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No. 1598: It is quite obvious that the Oslo police have been revealed as inadequate, partly on the verge of the law and lost faith in the verdict against x police Eirik Jensen, can they be related to their treatment of me

No. 1598:
It is quite obvious that the Oslo police have been revealed as inadequate, partly on the verge of the law and lost faith in the verdict against x police Eirik Jensen, can they be related to their treatment of me?

Picture of a double-edged sword. The term double-pointed sword implies that an action or decision that seems to help can also damage the sword holder. Actually, a sword with two edges would solve a problem, but could cause even more problems on the back swing. Some sources also suggest the phrase cuts both ways also covers the same area, which means favorable consequences on the one hand can lead to adverse consequences when double-edged sword swings back.
The police must be enforceable by law, but they will go through time after time. In the case of Eirik Jensen, this comes after they have treated me and my family in the most possible way. Is this random or God's judgment ?!

The Oslo police have run a campaign against me and the celestial blog and partly succeed with this.

But the case is the exact opposite than what Oslo police portray the matter as. With the help of Oslo District Court, Borgarting Court of Appeal and the Norwegian Supreme Court, they have now achieved their goals.

The matter is really the opposite of what the Oslo police have on many, ready to fabricate a case against me and the heavenly blog.

1.)    Jan Aage Torp really comes in against me with false accusations when it is my view on divorce and remarriage he hates. That with the amount of writings has come after his fictional review. Only to get me and the heavenly blog.

2.)    I have been charged and convicted of having violated s hit Act § 390 a frames who by intimidating or harassing behavior or other reckless behavior violates the peace of another. I've never been close to doing this when I've never ever visited Jan Aage Torp. He is a stranger to me, he knows only through what he himself wrote about himself publicly. I have grabbed and discussed that. That one is punished for this is nothing but horrible.

3.)    I and my family have been exposed to what I have been charged with. We have received powerful document falsifications against me, including that I should post and much more. Lots of personal mailer, persecution through many bravies and others. In other words, the Oslo police turn everything on the head to get taken me and the Heavenly blog, aided by the Norwegian law.

The case itself is based on false accusations by Jan Aage Torp's side against me and the heavenly blog!

The Oslo police have been revealed now through the trial and the verdict against former police chief Eirik Jensen. I do not take a position on what is true and not true here as this really I have the expertise and enough knowledge.
But it seems strange that a well-paid policeman will be killing for only 2. Million, I just do not!

I'm writing in the header of this article the following:
"It is quite obvious that the Oslo police have been revealed as inexperienced, partly on the verge of the law and lost faith in the verdict against x police officer Eirik Jensen, can they be related to their treatment of me?"

It is at least strange and timely that this case comes up soon after I have been exposed to the justice of the day here in Norway. So get any act of thought and think their. For my part, I am convinced that this is something God allows because they have behaved unfairly and incompetently against me, my family, and the heavenly blog.

What we're wounding - we're harvesting too!

This is from my commentaries Galatians 6 7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. What a man sows shall also reap.

This reaping and so applies to all people at all times. Both before, under and after the law. It is also stated in Moses' law that your sin will find you. No one can walk with hidden sins in life and heart, everything will reap forever or later.

8 He that soweth in his sinful nature shall reap the destruction of it; He that soweth in the Spirit shall reap eternal life by the Spirit.

Hebrews 10, 26 If we sin with knowing and will after we have learned the truth, there is no more sacrifice for sins. (see: 2 Peter 2:20, Matthew 12:45)

It is clear in NT that this is an ongoing conflict as long as we are still in nature (the flesh), but that life in the Spirit is our state united in God. The flesh is actually even after salvation and many experience the opposition between the law in the flesh and the Spirit to a greater or lesser degree. By prayer, fasting, faith and struggle you go from life into nature - by laying the flesh dead - to life in Jesus and the Spirit. Here the Holy Spirit comes to our aid for we are built up in faith, grace and power as we grow and mature in faith. Here everyone must surrender all the way to Jesus and put all burdens on Him (Rom. 8:26, 8:34, 1 John 2: 1, Matthew 11: 28-30). Here we must all be salt and light, help and guide each other in love.

