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No. 816: God's Word encourages and exhorts us to publicly name the ministers, while the "regular" church members we will try to avoid mentioning the public!

No. 816:
God's Word encourages and exhorts us to publicly name the ministers, while the "regular" church members we will try to avoid mentioning the public!

It runs like a red thread through the word of God naming government ministers and public officers who are not trust worthy. This is to identify both heretic and heresy.
That we have named Hanvold multiple times is because he has not shown any sign of remorse and walk in itself. He only dared on in his sin, therefore we named him and other people several times that Jesus and the apostles did you. Jesus named the Pharisees and scribes 2-300 times together in the Gospels.

Naming heretic and heresy as an identification.

1 Tim. 5. 17 elders that leaders in the church, deserves double reward, especially those dealing with preaching and teaching. 18 For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn, and: The worker deserves his wages. 19 Do not accept accusations against an elder without two or three witnesses. 20 Those who sin, you shall reprove in everyone's presence as a warning for others. 21 I charge you for God and Christ Jesus' face and the elect angels, that you shall observe this, without prejudice and without being biased. 22 Do not be too quick to lay hands on someone and not be complicit in the sins that others do. Keep yourself clean. 23 Drink no longer water, but use too little wine for your stomach and because you so often sick.
     24 Some men's sins are visible to all and going before them to judgment, in others they follow after. 25 Likewise also the good works visible, and they are not, they will come to light.

Note especially to v. 20 Those who sin, you shall reprove in everyone's presence as a warning for others.

If preachers sins, they shall be publicly reprimanded scripture says. And then they have two choices. Confessing their sins, be forgiven and start "new". Or be shut out of the church. This does not work like that today not just anything goes. But sin is accepted, defended, and those who live to God's word, at least in some areas are "free pass" in the church of God.

Forgiveness without repentance is the way we want it?

I see that there are some perfectly fine to confess her "sin", but far more difficult to repent from it. Then it helps nothing in the world if we do not also repent. This is the crux. Let me take an example.

Pastor X marrying, divorcing, and marrying again. Confess the sin of remarriage, what then? It is only if Pastor X leaves his new wife that one can expect to be forgiven, because he repented. Without him leave his new wife, no forgiveness. Here we see one of many examples, that is when we both confess and repent, that forgiveness happens!

The church is off course today, therefore we must also do something extraordinarily. Among other public rebuke sin, otherwise it is never pointed out and revealed. More profoundly, should all this I take up online have worked within the church, but it does not. Therefore I nødtvunget to raise the issue in a more public scale than it otherwise strictly speaking should have been necessary.

Jesus publicly rebuked the people, it made all the prophets in the Old Testament too. So did all the apostles in the NT. Throughout the Word of God we find a common thread of a public rebuke those who were public figures, especially those who knew the law in the Old Testament and those who were Christian pastors in the NT.

Let me take some examples, first from the Old Testament:
1) Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses and was publicly reprimanded for it and Miriam was leprous 1 week.
2.) Moses struck the Rock that God had spoken to him to speak to and he did not enter the country.
3.) Aaron's sons Nadab and Abihu put incense on it, and offered unholy fire before the Lord. He had not commanded them. They were both public reset and died.
4.) King Uzziah did something similar, and the leper rest of his life.
5.) Hananiah prophesied apostasy and Jeremiah public rebuke him, he dies.

Jesus publicly rebuked many, here are five examples:

1) Jesus chastised the scribes and Pharisees, called the whitewashed tombs, outwardly they beautiful to look at, but inside they are full of skeleton bones and all uncleanness etc. and how they could avoid Gehenna fire!
2.) Jesus reprimanded the Herod and he called for a fox.
3.) Jesus rebuked Peter and the disciples, both while he went in with them and after the resurrection. It belonged to the spiritual upbringing.
4.) Jesus rebuked not Romans and those he considered heathens.
5.) Jesus rebuked not "ordinary" people, only those he considered public figures.

The apostles also rebuked publicly those who do not fit well and implemented the Christian doctrine.

1) The Apostle John named many times people both directly and indirectly, as any other of the apostles did. Eg. Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence there, want nothing to do with us. The Apostle says when on; When I arrive, I will make sure he is reminded of what he has done! For the evil he says about us is foolish. But he does not stop there. Although he refuses to welcome the brothers, and when others will do it, he forbids them and puts them out of the church.
2.) Judas the brother of Jesus rebuked publicly others. This is from his letter; For it has crept into certain people among you, ungodly men who have long been appreciated for judgment. They abuse the grace of our God into a dissolute life, and denying our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.
3.) The apostle Peter did the same, here is an example; About this he speaks of all the letters which he comes into these questions. There is something there that is hard to understand, and the inexperienced and weak distorts this, as they do also the other scriptures, and that leads to destruction for themselves.
4.) Among the early Christians it seemed prophets who warned both against hunger, issues and people that would cause problems to the church of God and his servants. Paul was warned about some people who would stand against him and create big problems for him by these prophets. One of them was Agabos who warned and admonished Paul. A prophet speaks the words of God into a situation even adding options above a predetermined before the trial occurs, as here.
Acts 21. 10 When we had been there for several days, a prophet named Agabos down from Judea. 11 He came to us and took the girdle of Paul, and with it bound his hands and feet. Then he said, "This says the Holy Spirit: How shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man who owns this belt and deliver him to the Gentiles." 12 When we heard this, urged both we and the people of that place, Paul said that he not to go up to Jerusalem. 13 But he answered, "Why are you crying and making me heavy-hearted? Although I am willing not only to be bound but also to die in Jerusalem for the Lord Jesus. "14 Since we failed to persuade him, beat we ceased, saying," Let the Lord's will be done! "
5.) The apostle Paul warned and named people, he never went by the way of naming people in public. But we read about situations where there were public figures who took part in sin, as in Corinth where incest was common. Then he mentioned they as a group. Notice how Paul was. He named very often public figures, even more time if they had not repented. Eg. Hymeneos he named publicly several times. While others like Alexander, Demas, Filetos and second he named only once.

Final comment:
We are sorry to publicly chastise the sin and the sinner, to put things on the agenda. Something that I have been made through the heavenly blog. On the home and educational blog we try to avoid much of this. Why? Our message is to preach Christ Jesus. And teaching based on God's word. But it has been the clamps needed to do this, tear down and destroy. Before one builds and plants. But I've never done such. January Aage Torp make names "anonymous" Christians. Torp has called me for a lot of profanity lot worse than what I have said to him. There, he was known also live in adultery. But I let this just pass when I know that this is not attack me basically (forgot most of what he has said and written already). But Jesus and the Word of God! Therefore I also have this peace and know that attacks on me, not attack me profoundly. But an attack on God! Then he cope, not me with these wicked and naughty people!

Isaiah 26. 3 You give lasting peace to those who have a steady mind, for they trust you.

But there is a vast difference between me and Torp. I live in purity, but he lives in filth and sin. It is clear that when playing a game of darkest forces and subsequently, attacking anyone and everyone with decency. Just in the past month. He has attacked many innocent and anonymous people. But what do I do? Never attack and rubs I not public figures, I have the decency and integrity in my life. Something that unfortunately Torp missing completely! It shows he sadly at all levels and fields of life!

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