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No. 1695: Kristen Koalisjon Norway is a "movement" with two faces!

No. 1695:Kristen Koalisjon Norway is a "movement" with two faces! 

Picture of Narreapostel and Horkarlen Jan-Aage Torp who treats his own children in the worst imaginable way with demon demolitions, and steals millions of others he calls to be sick afterwards. The man is both dangerous and crazy!Horkarlen Torp wrote that he was a reprieve of the innocent. When I asked who of his or her former wife was the innocent, when both are now reissued, I never received any answer.The theory of the so-called innocent can marry again is completely absurd, it is only death that allows a believer to marry again.


Christian Coalition Norway is a very dangerous and straightforward, so-called Christian movement.

 It writes about itself the following:Kristen Koalisjon Norway (KKN) is a people movement founded in 1993 in Oslo. We are based on Judeo-Christian foundations. We seek to mobilize worthy Christians, as well as people of similar value, to engage in building Norway and other nations on Christian faith and ethics. We do this through the formation of opinions, the facilitation of activism in the political processes and towards the institutions of society, the follow-up of our legal rights, and by calling for the work of prayer. Through the "Christian Coalition World", which is KKN's international expression, we seek to serve nations in Europe and the world.(quote ending).What does this so-called movement mean?They are profiling marriage. But not what the word of God says about marriage.The fact that it is lifelong and it is only dead that "ceases" this covenant. It will not be pointed out, just half the truth. That God instituted marriage, but that it is life-long, is not held forth.In other words, it is free and divorce and marry again. Particularly the so-called innocent party like the narreapostel and the wizard, who leads this dangerous and seductive movement here, is in his own testimony. This is of course a lie, nobody is more than he who is guilty of his marriage.This narrator and wizard who heads this movement claims with full conviction that he is the innocent and can then begin a new marriage. I confronted him with that, and also mentioned that his first wife is up to date. It is Ann-Christin Düring Woll who was the first wife of this narrator. His other wife, who is as old as his child, Aina Anine Lanton is of course not his wife. But after God's word she is a whore and he is a whoreThey run campaigns against such as me who warn against divorce and reunification. Therefore, you will find many articles about me on their websites.Christian Coalition Norway is a very dangerous and straightforward seductive so-called Christian movement. They have campaigns against homosexuals but accept a reprieve. In God's Word, it is stated that both gay cohabitation and reunification for believing people are with Jan-Aage Torp in the lead, who are those who criticize married marriage when Torp himself lives in sin with wife No. 2?Who else is behind this cheeky organization? Yes, the highly controversial couple Sæle, whose father himself is an unconditional supporter of the marriage writer, the thief and liar Jan Hanvold.His son (Sæle) has earned a penny on pyramid games, while the daughter has lived on online dating, also for gays / lesbians!Kristen Koalisjon Norway is infiltrated by people who have disguised themselves in Christian faith, but have had a completely different agenda'

Brings an article to the end of "A Marriage - Once" by Ruth Silje Johansen.

 On May 22, 2007, Werner went down to my knees and frustrated me and I said yes. It was an incredibly good feeling to be chosen and to be able to go against a marriage and relationship that lasts life. Nothing could take away this joy and faith in marriage. Up to a few weeks later, Dad called me and said he would take out separation from Mom. In recent years, they had both lived a Christian life in reverse and were unfaithful to each other. Dad said there was no love or trust left and that he had given her enough chances. Mom said it was he who first took the initiative to go to town and meet other people and she just joined. But what was clear was that they both had made many mistakes and searched for happiness and confirmation in completely wrong places. My mother had a previous case when my father had moved out, talking to the pastor in our congregation. Then he had said that since she was the innocent party, she had to remember that she was free to marry again. She knew well this time that neither she nor my father were any innocent party any of them, but the words the pastor once said came back as a reassuring solution. She moved in with a man she had become familiar with last year and thought that this was the best solution for her now. She did not know the idea of ​​living alone because she had so much love and care to give. But she soon realized he was not right and moved out after a few months. My brother in law
