinian nationality be admitted to Palestine without a passport or visa (s. 270). ... ". The White Book 1930 gave the Arabs - not Jews - the right to buy land. Also Jewish immigration was strictly limited in accordance with the White Paper until the Arab demography had been sufficiently reinforced (s. 300-301).

Arieh Avneri, a groundbreaking researcher on Palestinian history, wrote: "Throughout history there are many examples of conquest which led to the formation of new national entities through a process of absorption and assimilation. Had the Arab conquest led to the formation of a crystallized Arab nation - regardless of size - it would have been difficult to contradict the claim to Arab historical continuity in Palestine. But this was not the case. The few Arabs who lived in Palestine 100 years ago, when the Jewish settlement began, a remnant of an elusive population, which had been in constant motion, as a result of incessant conflicts between local tribes and local despots. ... "

In 1554 there were 205,000 Muslims, Christians and Jews in Palestine. In 1800 the total number of 275,000. In 1890 the population of Palestine was 532,000, as a result of increased immigration due to trading activity, new jobs, infrastructure, health and culture - all initiated by Jews. The population of Palestine underwent radical changes in the wake of two devastating wars that swept over the country: Napoleon's campaign in 1799 and the Egyptian invasion was followed by Ibrahim Pasha's rule from 1831 to 1840 ... Many inhabitants fled and was replaced by other ethnic groups who settled down the country.
It is actually the baseless claim an Arab ancient presence in Palestine - combined with the attempts to reject the Jewish moral and historical right to sovereignty over the Land of Israel - which has fueled the Arab hatred and terrorism, which constitutes the main obstacle to peace, and which has contributed to ongoing war and terror.

Hamas's goal is not coexistence but Islamic domination and the destruction of Israel

Son of Hamas leader claims Hamas is not interested in coexistence but Muslim rule and an Islamic caliphate

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef and herself a professing Christian said recently in an interview that the Muslim terrorist organization muslimmål not only to destroy the state of Israel, but also to build a global Islamic state. Mosab Hassan Yousef was last Thursday guest on CNN and during an interview with Don Lemon told him what he saw and experienced as a child who grew up as a child of a leader of the Palestinian terrorist organization. "Hamas does not care about the lives of the Palestinian population. they do not care about Jews or Americans lives, they do not care even about their own lives because they consider it so die for their ideology is an act of worship to their God, so how can one proceed in such a society? Can you live in intercourse with someone whose primary mission is your destruction? asked CNN's Don Lemon Yousef. Hamas does not seek coexistence or compromise, said Yousef who added that Hamas's goal is to conquer and take over.

Demolition, the church of Israel is not Hamas ultimate goal, he said further. Hamas final hamas-advarermål is to build an Islamic caliphate, which means an Islamic state over the ruins of any civilization. This is the ultimate goal of the movement, explains Yousef who has written the book "Sons of Hamas." During the interview, Yousef said further that he was growing up in the movement understood that Hamas used civilians as a weapon of war. This is something he has mentioned in his book. "In mosques Hamas told us that without the shedding of innocent blood for the big case, we would be unable to build an Islamic state. They prepared us this when we were young children, age of five or so, "said the son of Hamas leader on. - "And frankly, it is almost impossible for many to grasp this, see the truth, discover the real face of Hamas, only to break out at some point," noted Yousef on. As you can see in my case, I lost everything because of my no to Hamas, and today, when I see the children in Gaza as I know they are indoctrinated and that they have no choice

Yousef, who was born in Ramallah, north of Jerusalem, met a British missionary in 1999 as witness to Jesus Christ. At that time he worked collecting intelligence to Israel Hamas movement's activities and after he became a Christian, he was rejected by his father. Youseg began to confess their faith in Christ and was baptized in Tel Aviv in 2005 In 2007 he moved to the United States and applied for political asylum because he feared for his life. It was when Yousef wrote the book "Son of Hamas" to tell their personal story and rejection of Islam. He was granted asylum in 2010 after having'd been deported because of suspicions that he might have been involved in terrorist activity. But a close friend, Gonen Ben-Itzhak could attest that Yousef had been working to prevent terrorist attacks and that in reality he had saved human, and therefore allowed the immigration court that he could be in the United States. Mosab Hassan Yousef shared his testimony in an online letter addressed to Walid Shoebat.

