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No. 1687: Will God "punish" or let Satan have a hat on the narrator Jan Aage Torp? What does God say about this?

No. 1687:Will God "punish" or let Satan have a hat on the narrator Jan Aage Torp? What does God say about this?

 Ansgar Braut, one of fools Jan Aage Torp 'weapon carrier' has threatened me, my wife and son. Such is free of charge in Norway, since the "goal sanctifies the means" when the police and the courts have done everything possible to get me judged in this case.Even though I have never violated any Norwegian laws, harassed, threatened or driven any other criminal ever in my life. Why then this strong resistance? It is hate to Jesus who culminates here in the hate for me and the heavenly blog.

Picture of Narreapostel and Jan Aage Torp who has staged all this when he hated me and the heavenly blog to proclaim repatriation among believing people.

 On several occasions I have received questions like this here.1.) Do you think God will punish the narrator Jan Aage Torp?2.) Do you think Satan will punish the wizard Jan Aage Torp.3.) Will the witchcatcher and narreapostel get sick, hit by something or die soon, such questions I get from time to time.Now, the "weapon bearers" of Jan Aage Torp have said that it's watching me dangling in a rope - with others hanging - that's the goal they have with me, and they've also said they want the same with my family. So here are the wishes clear from my opponents.See article: something will happen to Torp forward when he has accepted the word of God on several points. Blue. He lives in horror, goes to the world for help, lures money out of people, constantly conveys false doctrine and false prophecy etc.Personally, I think that God has rescued him, and now it's up to Satan that will happen to Torp. Will he "exalt" him or "deny him"?The Spirit and Christ of God are forever out of his life, now it is the evil who cries as we read more places in the word of God happened to people who turned away from God after having first learned to know God. Now there is darkness over and in Torp, nobody else.We have several examples of what happened to people in a similar position as Torp, who had first learned to know God. But who turned away from him.1.) 2 crowns. 21. 5 Joram was two and thirty years old when he began to reign, and ruled eight years in Jerusalem. 6 He walked in the way of the kings of Israel, as Ahab's house had done, for he had a daughter of Ahab as wife. and he did what was evil in the eyes of the Lord. 7 But the Lord would not destroy the house of David for the covenant that he had made with David, and because he had said that he would burn a lamp for him and his sons through all ages. 8 In his days Edom fell from Judah and took a king. 9 Then Joram went there with his princes, and with all his chariots; He broke up at night, and struck the edomites who had surrounded him, and the captains over their chariots. 10 Thus Edom fell from Judah, and has been separated from them unto this day; At the same time Libnah also fell from him because he had left the Lord God of his fathers. 11 He also built the high places of the hill country of Judah, and smote the inhabitants of Jerusalem into captivity, and seduced Judah. 12 Then there came a letter to him from Elijah the prophet, saying, Thus says the LORD God of David, Because you have not walked the ways of Jehoshaphat your father, and in the ways of Judah king Asa, 13 but have walked The way of the kings of Israel, and the captivity of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, As the house of Ahab was desolate, and even killed your brethren, the sons of your father who were better than you, 14 the Lord will make a hard battle against your people and yours sons and your wives and all that you own. 15 And you shall be afflicted with a heavy sickness, a sickness in your bowels, so that your bowels after years and days shall fall out because of the disease. 16 So the Lord raised up the Philistines and the Arabs who lived next to the Ethiopians, and they became angry with Joram. 17 And they went up against Judah, and broke into the land, and carried away all the goods that were in the house of the king, and his sons, and his sons wives, so he had left none of his sons without his youngest son, Joakas. / 18 And after all this the Lord struck him with an unbearable disease in his bowels. 19 And after years and years, when two years had passed, his bowels fell out of the disease, and he died under severe suffering. His people had no fool for him, as they had done for his fathers. 20 He was two and thirty years old when he began to reign, and ruled eight years in Jerusalem. He went away, and no one missed him, and they buried him in the city of David, but not in the king's tombs.King Joram had an elevated position and position, like King. He was disobedient and the consequences for this became big and dramatic. He was beaten by enemy, something that God allowed. The judgment became severe and cruel, his bowels blew out and he died after 2 years under severe pain and disgrace.2.) Judas and the narrator Jan Aage Torp have much in common, both experienced a "salvation". So, relapse is there