Older people had the opportunity to get acquainted with her and they often prayed for her during this period. When I had a trip south and visited her, they sent me a video called "The Fight for Marriage." She sat down to see it right away. A woman and a man told her story about divorce and reunification. She got shock, can you be reunited after a divorce? As she watched the film, her heart was filled with hope and relief tears ranted in hot currents. The married couple made it clear that it was the evil that hated everything God had created and ordained and split my mother and father. From that day on, both my and her views turned to marriage. She had promised to be faithful in good and evil days and those days that have now become a year are the evil days in her and dad's marriage. My father still called a Christian, but was not active like before. Should she just put her shoulders and say; "Well, Satan has stolen my husband and destroyed my family and I can only find myself?" No! She will fight to take back what the evil has stolen! She said my husband is MIN. Marriage is until death separates us. Jesus teaches us that the right spirit is; If you are unfaithful, I am faithful. That's how we can be. We can choose to keep our part of the spouse even if the other spouse does not hold it. To love those who love me back is not particularly difficult. But Jesus even commands us to love our enemies. Now she can do nothing but to love my dad in peace and quiet. He shows no interest in reuniting and having a girlfriend with whom he lives. So this has been my starting point to get an interest in investigating for myself what God's word says about the divorce, divorce and remarriage. I have gone from being indifferent, because it's fine that I do not know where I am today and I will try to put a word on here. 3Hva says the word of God A few decades ago divorce was rare in the church. Now it is difficult to find churches where there are not many divorces and the need to take these bible words in the preaching should be great. But it is not often that I have heard a clear announcement that marriage is until death separates us. 1 Corinthians 6,9: "Or do you not know that those who do injustice do not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not want to be! Neither horrorists nor idolaters, or marriages, nor those who can be used for unnatural executions, or men who work out with men ... shall inherit the kingdom of god. " 1 Thessalonians 4: 2-8 You know the commandments we gave to you through the Lord Jesus. For this is the will of God, your sanctification: Keep away from horror. Each of you must know to win his own spouse in holiness and honor, not in passionate desire such as the Gentiles, those who do not know God. No one must deceive or exploit his brother in what he has with him to do. For the Lord is revenge over all such things. We have also said this before you and testified to you. For God did not call us uncleanness, but for sanctification. Therefore, he who despises this, does not despise a human being, but God, who gives His Holy Spirit to you. In most cases, this scripture is used to find a spouse. It is, however, about how to win your own spouse. The one who is already yours. The spouse you have already married. We are actually called to daily win favor, kindness and heart to our spouse. God who established the marriage is already aware that the race has not been won when you found him or her. That is when life begins. Marriage commencement consists of both visible and invisible elements, that is, both the physical ceremony and divine intervention. It is symbolic in the sense that it has an outer shape that illustrates the inner, but it is the inner event that is central; Symbolism is just a means of receiving this enormous task with the right setting. Perhaps it is true that God did not give us a spouse because we should be happy, but because we are sanctified through marriage. We are sharpening each other to become more like Jesus. 5 Ephesians 5.31-32: "Therefore, the man shall leave his father and mother, and stay with his wife, and the two shall be one flesh. This secret is great - I speak here about Christ and the church. " Marriage is a picture of Christ and the church. The world should look upon us Christians and say, "See where they love each other!" Our marriage should be a visible picture of the love between Jesus Christ and his bride, the church. Romans 7: 4 My brethren! So you also died from the law of the body of Christ, that you may belong to another, who was raised from the dead, so that we may bear fruit to God. What is the reason for this important detail in the word of God is that Christ and the church should be a model and example of marriage. Just as Christ became the spouse's spouse by the death of death, only death separates one spouse from the other. This strong picture is perfect because no one can separate us from Christ.

