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Nr. 341: The Muslims look down on us believers and western, and want the most devout Muslim world domination as the Quran teaches!

Nr. 341:

The Muslims look down on us believers and western, and want the most devout Muslim world domination as the Quran teaches!

Acts 4. 8 Then Peter said to them, filled with the Holy Spirit in the people's rulers and elders of Israel! 9 When we today are caught in the interrogation of a deed to a sick man, if what he is healed by, 10 then be it known to you all and for all the people of Israel, that of Jesus Christ of Nazareth's name, whom you crucified, he whom God raised from the dead, by him are the healed of your eyes. 11 He is the stone which was rejected by you, builders, but which has become the cornerstone. 12 And there is salvation in any other: for there is neither any other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

A Mosque is not only a place of thought and faith, but a place for politics and ideology as Islam includes in their faith and learn all about people, nothing is left out. It is a totalitarian and priesthood \ imam ruled that the Qur'an is the foundation of their faith and doctrine. Koran teaches that war is permitted only leads to expansion and domination of Islam

1) We are not against Muslims, but their teachings, the voices of the system it is.

It is important to distinguish here between people who are Muslims or Muslims and learn the system and the voices that Islam is. I'm 100% for every Muslim, but is contrary to the understanding and the training of what faith in God involves, and more that their religion is and represents. It is then obvious that they would like to serve God, but as long as they do not want to accept God's salvation of his son Jesus Christ will, unfortunately, their worship of God lead to defeat. Looking at the countries where Muslims govern their laws, see one of poverty and deprivation, discrimination and power steering, tribal wars and unrest. God loves Muslims, of course, as much as others because they are human beings created in His image, but he is trying to tell them the circumstances of the society that they are on the wrong track. Had they been willing to learn and listen, they could have repented and received God's blessing in his country through faith in Jesus as savior and benefactor and all. It is not going to come from the Western countries have had the blessing of God when they have had a revival from heaven and it has lifted us up, both spiritually and in the material. Moreover, we must never forget that salvation is from the Jews, that Jesus said, so we have a lot to learn from the Jews and the Image of God and the faith they have, it is their God who is the one true God.

2) Islam does not belong here in the western and "Christian" world, they have no natural part of our society when Christianity has been here for at least 1000 years, and indeed in some places for 2,000 years.

As Muslims, they have lived isolated from us in the whole and operated with its barbaric mills and their horrible form of worship of war, pillage, polygamy and the harem, oppression, etc. mostly in Muslim areas. But today they will and have gained a foothold in the Western and Christian world of mass immigration, set up their avgudstempler which they call the mosques, and in that way, and they have enormous influence and power. But it is of course also some guilt for us in the western and "Christianize" the world both directly and indirectly. Many of those who have funded these mosques here in Norway, not least in our capital, Oslo is the kingdom of Saudi Arabians. They have become rich that such Americans have helped them to recover and get up the oil. Americans have become rich and helped, while many Muslims become wealthy. They spend part of their wealth to build mosques here in Norway and other Western countries. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot: it is power and money behind and govern the whole of the western "Christian" world, morality and God's word. Therefore, we also reap such fruit. We believe in religious freedom. But all that Islam represents today, has also been part of the Catholic and Lutheran church in the past. But today, fortunately, do not kill these churches opponents longer or doing the stake, and more. And on the whole, Islam is a relic from the past that should never have heard of the present. It is a barbaric, discriminatory and in many ways stupidity religion that has nothing with the living God. To avoid this up for Islam is to set us back thousands of years back in time and effort to avoid dangerous, intimidating, and destructive. Can not see that this is a good thing, but rather of evil!

3) The entire western world has by and large it all never had anything to do with Islam until today, except for Spain and a few areas in Europe.

There is also a cultural form of annexation Muslims do with us here in Norway and Europe. They hear not really at home here when they want to be Muslim and live here in the western world. Their primitive religion belongs to a bygone era, but unfortunately, Satan is alive and well and we are not for the danger before it will be too late I'm afraid of ugly. It will in some way be a reckoning that will not be good, but difficult. The only thing that can save us this is a true Christian revival where Muslims are being saved, often in great numbers or in a very large number and scale. Without it we will eventually be faced with one or more attacks from the Muslims that they will require power and influence in our society and that will be that bad and oppressive that we will be set back several hundred years and it will almost be impossible to conduct a free and democratic society. Many will also have the same as in Iran, a priestly government in Norway and elsewhere in all Western countries where they can come in and control. And the free churches with a free service will be history. When the Germans occupied Norway was Pastor TB Barratt at the top of their list of intellectuals that they should be worn when he had discovered them long before anyone else in Norway. Fortunately, he died a few months. before their invasion of Norway, if they had been in trouble Barratt.

