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No. 1486: Satan is never afraid that we call Jan Hanvold for the "preacher of the money" or such, as long as he lives in sin / adultery according to the words of the scripture!

No. 1486:
Satan is never afraid that we call Jan Hanvold for the "preacher of the money" or such, as long as he lives in sin / adultery according to the words of the scripture!

King Ussia was ruled out to serve the Lord more and more.
Then he would not conform to the word of God. The first was that he could not be a priest when he did not belong to the Levi tribe. Secondly, when he did not want to conform, he did worse and became leprosy. So it is with Jan Hanvold, he hurts worse for himself by wanting to preach the word of God when he does not live in accordance with the word of God.
The message to Uzziah said, "It is not for you, Uzziah, to burn incense to the Lord, but only the priests, the sons of Aaron, who are devoted to it."
We can read about this in several places in the word of God, among other things. 2 Crowns. 26 and elsewhere.
I post a picture that shows what Jan Hanvold is doing, that lets his sexual desires take him yours he wants and wants himself! The truth about Hanvold is that he lives completely without meaning, control and control in his life. He is a typical false prophet like the son of Balaam Beor. Love "Lord" but love money power and sec even more. It's at that level Hanvold is, whether you like to hear it or not.
2 Pet. 2. 10 Mostly those who go after flesh in unclean desires and despise domination. The self-righteous roller cocks! They do not tremble to mock the high powers, 11 but angels who are greater in power and power do not blaspheme the Lord against them; 12 But these, as well as ruthless animals, born of nature to be captured and perish - they must, because they mock what they do not know, perish in their habitat 13 and receive the wages of injustice. They want to spend the day at the well-being; these abominations and stains, they are betraying in their deceit when they keep with you; 14 They have eyes full of harlotry and insatiable in sin; they endure unconfirmed souls; they have a heart practiced in sickness, the children of the curse! 15 They have forsaken the way and gone astray, following the way of Balaam, the son of Beor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness 16, and was reproved for his own offense; 17 These are waterless wells; The night of darkness is ready for them. 18 For as they speak boastful, empty words, they entice in fleshly lusts by covetousness those who have just fled from those who go astray, 19 promising them freedom, those who themselves are the slaves of malice; for that which one lies under, he is, and has been slain by. 20 For if they have fled from the uncleanness of the world, knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and being caught again and under it, then the latter is worse with them than the first. 21 For it was better for them that they had not known the way of righteousness, than that they knew it, and turned away from the holy commandment which was delivered unto them. 22 It is as if the true saying goes: The dog turns to its own vomit, and the washed sow falls into the mud.

It is at the level Hanvold is, like a newly washed pig that "washes" in the mud and a dog that eats up its own vomit when he has an "appetite" of sex, power and money belonging to the old man and the world!

Picture of Inger Hanvold, who is Jan Hanvold's third in the row, in other words. According to the word of God, she is a whore and Jan Hanvold a whore and adulterer. Jan Hanvold himself says that he is responsible for two adulteries, then he lives directly against God's word by being "married" to Inger Hanvold.

1 Cor. 1. 21 For since the world knew not God in the wisdom of God by its wisdom, it was the will of God by the folly of preaching to save those who believe, 22 because both Jews require signs and Greeks seek wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucified, for Jews one. offended and for the Gentiles a folly; 24 But unto them that are called, both Jews and Greeks, we preach Christ, the power of God, and the wisdom of God. 25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

The world's standard and God's standard are as diverse as night and day.

Previously, there were laws in this world such as. condemned gay and lesbian relationships. Today, speaking against this can risk a prison. Such is the world's standard - ambivalent!

Today speaking to Jan Hanvold is about to speak against some things in the world, one is subjected to a severe campaign or exclusion. But, according to God's word, Jan Hanvold is disqualified from standing on a pulpit, being a Shepherd and a teacher for others as he lives in sin according to the words of the scripture. Or is an adulterer as the word of God speaks of being remarried as a Christian. In fact, Hanvold is not just re-married - but several times. It shows that here is a man who has no respect or understanding for God and his words!

Is that so careful then? Vision Norway and Jan Hanvold do so much good, and many are saved around them?

Here the word of God is very clear. If we pray with one for salvation, millions or none. Then there is something far more important than this. It is that we please God with our lives and do what is right past him. Then everything else comes in second and third row, not first place. That space is reserved for God only - no one else.

That's what is so serious about Jan Hanvold, he really takes God's place. The same as Satan would when he rebelled against God in the morning!
In other words, stand with Vision Norway and Jan Hanvold, then one is basically standing with Satan and the works of darkness!

There are spiritual laws that are more important to follow than any other law, not least for us believers who set our lives against the spiritual.