Christ can in no way leave or divorce us as the bride of Christ. The image of His perfect love for us is His inseparability. We know that He is standing by His promises, which in Him has received His YES. Matthew 19,4-6 "He answered and said, Did you not read that he who created them created them from man to man, and said," Therefore, the man will leave father and mother, and stay with his wife, and they Two shall be one flesh? Then they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined, there shall not be a man. " When Jesus was tested by the Pharisees, he referred to the beginning. Jesus was opposed to what the Pharisees taught and what had become a Jewish tradition. He set a new standard that was louder and noble. 1Joh 2,24-26 Let that which you have heard from the beginning, be in you. If what you have heard from the beginning, stay in you, you will also be in the Son and in the Father. And this is what he promised us: eternal life. I have written this in view of those who lead you wildly. God's standard has always been the same. His truths never come to light, but today many Christians want to read the Bible with "selfish glasses." "How can I still be a Christian but make the most of what I want. Those who lead may also be good Christian leaders, but who unfortunately want more to be liked and keep as much as possible in their church that they avoid to confront and speak clearly about sin and repentance. Mark 10,9 "Therefore, what God has joined, there shall not be a human being. "As a leader, divorce must never be divorced. Yet it is scary to see that Christian leaders and publishers find themselves using easily-proclaimed outpoured arguments for marriages. Mercy and divorce are divorced, despite the fact that Jesus' words are crystal clear about remorse. persevering adultery. Luke 16,18 "Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another manages to anger. And the one who marries a woman divorced from her husband is doing wrath. "Rom 7.2-3" For the married woman, by law is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if the man dies, she is loosed from the law that bound her to the man. Therefore she shall be called a whore if she, while the man lives, becomes another husband's wife. But if the man dies, she is free from the law, and is not a whore if she marries another man. "Mark 10,11-12:" When they entered the house, the disciples asked him again about this. He says to them, "Whoever is divorced from his wife marries another is guilty of her. And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she drives adultery. "1 Corinthians 7.10-1" To those who are married, I have this commandment, not from myself but from the Lord : A woman shall not divorce her husband. But if she is divorced from him, shall she either continue to live unmarried or agree with the man. And a man shall not divorce himself from his wife. "Paul shows here a word from the Lord. There are only two possibilities for the divorced wife: to remain unmarried or divorce with the husband. Even if your spouse marries Again, this scripture still applies to you. Hebrews 13.4 "Let the marriage be held in honor of all, and the eve bed is untouched! For God will judge those who commit adultery and break the marriage. "Marriage But why is it so important that we stick to our first spouse? Some even say that they were so unhappy in the first marriage that they had no profit to stand in any service to God and now they are happily married for the second time and are in strong favor with their new spouse. Is it God's will that we will be unhappy and not in service? Matthew 19, 6 and Mark 10, 9 "They are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, a person does not distinguish "You belong only to one." He refers to his own creation, not to any Christian or Christian wedding ritual: This applies to all people, Christians or not. For all people and in All cultures are three things that constitute a valid marriage: marriage promise, publication and execution. A marriage between non-Christians or before becoming Christian is as binding as between Christians. In God's heart, marriage is the strongest image we have in God's reconciled works between Christ and man Christ's warmth, intimacy and friendship are melted into it. Marriage will be one of God's temperature goals for humanity in relation to his God. Therefore, God wants to restore true Christian cohabitation. Marriage as a sacred blessing from God who strengthens and gives us the grace that we need to still win our spouse. Frank Åbyholm in his book "God has spoken! But have you heard? If. 5, 22 You Wives; subordinate to your own men as under the Lord. For the man is the head of the woman, even as Christ is the head of the church, the Savior of his body. Your men love their wives like

 if Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it to sanctify it by cleansing it by the water bath in the word, so that he could put the church in glory without spot or wrinkle or something like this, but that it could be holy and immaculate. "Is there love and subordination to Jesus and his words that characterize the church today?" Your wife, is it your husband's love that you do your role in marriage? Do you honor your husband, trust him, trust him Provides, Protects, and Recommends to Your Best Abilities? Your Husband, Do You Love, Care, Before, Warm, Patient, Serious, Faithful and Overbearing Your Wife? If we do not accept and understand the word about husband / wife in marriage, We also do not want to accept and understand the word about Christ / the church. The greatest illness in the church is a lack of will to subordinate to Christ and his words. And it seems that many think the Bible's words about marriage are burdensome, offensive, discriminatory and old-fashioned. Why should it be