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No. 1496: Hans Nielsen Hauge sat innocently for 11 years in prison for really nothing, so bad is it not after all with us, but let us believers pray for and with each other!

No. 1496:
Hans Nielsen Hauge sat innocently for 11 years in prison for really nothing, so bad is it not after all with us, but let us believers pray for and with each other!

Picture of Jan Aage Torp, who one day invites you to a cafe. Am as nice as just that and say I can write everything I want about him. Immediately afterwards he reviews you and wants you to pay him 50.000, - and sit in the cage for 2 years.
Or as PBE is doing here in Oslo, where the neighbor is allowed to exploit its plot 57 times more than us, and they instruct us to demolish.
This only makes "spasa", schizophrenic and dangerous people. Who are led by evil and dark forces, no free and happy people hold on like that!

Psalm 133 1. A song at the festivities; by David. / See how good and how good it is that brothers also live together! 2 It is like the good oil on the head, which flows down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, which flows down on the seam of his garment; 3 Like the dew of Hermons, which descends on Mount Zion; for there the Lord has blessed, life forever.

When we read and study Hans Nielsen Hauge, it is very educational in every way. In my eyes he is the man in Norway who was like a Paul with his pioneering way of preaching and practicing the gospel.
If we look at how the authorities treated him, it was so unworthy to do so.
Imagine, 11 years in prison just for having had public meetings in mostly private homes or out on the ground and other places. He preached the word of God everywhere, not least in writing. It is said of Hauge that in all Norwegian homes it was perhaps a Bible, but several books by Hauge. This actually lasted almost from the end of the seventeenth century and decades forward. How this affected the Norwegian folk soul and the people here in Norway only know God alone. But that was Satan who would stop Hauge, it should and is beyond any doubt.

This is what Wikipedia says about brother Hans Nielsen Hauge.

Hauge was a farmer's boy from Hauge in Rolvsøy in Tune (now Fredrikstad). He grew up in a Christian home, as one of 10 siblings. In the home, Luther's catechism and house postage existed, Pontoppidan's explanation, and writings of Lutheran pietists and prepietists, including Johann Arndt. On April 5, 1796, aged 25, he received his religious awakening. He was out on the field and plowed. Suddenly he felt that "God's love visited him." The house he lived in is one of the tourist attractions in Fredrikstad, and there is a large monument over him outside the house. In addition to the efforts he made as a Christian personality, he was also a great business man.

A while after the breakthrough, he read in Danish translation a book about the repentance of the mystic John Tauler, which he considered so important that he later made sure to spread a shortened version of it. "There has thus been a feature of late-medieval mystery in his religious reading. The book of Tauler was also dear to him because a protagonist in it is a layman who teaches and rebukes a priest and a learned theologian from his own great spiritual experience, writes church historian Einar Molland. Hauge soon began as a preacher and in his preaching emphasized the personal relationship of God and a sober and laborious way of life.

In the years from 1797 to 1804 he went on his legs from place to place over much of the country, from Kristiansand in the south to Malangen in the north. At the farms where he was given a room he helped in the daily work. In the evenings he gathered those who lived in the farm and the neighboring farms for devotion.

This was not allowed, since the convention poster of 1741 banned laymen from holding edifying meetings without the priest's approval. Hauge was repeatedly arrested, at least ten times in seven years. In 1804 a large and extensive case was raised against him, and he was imprisoned until 1811 and had to pay a fine of 1000 riksdaler. After this he joined the travel business, but in 1813 he was sentenced to two years of slavery. The persecution led to further consolidation among his supporters. Several of them, however, learned that it was their price to belong to Haug's friends. The constitution of 1814 kneaded principles that Hauge had not until then benefited from, among other things, the principle that no one must be imprisoned without the authority of law and judgment (section 96).

In the total 18 years he was a preacher and outside the prison, he published 33 books.
(Finally quote).

It is the same Satan who opposed Hans Nielsen Hauge who has welcomed me in recent years, I am convinced!

In short, I have experienced 2 court cases in the last couple of years.
There, for the first time, it was the evil Narrative Post Jan Aage Torp who hated me and my preaching of remarriage. Where he cheated the police and the courts with his slender way of speaking.
I know what drove Torp, it was obviously the evil spirit powers that hated me and hated my preaching in all areas when I stand alone and only the word of God.

Now, the State and the City of Oslo will make me and my family nauseous, even if what they are doing is totally without goals, meaning and purpose.
When others If we get a dispensation 57 times more than we do, then we know that Satan is on the verge. He loves so unfair who is beyond all other concepts. This is so bad that if one does not see that the Evil One is on his way, then obviously no believer.
I have only made it as good as possible for me and my family, this should be demolished. Who is behind this is not difficult to know when the word of God says the following.
These are Jesus' own words.

Joh.e. 10. 10 The thief comes only to steal and murder and destroy; I have come to have life and abundance.

How do we, as believers, deal with such injustice?

1 Pet. 3. 13 And who is it that can hurt you, if ye gain good? 14 But if ye suffer for righteousness, ye are blessed. But fear not for them and be not dismayed; But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts; Load your good ways in Christ, be ashamed of what they slander unto you as evildoers. 17 For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer when one does good than to do evil.

We as believers are different, we are not at the same primitive level as our opponents and the world. We do good, even if our opponents are doing evil.

Eg. When Jan Aage Torp continued to live in sin, I didn't start with it. On the contrary, I sought the Lord again, and consecrated to all good deeds.

So now, when the neighbor gets 57 times more allowed to hold on to us. This is of course completely beyond and even in a dictatorship they do not hold on as the authority here in Norway, well helped by the Oslo municipality is holding on. We know who is behind all this, the scripture clearly says.

2 Tim. 2. 26 And awake again from his intoxication in the snare of the devil, whom they are captured by, so that they must do his will.

These people are ingested, then by a Spirit that causes them to behave accordingly. Clearly, no "normal" people are holding on like this to allow one to do what he wants while we are penalized hardest for the so-called least offense. We are human beings, and then we need to go some grace. While others who do what they want, get it all the way and all the time. Such difference treatment with giving a dispensation 57 times more than us, testifies to what the scripture says:

"Of his intoxication in the snare of the devil, he whom they are captured by, so that they must do his will."

Final Comment:

It is clear that one does not invite one day more than a person at a cafe, and immediately afterwards the same person reports. And that one wants the person to pay 50,000, - and sit 2 years in prison that Jan Aage Torp did with me.
Or as the city of Oslo is doing with us, that some are allowed to build and utilize the plot 57 times more than us. In fact, even more, as they are allowed to have what they have, but we have been ordered to demolish, which is completely, completely ill.

Who controls such people? God?
No, God is sensible and healthy in everything he does.
It is obviously Satan, when he has come to steal, murder, destroy and destroy!
When neighbor builds with us, and is allowed to exploit its plot 57 times more than us. It'll be all while we'll tear everything and bring the property back to what it was before. Who is behind such a difference treatment when God himself says in his own words that he does not make a difference and that making a difference is an abomination to him?
It is the dark and evil forces that the Bible mentions as the unclean spirits, in other words, Satan himself!
But what can we as believers do? Above all, pray, then support me and my family. Unfortunately, this also costs money. You who want can support us here:

The Danish Bank:

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