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No. 1520: We have fought against the state and the public and won every time when all charges against us have been erroneous and constructed!

No. 1520:
We have fought against the state and the public and won every time when all charges against us have been erroneous and constructed!

Carl Fredrik Wisløff said that the truth always comes up, even though it has little bones to go on! So also in the cases that I have experienced with the state, the municipality, the police and other government agencies. They always lose when they go out with people who stand for God and the truth. Why? They sit outside the area they are set to manage, fight against evil, and for good. Not the opposite, as they sometimes do.
Scripture says the following:
Joh.e. 8. 44 You have the devil's father and you will do what your father wants. He has been a murderer from the beginning and is beyond the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
People if they are municipal employees, state employees, or whatever they are, are always the father there to be used and misled by the Evil One.
Therefore, the scripture says that we should take care of, or we can easily let ourselves be misled.
This is what scripture says and exhorts us to do.
1 Joh.b. 5. 18 We know that every one who is born of God does not sin. For he who is born of God preserves him so that the evil one cannot touch him.

Room. 13. 1. Everyone must be obedient to the authorities he has over them. For there are no authorities that are not from God, and those who are found are God-ordained. 2 Whoever opposes them, therefore, opposes what God has ordained, and those who do so will receive their judgment. 3 For those who rule shall not fear the one who does good, but the one who does evil. If you do not want to fear the authorities, do the good, and you will be praised. 4 The government is a servant of God, for your benefit. But if you do evil, you have reason to be scared. For the government bears no sword for no reason, but is the servant of God who will execute his punishment on the one who does evil. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to be obedient, not only for fear of punishment, but also for the sake of conscience. 6 Also pay tax for the same reason. For the authorities, God's servants are responsible for all such things. 7 Give everyone what you owe them. Pay taxes to anyone who is to have taxes, customs to those who are to have customs, show respect for those who are to respect, give honor to the one who will have honor.

The authority should be "For those who rule, shall not fear the one who does good!"

When it comes to me and my family, the authority has repeatedly done the opposite, so I know that this fight that we now face the authority we will win when we do the good, and the authorities are doing a regular lie and manipulation!

We have experienced, as said several times, being stepped on and almost bullied by the authorities here in Norway, who are little fun and okay.

Blue. when my father died and it was known that some money had been paid too much in retirement. Then the estate was up and settled. We had the Lawyer on the case all the time as they should have arranged everything up with. But they first went to my sister, when she didn't have the money they went to me.
Of course I paid back the money I had received too much.
What did they do then? Then they also demanded me for the money my sister owed.
I refused this of course, then they went straight to my employer and fetched over 30,000, - kr there.
This I strongly opposed, and won on all points.
They never came with a single excuse or I got some sort of tort and pain. Not a penny. This only shows again and again when the authority behaves like "bandits and robbers." So it is perfectly legitimate to watch from and make them aware of this.

In this case, NAV made many roars, to shorten to a few points.

1.) When Nav found out that too much money was paid out, the estate was up and down. The person who was then responsible for this was our lawyer Harald Hetland, which we paid just over 100,000 NOK, if not more when he also sold my father's house and made money in absolutely everything.

2.) When they demanded money from me, it wasn't okay. But that they also demanded money from me that my sister would pay. It was so ugly and criminal it is possible to do something. This was simply stealing, as I have nothing to do with her life and finances.

3.) Then NAV went through the Namsfogde here in Oslo to my employer and picked up the money my sister was going to pay. This is not rude, it is worse than rude and criminal. This is a form of "rape" and settle down that surpasses most things?

4.) Finally I got the money back and won in the NAV appeal body on all points, hallelujah! It will happen again also now to the Planning and Building Administration here in Oslo. They have also made as many and several serious mistakes as I will mention briefly here:

1.) They promised us to build masonry on old wall was not mandatory. And we built a lower wall than the neighbor's over on the other side as agreed.