Came from Islamic tradition

"I came from a deep Islamic tradition, from a family that practiced, taught and spread Islam. I am a Palestinian who has served several years in Israeli prison, I was beaten and tortured to death by angry Israeli soldiers. But Christ pulled me until I found him and accepted his challenge to me to forgive and love my enemies, "he wrote then. However, he met with much skepticism even from Christians. "I had no one I could share my victories, miracles with or inner pain outside my Jesus. Alone and together with Jesus behind closed doors. My reputation was daily torn from one side because they think I am a Zionist, while on the other hand they hate me because they thought I was a Palestinian extremist. I try to love all people without expecting anything from anyone, just as the Lord Jesus Christ loves me, "wrote Yousef and added:" We live in a world full of deception, doubt, anxiety and hopelessness. People have had enough of bad news, -de need hope and love, And it is our duty to the people of Israel, the people of the Palestinian territories and the rest of the world and show them the love of Christ and share with them the hope he gives, said Yousef included in "Barabbas Road Church" in San Diego, California.

 What do God for Israel and Hamas?

How did Israel looked today, no enemy cabinet with Hamas in Gaza?

No one knows of course that with certainty. But it had enough long and selvstyremynddighetene Abbas in the West Bank and the authority of Hamas, as had most of the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza in exchange for a peace treaty with Israel. Palestine had then become large enough for a viable state, and through concessions from Israel, had Palistina been created.

How would the situation be today, with Hamas politicians and warriors as close to Jerusalem and Israel, cities and regions? A disaster for Israel, and close to a destruction of the small country over the long term, yes, in essence there had been talk of a few decades.

But this would not God, that's for sure! He has said that he will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling, and all those who oppose the will of God concerning this will hurt himself! God will not allow the UN and the United States once again be sharing his country, Israel, God wants an even larger territory to its 12 tribes than it is today.

Therefore, and now I come to the point, God has raised up an adversary to Israel, to get it the way he wants it, and your opponent is Hamas. Why do I say that? Because this God has done before, read the first Kings chapter 11 verse 14 and verse 23 ... "Then the Lord raised up an adversary to Solomon. Hadad the Edomite was there, that belonged to the king's seed in Edom.

Furthermore, verse 23 God raised up another adversary against Solomon. It was Rezon son of Eljada. He had fled from his lord Hadadezer king of Zobah. 24 Rezon gathered people around him and became leader of a robber band. At that time David killed many of them, they went to Damascus. They settled there and made ​​themselves masters of byen.25 Rezon was Israel's adversary as long as Solomon lived. Both he and Hadad caused harm Israel. Reson was king of Aram and abhorred Israel.

If the biblical writers had written about the situation in Israel today, there had been enough: "When God raised up another adversary of Israel, and that Hamas ...

The little land of Israel is the subject of much attention in the world media. There is some disagreement and debate in all the leading political arenas, while also taking a struggle between "Jews" and "Palestinians" on the same land. The question then becomes: How do we as Christians deal with this?
First, we must be aware that this land has been occupied by imperialist powers almost throughout history. We remember a past golden age, where Israel had their own country, under the kings David and Solomon. This continued even after this empire was divided. Although the "northern kingdom" were occupied and 10 of the tribes scattered over all winds so consisted "southern kingdom of" Judah, with the two tribe of Judah and Benjamin. I'm talking now about a time about 3,000 years ago. Eventually, the area occupied by the Babylonians, later came under Assyrian, later Persia, then Greece (Greece) and Alexander the Great. In Jesus' time, the area was under the Roman Empire. Then there was the Muslim area in a period (we know well most of the history of Saladdin etc - see the movie Kingdom of Heaven). But the interesting thing really starts with the great Turkish Empire, which had this area in over a thousand years!

Byssanterne / Ottomans / Turks let both Jews and Arabs live there. They showed no further interest in the area, as it looked like a stone desert. NOTE YOU THAT THERE WAS NO THAT WAS CALLED FOR Palestinians ON THE FUTURE. THERE WERE NO PEOPLE CLASS HET Palestinians! It remained only to Jews and Arabs.

