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No. 806: Being a preacher of the Word is the world's "most important job", therefore remarriage treated as strictly by Jesus and Paul's teaching for a preacher!

No. 806:
Being a preacher of the Word is the world's "most important job", therefore remarriage treated as strictly by Jesus and Paul's teaching for a preacher!

Having recently stormed around us, but the attacks are as I see it grossly unfair and a plan that forces me to try to explain what this is about.
It's about what God's word teaches how a preacher should both teach and live, especially lately.

Can one compare it to be a preacher and possess an overseer with other professions? Both yes and no, but being a leader or shepherd the church of God can not be compared to anything else. When one preaches the Word is committed to the Word because how he / she will live.
Photo of Frank Mang standing for me as a classic example that after the divorce, he lived alone, why do not most people today wonder?
If still want to be a preacher of the Word and is separated, then the writing is very clear. lev single or be reconciled to thy wife. Here are the most important spiritual battle today about ministers will take up his cross and follow Jesus and the word of God with regard to marriage - divorce and remarriage!

Many of today's leading men and women in Norway and otherwise live a bad life morals set in biblical light. But is this important? Both yes and no, but it is not required how their conduct will be mostly. However, some limits of course. But for us Christians, especially preachers are living and learning in accordance with God's word alpha and omega. We can not take lightly or change the way we wish and think about it. But must relate to the word of God exclusively.

Of all professions it is to be a diplomat who might best be compared with being a preacher of the Word ?!

But for the Word preaches that has a sort of a anti-Diplomatic Immunity. "Common" people should not be addressed public what they make of guilt, either learn or do not live in accordance with the scriptures. But for a Word proclaims that this is the opposite. Here is the life and teachings so interwoven in this person, that one is not allowed or entitled to waive some of what one has learned or how one lives. This may seem contradictory and very hard, and it is there too. Therefore, one who does not live according to Scripture and wanting to have an overseer but not live "up" to this retreat and withdraw.
What is Diplomatic Immunity? It is that one can go free even when one has transgressed the laws that one is in. The king of Norway have something similar. But being a preacher of the Word is in many ways the opposite, one is ready to be illuminated in all areas, not least with regard to morality and ethics. Obviously this is a huge burden, but capabilities a non load. So it testifies that one is at fault "shelf" in life.

Why we attack never ordinary Christians in public, only exclusively preachers and those with a supervisory position or office?

Let me put it abundantly clearly that it is possible. All people must ultimately relate to the same words and teachings of Jesus and the word of God. There is thus no difference to us as humans. But the Word preaches has another task here in time, and is liable to be not only a preacher of the Word, but a "carrier" of God's word. Where one's moral ethics and morals are essential. But all people are equally responsible within its God, there's no difference.

Joh. e. 12 46 I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness. 47 And if any man hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I came not to judge the world but to save the world; 48 He who rejects Me and does not receive My words, has that which judges him: the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.

The most important thing for a preacher of the Word is to teach the word of God just be a woman's man.

We read in the Pastoral epistles (1 and 2 Timothy and Titus letter) how the Word proclaims to be. Let's take my commentaries from Titus letter about this:

Titus 1 5 I left you in Crete that you should bring order to the things that were still undone. You should appoint elders in every city as I commanded you.

It was with great confidence and affection Titus got this assignment. To organize church God pattern in which elders should be appointed to lead the church and be responsible for on the way forward, primarily spiritually.

6 An elder must be no criticism of, that he will be husband of one wife, his children must be believers, not insolent and not be accused of living a wild life.

An elder who is a man of learning and pastoral responsibilities should be a high inntregeitet. Have children who are taught and the way of the Lord. And that manage and customs well as in particular with his family.

Furthermore, it says that he should be a woman's man. Here we do not misunderstand Paul's word when it says the quote above; one woman man.

In some cultures, polygamy as the Bible, especially the New Testament warns against. There is a man and a woman who is the God-given marriage form everything else is man made.

Focusing on something else is a total derailment and discuss whether it is biblically with gay and lesbian relationships are a waste of time and the wrong focus. God created us male and female, period.

Now we also see this in the light of God's word. To enforce such a high standard that the word of God assumes the marriage, the ONLY people of faith. Especially those with an overseer.