difficult, difficult and unreasonable to subordinate to Jesus and his words? Will he hurt us, bother us and tyranny us? " One flesh marriage is insoluble. It is not just a contract between two people, but a covenant between these two people and God. It is, as Paul says, a great mystery. The cohabitation of two people is a deep expression of God's love for us humans, and at the same time a way of life even God. Marriage has existed since God "created man in his image, male and female" and joined them so they "should no longer be two but one flesh." It is, according to nature's order and God's creation, that people enter into marriage, promise to love and support each other's life through family formation. Like all that God has created, it is also "exceedingly good" Many have forgotten that love in marriage is one of the Christian's tasks. Marriage must be part of our Christian lifestyle, so we need to work with marriage in the same way we work with our faith. Marriage and Christian cohabitation can not be separated from human spiritual beliefs. We need to become more aware that trouble in marriage lies in the Christian's walk. No actions taken out of this context can justify their own solutions. There are pastors, leaders, and publishers who have openly stated that their former spouses prevented them from performing their calling or service. It does not match what we are called to walk in faith. You must win your spouse in all honors. Unlike those who are not Christians. Our standard is so much higher than the world. We must have faith that God can solve and guide us through all the difficulties. In other words, what is said in the Galatianship to work on our salvation with these fruits as a result must also be part of the marriage. Crazy. 5.16-23 I say to you, Live a life in the Spirit! Then you do not follow the desire of our sinful nature. For our evil nature stands with the desire of the Spirit, and the Spirit is against our evil nature. The two are in conflict so you are not able to do what you want. If you are driven by the Spirit, you are not under the law. It is clear what comes from our evil nature: mourning, immorality, extermination, idolatry and sorcery, enmity, battle, rivalry, anger, self-esteem, controversy, parties and envy, filling, celebration and more of the same kind. As I have said before: Those who do such shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, indulgence, kindness, kindness, faithfulness, perseverance and self-control. The innocent party The theory of the innocent party is based on these two scriptures. Matthew 5:32: "But I tell you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason other than adultery is the reason for breaking the marriage. And the one who marries a divorced woman breaks the marriage. Matthew 19: 9: But I say unto you, He that divorces his wife for any reason other than adultery, and marries another, breaks the marriage. And the one who marries her who is divorced breaks the marriage. These two scriptures are often called the rule of exemption. With these scriptures at hand, many marriages have been resolved on the grounds that one spouse has been unfaithful: Therefore, the other spouse is required to divorce and marry again. This is a rewriting of the truth and one does not have to look any further than the last part of the verses to see that the possibility of marrying someone else is ruled out. It may be easy to have such an approach. This solution provides an opening for what is known as the innocent party in Christian contexts. The person who remains innocent in a marriage where the spouse has been unfaithful will be able to make use of a newly acquired freedom to marry again. This is not a true representation of the word of God. This possibility will also cause them to live in adultery in the new marriage and thus still live in sin. In all cases it would not be possible to judge

 fair with regard to the innocent party as we practice it in Norwegian churches today. Who will decide who was first unfaithful? What kind of infidelity should apply and justify an innocent party? Should sinful thoughts lead to a description of adultery in a marriage? Where should the line be drawn? Which criteria should be used? It would be an impossible situation to judge this within the concept of the innocent party. How will this be decided? God does not in any way allow human beings to judge in such impossible situations. These events would have led to a mockery of opinions, assumptions, speculation and own solutions that would only have caused chaos and not lead to peace and reconciliation for God's will. Separate in the Engagement Phase To get the complete and complete overview of the use of these scriptures, we must see it in the light of addressing the Jewish disciples and the Jewish community. When we read in the first chapter of Matthew the gospel of Joseph who sought to divorce his wife, even if they were not married, this opening was applicable to divorce from his future bride. Joseph had promised Mary and her family that he should marry her. This engagement phase is called in Jewish tradition of Kiddushin. During this period lasting at least 12 months, men and women did not live together sexually, but they were nevertheless seen as husband and wife. For Jewish custom, this promise was as safe and serious as the marriage promise itself. Nevertheless, the Marriage Act gave rise to the possibility that they could divorce if it appeared that the wife had been unfaithful during this period. This was also the reason why this phase lasted for over a year, because if the fiance had been unfaithful, it would be possible for the future husband to determine whether she had sexual intercourse with another man and become pregnant. Joseph would therefore stand in silence because the law said