torsdag 16. august 2018

No. 1699: Updating Bible Comments on the Smyrna Oslo website!

No. 1699:Updating Bible Comments on the Smyrna Oslo website!

 Now we have published some Bible comments on Norwegian.See yourself here:

 The author is the Danish priest C. Asschenfeldt-Hansen, Carl Christoph Julius Asschenfeldt-Hansen, 28.6.1856-127.3.1934, Priest. Born in Bov at Flensburg, death in Langå, Viborg county. A.-H. became a student in 1874 from Viborg, cand. teol. In 1879, he then learned from Refsnæs where he came close to the friends of Inner Mission, which led him into a religious crisis and a breakthrough that became decisive for his entire life.First look at Genesis, the rest comes eventually. Carl Olof Rosenius from Sweden Romerbrevet.I have also written a great deal, and more come.This has a typical Danish character over it. We bring the world's 2nd most beautiful flag after the Norwegian, Dannebrog.All books in the Bible, both GT and NT, have been published by the famous Bible poet Poul Madsen in Copenhagen Denmark.Poul Madsen, born January 21, 1916, died July 1, 2009, was a Danish cand.jur., Fictional Bible teacher, vocalist and founder of the Christianity Community, Copenhagen. Madsen published a large number of writings on the publisher "Mod Maalet", which also published a magazine with the same name. As well as the Bible overview of all the books in the Bible, both GT and NT.Of the seven contributors on the Bible Comments page. Are there three Danes including me, an Irishman, a Swedish and two Norwegian.In other words, the Danish feature is the biggest, but not bad the other either!C. H. Mackintosh, I have double comments on the books of Moses when I want C. H. Mackintosh to be still there. Charles Henry Mackintosh (October 1820 - November 2, 1896) was from Dublin Ireland.


Look, the sun rises above the car cemeteryAnd the malkepigen pumps his goatWhile the priest's wife stands on her brother's handAnd the clover field is in bloom

 Choir.The stork is a nice flyThe cow has a nice yverDenmark is a lovely countryThe grain grows wildly on the meadowThe farmer gets his food on the bed 

The Danish is a lovely manThere are other people than those who are DanishThey live in caves and beaten all day longWe have never done that everThe hot land is a shit

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