they both handed a person to the worldly authorities who obviously violate God's will. Judas tried to take his life, with the result that he died under great pain when he was grieving. And he fell down a pit and he was spun up. What awaits Torp, it will time show. See article: Bileam was disobedient The Lord, however, became "exalted" only when he got "prosperity" before being killed by the children of Israel on a later occasion. Such as with Torp, he can believe in a temporary exaltation before his own destruction. This is what Balaam's doctrine brings with it, these Satanic bindings that put the Lord's servants on the sidelines, but Satan's servants in the center. That's why the narrator Jan Aage Torp and all other leaders and those who trust, have so much responsibility with what they do. I see that there is a direct link to and Bileam like Torp and most people are performing and going forward today. The Bible mentions such as those who walk in the footsteps of Balaam and, as a known, he was a false prophet who eventually died tragically in battle against the children of Israel by a sword, which is a picture of God's word. It is only against Christ and the word of God we shall be faithful, not against anyone else! 4. Deuteronomy 31 7 And they fought against Midian, as the LORD commanded Moses, and killed all the dead men. 8 And the kings of Midian, among them that were slain, were the kings of Midian, Evi, and Rekem, and Sur, and Hur and Reba, five kings of Midian; also Balaam, Beor's son, they killed the sword.4.) We meet people in both GT and NT who fit into Torp. People who once knew God but turned away and followed Satan. 2 Tim. 2. 26 and wake up again of his substance in the devil's snare, whom they are trapped of, so they must do his will. In GT we have many, like Cain, Nimrod, Datan, Abiram, Hananja and many more. we many too. Such as Judas, Ananias, Saffira, the sorcerer Simeon, and the coppersmith Alexander and many more. The well-known God turned away with strong negative consequences. Worse than those who first learned to know the Lord.5.) Last I want to mention as a memory and am like the narrator and the wizard Jan Aage Torp is Uria. Who took care of himself, but was deprived of his royal ministry when he also wanted to be a priest. Something that he was not called to or had access to be. See here for article on this topic. Http:// OslokirkenExpendent comment: God has spoken to me about things, but going out with everything will only be wrong. What matters in this case, it is as Torp clearly believes that it pays off and is "allowed" to oppose the word of God and the servants of the Lord. It certainly does not matter, as God has said in his word many things about this. As the manipulator and power man like Torp is, one can say that by using some words that I wrote against him as a honey trap for the police, the courts and a lot of naive Christian people. Torp's plan was constantly getting me sentenced, and then removed from the net. He succeeds in the first place, not least because of a police that is obviously ruled by the forces of darkness. As well as a court apparatus that was at least as bad as the police, here was one that would be taken. That one broke all game rules, jus and everything else, it did not matter. This succeeds Torp with, but does not remove me from the net. Now he will also get me removed from the web, but here he is not successful. What's going on, I do not know. But that Torp must and can expect what he has done, it's going over the "line". He is obviously beneath them with his life, but so to those degrees they go against a servant of the Lord who keeps the word of God, not least about marriage. Where God does not want and allows something that has been repaid as believers holds a service meeting, then the person who holds a service meeting. He will be a woman's husband, not more like a torp. Salm 105. 15 Do not touch my anointed, and do not hurt my prophets! One thing is to start a relationship after divorce for believers who are angry. Somewhat far worse, it is true to those degrees to go against a servant of the Lord to make him judged and removed from nights for the simple reason that one is being provoked by his message of what God's word says about the Christian marriage. Not least, a preacher should live in accordance with the word of God and the will of God! God is not just love, but he is also a righteous God. Now Torp is left to Satan and does not stand under the protection of God for longer with his life. That's why time is about to run out of this narrator post and the horseman? When, how and how I do not know, but that Torp has crossed the "line" I'm sure! There is probably no way back, but he goes forward to his judgment. Only he does not wonder too many people in this judgment, that's what we have to ask for. That no more than himself comes under Satan's custody and authority for destruction, death and corruption!

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