When the Turks / Ottomans were on the losing side in the First World War, this was the land given over to the British, and we got what is called the British Palestine Mandate of 1917 The name Palestine was used because it was found by the story that the Romans used this name in the area . The word Palestine does not really refugees and rebel. It was anciently used the Philistines, who was a folk group of corsairs and pirates who had come by sea from Crete.
So if one at all to talk about the REAL Palestinians in this context, so it must then be the very few who are down in the Middle East today stemming directly from these Philistines / Cretans / pirates. And this is NOT the same as those called for Palestinians today. Today's so-called Palestinians are a people of mixed Arabs, Persians and Europeans of different kinds, mixed with these ancient Philistines.

Back to the British Palestine Mandate. This was determined divided after World War II. It was then meant to establish a Jewish state and an Arab state on the basis of this mandate. We received when the state of Israel, which was created in 1948 as a state for the Jews. This amounted to only 20% of the large British Palestine Mandate in the Middle East. DE RESTRERENDE 80% were named Transjordan (later Jordan only) AND WAS THE STATE THAT WAS INTENDED ARABS AND WHAT WE CALL TODAY Palestinians !! Thus, these so-called Palestinians already GOT their country - Jordan! But what happened was that the Arabs grew powerful in this state, and they drove these "Palestinians" fled as refugees to Israel and Lebanon.

This is what the UN should prevented. The UN should have been clear on this, that Jordan should be a state for these "Palestinian refugees" that we today call for Palestinians. But the population of Jordan had recovered an Arab prince, who was King Hussein of Jordan (father of the current King Abdullah) and they did not like these flyktningenomadene we today call the Palestinians. The thing is that the Palestinians have always been treated badly by the Arabs, but this is hushed in the media. In Israel, the "Palestinians" had a much better standard of living than in the Arab countries around.

The term "occupied territory"

So this with the Golan Heights and what is called "the Israeli-occupied West Bank of Jordan." After the Jews flocked to Israel and Israel was proclaimed as a separate national independence government of President David Ben Gurion at 17:00 on 14 May 1948, so has the surrounding Arab countries have repeatedly tried to destroy Israel. The day after Israel proclaimed its freedom and independence, they were attacked. They won the first "war of liberation" in 1948 they won the recent wars, even though the Arabs were totally superior in number. In 1967 they won the so-called "Six Day War". Israel pursued their enemies far beyond the boundaries that are there today. And it was Israel that had been attacked, not the opposite. But Israeli forces / troops withdrew to the borders they are today within.

Seems therefore it is quite out of place to use terms like "the Israeli-occupied West Bank of Jordan." Jordan River has incidentally always been a natural place sharing / separation between Israel and the nations (now Jordan). The west side of the Jordan River, however, has a history that clearly states that this is Jewish land. We can not dismiss the Bible as an ancient insignificant book, although we possibly will not believe it. History confirms's what we find in the Bible.

In the 1800s there were several Jewish businessmen who came from Europe and the United States down to this area. They found an area that looked like a stone desert. But they would like to buy land, and the Arabs said yes because they were not interested in the areas. Notice this! The Arabs would not have these stone sites! Therefore let the Jews buy up large tracts of land where the dispute today! Hath not the Jews right in these areas, which they bought from the Arab Bedouins?

In 1930, Jews were directly expelled from Europe, with large posters that said "Palestine calls". It was not just the Germans who were responsible for this, but in several countries, one would have the Jews out. And when it finally comes to their rightful land, which is also the world community so unanimously would dispose of them - then they get that stamp on them that they have "occupied" country! Talk about historieløshet!

  Palestinians - who is it?

Before the "Six Day War" were actually Jews who were called "Palestinians" by the UN. The Palestinian refugees when they spoke, were Jews! One can say that the biggest "mistake" Jews did when they accepted the offer of their own country was that they called the nation of Israel instead of Palestine and Palestinians citizens. Had they called the land of Palestine, they had effectively blocked for those after 1967 began to call themselves Palestinians claiming that their land was stolen from them. Today Palestinians had to call them something else, that would be more transparent. Of course, it remains the case that the only proper name of this land is Israel. It is this land that was given to Abraham's lineage through Isaac, as a property forever!

