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No. 735: Jorn Strand elbows forward and compromise the Word of God to reach out with the message of Jesus!

No. 735:
Jørn Strand elbows forward and compromise the Word of God to reach out with the message of Jesus!

Anders Helge also became acquainted with the family valley, and was with the launch of "New Life Mission." There were some exciting months, then everything would be in place in the large and fine hall on Blakstadheia in Froland. You knew Anders Helge at once at home, as long as it lasted. In the beginning was the work of the cafe and rooms for television and radio, and so should the platform in place. But eventually labeled cleanup that the chemistry between him and Jornstrand was not as it should be. Jornstrand pretended Anders Helge was not present in the room, he neither acknowledged or talked to him. That's how they do in religious communities, when leaders will get rid of some. So Jørn had enough of his own plans how this should be and who should be involved.
But opening day came and the Foundation had received some special visitors. It was with Jostein Evangeliesenter Kirkenes in the lead who sang and played, and of course it was Jornstrand speaking. Since there were so many of them from the Gospel Center, bathroom Anders Helge most of the gang down at Blue Cross cafe and apartments, where they could be accommodated. Then they got a big pot of stew for supper, they were exceedingly happy.

But still was not Jornstrand happy, but it does not serve to anything and go in details, and the end of the story was that valley and cleanup agreed that it was best that the latter withdrew from the management. Actually, it was Jørn that should have gone, but the time seemed the author that this was fair enough. Later Anders Helge also the opportunity to start a real church. He was pastor title of the State, and the primary responsibility for the church, Evangeliekirken Arendal. It was established some time later, on 14 September 2005 When it came to New Life Mission, it was and it was a trust, where people never got it to be a church. No wonder that, if you ask the author ... But the latest news: August 2014 the foundation has gone on to become a church. Much thanks to the television company, Channel 10 Exciting ...

But there have been many people visiting the Blakstadheia and Jornstrand has become quite famous as a speaker, entertainer and singer in Norway. But the years go as it says in the song, and Jørn valley and eventually went each to his own, no wonder it either.
About skies express and Jørn Beach:
Today, the 2014 has Jørn had set up their own warehouse, where he was using some peers may hold meetings. He's become known as the person he is, one who is very fond of himself. He then becomes a neighbor of Knut Dalen their facilities. Yes, it is one of their own shall have it ... He bought used equipment from TV2, and shall submit its meetings from building Web TV and TV Vision Norway. It all takes off in September 2014, then there will be enough laughter, fun and spectacle. Just what the public wants ...

Vi jobber videre på bygget vårt:-)

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