9 Let us not be weary of doing good. When time is over, we'll harvest, just we will not give up.

If you show goodness, you will gain goodness. One day you can give, another day you need to get. Then you will get plenty again if you have sown abundantly.
But the administration also applies to my CHRONOS time. Have I managed my time right when it comes to seeking God, have I found the right balance between work and rest, involvement in and outside the home, involvement in the church? God has something he will teach us here too. But then we have to start with him.
We never read in the Bible that Jesus was in a hurry. He had time for everyone even though he had a lot to do. But then he did just what his heavenly father had decided. And it seems that the sense of what it was he got in the quiet morning when he was alone with his heavenly father.

Here's an article I wrote for a while back about Jan Aage Torp's criminal activity against me and the celestial blog of making false accusations. 

No. 1219:
That's what Jan Aage Torp has reviewed me for who is a criminal offense, not what he has written about it surpasses what I have written and spoken one ten-fold!

PS! Jan Aage Torp is a criminal because he has done a crime!
He hated my preaching about remarriage, it was his objection against me.
What did he do then? Arranged a fictitious review, and now he has changed it to be not what I wrote. But the amount of what I wrote, why?
As I've written 99 5 after his fictional review then omission of his name, why? Constantly to find a way to get taken me in and closed the Heavenly blog! Jo, Jan Aage Torp is and remains to be a criminal who should be punished for a fake review!


Photo by Jan Aage Torp who makes false accusations against me as it is my view of remarriage that is the "problem". Nothing else when he verbally have gone much, much longer than me to write and speak against me than I of him.

In the Penal Code § 168 states:

"Whoever by false accusation, review or explanation court, Paatalemyndigheden or candidate Public authority or by Mutilation or Away Clean Else af Evidence or Provision af false evidence or mod better Vidende paa candidate Maad seeking that forcing one candidate sigt or Fældelse for a strafbar Action or as accessory thereto, shall, if there are traded on a crime, with Fængsel from 6 months indtil 8 Aar and, if there are traded for a Misdemeanour, with Fængsel indtil 4 Aar. "

Here it is as Jan Aage Torp has done, and enticed the police and the courts to achieve this:
From VL: - What do you expect from Christensen, Torp? - I expect that he erases everything that he has written about all, I'm going to address to Google and request that they remove all this material from their search engine. But then there must be a final judgment. (End of quote).

Jan Aage Torp has called me for the ugliest, the ugliest thing. Blue. I'm Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer, supporter and fan. Hehe, it's so far from the truth it is possible to get, but it is his false accusations that are criminal. He has reviewed me to achieve that I should stop preaching against remarriage and mentioning him as a person who is an adulterer according to God's word.

Receives inquiries asking why I believe that as Jan Aage Torp has written and spoken about me is not punishable. But what I have written and spoken about him is punishable. For it is only to say that I look at nothing of what Torp has written about me as a criminal offense, although he surpasses me a ten-fold.
It's his review of mine who is a criminal, as there are false accusations. He builds his review of a thing, but it is to achieve another purpose which is the goal. Therefore he instructs both the police and everyone else, that he should have a judgment to go to google with. Then there's my preaching against remarriage which he hates, and it is actually on the English blog that he dislikes the strongest, the he has a hatred which is huge!

Jan Aage Torp has falsely accuse me as it is my view and preaching about remarriage that is the "problem". Not what I have called him or anything else, which surpasses he me many times. The review is fictional as it is to achieve something quite different than what he says. He lies and manipulates. Notice that he is now concerned only with one thing, the same as Polti. It is that I have not written and spoken anything criminal, but it is the quantity of it all. This lie is Torp, police now completely agreed. But that said, crime is at in my and many others' assessment.

Final Comment:
In this article it was only to clarify what I've reviewed in January Aage Torp, it's false accusations. Not what he has written and spoken about me if it is inferior and totally out of berry-picking.

This stands in judgment:

The defendant has further explained that Torp has been at least as bad in their characteristics by him and his family, and ascribe Torp statements made under other names, possibly pseudonyms, and statements on a blog defendant calls "the false smyrnabloggen". The false smyrnabloggen should be created in the defendant's name, but the defendant denied he was behind it. Torp has denied that he has written about the defendant under a pseudonym, or on the false smyrnabloggen. Torp has acknowledged that he has black defendants, and called him "Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer" twice, that the blog is "idiocy", on one occasion referred to him as a "demon" called him "bright liar", the blogs of defendants is "shameful" that the defendant is a "rumor spreaders", the defendant has "lack of insight in English and Norwegian," that he is "naughty", "wicked and stupid" and that the blog is "a variant of social pornography."