There Palestine (British Mandate of Palestine) as today's "Palestinians" claim is stolen from them, was discontinued in May 1948 is 19 years before today's Palestinians began to present their claims and assertions. In the British Mandate, the Jews were Palestinians. Today Palestinians have just adopted capita hub from a discontinued autonomous region and use it as their own. Is not this identity theft?

  Gaza issue

If we turn to the Gaza problem? Before we mention anything more, I ask that everyone reading takes into account the fact that ISRAEL PULLED OUT OF GAZA FOR SOME YEARS AGO! Do not forget this! Israel voluntarily withdrew from Gaza, and surrendered this area to these so-called "Palestinians". The Palestinians have not built a single hospital in Gaza - everything is built by the State of Israel. The Palestinians got an area with a western standard and infrastructure laid straight on lap! What happened? Yes, the extremist Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Israel has had to endure over 8000 rockets into the Israeli territory by Hamas bases in the Gaza Strip. THEREFORE we got the violent revenge from Israel two years ago. Hamas is not satisfied that Israel pulled out of Gaza. They are not satisfied until Israel is totally destroyed. They have the same mentality as the crazy Iranian president Achmadinejab.

It is THIS that is the big problem - not Israel. The blockade of Gaza is highly necessary as extremist Muslim groups are doing what they can to try to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip. But be aware that ALSO EGYPT HAS A WALL AND A BLOCKADE AGAINST GAZA - not just Israel. But speaking only about Israel's blockade of the media.

In the years after World War II when the story of the German concentration camps became known, there was a brief time when people around the world gave the Jews their support and sympathy. As anti-Semitism arose, Israel has been under constant pressure from both the media and the Moslems. Zionism is today stronger than ever.

After World War II there were many of our politicians who spoke for the Jewish cause and in Parliament there were many who belonged to a group of sympathy for Israel. Today the situation is completely different.

It almost deserted area where Israel is now situated was there once deserted with their saltørkener and malariasumper. It was almost as if God had made ​​the land uninhabitable. There were few opportunities to live there, especially for a resident population. Now and then there were roving nomads who traveled there annually from neighboring countries with their flocks.

Jewish fathers were resident there from the settlement period until they were expelled from the country by the Romans more than a hundred years after Christ's birth. In almost 2000 years no other peoples settled in the country. Domination of the country has gone hand in hand for centuries, and in 1516 it was conquered by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. This lasted until the British General Edmund Allenby captured it from the Turkish dynasty. At this time the Jews had already begun to return home to the land, they never gave up.

In 1918 the Balfour Declaration issued by the British government to the English Zionist leader Lord Rothschild, who gave their support and sympathy that the Jews should have their own national home. The document was ratified by the United States and made an international document of the League of Nations in 1922 was recognized by over 52 countries.

At this time there arose a bitter antisemittistisk attitude of the leading political circles in England. The English tried to win Arab, friendship and stated they thus 77 percent of the lands of Abdulla who was the King of Jordan. It was forbidden for Jews to settle there. This is a ban that is still there today.

The English government did everything in its power to prevent Jewish refugees to return to the land that had been promised to the Jews. This happened during the worst persecution of the Jews before and during World War II.

Kingdom of Transjordan remained under League of Nations protection until 1946 after the Arab-Israeli war in 1948, the West Bank annexed. In 1947, the United Nations that the remaining 23 percent of the mandated area should be divided between Jews and Arabs. This was not accepted by the Arabs, and until today it is still a destination for Arabs to acquire the land bit by bit until the land of Israel has been wiped out.

It is not in human power to solve the problems in Israel. Kanaan is God's country. It belongs to the Jews because God has given it to them. There's never been a Palestinian people or a Palestinian state in the Holy Land. The people who for a long time have been settled and formed a culture in the country that is often called Palestine, the people of Israel. From the early fathers of the nation lived there until they were driven away and dispersed among many peoples and nations.

