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No. 1694: The wild Hillsong we see today really started with the Youth Festival at Hedemarkstoppen which was a place where young people were allowed to romp without being corrected by God's Word and other mature believers!

No. 1694:The wild Hillsong we see today really started with the Youth Festival at Hedemarkstoppen which was a place where young people were allowed to romp without being corrected by God's Word and other mature believers! 
The image of Egil Svartdahl, who in many ways was starting this great blur we are seeing today by the Pentecostal / Charismatic churches.


The bold apostasy in fact, the church of God has come so far away from God's Word and the will of God as we see today. It started a place, which is of course hard to "timestamp". But one thing I would like to point out, which is essential here.
The day when the youth was allowed to "romp" on their own, with youth meetings, youth festivals, etc. It was the subject of this.
Now it is basically both right, necessary and natural that young people come together. But what happened to youth - Christian youth - came together?
What was undoubtedly negative was that the youth had their own style, appearance and everything was too much of the fact that everything was "allowed". Only the youth did not go out in the world.
There has been a development where we see that the "last" shot of the tribe is more absurd, seductive and simply Devilish I would say in the sense that here is the world that sings so-called Christian songs and they think this has something about God to do.
I do not know how to say anything, because this is the deepest thing one should keep far from. At the same time there are many precious, surely sincere and good Christian youths who are in total danger and want to!
I have assumed that they are ruled from Sydney / London through a big screen, arrangements and that they travel there at conferences, bible schools, etc.
Just think of the loud music, as it is only a testimony in itself that here is the world in the church of God.
Hillsong meeting we were here in Oslo, we were given ear plugs when we complained to the sound and said about.
I have written about Egil Svartdahl here, who left the kiss of Hillsong with the arrangement he started in the Pentecostal movement 30-30 years ago.

From Stavanger Aftenblad.Also get criticism
Like so many other religious communities, the Hillsong Church also receives criticism, including the blog
Critics believe the leader in Hillsong Brian Houston may be affiliated with a movement that gives leaders apostle status. Others claim the church proclaims a mild form of progress theology - which points out that God will fulfill dreams and visions.
Karl Inge Tangen, Rector at the College of Management and Theology in Oslo, has written a doctorate on Hillsong. To the newspaper Our Country, he says that Hillsong does not represent anything Norway has not seen before.
"Is it something that the main pastor Brian Houston has apostle status?
- He does not use the title on himself. Hillsong has some of the apostle movement, but there are also balancing mechanisms. In Hillsong's motherhood in Sydney there is a senior council of elders. There he must anchor some decisions in a collective leadership. Where leaders have great power, it can be vulnerable, but so far, things have gone well, says Tangen to Our Country.
Final Comment:
Karl No Tang I Do not Take It Seriously, It's been a long time since he heard from God. Lastly, when I spoke to him, God had shown him that the elder and ruler of the Bible were biblical. That he has no criticism of Hillsong is as expected.
The Pentecostal Movement is so out driving today that even a sect I will call Hillsong for is accepted. Yes, too, defend!Want to make the word of the prophet Isaiah to me.
Isaiah 21. 11 Statements of Duma. To me they cry out of Seir: Weights! How far is it at night? Weights! How far is it at night? / 12 The guard answers: It's coming tomorrow, but also night; Would you ask, ask - come on!
We know that before, there was a watchman through the city who watched and watched on time and gladly shouted.The answer was clear: It's coming tomorrow! But they do not know how far it was at night. If they had known, they could have settled down and slept on. But the night has an end.
Then adds the guard: but also night. Will there be another tribulation? It turns out that the first tribulation did not lead to repentance. They did not wait for the salvation of God, but they would let go of the distress to live on their sinful lives, such as their infidelity, the father of Esau. They got their mercy occasion. If they wanted, they had to come back. The mercy message was still valid. But Edom did not care about this offer. Unfortunately, they chose the wages of sin that are death. The tragic happened that the sentence was fulfilled. The silence of death cried out that they did not know their time of visitation.
Today's Hillsong, and today's Pentecostal / charismatic churches, I am afraid of being like Edom's old age, and the verdict will be there too!

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