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No. 817: Shall meet Pastor Jan Aage Torp in Mediation for 'peace' sake!

No. 817:
Shall meet Pastor Jan Aage Torp in Mediation for 'peace' sake!

Heb. 12. 14a Strive for peace with everyone,
Rom. 12. 18 Keep peace with all, if it is possible, as far as it depends upon you.

Photo of Hans Nielsen Hauge as yet has been in the same match as me, but luckily. The treatment I have received is, after all, far much better. Not least thanks to him. There is always someone who has to lead to lead the way!

The most serious aspect of this case as I see it is Torp's influence and manipulation of weak souls.

He has directly and indirectly been second to make a smear, bullying and harassment campaign against me. Here you see a psychopath and power man in action as I see it. This is for me the most difficult and darkest side of the case.
I manage enough of this, I've been around on a football and two before. Torp feel enough "power" over the inclusive, Police and prosecutors would listen to him and believe in him for a while.
But it has been threatened with the police of other such as Jornstrand is what is bad. He said by phone that he would do the same as Torp etc.
And this Ansgar Braut or whatever his name is (perhaps a synonym name) and others. My wife has been lying mailer at work and my employers have been sent lies and smear mailer. This is what is really bad and a load!
Torp rejoice over such behavior for what he writes and comments on, the man is rotten by my terms! Know not what we should be in a victim-but I is not hard and do what the police want and say!

After much back and forth there first police "believed" in Torp's accusations against me as I have understood it?
Fortunately they realized eventually that possibly I have a "right" that everything is a forgery !?

Anyway, I have no problem to accommodate lawyers and police request! Hopefully it stops there, then I deleted 60-70% of what I've written about Pastor Jan Aage Torp.

End Comment.

Torp is re-married to a believer, that I am not allowed to write about this mean Torp because then he "hurt".

Think it must be far heavier than the patron of this as he has been in conflict with everyone and everything as long as I have shown who he has been. Everything! Not a few have probably gone off?

Ombudsman, priests, preachers, police, doctors who performed abortions was after Torp's opinion and other abrot opponents Satan's extended arm. The homosexual, program managers, yeah, I do not know who he is fighting?

Who else has he been in conflict with? Or rather, who he has not been in conflict with?

Now it is I who should pay the penalty because I hold out the word of God. Sad but true.

The real issue is what God's Word says about such as Torp who is re-married to a believer. Scripture is clear, after a divorce so one should either settle or live single. This with an innocent party is only to say one thing that it is Satan's machinations orchestrated by humanist Rasmus in the 1500's where it all joined in the Reformation. Of course it was the evil that stood bake this.

What words describe God who separates and remarries?

1) Marriage Breakers.
2.) adulterer or whore goats in good Norwegian.
3.) adulteress or hussy in well-Norwegian
4.) Sinners
5.) Switch marriage.

And he who has not been married before but marries a divorced fall under the same judgment as the one who remarries after a divorce.

There are those together I have used and use, no one can say anything against this. This has the Religious and freedom of expression in Norway where we still have freedom of religion. I have just quoted the word of God and kept the font. This is part of the price for it; persecution and the end, everlasting life, Hallelujah!

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