It was the Jews who with spade and hoe got home to dig out the swamps and cultivate the desert it is today a land flowing with milk and honey. Upon the arrival in Canaan was a promise given to Joshua by the Lord: "Get ready to cross the Jordan, you and all this people, into the land which I give the Israelites. Every place where you set your foot on, give I unto you, as I promised Moses. The land from the wilderness and Lebanon to the great river, the Euphrates, the whole hetittlandet to the Great Sea in the west, to belong to you. "(Joshua 1, 2-4).

Israel's history in a nutshell!

Israel has a long history. Perhaps Israel is the people of the earth who have been around the longest in world history as a distinct people. God chose this people and decided that it should be the people who would make his word known among the nations. He created Israel because he would bring the world a Savior - through them. Israel was without a country for 2000 years, but have come back to their own country and should never be plucked up from there. Here are some of the more modern story that ties all the world david traps Goliath with a stone from a sling nations into their destiny and end.

History of Israel as found in the Bible
"Israel's history is the history of a people that God chose that this people was to bear the Redeemer of the world. It was Israel's great mission in the world. For this to become a reality, God had to have a man who would be the ancestor of the people . they had to have a country where they could live and develop. they had to have one God, one faith, one law. they may have a political system that bound the people together, and a lot of other things .... "

The continuation of this document contains the historical facts about Israel from their true beginnings. The document is too large to be presented in their entirety here. (To the right you can see how the small country of Israel have overcome larger and more powerful enemies throughout history)

History of Israel in modern times
If you look at a map of the Middle East, you will see that there are 22 Arab / Muslim nations that completely threatens to engulf Israel. It's not that Israel has "taken over the Middle East." The Arab nations have 640 times more land than Israel and numerically they are fifty times more people than Israel.

The Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire lasted from 1517 to 1917 - that is 400 years and controlled the vast Arab empire. Some of the remains from the Ottoman Empire, we still have in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. In the First World War (1914-1918) supported Turkey Germany. When Germany was defeated also went to Turkey in defeat. In 1916 control of the southern part of the Ottoman Empire surrendered as mandate to France and Britain in a treaty called the Sykes-Picot Agreement. This agreement divided the Arab region in zones. Lebanon and Syria came under the French mandate, but "Palestine" which is now Jordan, Israel and the West Bank came under British mandate.

British and Balfour- declaration
Because no other people had established a national homeland in "Palestine since the Jews had lived there 2,000 years ago, the British on the establishment of a national homeland for Jews in all of Palestine as a good opportunity. This was expressed in the so-called Balfour Declaration of 1917 signed by Arthur James Balfour, on behalf of the British government. The Jews had already begun to return in significant numbers since the 1880s in an attempt to clear away malaria swamps and prepare a new birth of a new Israel. This renewal of the country attracted a large amount of Arabs from neighboring areas, people who found employment opportunities and better living conditions and improved health conditions. It was not made any attempt to remove areas from the few Arabs who lived there already or Arabs who immigrated to the area with the Jews.

Palestine is divided into two
In 1923, the British divided the Palestinian part of the Ottoman Empire into two administrative areas. The Jews were allowed to only stay on the west side of the river Jordan. In reality the British had given 75% of the original Jewish national homeland of an Arab-Palestinian nation called Trans-Jordan (meaning the other side of the Jordan). This territory was given to Emir Abdullah of Saudi Arabia now. This section should in 1946 be called Jordan. The Jews were left with 25% of the total area which became their first national homeland after 2000 years of exile.

Was it the Jews who started the first war?
Chairman of The highest committee Arab (Arab Higher Committee) said that the Arab world would "fight for every inch of their land." Two days later, they called holy men of Al-Azhar University in Cairo in the Muslim world to proclaim a holy war (jihad) against the Jews.

Jamal Hussein, spokesman for the highest Arab Committee had before the vote on Palestine's division told the UN that the Arabs would wet the earth "in our beloved country with the last drop of our blood .."

Hussein's prediction began to be fulfilled almost immediately after the UN partition plan adopted on 29 November 1957 the Arabs launched a protest strike and conducted uprising that claimed the lives of 62 Jews and 32 Arabs. The violence continued and increasing progress toward the end of the year.