2.) We have built a small storage room which should be some sqm2 over utilization the pitch on the plot. Others, also neighboring away in the road, have done the same and exploited the utilization rate of the plot over 57 times more than us. That we are told to demolish as PBE stands stubbornly testifies to such work that words do not extend!

3.) Our wall is located 1 meter from the paved road, and others lie several places 20 - 25 cm. We are instructed to demolish our wall as it is probably 18 cm into a regulated road surface and has a design that can under no circumstances be approved as it stands today, the letter from Oslo municipality says. While others have a wall that stands 1 meter into the regulated road surface. The difference treatment is so bad and ugly that words do not extend!

4.) We wanted to bring clarity to stairs that lie in regulated road surfaces and there is nothing difficult to cut it and lay it differently. Then we are told to tear it down and search again. Here, the chiefs have not cared about the stairs, but had focus on booth and wall. When we mention this as we have done before, they overdo us in the worst possible and undemocratic way. It is so bad that words do not stretch.

5.) Our whole thing is completely "sick" and is completely put out of all professions. It is really a small file case that PBE and the entire public Norway have been able to do the worst possible. What they are doing is like shooting sparrows with guns. Here, use far too strong instruments in relation to what is required to achieve a goal. In our case, the municipality should have convened a meeting and then inspection, and taken it from there. They were visiting - a hidden sight. When we asked if they would go to the inspection, we never heard anything. The way in which PBE here in Oslo has performed, words do not simply extend!

This goes to victory as it is so obvious that PBE here in Oslo argues and dangers with lies and fanatics stretching. Not something that is true, right or good!

One of the many emails we sent, it becomes too elaborate to bring all the emails back and forth. Adds someone who makes it possible to get an insight into the matter.

Complaint to Nav for refund of Case 14202170 - Case 232558

Want to complain once again on this decision as this is so unreasonable and it is pure mafia activity that hubs do in my eyes.

1.) You slap your mind with paragraphs, the more you make mistakes, the more paragraphs you throw at us. You demand things that we do not have control of, but as lawyer Hetland is responsible for, namely Karl Johan Christensen's estate. It is not right for you to run away with me and my sister. You suddenly find a mistake after two years, then it is completely wrong to loose our way in this way. It's not us you contact and pursue, but lawyer Hetland is legally responsible for Karl Johan Christensen's estate. Why don't you understand that?
2.) We have had a lawyer on this case since January 28, 2013. Why do you not understand it. As you see fit, you use these para graphs as you like at all times.
3.) You should only contact a person, this is our lawyer Hetland, but you just as well as you like.
4.) I will now be within 2 months. pulled half my wages, it is absolutely unheard of that you draw me when we have paid Hetland close to 80,000, for him to have full overview. This is cutting mafia business.
5.) That for which you are going to force me, the innocent part of the knee, lays you up that I am the only one. We are two heirs, but the mafia must have their money. This is unworthy, unperturbed and fraudulent to behave in such a simple way and would demand this money from me and not my sister, and that the amount is too large in such a short time and not least URET.
6.) That you first contacted us after a total of 3 years. It should have been good enough for you to have canceled the whole case.
7.) When you contacted all the funds in the estate were paid out. How can that keep doing that way and start demanding after the estate has long been settled, you spent far too long.
8.) I can continue writing, but as you are doing is more like a mafia business than what you expect from a democratic state !?

Jan Kåre Christensen

New mail:

From: Jan Kåre Christensen <jk.chris@online.no>
Posted: Thursday, June 2, 2016 13.26
To: post@advokathetland.no
Copy: navi@nav.no; 'Henriette Nordås'; beritch-0803@hotmail.com; oslo.namsfogd@politiet.no
Subject: Case 14202170 and Case 232558

For Nav collection and Lawyer Harald Hetland!

Case 14202170
Case 232558

After my father died three and a half years ago, now hub requires us for money that is perceived as totally unreasonable and unprofessional!

Nav contacted us first 1 ½ years ago. So 2 years after my father's death to claim us for money. It's really 2 years late.

Then they started again six months ago.

The estate is up and down a long time ago, the money distributed and then demanding money that is so far back is experienced both unreasonably and incorrectly!

