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No. 1691: Hillsong completely violates God's word and "common" torment when it only enjoys youth, not middle-aged and older people, but even then nobody reacts!

No. 1691:Hillsong completely violates God's word and "common" torment when it only enjoys youth, not middle-aged and older people, but even then nobody reacts!

Picture of father to the founder of Hillsong who was a pedophile in New Zealand and Australia.
He was a leader and lived a double life, I do not understand how people can not and will see that Hillsong is a wild and seductive sect.Father of Brian Houston was the now deceased Pentecostal William Francis "Frank" Houston who has visited Norway and Saron's Valley in conjunction with the now-condemned Pastor David Yonggi Cho of South Kora, which was revealed a few years ago.

Now is it beginning to approach forty years as a Christian, and more hypocrisy, double morality and immorality and than what is happening today among the Christians, I think I have not excited in the church soon two thousand years of history?When I was saved, there were a few things I was taught and taught to be in my mind about the church.Blue. that a congregation should be led by an elders council, which one is not aware of today even among Pentecostals.A church should be a "multi-generation" congregation where both children, youth, manhood and the elderly should be together.What meets than in Hillsong? It's a church exclusively for youth!The church is ruled in from Sydney / London, which only makes this community unbiblical. With a big screen in these places, these youngsters keep in a "jerngrep" where one really controls and controls everything from top to bottom.When we met here in Oslo, we got earplugs.Psalm 115. 4 Your idols are silver and gold, a work of man's hands. 5 They have mouths, but do not speak; they have eyes but do not see; 6 They have ears, but they do not hear; They have a nose but do not smell. 7 Your hands do not feel, their feet do not go; they give no sound with their throats. 8 As they themselves are, those who make them become those who trust in them.For the first time in my life, I and my family got earplugs to meet, it is completely beyond. Is God deaf? It is the deities who are deaf, not our God teaches the scriptures.Ezekiel 14. Son of man! These men have given their abominable idols space in their hearts, and what they are an offense for iniquity they have set for their eyes; Should I let me ask of them?This with Hillsong is nothing but a form of modern paganism where one implies "Jesus", but not the Bible Jesus in the worship of God.A church only for youth, even then does not respond. This is bad, building a church exclusively for young people who are allowed to do as they wish. This is idolatry says the Bible, not a biblical form of worship!Isaiah 3. 12a My people's rulers are children,Yes. Here there is a church where the congregation consists mostly of youth and is ruled by half-people, either in Sydney / London where one spins so loud music, dances, shouts and rages, and believes that this is more a dop party "Than it is a church ordered by bible pattern where children, youth, manhood and elderly people belong to the same community as in a healthy and good Christian community.These youngsters are injured for life not only in hearing but in their spiritual lives.Sad to think that all this really good youth comes into a life, one being taught to believe that one is almost the center of the world. But when and if they ever experience a biblical and healthy church life, they will never feel at home and they will be in opposition. As it is "normal" it becomes "abnormal" for these really nice youth.Isaiah 5. 20 Woe to those who call evil and good evil, who make darkness to light, and light to dark, making bitter to sweet and sweet to bitter!Final Comment:Here are so many and unbiblical things in this community. To call Hillsong for a healthy, biblical and one paganism is directly misleading.To more one enters this congregation and nobody warns and directs these despised and seduced youth. Will this only grow worse and worse!Here are some mature elderly people who come in and get these seduced youngsters out of Hillsong and into a healthy and good community where all generations are together to serve and worship God. Where healthy, good teaching, guidance and fellowship over generations are practiced.2 Tim. 4. 1. I testify to God and Christ Jesus, who shall judge living and dead, and by his revelation and his kingdom; 2 Preach the word, be timely and expound, convince, rebuke, form with all longsuffering and learn! 3 For there shall be a time when they will not tolerate the sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, teachers learn in their heads, because it clears them in their ear, 4 and they turn their ear away from the truth and turn to adventure. 5 But be sober in all things, hurt, do the work of an evangelist, complete your ministry!

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