The first major attack began on 9 January 1948 when about 1000 Arabs attack Jewish settlements in the northern part of Palestine. In February, the British that there were so many Arabs who infiltrate the country that they lack sufficient forces to penetrate them back. In reality surrendered British bases and arms to Arab non-regular forces and the Arab Legion.

In the first part of the war which lasted from 29 November 1947 to 1 April 1948, the Palestinian Arabs had the upper hand and with the help of volunteers from neighboring countries. The Jews had to endure severe losses and access via main roads were broken.
On 26 April 1948 said Abdullah, King of Transjordan: "All our attempts to find a peaceful solution to the problem of Palestine has failed. The only solution for us is war. I will have the honor to save Palestine. "

The Arab legion attacks
On 4 May 1948 attacked the Arab Legion Kfar Etzion. The defenders drove them back but the Legion came back a week later. After two days they were poorly kitted settlers outnumbered. Many of those who had defended so bravely were massacred after they had surrendered. This was before the invasion of the regular Arab armies that followed Israel's declaration of independence.
UN blamed the Arabs for the violence. UN Commission for Palestine, which by the way never got the permission of either the British or the Arabs to travel to Palestine to implement the resolution, reported to the Security Council on 16 February that "powerful Arab interests, both inside and outside Palestine, refusing to follow the resolution adopted UN General Assembly and started with full knowledge and willingness to alter by force the settlement that we have set. "" Representatives of the Jewish Council (Jewish Agency) told us yesterday that they were not the attackers and that it was the Arabs who began fighting. We did not deny this. We told the whole world that we would fight.

Jews take action
The British commander of Jordan's Arab Legion, John Bagot added: "Early in January began the first units of the Arab Liberation Army to infiltrate into Palestine from Syria. Some came through Jordan and even through Aman. They were in fact correct the first blow to the ruins of Arab Palestine.

In spite of inferiority in numbers, organization and weapons, the Jews began to take the initiative in the week from April 1 to the day of the declaration of independence on 14 May. The new army Haganah captured several key cities such as Tiberias and Haifa, and opened a temporary way to Jerusalem.

Partition Plan was never suspended or revoked. How Israel became a state in Palestine and was born on May 14, while the British left the country. Five Arab armies (Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon and Iraq) immediately invaded the country. They had already declared his goal. Azzam Pasha, Secretary General of the Arab League declared: "This will become a war of extermination and huge massacre that will be remembered as the massacre carried out by the Mongols and the Crusades."

Early Arab aggression

Encouraged by the growing Arab nationalism that is now spreading throughout the Middle East, put the Arabs started increasing and ongoing attacks against the Jewish population in the area in order to drive them out. Best known from this period is the massacre in Hebron in 1929 and later other attacks from 1936 to 1939, the British try to start keeping some sort of control of its mandate in the Middle East, with often turned a deaf ear or closed their eyes for violations. It became clear to the Jews that they had to defend themselves against the Arabs and get rid of the British overherreveldet.

The Jews organized
The Jews now living in Palestine were now forced to form an organized defense against the constant attacks by Arab neighbors. It was the beginning of Hagana is the origin of the Israel Defense which in English is called IDF (Israeli Defence Forces). There was also a secret organization that was involved in intelligence, called the Irgun and was led by Menachem Begin who later became Prime Minister of Israel. Besides fighting the Arabs living in the country Irgun was an important instrument to drive out the English that was clearly pro-Arab. Finally, in 1947 the British had had enough and they gave Palestine to the United Nations (UN).

The UK provides over Palestine to the United Nations
In 1947, it passed a resolution at the UN with 2.3 majority, Resolution 181, that would share the 25% of Palestine that was formerly given to the Jews in a Jewish-Palestinian state and another Arab-Palestinian state by population density to both groups. The Jews accepted the decision. The Palestinians rejected the decision. They wanted all of Palestine, both east and west of the Jordan. This was the prelude to a joint attack by seven Arab nations. But now woke Jews. The many survivors from Europe and from other parts of the world, men and women who had no where else to go, were ready to fight to survive. It was the new state of Israel's first independence struggle.

