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No. 818: The cost of the police can be great!

No. 818:
The cost of the police can be great!

The abilities to put themselves into another's situation called empathy. This seems to be absent in some people. But then one does not either go around feeling sorry for themselves, but find positive and effective solutions. The best for himself, his family and others.
What it seems to underlie much of the resistance I have, there is envy and that one does not begrudge me any good. I have had my problems and of course my problems alla others. But by and large it all I have always succeeded in all fields of life, especially marriage where Torp has failed totally. It had been appropriate to just leave her "post" and lived a pity life? But no, one should be Apostel and still live to God's word, which is where the controversy is. But how beautiful life really is about an encounter challenges and difficulties.
Nature Picture how beautiful and wonderful life really is, especially if one lives right with God.


This has been the great burden for me and my family is basically not January Aage Torp`s review for me. The I and my family to be baseless, false and staged to cover up his visual and immorality.

But it is when he has received a third party on the slide, encouraged and given the devilry in others.
This nasty Jornstrand is a chapter for itself as being inspired by such a man as Torp. And this Ansgar Braut, bad.
Here is some of what Torp has spurred this Braut to continue prosecution against me over a third party my wife at work (which is far, far above what is allowed) and to my employer the same (which is far, far above what is allowed).

This as Torp here do I see as the psychopath in action, fire the weak and faint of heart to evil. I will not bring the evil Torp stands for and brings out. Taking only the "evidence" that this Ansgar Torp keep on harassing my wife at work and sends lie mailer to my employer:

Ansgar Braut Wed, 13/11/2014 9:47 p.m. that said:

Yes, Torodd, I know her email address. She has not responded, other than that she has not had time to read it.

Ansgar Braut Wed 11/12/2014 11:16 p.m. that said:

The company engages in JKC is disgusting. He is so far from being a Christian as it is possible to get. We can not stop until the blog and website of his is REMOVED !!!

This is an email from Braut with so much lies, fantasy and evil that I can not stand and will post it, just as a confirmation of his garment and lied about me to my employer, and I hold responsible for this is not Braut but Torp behind and trigger and excites those weak and wicked men:

RE: Re: Warning - possible mental ill bus driver!
To: Ansgar Braut
Subject: FW: Re: Warning - possible mental ill bus driver!
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 9:45:41 p.m. 0100

Forwarding of mail received from Uni-Bus today.

Final comment:

It is this that is the biggest load. I wrote here in forje article about this topic the following:
The most serious aspect of this case as I see it is Torp's influence and manipulation of weak and faint-hearted!
He has directly and indirectly been second to make a smear, bullying and harassment campaign against me. Here you see a psychopath and power man in action as I see it. This is for me the most difficult and darkest side of the case.
I manage enough of this, I've been around on a football and two before. Torp feel enough "power" over the inclusive, Police and prosecutors would listen to him and believe in him for a while.

But it has been threatened with the police of other such as Jornstrand is what is bad. He said by phone that he would do the same as Torp etc.
And this Ansgar Braut or whatever his name is (perhaps a synonym name) and others. My wife has been lying mailer at work and my employers have been sent lies and smear mailer. This is what is really bad and a load!

Torp rejoice over such behavior for what he writes and comments on, the man is rotten by my terms!
(end of quote).

Final comment:
The pain Torp has brought upon me and my family through other weak and impressionable souls Strand, Braut and others. It is the one that really pains. I fail enough that, when I know that everything Torp has made is he feels wronged, WHICH HE HAS A REASON TO BE THEN HE EVEN HAVE CHOSEN TO LIVE IN SHAME FOR WHAT GOD'S WORD TEACHER AND SAY TO MARRY OUT AGAIN AGAIN AFTER A dIVORCE!

This in turn creates anxiety, my wife feel a great burden on our employers have been dragged into Torp shit. And Randi Ingwersen gray one full day after Torp hung her out to public ridicule for which she was 120% innocent.

Where will this end? Getting a stopped Torp, so get one probably stopped the other weak and impressionable people as he has spurred. Therefore, it is a hope that this is the beginning of the end for Torps seduction and manipulation!

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