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Nr. 343: Should we worship or pray to Jesus in the same way as the Father?

Nr. 343:

Should we worship or pray to Jesus in the same way as the Father?

The disciples turned to Jesus for everything, think the same applies to us today and we expect and believe that He hears us and gives us what we need for the spirit, soul and body. When we come to the New Jerusalem, we will worship the Lamb teaches writing and we'll sing and shout something we can and should begin already here on earth and in the church: "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, worthy to receive all power and wealth, wisdom and strength, honor and glory and thank you! " Jesus himself sang hymns and loved it, should not we also make and practice it?

Matt. 28. 17 And when they saw him they worshiped him: but some doubted. Rooms. 10. 13 for everyone who calls on the Lord's name shall be saved.

From my commentaries Dispenser letter Colossians 1 18 He is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that he in all things may be the foremost. There is no pope, priest or ruler or any other people who are head of the church, but Jesus Christ. When it's origins meant it, Jesus is God's pattern image. The pattern God himself will be found only in Jesus Christ. 1 m is 1 m, but there should be discussion how much is 1 m is the original in Paris, France. The original and the pattern for all that God does exist only in Jesus Christ, though there have been many people who have been filled with the Spirit of God through the ages 19 For in him God would allow all the fullness should dwell, God the Father is determined by themselves that Jesus would come as a man and here was God dwell in him filled with His Spirit. Incarnation is a mystery but nevertheless a fact. In Jesus Christ was God, "man" when in that Jesus showed us who God is if he is or was the only true God. When did God himself dwelling in Jesus? From the days of eternity. But Jesus both gave up the glory, got it again and will have it forever. Joh.e.17. 4 I have glorified you on earth when I completed the work you gave me to do. 5 And now I ask you, Father, give me the glory which I had with thee before the world was. 20 and through him God would reconcile all to himself, what is on earth and in heaven, having made peace through His blood on the cross. When man fell there had been a fall in engleverden before man fell. When both angels fell, 1 \ 3 of them and human beings, although creation was the same judgment. When Jesus atoned the sin he restored everything and more. The universe and all created things were made partakers of redemption. Rom.8. 19 All that is created, wait with longing for the children of God shall be revealed in glory. 20 For it created, was subjected to vanity, not willingly, but because of him that made it so. Yet there was hope, 21 for the creature to be freed from enslavement to corruption and share in the freedom of God's children will own in glory. 22 We know that everything that is created, which groans in travail until this day. 23 And not only that, but we who have received the Spirit, the first fruits of the harvest, our sugar with ourselves and yearn for the day when our bodies are delivered out, and we become children of God entirely. 21 Also ye were once strangers and enemies of God in the minds of their evil deeds. Once we were in the dark and safe for most people, we were not aware of it. We must not forget that "the cow was veal." One day it was a big change. For some it was very obvious, for others not so obvious. Yet the word of God describes it as just as big, important and wonderful about the difference was very noticeable and visible or not. We were all enemies of God in mind, thought and deed. 22 But now he has reconciled you to himself, since Christ suffered death in his body of flesh and blood. Holy, without error and unassailable, he would bring you to himself. But now, God is reconciled and we are in Christ Jesus. The law could not save, it just showed that we were sinners. But Jesus made the difference. He suffered death in his body for us. We died with Christ, in baptism we were buried with him, and when Jesus rose again we got up with him. When we see and believe this, sanctifying process gain momentum as the sun in the spring are the flowers and trees to spring after winter's sleep and darkness. 23 You just have to remain in the faith, grounded and steadfast, without letting you tear away from the hope that the gospel brings. And have you heard the gospel, for it has been preached to every creature under heaven, and I, Paul, have become a servant of it. In Christ we are always in a state of perfection. How to walk as believers? We just have to stand in Christ, and let him meet us. Our victory is contingent on him and not us. Satan wants us to lose focus, but we have only one focus; Christ. When the gospel has been preached to every creature under heaven, I think it refers to the extent of Christ's victory. Even the demons know that play is lost, but you know that as a believer? Then you can relax and rest in Him as your soul loves. Paul mentions again and again that he is a servant, we can get a higher and better position than being a servant?! 24 Now I rejoice in my sufferings for you, and what is still lacking in Christ's sufferings, that I fill with my own body, I suffer for his body, the church. Jesus went through the incredible, even though he was perfectly clean, good and loving. But Paul himself had been a persecutor, and when Stephen, the first Christian martyr was stoned, he held the clothes of those who did this crime. On the basis of what he felt that no matter what he went through, he could not get paid back what he had been on before. Therefore, he says, it complements with my own body. This is biledelig speech, but to feel his own unmerited and shortcomings is healthy and not harmful to anyone. We read in Ezekiel 33 that no matter how much good we have done but falls into sin today, we will perish eternally. No human is exempt and is God's judgment. 