If one believer is separated can be continued in service, but without shepherd and teacher responsibilities (the same mandate woman).

If one marries again then we have to deal with what God's word says about this. We will take up the remarriage much deeper when we come to other passages but will only say briefly that two believers remarriage excluded while the other lives. It is only permitted with the remarriage of a believer if the other dies physically or spiritually (being an apostate).

But no matter if a believer who has an overseer remarries he shall never have a platform service. Remarriage whether it is legal disqualifies him or her to have a service in the church of God. Married again without a biblical basis, he shall be expelled by the church if one does not repent.

At some Christian preachers marry divorced the first time and after they are widowed men are defiled and it disqualifies them to have an overseer.

Then it is necessary that not only think it is not right to remarriage.

But at the same time and support to ministers, elders and others who are remarried. Make one there, so runs one of Satan's errand.

Is this strange? Imagine a workplace where a person repeatedly fails or will not do their job, then it is not unfair that he loses his job?

God then is not dumber than an entrepreneur? Or should we make the word of God of none effect?

Such is the kingdom of God and in God's church. No gjengifede as believers are allowed and will be a platform service. And those who support such support Satan and his demonhær. And those who refuse a bishop to marry again, runs Satan's errand (1 Tim.4.1-5).

We see today that there is no obstacle in the church of God with two, three and more marriages behind him to preach the word of God. But this is nothing new, they come under the judgment we find in God's word many places and those who support these also come under the same condemnation. Remarriage among officers is and remains a pity.

1 Tim 5 15 Some have already turned away and followed Satan.

If she can not get it to marriage and choose to marry again, so conducting a curse if one wants to have a service. But choosing one to resign from his ministry, the grace is greater (Luke 18)! There is no human right to hold a service when a failure in his everyday life and his family. 1. Tim.5. 8 If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.

This I write here is true and it makes sense, not out of aggression and helplessness.

Jakob 3.1. Not many of you should become teachers, knowing that we will be much stricter judgment. It is clear, the mission hung so high that it is not a given that we are worthy of it without our lives also matches what we teach and preach.

God's standard, even under the old covenant. 3. Exodus 21 7 None of them must marry a harlot or a woman defiled, nor a woman divorced from; for the priest is holy to his God.

And the same standard he has the priests during the upcoming 1000 årsriket.

Ezekiel 44. 22 They must not marry a widow or a woman divorced from, but only virgins of Israel. But they can take the widow of a priest.

The same standard he has today; one woman man.

7 For a bishop is God's steward, and there must be no criticism of him. He must not be stubborn, short-tempered, drunkard, violent or looking for shameful gain.

A director manages both spiritual truths and people belonging to Christ. The properties he shall have the Spirit of fear and they belong to a mature man. Not self-willed, must accept other people both them and their views. Do not get angry quickly and not to lie under for alcohol or other things. Violent or looking to make money on the work of God.

8 He must be hospitable, loving what is good, be self-controlled, upright and godly and master of himself.

Should one have to do with people one must be sociable, so hospitable. Love the good is also to love life, therefore be positive. I have always tried to set up everything for the kids so comes into contact with the second one they meet otherwise. Could restrain himself even when things go against and be righteous in all areas, especially money and moral thing.

Furthermore, it says; godly and master of himself. A good mature person in all respects can safely say.

9 He must stick to the faithful word according to doctrine, that he both able to guide by sound doctrine and to refute the claims of those who say the contrary.

Love his Bible and know it and be ready in their understanding of God's word. Also able to apply the word of God and refute people who come with unbiblical beliefs and empty misled in their lives as believers.

One should also be able to expose and point to the word of God in the face of other people.
(end of quote).

Final comment:

As a minister I mean that one is harassed and otherwise, as may vote for a "normal" person in some cases possibly. But as a preacher of the Word, as votes not. As a as a preacher of the Word is the list so much higher than what it means to be a car mechanic, Prime Minister or for that matter a bus driver. As a preacher of the Word is the standard one thing, the word of God, nothing else!

Lives not consistent with Scripture? Make up your sin or fine on anything else, you have not "law" to be a preacher of the Word if you do not live for yourself and teach in accordance with the scriptures. This is not my "rules" but what God says in his own words about being a preacher of the Word or possess an overseer!

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