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No. 1698: It is a big loss for Norway as a nation, and as a rule of law, that the case between me and the narrator and the warlord Jan Aage Torp never came up for the Norwegian Supreme Court!

No. 1698:It is a big loss for Norway as a nation, and as a rule of law, that the case between me and the narrator and the warlord Jan Aage Torp never came up for the Norwegian Supreme Court! 

The whole trial was a dad, as it was the law that was most discussed, something that does not emerge from the judgment.In other words, the sentence is "made" for only one thing, to make me convicted, not for anything else!That this case was not discussed in the Norwegian Supreme Court, as after all, there could have been "real" negotiations.Not "sickly" and ridiculous as they were really here in Oslo Tingrett and Borgarting Court of Appeal. Blue. that what was discussed in court - law enforcement and almost only - does not appear in the judgment, which makes the case against me both absurd, embarrassing and an justice word!The court proceedings both in Oslo Tingrett and Borgarting Law Court were more like circus, not worthy of any Norwegian law.

Picture of Tjostolv Moland (t.v.) and Joshua French (t.h.) in the court of Kisangani where they were sentenced only to Indians and Witnesses who believed something.Such was the judgment against me too, a big, big, big father, and more like a circus than a court where there were proper, honest and good discussions.

When a matter like this leaves far more questions than answers, the judiciary has done a job!This writes wizard and narrator Jan Aage Torp about the matter and me:The convicted blogger (this is also a lie from Torp's side, I have only received a fine or a fine, nothing else and it has been paid a long time ago)The blogger fought against the police in Oslo Tingrett in January 2016. His appeal against the law enforcement (this is a lie again, I appealed the whole case) was rejected by Borgarting Lagmannsrett in April 2017 and then by the Norwegian Supreme Court in June 2017. Finally, the nail in the coffin came in November 2017 when the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg refused to deal with his appeal.Now Christensen tries to make himself a victim. He believes that he has had to shut down his latest blog because he and his family have been subjected to "harassment, persecution and liar"."The truth is, either, that the blog sooner or later would have to be closed because it produced more of the same" harassment, persecution and liar "as he has already been properly convicted of (it is also a lie, I no longer write a Torp is leprosy, psychopath and others, only that he is a prostitute as the word of God mentions him as. And a narrative as he, according to God's word, is disqualified to be all in the congregation of God through his horror and cruelty)."Amount Bullying»Of course, in our current case, this man is still on, believing that this will not have any further consequences. So unknowingly he is. He will get further and more powerful reactions.Money fines seem to have an effect. In our case, the convicted blogger was sentenced to a one-time fine of 12,000 kroner, alternatively prison for 20 days. This is probably a pit for him. But when the daily fines are paid out on a thousand dollar a day, the money will soon run out and flip: He chooses enough weekend breaks rather than daily fines! The judgment against the man is based not only on the content of the bullying, but also on the amount of bullying. Hence, the term I have launched: "Mengemobbing". It's a difference if you write or say something bad and punishable once, than if you say something bad and punishable in weeks, months and years! The "Fillesaken" against the blogger has proved to be far wider. The verdict has brought in a new dimension in the ruling in Norway, which not all "bullying" had counted on. In the sandbox, the "mobs" keep on until they get clear restrictions, and so it must also be in the adult world.(quote ending).

Here is a lot of facts wrong and lies!Nothing in the judgment says anything about what is the "limit" for writing.Nothing in the verdict talks that it does not and can be written and spoken more.Nothing in the verdict speaks and says something about which law has been violated specifically, as the judgment itself is "fabricated" and lies "It is of course a justism word, but also a judgment that is not worth the paper it is written on!What does the judgment say?Actually nothing, except I have not really done anything criminal. But since it is written "too much" and they want to state an example, I am judged to pay an item and costs of a total of 15,000, - for not doing anything wrong, except to write too much so that It looks like a vendetta against Torp.That he has written a lot, and his companions Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg have written far more and far quasers are not included in the verdict as the verdict suffers from not having been discussed under the court.It's an "adventure" and "swallow" them, nothing else!Final Comment:Narreapostelen has launched a new "slogan" after the verdict against me and the heavenly blog.It is the word "Mixing".But it was wrong with all this judgment that during the trial this matter was not discussed, there was something that appeared when Judge Øystein He
rmansen and judge Malin Strømberg Amble who wrote the verdict did not even ask me about what they judged me. But I clearly stated during the court proceedings in Borgarting Lagmannsrett that Torp's numbers were completely beyond and not documented. The whole trial was a dad when it was law enforcement that was most discussed, which is not the case at all. In other words, the sentence is "made" for only one thing, to convict me, not for anything else! That matter was not dealt with by the Norwegian Supreme Court , as after all, there could have been righteous negotiations that had been proper. The court proceedings both in Oslo Tingrett and Borgarting Lagmannsrett were more like a circus, not worthy of any Norwegian law. Today, this judgment is something that has zero value, only value to see how bad it is possible in Norway to take legal action. The judgment testifies to one thing, Christian hatred from the community against Christ and his servant! Nothing but saying that it was a sad blackie there, even if I'm doomed, the verdict does not really tell the world's things. It only confirms the contempt of man for God and Christ Jesus, with the narrator and wizard Jan Aage Torp in the lead (the picture). 

Except that this is the word of justice of the times!

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