Israel declares itself as a state
On 14 May 1948 declared the Palestinian Jews as Israel. The next day was seven Arab armies ready at the borders of Israel, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen. Most of the Palestinians living within Israeli borders were advised to leave the country so the Arab armies could run free to exterminate the Jews. They were promised that they would get all the Jews left behind when first the victorious Arab armies had finished the war. The truth is that 70% of the Arab-Palestinians who left the country in 1948, perhaps as many as 300 - 400 000 never saw an Israeli soldier. They thought that when the war is over and the Arab armies have done their job, we will return and enjoy our home and also all Jewish property that are left without their rightful owners. They were wrong, which history shows us today. It was this war which in reality was the prelude to the huge refugee problem that Palestinians are struggling with today. The truth behind this is that those who were refugees fled of their own free will from Israeli land.

The result of the war
The result of the independence war of 1948-1949 was the creation of the Jewish state, slightly larger than what was intended in the UN Resolution no. 181 from 1947 What remained of the proposed Arab-Palestinian part was that Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan occupied Judea -Samaria which later became known as the West Bank. This is also Jerusalem was a divided city. The following year, in 1950, Transjordan integrated with the West Bank and all the Arabs who lived there had Jordanian citizenship. The name "Transjordan" was replaced with Jordan. Later analyzes show that Palestinians ended up with about 85% of the original Palestinian territory and called Jordan. It was now in reality Palestine Arab state. But this was not good enough for the Arabs there they would have FULL Palestine and would continue to fight wars and conduct several terrorist attacks in order to reach their goals.

No attempt to create a Palestinian state
From 1949 to 1967 when all Judea and Samaria (the West Bank and Jerusalem) and Gaza was 100% under Arab rule, it was not made ​​any attempt to create a different and Palestine state for the Arabs who lived there. Such requirements are derived from the Palestinians only AFTER Israel took control of this area (West Bank and Gaza).

Six-Day War in 1967
During most of May, 1967, the armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria mobilized along Israel's narrow and seemingly indefensible borders. This was preparation for a massive invasion, a new effort to eliminate the state of Israel. War cry that went through the entire Arab world was then, as it always has been: "Kill the Jews" and "Throw them in the sea." But the Jews had in recent memory how 2000 years had suffered and murdered Crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Arab gangs and by the Nazis in WWII. They planned their generals how to be the first to attack in order to prevent a total war against Israel. Within two hours, the Egyptian Air Force wiped out, most of the aircraft standing on the ground. Unaware of the Egyptian air force was destroyed on King Hussein of Jordan into his forces from the West Bank to Israel's navel. This while the Syrians were preparing to descend from the Golan Heights in northern Israel. The story goes that they were defeated.

Facts about the so-called "occupation"
There is a myth surrounding this issue that has been a repeat wailed in much of the political world. But the fact is that Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians lost Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. They did this because these nations took part in a failed attempt at genocide against Israel. Had Israel lost this war back in 1967 would the Arab-Palestinians and their Arab allies driven the Jews into the sea and included all of Israel. But still, and despite the misconception that constantly used against Israel, yet the Jewish state willing to give up not only Gaza but also parts of the West Bank if the Palestinians will stop sending rockets and suicide bombers into Israel.

The victory after a six-day war
After only six days of fighting in the air, on land and at sea, defeated Israel all these three Arab hærmaktene, far three fronts and then took control over the Sinai from Egypt and the Golan from Syria and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem from Jordan . Yahweh seems to watch over his people. The main thing was that Israel gained control over all of Jerusalem including the Old City and the Western Wall (Wailing Wall). For this most sacred place for every Jew, had Jordan denied Jews access since 1948-1949 during the first Arab-Israeli war.

World views on Israel
Unfortunately, we see the world differently to these events and consider Israel an occupying power with control over the West Bank and the thousands of Arabs who live there. But Israel has shown the world that they are willing to leave the land they have taken in a defensive war, in favor of peace with the Palestinian people and their leaders. But still chooses the Palestinian Authority to reject Israel's offer and continue their terrorism against Israel and other peaceful nations. We choose to let the story speak for itself when we shall judge of these things!

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