that anyone who was arrested in marriages could be stoned if someone made allegations about it. That this could be solved in this way during the engagement phase was that those who were to marry had not completed the marriage and thus the innocent party was free to marry again. But today, we do not say that we divorce ourselves from the engagement, then we just end it and have no theological problems with it. But in today's marriage it is common to complete sexual intercourse on the wedding night. Therefore, the spouses are in the position that they actually live in constant infidelity if they marry again. After the two believers had undergone Phase Two, the marriage marriage itself, they could have sexual intercourse with each other, and of course, each other. This part was often referred to as the man "took her home to herself." If one of the parties, such as the man, got reliable information that the woman had had intercourse with another man during the engagement period, he could divorce her before phase two, the wedding itself, and then by giving her a divorce letter. History The theory of the "innocent party"'s right to marry is less than 500 years old. The idea that Matthew Chapters 5 and 19 are scriptures or "clauses" that give the "innocent party" the right to marry again did not appear until in 1519 when Erasmus, a great humanist, presented his interpretation of the First Corinthians 7. Erasmus' interpretation of Scripture introduced human reason in the interpretation, instead of allowing text to interpret text. His interpretation of Scripture was characterized by humanistic overtones, emphasizing human happiness before obedience to the word of God. Erasmus was neither a traditionalist nor a reformer, but wanted to be perceived as a god-given man. However, he failed to settle for sin and found rather simpler solutions like the people. He made the gnostics focus on an exaggerated spirit experience. The spirit, according to Erasmus, abolished the moral laws that had been the foundation of the Jewish thought. Over the last 50 years, these false teachings have been given a foothold in the churches. It is a paradox that the church is increasingly focusing on spiritual gifts, healings and services that take our breath away, yet increasing the number of divorces in the same churches. Crazy manifestations in the spirit are a drunkenness that leads to more liberal Christian understanding, rather than becoming more faithful to the word. The infallibility of the Bible was undermined and Erasmus attacked the correctness of the scripture. He did not associate the Christian work with God's holiness over life. Erasmus taught that love should come before any marriage law and emphasized that it was not "loving" the church to insist that unhappy people would continue to live together. He meant that the church would release them who lived in so-called bad marriages. The Reformers adopted Erasmus's view of divorce and remarriage, but this thought was not taught for nearly 1500 years before Erasmus, from Christ's time and the first Christians. Although this theory is less than 5

 00 years old, many Christians are looking for a "loophole" or an apology, which makes it easy for them to marry again. Therefore, Erasmus's interpretation of the first Corinthians letter is pleased to be accepted by Christians who are looking for opportunities to follow their fleshly desire to love a new person after one's marriage has been "destroyed" or it is reported that one lives in an unhappy marriage. In 1532, King Henrik VIII did exactly this. He wanted to divorce his wife, Catherine, to marry Ann Boleyn. He made Erasmus's interpretation of 1st Cor.7 popular and eventually broke with the Catholic Church because he would marry again. David was and a king who tried to solve a problem in his own way, with bad luck. 2 Samuel 12: 7-15: Nathan said to David, You are the man! Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, I have anointed you king over Israel, and delivered you out of the hand of Saul. I gave you the house of your master and your lord's wives in your bosom. I gave you the house of Israel and Judah, and if it was too small, I would have given you even more, both of them. Why have you despised the word of the Lord and done what is evil in his eyes? You've hit the sword Uria with the sword. His wife you have taken to wife for yourself, and you killed him with the sword of Ammon's children. Then shall the sword never depart from your house, because you have despised me and took the wife of Uriah's wife to wife for yourself. Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I bring evil upon thee from thy own house. I will take your wives before your eyes and give them another man. He will lie with your wives, so the sun here is witness to it. For what you've done, you made it hidden. But I will do this for all the eyes of Israel and in the midst of the bright day. David said to Nathan, "I have sinned against the Lord." And Nathan said to David, So also the Lord has taken away your sin, you shall not die. But because you know this kind of act has given the enemies of the Lord reason to mock, so shall the son you have received certainly die. Then Nathan returned home. And the Lord struck the child David had with Uriah's wife, so it became sick. David tried to hide a pity with another. It is often what is being done by remorse as well. David is seen as the greatest king in Israel's history. Yet, he failed to marry Batseba, Uria's wife. It became a curse to David. In spite of this, David used his opportunity for God to pray for his son with Bathsheba so that he did not die. There are tragic destiny for more than one of the two spouses in such cases. The children are and become an innocent suffering party in such situations, but sin always has a