The court believes after an overall assessment that it is not reasonable to award Torp pecuniary damage. The Court points out that Torp have contributed to escalate and prolong the conflict by his statements about the defendant and that he spent partly rough characteristics of the defendant himself. Court refers here also that he on several occasions has called him a Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer. Furthermore Torp aware that he is a familiar figure in the Christian community, and he has more followers who spins further on his statements and forward for sometimes coarse and insulting statements against the accused and his family.

Torp's behavior has probably helped to escalate and prolong the conflict, but this came as a response to the defendant eventually extensive writings about Torp and his spouse. The court has the assessment assumed that Torp as a public and prominent person in Christian-Norway have to endure more than a normal person would need. It must, however, a limit also for what public figures must tolerate, as the court thinks is violated in this case.

This, Jan Aage Torp written about me in many different forums and websites.

"Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer."

"Should they wanted a" dream opponent ", as Jan Kåre Christensen" perfected ".

Furthermore writes Torp like I'm dirt, stalker, totally unintelligent, a Nolde "hat blogger", idiot, demon, fancy lies, vile blogs, outcast who lack the mind of Christ, common judgment and social intelligence. The rumors JKC and the truth is his understanding of English and Norwegian rather limited too!
I get knocked on the low level JKC acting on .... "

About the Heavenly blog, "which is confused, cruel, vicious and stupid - through and through. It should be shut down, in short. He also writes this about the Heavenly blog: "Jan Kåre Christensen developing Heavenly blog!"
One should probably be able to call it a variant of social-pornography "+ Much, much more!

Picture of Eirik Jensen who has been sentenced to receive bribes and took advantage of his position for the net sum of 700,000, - kr.
When Pastor Jan Aage Torp takes advantage of his position and a handful of young men to give up an amount twice and I have reviewed Jan Aage Torp, the Oslo police see a completely different way, this is bad. It is obvious that the Oslo police have an agenda at times to protect criminals who exploit their position to receive money which is punishable.
The Oslo police are on trial against someone who has used his style for 700,000, - kr. Here it will not be difficult to seek and judge Jan Aage Torp both for false accusations against me and for using his position as Pastor for money. There are at least two factors here that make Torp to criminal, but Oslo police go at me s about never deceived a eneneste but n case for money. Well, I've been fooled for a few dollars, not as much as this.
But never got a single penny ever on such a basis as Jensen and Torp have. By utilizing mind positions. Here it seems to be a "dirty" Pastor that exceeded a "dirty" cop that Torp wondered to himself a twice as large amounts Jensen and has now beenconvicted. Then it is if there is any credibility in Oslo pole in silent, to not see the difference whether it is a so-called Pastor or policeman who exploit their position and get hold of the money they have not earned lawfully.
Torp himself has called him too ill, and then exploits him to give away all that he owns and has. Then man exploits his position as Pastor and is to be guilty and judged for it. That he also delivers a review to make me judge, to go to Google with the judgment only shows what awards "Pastor" Jan Aage Torp is, even though he is not taken for anything yet. But it is not Kim Jung-Un either, although he blows of stool ether in both east and west, totally disrespectful and cynical.

Have been asked a question, why I do not put this case behind me against the lies of the Oslo police and Jan Aage Torp.
I could have done this, paid the boat and the costs. Do not drive on to get the case tried for the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg in France!

However, there are several factors that make me know a "duty" and it is true that I am going to proceed with this judgment, even though I do not know if this leads to or not!

Include all the relationships here in this article I can not but want to mention a few moments and there is also much more to read on the Heavenly blog that I recommend you to read.

I'm writing in the headline: "It is because I feel that Oslo police and Norwegian courts have treated me unfairly and ugly, that I want to try my case within its Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France! »

That said, sew, I think the judicial process, the investigation and running that have been driven here in Norway have actually been miserable, unjust and simple.
Therefore, I want to get this case tried within its Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France!

1.)    The report itself is fictional, as it is Jan Aage Torp's hatred against me and the heavenly blog that forms the basis of everything.
What I have proclaimed against upbringed preachers hates him more than anything else, as he hated the apostle he is.