Acts 19. 10 This lasted two years, so that all who lived in Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks. 11 And extraordinary acts of God did by the hands of Paul, 12 saw that they even took sword-cloths or aprons, which he wore, and bare unto the sick, and the diseases departed from them, and the wicked spirits departed from them. 13 But some of the Jewish spirit men who went about took the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits, saying, "I urge you by the Jesus whom Paul preaches." 14 There were some sons of Skevas, a Jewish high priest, seven in number, who did this. 15 But the evil spirit answered them, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; But you, who are you? 16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was in, ran in unto them, and wept upon them both, and overcame them, that they might flee naked and wounded out of the house. 17 This then became known to all who lived in Ephesus, both Jews and Greeks, and there was fear over them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was praised, 18 and many of those who had come to faith came and confessed and told about their deeds. 19 And a great multitude of them that did work with unrighteousness carried their books together, and burned them up before all; and they calculated their value and found that it was fifty thousand silver coins. 20 Thus the word of the Lord prospered and gained power.

We read about Svesa's sons who confessed the name of Jesus, without knowing the Lord Jesus. What do the evil spirits say when these son of the high priest tried to imitate Paul?
We read: "But the evil spirit answered them, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; But you, who are you?
And the man in whom the evil spirit was in, ran in to them and won on both of them and overpowered them, so that they had to flee naked and wounded out of the house. "

Notice that they were not known in the spirit world, at least as someone who knew the Lord Jesus Christ.
Here we must all take care, and not live in hidden or obvious sins.

1 Tim. 5. 24 Someone's sins are manifest and precede them for judgment; but others follow. 25 Likewise, and the good works are manifest, and they that are not so, cannot be concealed.

I know that it is other than Jan Hanvold who lives in sin, when his sins are manifest and he goes before him to judgment.
The time Hanvold is going to stand by God with his life, then there will be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, only here in Norway who will accuse him in conjunction with Satan and the demons to live in adultery with being married. Then the blood of Jesus helps nothing as he lives in unsettled sins. This is deeply tragic, serious and what the word of God says and teaches, no adulterers and adulterers will inherit the kingdom of God.

1 Cor. 6. 9 Or do you not know that those who do wrong will not inherit the kingdom of God? Daddy does not want to! Neither adulterers, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor soothsayers, nor those who sin against nature, 10 or thieves, or mischief, or drinkers, or slanderers, or robbers, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And so it was with some of you; But you have made you despise, you have been sanctified, you have been justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and in the Spirit of our God.

Notice that Jan Hanvold, as the adulterer and adulterer he is, is in the eyes of God on the same level as "idolaters, softeners, or those who sin against nature, or thieves or mischief or drunkards or slanderers or robbers shall inherit the kingdom of God. «

Unfortunately, dear Jesus' friends, these are not my words, but what the New Testament preaches and teaches.

We must take it in our minds that God does not look through our fingers with sins. Not least among those who are shepherds and teachers for others. They must become the more strictly condemned in the writing.

James 3. 1. My Brothers! not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive its heavier judgment!

In the basic text it is freely reproduced that they will get a bigger judgment.

Includes a comment by Ture Andersen
To compare Jan Hanvold with Hans Nielsen Hauge; I think is a regular slab boom - yes, it's not near the shooting range once.
Hauge traveled around the country and established various forms of entrepreneurship - ie companies - in addition to preaching the word of God.
He received his great revelation from Yahweh as he walked behind the plow. Hanvold has never put his hand on any plow; but has operated with financial transactions. In the 1980s, he messed away NOK 20-30 million belonging to others - and was punished for this and also had to be in prison.

Hanvold has got his great personal finances by begging money from people. Yes, here he is very skilled and uses the American method: "Leadership at goal". You hear he still says: If 2 000 gives 1500 kroner so… ..
He has managed to beg over one billion NOK so far.
Of course, it costs to run a TV channel with transmission 24 hours a day and Hanvold is on - he does not save himself. This I have also told him during a meeting we had here in Bergen. But to make himself rich in money he has begged by people; do not agree with my Bible understanding (… for nothing you have got it…). Of course, he should have a good salary for the effort he makes. He has a wife and several children's litters.

Final Comment:

For once, let's take Jan Hanvold seriously. And compare his life, preaching, and everything with just one thing; The word of God.

Then he falls through on the actual ABS, where he does not even know the most basic of having his own family order. As the scripture should lie at the bottom of anyone serving the Lord.

1 Tim. 5. 8 But if anyone does not care for his own, and most of all for his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

When Jan Hanvold has more "cool" with children, more marriages and today lives with his third wife. Then he is then to the degrees disqualified as a preacher, shepherd and a Christian leader that is actually only one thing to say. Find something else to do, you are excluded as a preacher and a pastor.
This is nothing rude, arrogant, or persecution, it is only to show to God and His word.

It is strange that "closer" individual claims Jan Hanvold lives "God". So to more "grace" they give him. This is contrary to the scripture word, which says that it does not help with good works if we live opposite to God and his words.

Joh.e. 14. 21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, is he that loveth me; but he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and reveal unto him.

Jan Hanvold does not love Jesus, but he loves his own flesh and is what God's word says, not a servant of God. He is disqualified and excluded from having a service and spiritual office.

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