4) Sharia laws.

I have personally spoken with Muslims who are in regular permanent job here in Norway who wants Sharia Law for Muslims. And when they've had them for the Muslims, they shall apply to all of Norway. What makes this "right" is when there has been enough Muslims in Norway and in one place. That they are mostly living in the Oslo area makes this area of ​​Norway's most exposed to this and Muslim influences, which unfortunately will only increase and increase, if not we who are Christians and from the western world does nothing. The Sharia laws will Norwegian laws, and all that we see as the Norwegian, Christian, human and it is right now being removed and pushed aside the Sharia laws. That the Norwegian authorities and the people in board and care will not do anything about the situation is ominous. The real truth is probably a really deep down do not want to see the reality in the eye. It looks as if Muslims and imams have already been given too much power. Muslim beliefs and thinking is dangerous and anti-Western and Christian. From Wikipedia: Sharia (Arabic الشريعة, ash-Shari'a: the road (at sea), path, way), also sjaria, sjariah, sjari'a, sjari'ah, Sharia, Shari'ah, Shariah or syariah is traditional Islamic law. Sharia is not an unambiguous written law, but formulated from time to time through various scribes often varying interpretations of the Koran and Hadiths. Islam basically draws no boundaries between specific religious and secular life. So Sharia covers not only religious rituals, but also many aspects of daily life. Many Muslims with a liberal view of Islam, however, in opposition to this traditional view of religious law. The term refers to "the way to the water" or "breach of a riverbank, which provides access to water." Muslim scholars differ mostly between fiqh, which means "understanding" and refers to blends of scholars from the legal sources, and sharia is the moral ideals that lie behind the fiqh. Scholars hope that fiqh and sharia in any specific case are identical, but they can not be sure. What is certain is that if an act of legally-shaped fiqh, is exempt from the sanctions. For Sunni Muslims are the sources of Islamic law, Qur'an and Hadith, but ijma, consensus of society, has also been accepted as a minor source. Qiyas, different forms of thinking including comparison with similar cases, has also been used by legal scholars (Mujtahidun) to deal with situations where the sources do not provide any specific rules. In Imami-Shi'i-law is the law sources (usul al-fiqh) Qur'an, anecdotes of the Prophet and the 12 Imams practice, as well as the intellect ('aql). The practice is called Sharia today, but also local customs (al-urf). Islamic law is called fiqh and is divided into two parts: the study of the sources and methodology (usul al-fiqh, law roots) and the practical rules (pine 'al-fiqh, law branches). (End of quote).

5) In most Muslim countries, there are problems.

If we look at the fruits that the Muslim faith and learning, you should just in itself get us here in the West and in the "Christian" countries to wake up. Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and all other Muslim countries, it is totalitarian, oppressive, poverty and problems for the majority of the population. There is no progress and happiness, but stagnation, poverty, oppression and everything else that is positive and good that is prevailing. All because of the religion of Islam, at least a large and significant negative factor.

6) In most Muslim countries, Christians are oppressed, suppressed and ultimately killed.

If you walk on the pages for example. Stephen Alliance and other sites and get a glimpse of the least tolerant and anti-democratic countries, Muslim countries and areas over-represented. When a well has been in several of the countries I've been I think also the people who live there. Not least the Christians. Those who believe that if there had been Muslim rule in Norway that we had released cheaper and lighter underneath. It will probably incorrect calculation significantly, we had probably been more oppressed and held down than what most people are today in the Muslim countries. Killing of other faiths and thinking which one is judged based on Sharia law is unfortunately a fact is prevalent in Muslim countries. And many are killed and beheaded or otherwise executed in public sight for deterrent and entertainment. Islam is and remains a dangerous religion.

7) The faithful Muslims want world domination, then comes the end?

According to the Koran and what many Muslims think and think, then the end will come when the world is governed by the Muslims. This live fortunately the vast majority of Muslims as they are for what we call secular Muslims. But their writings are these teachings, they are the most devout Muslims believe this, live by this. Finally, they also require that all live by this, as it will be like an ultimatum to all of us as they are currently trying to grow so big and powerful that I have to say, "Wake up Little Norway, and in particular those who agree with me that Muslims and Muslim faith does not belong in Norway and in a free western country. " Actually, so do not hear Muslims at home anywhere because it is idolatry, and thus it is Satan, demons and the fallen angels who are behind Islam!