consequence. Divorce Romans 7: 1-4: Or do not you know, brothers I speak to those who know the law that the law is ruled over man only as long as it lives? For the married woman, by law is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if the man dies, she is loosed from the law that bound her to the man. Therefore she shall be called a whore if she, while the man lives, becomes another husband's wife. But if the man dies, she is free from the law, and is not a whore if she marries another man. My brothers! So you also died from the law of the body of Christ, that you may belong to another, who was raised from the dead, so that we may bear fruit to God. 1 Corinthians 7:10 To those who are married, I have this commandment, not from myself but from the Lord: a woman shall not divorce from her husband. Marriage is the human image of marriage between us and Christ. Therefore, Jesus and the apostles make this order that one should not divorce from his spouse but rather oppose by seeing that Christ saves the most hopeless people from the worst situations. For God everything is possible. By divorce, we deny God the opportunity to restore and restore what has been destroyed. We must not find human solutions to replace God's way. There can nevertheless be situations that human may seem so hopeless that one does not see the solution. But it would be against God's will if we embark on guiding people to make a divorce. In times it may be necessary to live for themselves if the situation requires it. But we can never deprive God of the opportunity to restore a fallen human being. The technical cases and assumptions can only be assessed in each case. But we must see with God's view of marriage, divorce and reunification. Basically, there is no opportunity for a divorce with the blessing of the Lord. Yet, the word of God does not condemn a person who has been divorced. It's not divorce that makes this theme so difficult. But it is that this automatically in our society allows a spouse to marry again. 1 Corinthians 7:11: But if she is divorced from him, she shall either continue to live unmarried or to divorce her husband. And a man shall not divorce his wife. Reproduction intercepts God from restoring marriage between man and wife forever. Therefore, God's word encourages us to agree with kona or live alone. You belong to only one man or the wife of your life. In too difficult situations the spouses can be separated. It is an emergency which does not cause any danger of abuse, as the divorce can easily. It does not give the passions free rein, on the contrary, just because it forces for abstinence, it will be deterrent to the spouse who is difficult to surrender. To Re-marry Romans 7: 3: Therefore, she shall be called a whore if she, while the man lives, becomes another husband's wife. But if the man dies, she is free from the law, and is not a whore if she marries another man. In God's sight, reverting without the spouse being dead remains a problem as you are still your first wife's wife or husband. The Word of God describes this as a marriage violation. Mark 10: 11-12: "He says to them," Whoever is divorced from his wife marries another is guilty of marriages. And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she drives marriages. That is, what makes you living in persistent sin is your sexual life with your new spouse. To divorce you will be able to forgive. Reuniting you will be forgiven if you repent and go out of it. But living sexually with what is basically not your rightful spouse will lead you to enduring sin against God and your own body. Hor is not a shame that is outside the body, but it is a shame against your own body. 1 Corinthians 6: 18-20 Fly Hor! All sin that a person can do is outside the body. But the one who practices anguish sin against his own body. Or do not you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost living in you, and as you have received from God? You are no longer belonging to yourself. You are expensive purchased! Let the body be in honor of God! Hearing in the New Testament, horrors are described with two different meanings. In Norwegian, the Bible says that sin that could dissolve marriage is horde. In Norwegian, this word is often perceived as sexual activity by a married person. In Greek, the Bible tells us something completely different. The word that Jesus used for adultery is Porneia, which is translated utterly, sexual activity by a UGIFT person. This applies to a person who had never been married. A person who married a divorced woman does not commit Porneia, but Moicheia, translated with infidelity, sexual activity by a married person. If an unmarried man and a married woman have intercourse, the man is guilty of Porneia, and the woman in Moicheia. Porneia and Moicheia are two widely different actions. Porneia, used as the common word of utterance and looseness, a person who is not married and never been married. Moicheia, used for marriages. Mark.10: 11-12: He says to them: Whoever divorces his wife marries another is guilty of marrying. (Moicheia) And if a woman is divorced from her husband and marries another, she drives marriages. (Moicheia) Luke 16:18: "Everyone Who Divorces From His Wife Marries Another, Makes Hores (Moicheia) Matthew 5:32:" But I tell you that every one who stands apart from his wife For any reason other than Hor (Porneia), the reason is that she breaks the marriage (Moicheia). And the one who marries a divorced woman breaks the marriage (moicheia). Matthew 19: 9: But I say to you, He who divorces his wife for any reason other than Hor (Porneia), marries another, breaks the marriage (Moicheia). And the one who marries her who is divorced breaks the marriage (moicheia). The woman arrested in Hor Joh. 8: 2-11: Early in the morning he returned to the temple. The crowd