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No. 1689: I had a fine or a cure to have called a puppet post Jan Aage Torp for leper, horseman and psychopath, now Torp will make me convicted of jail!

No. 1689:I had a fine or a cure to have called a puppet post Jan Aage Torp for leper, horseman and psychopath, now Torp will make me convicted of jail!

 Picture of Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp.

This says the judgment against me, even though it is time of justice, I have long ago paid this boat and the costs.The main hearing was held on 20 January 2016 in Oslo District Court. Christensen met and did not acknowledge himself guilty. The District Court ruled on 25 January 2016 with such a judgment:
1. Jan Kåre Christensen, born 03.08.1964, is convicted of a violation of Penal Code 1902, Paragraph 390a, to a fine of 12,000 - twelve thousand NOK, or, alternatively, imprisonment for 20 - twenty days.
2. Jan Kåre Christensen is fired for the raising claim.
3. Jan Kåre Christensen is sentenced to pay costs to the public by 3,000 - three thousand kroner.(quote ending).Jan Aage Torp does not understand the word of God, he does not understand Norwegian law, he is completely out driving and dictating things all the way beyond!Narreapostelen Jan Aage Torp lied to the police, in Oslo district court and constant otherwise, the last lie is that he got me in jail!Seeing there are conspiracy theories online that Torp is in danger.Do not know if I'm going to laugh or cry.I've never searched Torp in any way. To write that I have something personal against this wizard is pathetic and frightened.Torp has been looking for me, I never him.The case against me is solely because I am against reunion among thrones, then separate from Pastors and preachers.Torp hate, not me.Torp searches, not me.Torp manipulates, makes drama and gets everything about what he stands for himself, the harassment and persecution.The case is something different from this.Divorce and remarriage among Pastors and publishers who are not allowed.Here, a single item is sent to prison.The man is a notorious liar.The fact that the police and the courts rely on this notorious lie only show that the judgment against me is the Justism of Time!This writes the wizard and narrator Jan Aage Torp:"In January, Oslo Tingrett sent a blogger to prison for having been harassed Aina & me through a five-year period. It was a matter of his gross and repeated language use that was affected by section 390a of the Criminal Code "for the occurrence of fraudulent conduct or other reckless conduct that violated another's peace."He also follows up here:https://kristenkoalisjon.no/aktivisme/juridisk/les1/article/1410127- In January 2016, we received a blogger sentenced to jail in Oslo Tingrett because of persistent hot and shaman for five years. That judgment was based on section 390a of the Criminal Code, but the new paragraph 266a imposes even stricter penalties. So it's going the right way, says Jan-Aage Torp.(quote ending).Twice he lies, the man is obviously a notorious liar.

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