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No. 1701: What makes the judgment against me a justice word is that the court has not dealt with what I and the heavenly blog are judged for, even though I disputed this in Borgarting Court of Appeal!

No. 1701: 
What makes the judgment against me a justice word is that the court has not dealt with what I and the heavenly blog are judged for, even though I disputed this in Borgarting Court of Appeal!

 Picture of Jan Aage Torp who tricked the police first with a fake review.Next, the right with false numbers and manipulation.

Let me say that the sentence against me is an justice word.Why? Because what I'm convicted of has never been dealt with in court.It was not in the trial and it has not been dealt with in court. In other words, the judgment against me is and becomes an justice word. (screen shot of the sentence).

Yes, there were some numbers they have used iniquity against me, what I have written and spoken. But it came out of a word shift and what is written and spoken against me and my family surpasses what I have written and talked to the narrator Jan Aage Torp many, many times.As well, it has come out of a word shift. Then it remains and remains a word of justice.When, for example, judge Øystein Hermansen writes that it seems like I'm conducting a persecution against the warlord Jan Aage Torp (picture) that's the lie.But what's worse than this is a lie, it's that it's never been debated in court what's what. Against circumstances, for what reason things have been said and what has been spoken and written against me etc.It is the word of justice of the times. Therefore, I have created this blog so that everything can be posted online what has been written from my side in this case.What the wizard Jan Aage Torp has written and his companions can be found on Torp's blogs and the website.Also on the fake Smyrna blog and on the downright site Searchlight. says Attorney Brynjar Meling in his ancestry:"The Court of Appeal has made the district court's description of fact the case by citing the three most important sections of the district court's reproduction of the fact on pages 3 and 4 of the Court of Appeal's judgment. As far as it goes, this description must therefore be taken into account, str.prl. § 306, second paragraph.(The lies of fool Apostle Jan Aage Torp build this judgment, which gives it zero credibility!).Final Comment:In other words, it's not been a few minutes either in Oslo District Court to ask me and let me explain what and why it's written so much about Jan Aage Torp online.Neither in Oslo Tingrett and Borgarting Court of Appeal were done.That is because we have debated the miserable life of Torp seen from being an apostle.There what Torp himself and his disciples have both more chess higher than me in verbal words and expressions.And the amount is definitely three times as much from the "other" page!In other words, this is nothing but a word of justice!Almost all of this is manufactured. Not least that this has not been discussed in court. That is why I am obviously a conspiracy from Torp, the authority and the police!For example, I have never mentioned his new wife to the extent that Jan Aage Torp claims. And the word horebukk is almost not mentioned, and everything else is only undocumented claims by Jan Aage Torp. Who is as little credible as a person who is notoriously criminal or charged in another way!I was probably too naive and thought that when one came to a public dish, everything went right.But in fact, here it seems like being obscured in the back of the Norwegian judicial system.Both the judge of Oslo District Court, which was Malin Strømberg Amble, and her judges who were ordinary laymen and I do not name them.In Borgarting Court of Appeal there was judge Øystein Hermansen. Besides, it was team leader Bjørn Edvard Engstrøm and team leader Leiv Robberstad was a third man. These I name as they are public people.What has felt me ​​in two courts is not what I have written, but the amount of it. This is from the judgment against me and the heavenly blog:"It is a key point that defendants over a period of well over three years have published a hundred blog posts where Torp has been mentioned a very high number of times in terms such as" psychopath "and" leprosy ". The numerous blog posts and the review of Torp do not have the status of posts in a public debate, but appear as pure shikans without any purpose other than demolished Torp. The situation has little commonality with the core value that freedom of speech must protect, namely the free word change, cf. Rt. 2012 page 536 section 38. »This sounds so correct, but it's all a lie and distortion of truth on several points.1.) What is written about Torp is 98% written after his fictional review of me and the heavenly blog. Number and quantity is something that has come as a main point rather than anything else after his fictional review. In other words, Torp has notified me to get rid of me and the heavenly blog from the web, no matter how long he managed to get it done. Here's the word "goal sanctuary means"!2.) That I have counted the last four years written about 300 articles against me and the heavenly blog.I'm raining m
ed over 20,000 messages against me also in the same period and over several years. It is clear that then there will be a large amount.

3.) The number of Oslo district court as well as the Borgarting Court of Appeal. Is a fictional number that Torp mentioned in Oslo Tingrett, which is entirely uncritical. There is no other who has neither contradicted him nor counted the number of votes. The number is for me completely beyond it, it is fabricated and a lie number. Jan Aage Torp is a skilled narrator and he has a lively imagination - giving him a prestige and an opportunity to reach his goal. Get rid of me and the heavenly blog, then he must have a legitimate judgment that has been his agenda and goals right from the start! 

4.) The worst is not Jan Aage Torp, he is as he always has been. But the judges in Oslo District Court and Borgarting Court of Appeal. None of them has come up with a single question to me why it has become as it has become. About the number of votes and why I have written in as much amount as I have done. In other words, the judges of both of these two judicial institutions are in my eyes the door that judges me without wondering why it has become as it has become. Here we talk about a fabricated judgment, which does not stand out at all!

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