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No. 1518: PBE back again with threatening us worse than ever!

No. 1518:
PBE back again with threatening us worse than ever!

Not surprisingly, but so was Jesus. They never gave up trying to get him out of the way.
The problem is just that they build their statutes and truing on lies and fabricated lies.
Picture of Jesus, whom they also lied to and fabricated lies. We, as his successors, will probably go through something of the same.

Date: 29.04.2019

Their ref .: Our ref .: 201510929-30
Please always be contacted by case inquiry: Lena Catrine Amdal Archive code: 536.1

Request for deadline - Crocodile 2 C
Reference is made to mail dated 11.04.2019 with an application for delayed deadline to comply with orders for rectification / reversal / removal of illegal conditions in the form of support wall, storage room and staircase.

Support wall against road

The support wall is partly part of a regulated road surface and has a design that can under no circumstances be approved as it stands today. It is noted that since your request was not answered until now - due to Easter - the deadline for complying with the order for the support wall is postponed to 01.06.2019. There will be no further exemption.

Exterior free standing storage room

Today's outside and stand-alone booths cannot, as it stands today, be approved by today's rules. It was in the meeting with you outlined that a smaller booth that could possibly be searched. However, it is pointed out that the fine is still dependent on the exemption from the regulation plans' degree of utilization. Postponement is granted until 01.06.2019. If a complete building application is submitted by 01.06.2019, the illegality case for the booth may be suspended pending the treatment.

Stairs down the road

The staircase as it is designed today is illegal. The staircase must be retracted so that it does not enter the road surface and is then searched. If there is no complete application for this measure by 01.06.2019, it will be subject to illegal follow-up.

Planning and Building Services
Technical department
Unit for Construction Inspection Open City
This document is electronically approved 29.04.2019 by: Lena Catrine Amdal - case officer
Astrid Myhra - group leader

Same letter sent to:

JAN KÅRE CHRISTENSEN, KROKSTIEN 2 C, 0672 OSLO, jk.chris@online.no

Postal address: Visiting address: Switchboard, tel: 21 80 21 80
Box 364 Sentrum Vahls gate 1 The Customer Center, tel: 23 49 10 00
0102 Oslo 0187 Oslo Bankgiro: 1315.01.01357
Order no .: NO 971 040 823 VAT

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