gathered about him. He sat down and taught them. The scribes and Pharisees then brought him a woman who was taken in horror, and they set her before him. And they said to him, Master, this woman is caught in a fresh deed in horror. In the law, Moses has commanded us that such women should stone. What are you saying now? This they said to put him to the test, so they could have something to accuse him of. But Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on earth. But as they continued to ask him, he straightened up and said to them, "The one who is sinless shall throw the first stone on her! Then he bent down again and wrote on the ground. But when they heard this, they went away one by one, the oldest first. Jesus was alone with the woman standing there. Then Jesus straightened up and said to her: Woman, where are they? Has nobody condemned you? She said, no lord! And Jesus said, I do not condemn you either. Go away and sin no more! The Pharisees put Jesus on trial with the woman arrested in horror. Jesus talks into the practice that the laws of Israel had practiced, giving permission for divorce by the wrath. Jesus says that from the beginning it was not so. Practice with the stoning of those arrested in horror was also a teaching rule that had developed as a practice among the rabbians. Jesus does not reprove the practice, but he is correct for

 kisses against the charges. There had to be a prosecution in order to judge someone in adultery. We know that the prosecutor is the devil. Jesus abolishes the practice of accusing others, as this is devil's business. When there is no accusation, there will also be no one who is judged, regardless of whether there is an act. So Jesus restores what, in reality, the message of God is love. The new practice within marriage will be to forgive, take care and restore what was destroyed. This is the essence of Jesus' message. A man is not free from the spouse because if there has been a marriage break through hor. Jesus specifically states that the woman should not sin more, implied, she must not continue to live in adultery. Before, you could be released from the spouse who was arrested in infidelity, but then she had to be stoned. The spouse who was initially innocent was free from death by steining the spouse. Jesus says that it is because of their hard hearts that they could divorce. Now that we have been born again and God has taken out the heartheart and we have received a heartbreak, Jesus will raise the standard of what human beings can actually do in Christ. The sign that we have been born again is that we love! The power of forgiveness is stronger than the old law of divorce and stone. Marriage's holiness drives us to stretch far beyond the world's methods of resolving marital problems. We owe Christ who loved us so much to find forgiveness and restoration of marriage. A Woman's Man Tit 1: 6-9 An elder must be immaculate; he must be one woman's husband and have believing children who do not have words for extras or delusions. For an overseer must be immaculate as God's household, not selfish, not brutish, not beverage, not fierce, not the desire for nauseous gain. He must be hospitable, loving the good, sinful, righteous, holy, afflicted. He must hold on to the credible words in accordance with the teachings, so that he can be able to exhort both the healthy doctrine and repent of those who say. This shows that the Bible looks at marriage as valid only by marrying a man and a woman. The church servant should have had only one wife and should not have been married before. 1 Corinthians 7: 2 But for man's sake every man shall have his own wife, and every woman his own husband. It was not practice according to Jewish or social customs to have more than one wife in Israel at the time that Jesus lived. That Bible talks about "a woman's husband" is important because the marriage between man and woman is the image of Christ and the church. A deacon or church star should be good examples and not give rise to discussions or to ask questions about the integrity of the manager. Prov. 22, 6 "Teach the young man the way he will go! Then he does not shy away from it when he grows old. "Instead of being taught about this, there are plenty of examples to look for in marriage that ends in divorce. When Christian leaders, like many people look up, differ, these are strong negative examples. Many also use it as an excuse in their own situation, "since the great leader who has accomplished so much and has been clearly used by God and has been reissued, it may mean that it is allowed to marry again." But if God could not use sinners, he could not use any of us. To show love I can not say that this is a topic that is easy to write about, and even harder it is to confront someone you know and do not want to lose your relationship. It is not possible to address such issues as marriage and divorce without stepping on any toes. It is a theme that affects Norwegian society in half of all marriages. But it must not be so that no one dares to proclaim the word of God regarding this subject. God wants us to provide help in the sorrow, pain and despair of humans in such life situations. We must see in the word of God the love that Jesus has for humans in that kind of challenge. Here to the woman at the well in John 4: 1-54 Jesus was tired after the walk, and sat there at the well. It was about the sixth hour. Then a woman from Samaria came to draw water. Jesus says to her: Give me a drink! His disciples had gone into town to buy food. The Samaritan woman says to him: How can you be a Jew, ask me a Samaritan woman to have a drink? Jews have no dealings with Samaritans. Jesus answered and said to her, Did you know God's gift, and did you know who is saying to you: Give me a drink, you would have asked him and he would give you living water! The woman says to him, Lord, you have nothing to draw up with water, and the well is deep. Where do you have the living water from? Are you not bigger than our father Jacob, who gave us the well and even drank it, and also his sons and his cattle? Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall be thirsty again. But whosoever drinketh of the water that I will give unto him shall never die for ever, but