25 I have become a servant of the church by virtue of the management assignment God has given me with you, to complete the service of God's word, With the background he had, not least with his deep knowledge of the Word of God and all Jewish regulations, he was ideal for his great mission to complete the service of God's word. Or as it says in the 1930 translation, ie to complete the word of God. There were many aspects of Paul's teaching \ preaching that was not obvious before he brought it to light. Among other church, the rapture of the church, gifts, service gifts and many other truths. 26 the mystery that has been hidden through the ages and for all generations, but which is now revealed to his saints. What is this mystery? Can we know it or should we guess our way? I think that the answer is very simple and clear. Kol.2.2b. Mystery of God, which is Christ. Or as it is God's mystery. We read a similar verse in 1.Tim.3. 16 And as any to confess, great is the mystery of godliness: He who was manifested in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached among the nations, believed in the world, interested in glory (1930 translation). Jesus is the answer to everything! 27 God would announce to them how rich and wonderful this mystery is the nations: Christ is among you, the hope of glory! But this mystery is prolonged if it is the same. All the time, it is Christ, but now it's something completely new, Christ in you the hope of glory as it can also be translated. Hedegaard says that Christ lives in you. Now Jesus himself moved by faith. When this happened the first time? After Jesus' resurrection must be the right thing and say. Not because GT was the Holy Spirit upon them, but not innate, even if they had the Spirit of Christ. Joh.e.20. 22 Then he breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit. » 28 It is Him we preach, and we will guide and teach all people in the full wisdom, to bring every man up to maturity in Christ. Paul was never tired and lost focus. The focus was and still is, it's him we preach (Christ). Paul speaks of this as a love affair. Christ in all shapes and facets. Christ in us, by us, in him and so was something that went over and over. The full wisdom and understanding will never be without one sees Christ as the focal point and it is he who is the center points of each book in the Bible. The full wisdom of the nodes up to Christ's person and work. 29 To achieve this goal, work and fight I'm in his power, who works in me with strength. In His power is the key word and concept. Take in together, a must and should, you must keep the law and the more you need will never work. Maybe some time but never over a larger perspective, it is in his power we can do God's work. It seems to me with strength can be understood in several ways. Paul did a great amount of force to get the game out. And we will not get more than what we open ourselves up to. If you open yourself up too little of Jesus, you little. If you open yourself up too much, you get a lot of Jesus. But the starting point is that he will give us exactly what we need in any situation and at every opportunity! 2.1. I want you to know how hard I fight for you and for those in Laodicea and for all the others who have seen me. Here the apostle mentions again that he did not personally have been in Colosse or Laodicea. But the fight for the saints there also was strong for him. All churches were an indirect fruit of his work, especially at Ephesus (Ap.gj.19-20). He had put into every church's affairs through others. And made their conclusions and sent letters to various churches. Through this, they would hopefully get the right comfort, admonition and encouragement that we all depend on to go straight on the road with the Lord. 2 What I want for them is that they will have courage, be joined together in love and reach out to the entire wealth of knowledge and insight, so they can comprehend the mystery of God, which is Christ. The depths and aspects of Christ that one must acquire in order to get the full enjoyment and benefit of all that Christ is. This saw Paul and he teaches about the importance of being nodes together in love. As I understand this text aims also to dealings with other believers is a dependent in order to achieve the full potential that is in Christ Jesus. Reach he speaks there is a way to go. To comprehend the mystery of God, which is Christ. We will probably need an eternity to penetrate fully into, but word of God encourages us to start here and now. 3 For by Him all wisdom and knowledge hidden treasures there. Isaiah 45 3 I give you the treasures are hidden in darkness and riches hidden in secret places for you to know that I am the Lord God who has called you by name. He knows us but we know him? It is hidden in attendance said Paul. It is something one must sacrifice to get. Isaiah speaks of treasures hidden in the darkness and hidden riches of secret places. We know that it is Christ, but we need to sit down with the word of God, pray and get together with other believers to find and get hold of these riches.

We should and can not pray to Jesus on a par with the Father as Jesus is not the same "level" with the Father. Jesus said it himself in John. AD 10 29a My Father, which gave them me is greater than all.

We can not pray or worship of the Holy Spirit, but Jesus!

