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Nr. 316: Smyrna Oslo - ahead of its time!

Nr. 316:

Smyrna Oslo - ahead of its time!

Word. 11. 25 The blessing will thrive, and those who were burned others will himself be watered.

Evangelist and Bible teacher Jan Kåre Christensen

I get emails and phone calls from different people. It is the strangest claims one hears, and many people know much more about me and my family and Smyrna Oslo than I even know! All this is by and large nothing more than people with a very large ego who knows better than God about everything too much, why is it that the rule as soon as it arrives.My whole life has really been about living for others than myself. Forever gone to work, living for the family and the ministry God has given me. All tasks and anything else I've pretty much always done their best, even before I was saved. Therefore I can say that the apostle Paul that I have lived my life with a clear conscience. But as Paul says of himself, so I must also say that I am not thereby acquitted, for God sees the hidden and it is he who is the judge of both the veiled as the obvious.Acts 23. 1. Then Paul firmly on the council, saying, Brethren! with all good conscience, I have led my realities of God until this day.But I have far to go, though! Therefore, I wish and I live as Paul says to Filipenserne. And who does not have far to go? I know of no one who has not.File. 3. 12 Not that I've already caught it or are already perfect, but I chase after it, and if I can grasp it, as I and are gripped by Christ Jesus. 13 Brethren I do not think about myself that I have caught it. 14 But one thing I do: when I forget what is behind and straining me out for what is ahead, I pursue the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus. 15 Let us then, as many as are mature, have this mind; and I are different from the mind of something, God will also reveal to you that, 16 just that, as far as we have come, hold up the same track!I have made many mistakes, though I have never made the really big blisters as far as I know. But I and all need God's grace every day and even more grace to proceed with the Lord.By a changeNow I feel that we are at a change in many ways. We have worked night and day for 2 years with the website. In my opinion it is the best website on the Christian front here in Norway, for example. in terms of content and what will be served in order to develop healthy and right on the spiritual realm. I am very happy been, and will not work as much with the website now, except to begin with Bible commentaries and write a little blog as it enters new questions and if something special comes up!What lies aheadThere is much that lies ahead. What will happen? I have a vision and a dream about something. Things start out very often with a longing, thought and idea. There are many who see a negative impact on what we are doing, but God has promised in a special way to be with us believers, and especially those who go way of the Lord 100%.2. Chron. 16. 9a For the Lord's eyes risks of all the earth that he with his power to support those whose heart is completely with him.My experience is that when one has a vocation, mission and ministry of the Lord, he will also take part in a special way. And make a mistake and fail, then you can take a page change it. Will briefly talk a little bit about this here.Smyrna Oslo 20 years agoI had traveled as a preacher in the Pentecostal movement with a recommendation from the Filadelfia Oslo as both a recreational and full-time preacher preaching all over Norway. Before we started Smyrna Oslo 20 years ago I had visited about. 100 different churches and most Pentecostal churches, but also some free friends, Maranta, mission and associated Frelsarmeen. So I was at the end of 20 years and "experienced". But unfortunately I was not "seasoned" enough when problems and trials came. I chose the easiest and dumbest solution, not good!Proverbs 24:10 Do you show yourself discouraged in the day, then your power ring.God was good when we ran Smyrna Oslo the first time, everything was laid in order on the many ways better than now. We had people with us and with the financial support was also better than now, most of it was good. We got your game on the business of renting is also a separate room in the town of Good Templar's premises in Mills Street 38 in 2 floor But what did I? What I should and should do. We had bought a small but expensive apartment Vestli, the location was super, near a cozy nursery and beautiful natural areas outside the door. Nothing to say about it. But it was stupid that we could have bought a three-room apartment for the same price that we turned down, how stupid can one be, it was certainly in a different place, but still. This was probably the leading of God, but we were both disobedient. The apartment we had just bought a bedroom. (That was what was the real problem, only 1 bedroom and we had been disobedient and stupid not to buy another apartment).In 1992 my wife unemployed and redundant in the DNB, where she worked and I was without a job when we ran Smyrna Oslo. We could have rented a house further down in Vestli Road and rent our own apartment and let everything settle, so despite some wrong choices along the way, let God's blessing, for he is faithful if we are faithless. Then we had two children, both our girls. The little guy was not born then.It was strange how we could have rented the apartment. I prayed to the Lord for his leadership. When I was at the library on Stovner, my eyes fell on the ad in Our Country on the four-bedroom apartment to rent, and we could get it. But what did I do? Depressed and tired as I was, so I said no thanks, and we finished the project Smyrna Oslo. We thought to take a break and rented out our apartment which we later sold at great loss, and so we moved a little time the plan was in any case, the Karmøy. This period was a time of 12-13 years, talk about the long break.But God does not give up, thanks and praise for it! We had a really all-time Karmøy, but deep inside I felt special to me that we were not in God's perfect will for our lives, something we probably were not either. If one has work, house, home and car and everything is just good, it's not the external things that say whether one is in God's will, but inside the heart of everything that is in place. It is the most important thing about a know whether one is in God's will or not.I therefore began around 2002/03 to look for a suitable place for us to move back to Oslo. Of course it was not as easy as we had built ourselves a very good house on Karmøy with 100 kvm2 terrace and double garage with separate living room, etc., we had good jobs and everything was really just welfare. But not in my heart, where I had a nagging feeling that we are not serving the Lord in His perfect will for our lives.Eventually I came across an apartment at Skullerud online that was a perfect fit for us. It would be built and I traveled by air in February 2004 and signed a contract with BN brokers and God put everything into place and financially even if the majority of our capital was tied up in the new house we had built in Karmøy. We had decided Oslo.The final package on HydroWhen all was destined for Oslo and the family agreed that, after much back and forth. After we had signed a contract, certain management at Hydro that they would downsize and would announce any severance packages. I was one of the lucky ones who did, and it was very good when I had worked at Hydro for 10 years and they covered 13 months. salary and they also covered the transportation of our assets over to Oslo, which was of 30-40 thousand. One such blessing was really wonderful, so we could take it easy when we got to Oslo, and we could look for work in peace and quiet without a financial pressure, it was wonderful!We went into the Pentecostal movement again, something I really wanted, but his wife wanted. It was okay but it was not God's will, God's perfect will. As often happens, so it was no problem and when I had the opportunity with family's blessing to start the Smyrna Oslo in September 2009, nearly 20 years after we discontinued Smyrna Oslo in June 1992. Is not the Lord good? JAAAA!!!Now we are in God 100% will, Hallelujah!It is of course not everything goes our way, but very much. But the inner peace and satisfaction is there. It's like an inner driving force and certainty, in spite of external circumstances that are changing and uncertain. What is the future of the program? I do not know fully, but something we have succeeded, something we have not succeeded.Predictions. 