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No. 1522: I / we have been molested and actually bullied by the Norwegian state and various public bodies on several occasions, to date have not received any kind of apology or redress!

No. 1522:
I / we have been molested and actually bullied by the Norwegian state and various public bodies on several occasions, to date have not received any kind of apology or redress!

Ultimately, I believe the word of God, which says the following, "Me hears the vengeance, I will repay, says the Lord."
The harassment, persecution and neglect that I have been subjected to repeatedly by various public authorities. It reminds me of Hans Nielsen Hauge 200 years afterwards what he experienced and experienced.
Of course not close, but bad enough anyway.

When I look at all the accusations we have received from the public authorities, the list has been long now. To mention some. Or where we / I have been clinging with the authority due to authorities' abuse of power and obvious misjudgments!

1.) Around 1990, Oslo stormed the police our apartment and penetrated where I stood naked after having showered. My wife opened the door, and they needed a lot of power and cut off my passport, Norwegian. I am both Danish and Norwegian citizen, have dual citizenship. Their claim that I was so-called illegal immigrant was nothing but a lie! The passport was deprived and I would get you back, something I never got. Then the police station at Økern, the one who is today at Stovner, was talking about crook strikes from the police here in Oslo.

2.) In 2004, BV picked up our kids when we were at work, me and my wife. Basic claims and only Devil's company from BV, all claims were lies and exaggerations from beginning to end.

3.) Around 2014, Jan Aage Torp notified me with a fictitious review when he hated me for preaching against remarriage. He aimed to get me 2 years in prison and probably get the most money when he demanded desertic redress. The case itself and the trial were nothing but a goal from the police and the courts to convict me. They managed to lie and deceive. What I was convicted of was neither in the charge nor debated in court, this was a word of justice.

4.) My Father died in January 2013 and by a mistake it was paid a little too much money. This was something our lawyer Harald Hetland would have arranged for. This was not done, and NAV went straight to my employer and took money on behalf of my sister who had not repaid the money. This was nothing but a simple theft of NAV. I won on all points after much writing work. But never a single apology from the authorities even if they stole money that was mine and not someone else's!

5.) We have been ordered to demolish wall, staircase and storage room. Although we have built this among other things. with and received guidance from the municipality on how to build everything. What we have built is very nice, but should be a few cm further out in the road than allowed. Although everyone in a similar situation like us gets a dispensation. The wrong with us is horrible when ia. neighbor has received a dispensation 57 times with regard to the utilization rate of the plot. It is a standard for us and a completely different standard for everyone else. This tells about harassment, bullying and freezing! Bad what the Norwegian state does and nobody reacts. But everything is in spite of this, under God's custody and control.

Picture of how maybe Hans Nielsen Hauge was dressed? Hauge was first imprisoned 10 times, and only on the 11th time did they cure him for 11 years for only having Christian meetings without a priest or an official present (he had broken the so-called convention poster). The state power can unfortunately be the tool of evil at its times. Personally, I think Hauge was well dressed when he was a messenger of God, certainly the greatest we have had here in Norway?
There is little and no pictures of Hauge, but I know one who met Hans Nielsen Hauge. It was Joel Barsjø who met Hauge who came to him during prayer and spoke to Barsjø, who was told by God through Hauge.

2 Tim. 4. 5 But be ye sober in all things, suffer evil, do the work of an evangelist, finish thy ministry. (1930 translation)

5 But you must be sober in everything you do. Carry the suffering, do your work as an evangelist and complete your ministry. (2011.)

The basic text: endure ailments

As a believer one must expect one to come into trouble that one has no form of guilt in. And that one gets incredibly bad and unfairly treated. Scripture clearly states that we as believers must suffer evil, carry our suffering. The basic text here in the Apostle Paul's letter to Timothy states that we are to endure plagues. It seems to me perfectly suited to much of what say believers experience in this world, we must endure bothering.

Nuisance, what is it and what does it mean? Plague is something that comes into your life, which doesn't really take your life. But it disturbs and lowers the quality of life. It's like going to the store where one wants something that costs 1000, - but one only has 500. Or if one is 184 cm like me, but the bed is only 150 cm long. Then that's the problem.

I have been bothered by the public Norway. Every time, it is clear that everything was completely unnecessary needed, but to date has never received any kind of apology or redress. This is a nuisance, but as a believer, we must respond differently to those who afflict. Although we are the ones who are being tormented!

There is no real answer to how to act and progress. But there are some things that we as believers should not do at least. It is to repay evil with evil, or reproach with shame.

1 Pet. 3. 9 So that you do not repent of evil with evil or blasphemy with words of reproof, but on the contrary bless; for you were called to inherit blessing.

Furthermore, it is stated here in Petersbrev.

1 Pet. 3. 13 And who is it that can hurt you, if ye gain good? 14 But if ye suffer for righteousness, ye are blessed. But fear not for them and be not dismayed; But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts; Load your good ways in Christ, to be ashamed of what they reproach you as evildoers. 17 For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer when one does good than when one does evil.

In our case, the actual can not say anything to us as we sometimes have not retaliated something negative to be the same way again. We have been constructive, clear and honest.
Although the people we have met in the various public agencies have not been. I am very pleased with that and it says great, great respect. All glory to Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord!

Final Comment:

I am very aware that in no way is there anything to be reproached for, I am only a human being like everyone else.
Jesus was the Son of Man, who was in the Father's bosom and became like us. Of course there is not me.
But what I mean is unfair, ugly and evil. That's when other people have one standard for, and a completely different standard for me.
It should and should be the same standard for everyone, but it is not.
There are two different standards, then this also becomes a form of harassment, persecution and bullying! Making a difference between people, is deeply harassment, persecution and bullying.

At the same time, whether we as a believer should and can tolerate ailments and much. Then it is not right and "fair" that it is so.

There are two things I want to mention in the end, which is also important to take with you.

1.) These people who treat us badly will sooner or later come into trouble. If you have other difficulties, you will sow bad sperm. What you sow you will sooner or later get back for. This I have seen so many times, sooner or later you will "meet" yourself in the "door!"

2.) Rooms. 12. 19 Do not avenge yourselves, my beloved, but give up the wrath. for it is written, Me hearken to vengeance, I will repay, saith the Lord.

Just have to say we've been angry, tired and frustrated many times. It is completely understandable and human. But as far as I know, neither I nor anyone else in my family have cursed those who have done and wronged me, I am very pleased with that.
Nor did they approach them privately or do anything negative to them.
Ultimately, I believe the word of God, which says the following, "Me hears the vengeance, I will repay, says the Lord."

It is this which, after all, is so great and reassuring, God will take care of all human beings, all situations, and everything will come to an end where everyone will have their righteous judgment.

But pray for us and the case, after all we believe in a solution and it is possible also for people who have done wrong to realize this. Change and do the right thing, finally, hallelujah!

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