By virtue of the fact that Jesus has shown us who God is and that he has served his sin on Calvary, which no one else could and would. So what he has done on Calvary so great and unique that we can simply never do anything except to worship him and he makes intercession for us believers within its our Father, it is also good enough reason to pray to him. We have fellowship with the Father and son learn the writing, then we must also talk with Jesus as we do with the Father or the Word of God seems contradictory. There are secrets Tucked away present in the font, we must try to understand what God meant by his words. And it says that we shall call upon the Lord's name is Jesus and we shall be saved, it is not to pray??? Yes, of course.

This is from my commentaries Hebrews 7 24 But Jesus has a priesthood that does not end, because he remains forever. Here we just take our hat off to God the very good and wonderful he has done so. We need to break out that Paul in Rom. 11 when one sees the Lord's way and inscrutable wisdom. Rom.11. 33 Oh, the depth of wealth and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and how unfathomable His ways! 34 Who knew the Lord's mind, or who was his counselor? 35 Who gave him something first, so he should get consideration? 36 From him and through him and to him are all things. Him be glory forever! Amen. 25 Therefore He is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. The fact that Jesus died and rose again the foundation of his ongoing ministry. His biggest and most important service for us is that he prays for the believer and advocate within its Father. That this is so little taught about is a tragedy. John. AD 17 9 I pray for them. I pray not for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours. 1. John. b 2 1. My children, that I write unto you that ye shall not sin. But if anyone sins, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. 26 Yes, such a high priest was what we had to have: holy, good and pure, separated from sinners and exalted above the heavens. We read about the great Day of Atonement in the 3rd Genesis 16 that the high priest also have to make atonement for their sin. v. 11 When Aaron leads his own sin offering bull and make atonement for himself and his household, he shall kill the bull. We may never find some of these weaknesses with Jesus, even Satan had to give up here. John. AD 14 30 I shall not say much to you after this, the prince of this world comes. He has no right over me. 27 He does not, like other priests, to offer up sacrifices daily, first for his own and then for the people's sins. The victim, he has carried out once for all when he sacrificed himself. The main purpose of Jesus' ministry and life was not just a survivor learn. Nor heal, exorcise demons and rebuke the Pharisees and the scribes. But he suffered and died. Markus 9 30 They got up there and let the road through Galilee. He did not want anyone to know it, 31 because he was busy teaching his disciples. He said to them: "Son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of men, and they shall kill him, and three days after he shall arise." 32 This did not, and they were afraid to ask him. 28 They act as inserts to the chief priests, the poor people. But the word that was confirmed with an oath, which came later than the law, inserts the Son, who has reached perfection forever. Jesus' life and work was completely different then prior sentences were totally different. The law was like to walk with crutches. A person can not carry its own weight will not see how weak one is before one tries to do something. So it is with those who will try to follow the law, it is doomed to more of a try. But both Jesus removes our sin and gives us the opportunity to please God by his Spirit is seen and run rules are found in the New Testament writings. John. e 3 31 He that cometh from above is above all. It comes from the earth, the earth is earthly and speaks. He who comes from heaven is above all.