11. 1. Send your bread out of the water, because over time you will find it again.I know as I said not everything, but both my wife and I have good jobs here in Oslo, and we have a new and good house here on Mortensrud, but it's meaning in a year that we sell here and move to Hellerud top when we to build a new house and hopefully the last house we build. Have built a house and this is the third house I build or responsible for, and are the first to move into, pray that everything adds up to facilitate both the construction, sale of property here on Mortensrud and financially, who believe in what we are doing here in Smyrna Oslo.What stands in frontWhat's ahead? Part I of thoughts and ideas.Should briefly mention some of the things that were good, and what I have of thoughts and dreams. I think God has placed in my heart and mind, what would later be presented and will be a blessing and help to many!What we have succeeded in1) We have succeeded with God's help to establish ourselves here in the capital, that we thank God for.2) We are getting started with the church Smyrna Oslo again and has laid a foundation for the church in all areas, including the doctrinal level.3) We have built up over two years of what must be the most content-rich site with video lessons, Bible commentaries, Bible overview, articles, links, books, two blogs, one Norwegian and one in English, etc. This is just wonderful and lovely !What we have not succeeded yet want to succeed1) Gather as many people around the church and the business that it is an established business with in order to gather as a church, not only as a community.2) Rental and later buy our own premises, we have rented for 1 1 \ 2 years Sinsen in Esperanto, but we did not manage to collect so many that it was prudent to hire, so we have business mostly at home here with us in our house. Want to continue as we move closer to the city about a year to Hellerud top of meetings there, but preferably a separate room rent, ask for what you believe in that and for our business.3) Buy a separate room around the Alna district that is our "core" area that I know God has spoken to me that the business will assume. But we do not want to commit ourselves 100% to this, as it is the city of Oslo, we should first and foremost!4) If successful in getting finished Bible commentary and anything else on the web. Want to keep more of video lessons on the net with a separate panel that I would call for the study of God's word or anything like that.This is in brief what we have gone through and what's ahead, and pray for us, support us financially and promote their business, if possible, to come to meetings to advise us. God bless you and yours in the Lord Jesus Christ.This is from my commentaries Ephesians 6 18 Do this in prayer, and put it all to God! Pray at all times in the Spirit! Watch and keep praying earnestly for all Christians,To take on the whole armor of God and fight the spiritual battle can be a struggle and hard work. But he has not called us to a sofa toilers, but to work in his vineyard, as members of his body, such as voluntary helpers and active Christians in the congregation and church. Much has the character of work.So it is with prayer. It is not intended that the prayer should be a pastime only when you have nothing to do. It pays to set aside time for prayer, but prayer is also at rest. Jesus says to his weary soldiers for the gospel and the cause of peace, "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matt.11, 2819 also for me. Pray that the right words must be given to me when I speak, so I can boldly proclaim the gospel secretPaul wanted to preach in a right way of the gospel secrets. Therein lies a lot. To name a few truths here it is Jesus' death on Calvary that defeated Satan. But this is only a beginning for all of God's secrets.20 that I am an ambassador for here in prison. Pray that through the gospel must have courage to speak as I should.Now he sat in prison, this was part of God's plan. When he had time and opportunity to write the letters we have from his hand today. Without his "break" we would probably not have all the good letters. The fact that God allows things to happen, even the negative is usually a part of his large and significant plan and purpose (end of quote).Is Smyrna Oslo justified?Is Smyrna Oslo an option among many or option? I can not of course the full answer for, but who else? The vast majority of churches, denominations and movements have been left behind on the road and does not proceed with God in the way that God wants and it is given promises and opportunities to us in Christ. They work either with a whore buck as Jan Hanvold, with a lapsed Lutheran state church that accepts empty gay and or all of the Lutheran movement accepts infant baptism etc. Yes, Smyrna Oslo, God willing, I am fully convinced. Do not hope and believe that what happened when God's Son, Jesus Christ wept over Jerusalem because they did not know his time spent here from happening again now in Oslo? There are many, many people think the same as us, but it is also important, proper and necessary that support us in every way and do not send cash Vision Norway and other apostates and seductive Christian businesses and churches. Support the Lord's servants, and it will go well for both yourself and those you support. All of us are in need and need each others help, support and prayers, not least in this in many ways the Anti Christian era where everything goes to for a climate shift and a change in the whole world that the world has never seen or will see again.First appearance of the Antichrist for 7 years, after which God's Son Jesus Christ to rule and govern this land for 1000 years with all its. Take the choice today, make a choice now, who will you serve? Will you serve the Lord and be obedient to him? Or would you walk on the wide road that leads to the accident? Or the narrow road that leads to life? Those who are with Jesus and all his saints. The choice is yours dear friend, neither I nor anyone else can or should make that choice for you. You even decide how your life will be here in time and in the coming era. As you sow, so one reaps. This is biblical irrevocable words and message for all of us here are not exempt! Even I who preach this!Gal. 6. 7 Be not deceived; God let him not mocked: for what a man soweth, that shall he reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh will reap corruption from the flesh: but he that soweth to the Spirit will reap eternal life of the Spirit. 9 But let us do good and not be tired! for we shall reap in his time, unless we are tired. 10 Let us therefore, as we have an apartment for that, do good to all, but mostly against their own faith, people!The joy of matureI have in no way thought the idea of ​​adding the Smyrna Oslo or our website. We now have three websites. This is our website and two blogs, one Norwegian and one in English. Everything is going our way, in spite of external circumstances. I have learned that God calls you in, will enjoy. But it will be days you could plan to end it all. Not least when one is in management and in the front. But what's the alternative? There are not as far as I can see it, it will certainly be very difficult with my preaching going into an established church since the majority of churches and denominations are so controlling and will never accept my preaching when it breaks at several points their opinion, no matter what church or denomination that will be.I think for example that the entire charismatic movement is more or less occult.