8) Islam is a guise of what it actually is, it is not primarily a religious movement, but a police drug and totalitarian rule and way of thinking!

It is a disguise that what reality is when Muslims claim that they are a religion. The reality is that religion is going down the list. First and foremost it is a political and cultural powerhouse with world domination on the agenda. Secondly, it is a religion, therefore, is a Mosque as a "fighting camp" into the "enemy" territory. In many mosques the store everything from bombs, grenades, monitoring equipment and everything else you need to infiltrate, operate and almost terror war. Qur'an and Muhammad teach that war is legitimate, if not "the enemy" who do not accept Islam submits to Islam of their own free will. To give acceptance to mosques of a low shoe is really u exposing himself, everyone else and not least the coming generation of hazard and a form of imperialism that Europe coach was doing before.

9) Allah is the beginning is the Arabic moon, not the biblical God.

When we read the story in Saudi Arbien at the time. Then there were many tribes with their religions and avgudsdyrkeri. And Muhammad "total" this and made it a religion with a Moon god Allah. It is right that Muslims believe that there is only one God, not three, which unfortunately most Christians are led to believe by the Catholic church. The origins of Allah is a moon, not Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as Jews and some Christians believe (those who believe in the Trinity and Jesus only doctrine has written off the belief in the One True God). When Muhammad got his revelations, he had no intention to start a new religion. On the contrary, he sought out the Jews and tried to encourage them to accept him as a prophet of their God. When he discovered that he was accepted as a prophet by the Jews, let him back to Jerusalem and went instead to the city of Mecca. Mecca at that time had a total of 360 supernatural beings and one of them had the name of Allah. This god was associated with star-religion and was the personal name of the moon god. Mohammed then decided that Allah, the moon god, was to be his god. Crescent symbol of Islam religion date from this origin. Enguds religion Islam is a truth based on certain modifications. Muhammad introduced religion as a enguds-religion, but later received some revelations which indicated the opposite. In ancient Arabia the moon was perceived as a male deity and the sun as a female deity. Muhammad received a revelation that these two deities were married and had three daughters (Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat). These daughters were regarded as deities, according to Muhammad and to be worshiped. But Islam was transformed into a multi-god religion, something his supporters then protested loudly against. Quite conveniently got Muhammad a new revelation, which indicated that the first revelation was repealed. These verses, known Satanic verses and others, should have belonged to the first version of the Koran, but was removed after Muhammad's death. The verses are very embarrassing for the Muslim clergy and they have always tried to keep this hidden. It's not for nothing that publication does Salman Rushdie is the most hated among the guardians of Islam and that his book is forbidden reading material among Muslims. Yes disclosure could threaten the credibility of the Prophet Mohammed and Islam as true religion.

10) The Quran is a bad copy and imitation of the Old Testament.

I have read a lot in the Koran. As we understand the Qur'an, then it is written in the Old Testament in his hand, but a bad copy. It is not their own thoughts Mohammed performs, but put together with what the Old Testament teaches and what the various tribes around the thought and taught. The revelations that Muhammad received is in the best case, the human mind, or is seducing spirits and demons teacher behind.

Final Comment: As I said, I am in no way against Muslims as people, but what they stand for and represent are both dangerous and ugly. And as I've written before, Muslim's faith is as much a political faith as a spiritual faith when it involves our whole lives as human beings, and therefore Muslims should really not be allowed to freely build mosques and more. It is a form of deception and manipulation. Now the Muslims more than enough mosques in Oslo and in Norway, more will in the long term build up of major conflicts and confrontations than one wants to think and believe will happen even here in our small, peaceful country. They will be able to demand Sharia law, then their own governance etc. It is with horror and dismay, I see how they grow more and more forward and they believe that this is the case in Norway we want it?! Let us pray and preach the gospel that there is salvation only in Jesus' name alone and the road to the only true God, and only go through Jesus Christ. Muslim beliefs and teachings are false and demonic doctrines of God and what he stands for, do not let yourself be mislead into thinking something else, if it does, you are about to lose its grip on your own spiritual welfare. I think Christian leaders are by and large immature and insecure when they are unable to debate things mainly on the smooth, but Muslims still set in a separate category because they want no debate by and large it all in Muslim countries, but is totalitarian and oppressive rule and thinking. 1 Tim. 4. 1. But the Spirit is saying, in clear words that in the coming times will anyone fall from the faith, as they hold themselves to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils 2 at the hypocrisy of false teachers, who are stigmatized in their own conscience.

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