2.)    It was Torp's criminal acts that caused me to write to him when he was got a new brother to give up his apartment, sell the whole apartment and Torp got all the money right into account and he was standing on a bar hill afterwards.

Jan Aage Torp should have guided competent brotherly one to not take God's word quite literally, to sell everything and give. There are more words of God as if one takes them literally, can and will lead into crying and teeth's gniss! Here is something what I wrote in a comment of that opportunity Kjell Sverre Andersen in Searchlight who does not realize that it is totally out of place to take rubbel and bitten by a newly saved brother who takes the word of God literally and will sell everything to give away :

Ann-Christin Torp, as she used to be, prophesied that he would be used to power if he waived everything.

Torp said he would become a youth pastor if he did as he had promised to sell the apartment and donate the money to him so he could get rubble and bite!

Petar acted like the married couple Torp led him to do, and regretted afterwards and Torp thought he was sick, yes, quite sick!

In other words. Leif Holstad has nothing to do with this when he came in afterwards.

This is bad, Torp takes advantage of its power position to get 1.5 Millions,

As he managed with minus 100,000 then 50,000 retained Petar and 50,000 to broker.

Is this a pastor worthy and afterwards he shells gay and child welfare.

While his children do not want anything to do with him and he marries again with a woman who is in age with his eldest children.

Narreapostel and criminal are you!

When a newly released superhero wants to sell everything he owns and it is a pastor who will accept this victim.

It is completely sick.
Had this pastor been a true shepherd, he had refused to accept such a sacrifice. Everyone must have a place to live, especially in cold Norway!

Petar was a young single man who had been saved. Then he heard the announcement that you should sell everything and give away. This he literally took.

Jesus said that if we were tempted, we would cut our hand, we should also literally do this?

I would say to the one who would sell everything to give it and the one who would cut off his hand that they should not do any of them!

That you defend this shows that you have the same Spirit in you as those who suffer women with circumcision and other very extreme groups.

3.)    I am aiming for one thing, that is to call Jan Aage Torp for leprosy, psychopath and others. This is like baby food, both what is written daily online here in Norway and what I have been exposed to. The view itself is ridiculous in my eyes.
I have received hundreds of emails against me at her own email address, her mail and her job mail. Counterfeits and I count up against 30,000 hatred messages against me online. While what I've written is like a fraction.

4.)    When the trial came, this was not significantly debated, but the use of law. The main case in Borgarting was largely about this. Listen to the speech and trial here on YouTube:

5.)    But what am I being judged for? Something that has not been debated and been the subject of negotiations at all in court. Neither in Oslo District Court nor Borgarting Court of Appeal, this is actually the worst I have ever read and heard about. Even in North Korea and Congo, they are not so bad. This is the way I see it if the case against me is standing, Norway's biggest justice of justice since I have never been defended for what I have been judged for in a proper and good way.Sentenced for one thing, convicted of something completely different, this is of course not a right worthy!

Final Comment:

What credibility does the Oslo police have after Eirik Jensen's case that has not yet been completed?
Eirik Jensen has introduced toy and other in this country for approx. 1 Million in the last 20 years. Have been working at the Oslo police all the time. That they also hold a criminal man like Jan Aage Torp who has delivered both fictitious review and who has "scammed" 1.4 million, that's bad!

Jensen is sentenced to receive 700,000, - kr. The size of the amount is not important, but taking advantage of his position as Jan Aage Torp made up an amount twice.
First, he got this sergeant to give a promise. Secondly, he got him to raise loans before selling his apartment. Loans totaling 1 million, and when the apartment was sold, Torp deprived him of the rest of the money, the net amount of 400,000, - kr. The remaining 100,000 got half to broker and the rest to the Serber himself to have money for rent, deposit for rent and food.
It is obvious that the Oslo police do not get much paid to support criminals, cover things and other things they've done with Eirik Jensen.
Now it is not a valid judgment against Jensen, but Torp who has worn an amount twice as much. What about him? Is not it time for the Oslo police to look at him and aim him for all the criminal conditions he is facing?

That is why I want to go on with this case that both the police and the courts have been with the criminal "Pastor" and fooling the Apostle Jan Aage Torp.
The judgment against me and the heavenly blog is Norway's biggest bluff and justice word!

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