Trinity and Jesus only doctrine is equally unbiblical.

An eternally burning hell that God will torment and torture people for eternity is the medieval Catholic doctrine. God's word speaks of that all unbelievers will be destroyed after the verdict before the white throne. Remarriage is a shame and no gjengiftede preachers can cover the speaker's platform, etc. which church or churches accept such preaching and teaching? None that I know of, therefore it must be Smyrna Oslo Christensen family life, where's the alternative? There are not as far as I know.God is goodI am aware that for many will I be misunderstood and disliked when I speak when others are silent and the teacher wrong. I think in any way that I am better than others and can not be wrong. But when one has become convinced something, and find it to match the font, as it is with confidence and joy I hold forth the word of God. Whoever speaks let him speak as the word of God. This is why it so wrong to ascribe to me so many opinions that I am negative and knows all the best, even as more claims. I do not know all the best, but God has shown with many things in God's word and in life that many do not see. Then there is a schism, and for some difficult to handle and tolerate it as I keep up when it gets in their religious and preconceived opinions and views, but I live when I know from personal experience that it is not always easy to let himself be convinced by the new truths and new perceptions.We shape up.We'll try to keep ahead in the service and the task God has given us, and further develop it and take another new step of faith and the right with the Lord and the church Smyrna Oslo. I do not know what the future holds, but God is faithful and good, and he stands behind his word and he who goes his way, he has promised to support. Yes support powerful when one is fully surrendered to him!Kol. 4. 17 And say to Archippus (read Jan Kåre Christensen): Give heed to the service that you received in the Lord, that completes it.

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