This should go to NAV's "taboo quota" and collar lapses against Karl Johan B. Christensen's estate. It is both my and my sister Henriette's opinion!

It is NAV's sommel and that the estate has ended which makes it only NAV that can be loaded for this, no one else!

Lawyer Harald Hetland and we two siblings cannot decide that NAV is really waiting for 2 years to send out claims, and then it goes 1 year to the next time they send out claims, then with interest so that the amount was not 20,000 longer, but over 23,000. This is uproff!

Jan Kåre Christensen

New mail:

Subject: Case 232558
NAV Klageinstans Vest

PO Box 6245
5893 Bergen

1.) Following the procedure of NAV, where they have made all mistakes possible. So I mean that both me and my sister should get a redress!

SEK 50,000 each had been fit!

2.) We are not allowed to mail by our lawyer until almost the deadline has expired, then when NAV has drawn us into this case. Should we get a copy by mail.

3.) NAV has been criminals. The estate of my father has one that controls it. Advoy Harald Hetland. But they have, against all rules, gone straight into my salary account through the Namsfogde in Oslo.

The amount is SEK 10,892.00.

This is money that NAV has collected, which is obviously criminal since everything is going through the estate. No one can do as much as NAV does!

Feel free to ask to explain everything to the case officer!

Jan Kåre Christensen

The document that shows that the whole case did not belong to us anymore, but Lawyer Harald Hetland who did not respond to NAV's mailers. So they went to me and my sister to get money that we had nothing to do with.

Last mail to NAV, where I thank you to get my money back. But all the work I did, I got 0 kroner for.

Service complaint on Case 232558


Got a letter dated 15.06.17

First of all, I'm happy that I got the money back as NAV stole from me without going to Linjeveien through lawyer Harald Hetland who has had and is paid to settle the death of Karl Johan B. Christensen from 28 January 2013 !

1.) Want to complain about the miserable and terrible service we have received from NAV.

2.) Want to complain about NAV who has not dealt with lawyer Harald Het-land in this case.

3.) Want to complain about NAV who will not pay me 9,000, - kr for having spent approx. 100 hours on this case.

4.) Would like to complain about NAV who try to excuse themselves to the degrees in the mentioned letter dated 15.0617.

5.) Want to complain about Nav who could take the liberty to go to the namsman in Oslo and get money before a final decision was made on the case.

6.) Want to complain about NAV that it took 4 ½ years this case, which is at least 4 years too long!

7.) Want to complain about the NAV that they brought money only from an heir, not 2 before a final decision was made!

8.) Want to complain about NAV who doesn't make any excuse but tries to justify itself after doing a mildly miserable job!

9.) If NAV wants to learn from this case. When we had a lawyer that we paid after all 80,000, - to fix our father's estate. That we should then have taken over the case without a written document for this. That Nav blindly trusts a lawyer who does not speak true is a mystery to me! We have it in writing that it is he, not us, who has governed this estate. Here, NAV is blindly relying on someone who lies without checking the facts. It's bad that a claim is taken for good fish without any facts or documentation being available. Then I can just send a letter to Nav and say what I want, and you act accordingly. Here NAV makes a classic mistake to rely on a condition without any kind of documentation. This is bad of someone who is set to manage that they blindly rely on a statement from an ad-vocalist who is partly corrupt. That gets 80,000 SEK for a case that I reckon he has spent a maximum of 2 working days on. Inconceivable!

10.) Want to complain about everything that NAV has done in this case, nothing is really good. The worst thing is that one does not come with an excuse, giving me 9,000, - which is only a symbol sum when we eg. have paid our ad vocate 10 times more to do the job I have done.

Do not want this to happen to the district court or anything. Only one service complaint in the NAV system. Is happy the case is over, as 4 ½ years is long enough! Half a year should have been max on such a simple matter as here, not 4 ½ years!
Then it should not be difficult to give me $ 9,000 for all the work I have put into this case!

Jan Kåre Christensen

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