This is from my commentaries Revelation 5 1. And I saw him sitting on the throne, had a scroll in his right hand. It was written both inside and outside of it, and it was sealed with seven seals. Here is the Father on the throne. Here is a scroll that is sealed with seven seals. It is written both inside and out. What is written and the content we do not know. But God knows much more about everything than those found in the Bible. God is infinite, inconceivably large, rich, and he is inscrutable. 2 And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming with a loud voice: "Who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals?" But this rich and important scroll has some worthy to open it and break its seals? Here we see what God sees when it comes to humans. Rooms. 3. 10 For it is written: There is no one who is righteous, not one. 11 There is no one who is wise, not one who seeks God. 12 All have gone astray, everyone is corrupt, there is no one who does good, not one. 13 Their throat is an open grave, they have the false words of tongue, the lips they ormegift, 14 in the mouth curses and harsh words. 15 They are quick-footed when they want to shed blood, 16 Destruction and misery follow in their tracks. 17 way of peace have they not, 18 and fear of God they know not of. 3 But neither in heaven or on earth or under the earth, someone who could open the book and read it. For the Apostle did everything now hopeless. No one can be allowed to open the book and read it. Neither in heaven, on earth or under the earth. Jeremiah 30 21 Their leader will be one of their own, their ruler shall proceed from themselves. I let him come and present to me. For who else would dare life by approaching me? says the Lord. 4 And I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open the book and read it. If God does not have a solution as no other either. Here the apostle weeps bitterly because no one is found worthy to open the book. The world has lots of great people like Gandhi, Buddha, and many others. Religious Founders that Muhammad, Vardhamana Mahavira and many others. But none of them are worthy! 5 But one of the elders said to me: "Do not weep! For the Lion of the tribe of Judah, David's root, he has won and is the one who can open the scroll and its seven seals. " But one of the twenty-four elders came with good tidings. It was found worthy. He is worthy to open the scroll and its seven seals. Lion of the tribe of Judah is Jesus. Jesus came the tribe of Judah and lived to please God the Father in 100% and is found worthy. David suckers he is also when King David through Joseph, his father came ste of David's house and family. 6 And I saw a lamb: It was the middle of the circle, between the throne and the four living creatures and the elders, and the Lamb looked like it was slaughtered. Having seven horns and seven eyes, the eyes are seven spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. Here, something strange, a lamb that has been slaughtered in the center. That it has seven horns, seven eyes and seven Spirits of God that goes with the witnesses of Jesus' perfection, therefore, his dignity. Jesus is the perfect strength, wisdom, and he has the Spirit without measure. Seven is also responsible for seven pages and seven stands for perfection or complete, At the seven Spirits of God were sent beyond the Earth, one must see that all that God brought to pass in Christ was God and wanted to get some human children. John. e 3 16 For so God loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. 7 Lamb came to him that sat on the throne, and took the book of his right hand. No one can come close to God and live. But when God the Son can acknowledge him fully. There is nothing unclean and rebellious in him. Only dignity, grandeur, beauty and goodness. 8 Then it took the book, the four creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each of them had a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of saints. When the Lamb takes the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. It is not only the Father who receive adoration and admiration, but also the Son. But I think also when we go to heaven as on earth. Is it only the Father and the Son to be asked to, adored and glorified and worshiped. 9 They sang a new song: You are worthy to receive the book and open its seals. For you were slaughtered and have your blood ransomed for God people of all tribes and tongues, of all peoples and nations. Here was the Son is worshiped and glorified with the Father, as he is worthy. And it is out of all tribes and tongues, of all people and nations. But the gateway to all of them are the same, with your blood redeemed for God. 10 To a kingdom, you have done them, priests to our God, and they shall reign on earth. In Israel, under the old covenant was only a few priests out of a tribe, the tribe of Levi. But the church's time and during the upcoming 1000 årsriket are all born priests of the living God. 1. Pet. 2. 5 Be yourself living stones built up a spiritual temple! Be a holy priesthood, to offer the spiritual sacrifice which God welcomes, through Jesus Christ. 11 And I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the four living creatures and the elders - there were tens of thousands of ten thousands, thousands upon thousands of them. We read in Hebrews. 12. 22 to tens of thousands of angels. Or as it stands, the angel myriads. There are a number of angels, but now there is no room for them all before the throne. Now, not only the four twenty representatives of all the redeemed of the throne. But also all saved through time, therefore there will be few angels now before the throne. The redeemed of all time are so many that the angels must yield. 12 And they cried with a loud voice: Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, worthy to receive all power and wealth, wisdom and strength, honor and glory and thanks. Again the ropes with a loud voice. In heaven there will be crying aloud because Jesus is found worthy of the Father. Had not Jesus been found worthy we'd all been lost forever and been destroyed together with all the non believers and all fallen angels. 13 And every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and sea and everything else that there are, I heard saying: He who sits on the throne, and the Lamb will be all thanks and honor price and power for ever and ever. Here are two that should be praised and glorified, who sits on the throne, and the Lamb will be all thanks and honor price and power for ever and ever. To pray to the Holy Spirit and believe that the Holy Spirit is a divine person is nonsense, and 100% unbiblical. 14 The four living creatures said, Amen. And the elders fell down and worshiped. We read in Ezekiel about these livsvesne. Ezekiel 1 14 The characters went back and forth and was like lightning. Then they throw four twenty elders fell down and worship the Father and the Son. File. 2. 9 Therefore God has highly exalted him and gave him the name above all names, 10 for that every knee shall bow in Jesus name, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue confess Jesus Christ is Lord, to God's glory! To pray to and worship the Father and the Son is to "heaven" in advance!

Final Comment: For my part, my prayers directed primarily against God the Father, and my worship. But there are times and moments that I pray ten and worship Jesus, when he is appreciated! Has been a few times up in difficult situations and then I automatically invoked the name of Jesus. Not later than 1 week ago I was in a waterfall in Telemark and lost grip and fell into the waterfall. Automatically, I cried, "Jesus help me." And he helped me on a wonderful show that I did as a small miracle to turn me around and was prevented from hurting me a lot about I fell down some lodrett meters. Everything went well blessed be the Lord's name. Pray to God in Jesus' name, it is the prayer of the New Testament recommends, but it is also good and right to pray and worship Jesus. What we do here in time and when we come home to the New Jerusalem!

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