 The water I will give him becomes in him a source of water that paves to eternal life. The woman says to him, Lord, give me this water so I can not thirst and go here to draw water! He says to her, Go and call your husband, and come here. The woman replied: I have no husband. Jesus said to her: You rightly said, I have no husband! For you have had five men, and the one you have now is not your husband. You spoke truly. The woman says to him, Lord, I see you are a prophet! Our fathers worshiped this mountain, and you say Jerusalem is the place where one worships. Jesus says to her: Believe me, woman! That hour comes when you neither worship the Father in this mountain or in Jerusalem. You worship what you do not know. We worship what we know, for salvation comes from the Jews. At the same time his disciples came and they wondered that he was talking to a woman. Yet nobody asked: What do you want her? or: Why do you talk to her? The woman then left his water jar and went into town. And she said to the people, Come, see a man who has told me all that I have done! He should not be the Messiah? So they went out of the city and came to him. The woman at the well went there when she showed that no-one else could see her at the warmest time of the day. She hid away because of her sins. The sin in her life characterized her life and her doings. Everything was wrapped around her pity and she became a bound woman. But then Jesus came and proclaimed that she could get water and never thirst again. The woman sees her own solutions to the problems. With this miracle water, she never needs to go to this well. Nobody needs to see her again when she walks to fill her jar. Her solution lies on the human plane. Often it is the case with us as well. We find human solutions to our soulful and sinful agony. But God has a better way. Jesus brings her to the rescue. He asks her where her husband is. Jesus circles the problem. No she has no husband and the one she is living with is not even her own. Jesus knows that it is the truth that sets free. Even in these problems, the truth must be put first. We must have the boldness that Jesus was in possession of. It puts people free. Jesus points to the sin in the life of the woman, she has a meeting with the Savior of Nazareth. After receiving cleansing from her sins, she returns to the city and tells herself what has happened. She who initially thought she should hide and never more confront with the people in the city suddenly gets the courage to tell who she has met. Truth put the woman in freedom. What could be stopped as a human solution got a spiritual restoration. This is what is the love of God to us regarding this subject. God wants to restore his relationship with his children. Not easily, but in a way that restores the spiritual character of man. Conclusion We believe in miracles and we have faith in prayer. If my daughter becomes ill, I believe God can heal her if there is an unexpected bill one month, then we believe in a God who provides and He can make hard hearts soft. A mother who has a teenage son who no longer wants to do anything about her does not give up her son with the first. No, she is bold and courageous to find her way back. A mother will not say that since you do not do the way I want, you will not be my son anymore. We believe that God can make the impossible possible because He is the Almighty. But in one place many churches have lost faith in the fact that miracles can happen; in marriage If a couple in a church today goes apart and divorces, it is more common to hear that one is free to marry than to receive support to ask for the spouse to return. When they talk about the mercy of the divorced couple, they say so that grace manages to erase the covenant they have made and get blank sheets and the possibility of a new life with a new family. But this is destroying the homes in Norway, thus destroying the foundations of the social structure. The result is that societies that are in dissolution. In today's easy-win world with fast solutions, divorce is often seen as an ok way of changing reality. It's easier to walk apart than solve the challenges. Many marriages unfortunately end in divorce without being associated with fear, violence and abuse in any form. There are more and more people who say they are still good friends. Unfortunately, it makes the whole marriage break in a strange light. Why, at all, let's separate? Where is the willpower to become, the opposition and endurance? Grace must never be used as a patch on our sins, without settlement and repentance. Today we find that grace is used like this, but it is not the word of God. We must listen to what the Bible says and live the way God has determined for us. It is a difference to fall in sin and to lay up his life contrary to the word of God. Then laugh

 we are in sin! God's covenant with us is that he never leaves us. Through the Pact, we are as inextricably linked together and this covenant is the image of Christ's faithfulness to us. We are as inextricably bound by our covenant to our spouse as Christ and the church are linked. Jesus' successor can not accept God's word, then one will also come on a collision course with He as a day to judge living and dead. The Lord Jesus is one with his word and He is yesterday and today the same.

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