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Nr. 322: GOD FATHER WILL NEVER punished a single person for all eternity! And no one has an immortal soul!

Nr. 322:
GOD FATHER WILL NEVER punished a single person for all eternity! And no one has an immortal soul!

God gets blamed for many things, and the believers are in no way back with their P interpretations and misinterpretations of scripture. 2. Pet. 3. 16 and like in all his letters when he speaks to them about this: in them there is something that is very to understand, and which they unlearned and impressionable suggests interfered, and they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction.

The doctrine of man's immortal soul joins the ranks of the unbiblical teachings worn by the Catholic church. The Pope is not Jeus deputy on earth, it is a total unbiblical teachings, he is an ordinary mortal who need salvation as much as everyone else.

God is not a monster or a dictator, but loving, just and good. Therefore, the doctrine of an eternally burning hell and that mennekse have an immortal soul completely absurd and totally meaningless. God who is perfect will never do anything that has no purpose? Never! Never! God would never torture anyone, and they would never get a chance to repent? No. Failure to accept a Jesus or believe in Jeus but not vice versa. When one is lost. Or as skrfiften says, living dead!

Where does the doctrine of the immortality of the soul from? It was the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who believed in it, and the Catholic church adopted these elements into their teaching. There ogås flerguderi came through the Trinity. The papacy is also an ancient Babylonian and hednesk office as the Catholic church adopted. Nice that the false prophet Ulf Ekman indicate that this applies also today for God's people. It only supports my claims that he is a false prophet who scripture says that there should be many among the faithful after the first Christian death.

Cowardice and immaturity that does not address this in preaching and teaching!

It is cowardly, immature and not true that this is preached more and then manage the vast majority of believers are led to believe that an eternal hell and that man has an immortal soul is not recorded more. They are quick to warn against those who advocate this doctrine. But even they fail to preach what they believe when even non-believers are against such a barbaric and senseless teachings.

This is from my commentaries Judas letter 7 Another example is Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighboring cities, where people lived in adultery like those angels, and perversion. Now they lie there as an example of the punishment of eternal fire.

It's bad with sin, but sin begets sin. Finally, the sin mature. James 1 15 When desire has become pregnant, gives birth to sin, and sin when it is ripe, brings forth death. We would do well to look seriously at the smallest sin, and the slightest mistake. Judas began to steal the cash register and he later betrayed Jesus for some lusne silver. In Sodom and the other three cities on the plains was the sin of maturity and was punished with an eternal flame scripture says that was a total annihilation. Never to rise again, the only thing we see today is the fire effects.
How will it go with all the wicked, they will be totally destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah that we find in 1.Mosebok 19 scripture says that the eternal fire! God deals with His creation exactly what he wants and has predetermined.

I think the evangelical Christians in this teaching more? Or they are too cowardly to come forward?

My experience is that the believers are very immature, very cowardly and small adults in most fields of life. It would not be so and should not be so. God is fulkommen and he invites us to become like him. For most believers believe in hell and the doctrine that man has an immortal soul, why they hardly preach this? But shut out those who claim something else and call them both for sect, heretics and annnet. This shows immaturity, cowardice and spiritual lukewarmness. I do not believe any of this as it does not match the font.

Lost - Eternal torment? Not a few of those struggling with mental health problems, ended up in such a deplorable state, because of the doctrine of a burning pine place. The idea of ​​a God who demonstrates such strong physical traits that he simply takes pleasure in inflicting those he claims to love, maximum pain and suffering is a water witty idea. Sometimes we are accused of not believing in hell. The claim comes often from fellow Christians who have come to believe that the wicked in the end will remain conscious for all eternity, while the pines. We believe in the absolute destruction, but can not find that the Bible's teachings are coherent with the Catholic purgatory - dogma, which is why the doctrine of a God for all eternity to torment people. We can not and dare build our faith and learn at random translations of the Bible, who have chosen interpretations that are consistent with pagan, Catholic traditions. (The Bible was translated by Catholic monks.) No, we prefer to consult a basic text, just where we find the Bible's original meaning. 'The word "torture" in most Norwegian translations from the Greek "kolasin." Sa'nt enough, this word used to describe the pain, but the word's primary meaning is "punishment".

With two possible interpretations, we must obtain information from other biblical texts, we will be sure to find the right understanding. The Bible teaches that the wicked will be destroyed. This means that they no longer exist. See Mal.4: 1 "The day that cometh shall burn them up .... Not a root or branch will be again." Sal. 9:10 p.m.. Heb. 10:27. and Revelation. 20:9 The wicked will be "consumed," Sal. 145:20 says "extinct," Isa. 41:11,12 says they will "perish and be lost." Other scriptures teach that the lost will become ashes, (Jes.47: 14, Esek.28: 18) and that neither the dead know nothing, think, feel or perform deeds. This gives a picture of a complete annihilation of those who were being saved. The result possibly the annihilation / destruction, is without doubt forever and no one will get a second chance. Yes, we absolutely believe in an eternal damnation, but this means a perpetual consequence struck by extinction / destruction, not eternal torment in the conscious state.

Eternal flame The word "hell" comes from the Greek "Gehenna," a junkyard outside Jerusalem, where the fire burned forever (all the time), at least as long as it was something and burn. But when everything that could burn was gone, extinguished the fire. Then it was only ashes left. Note the following biblical text: Judas letter, verse 7, says that Sodom and Gomorrah, "is given as an example, and is less than the punishment of eternal fire." fire lasted as long as there was nothing to burn, but the consequence was eternal. Where these cities once were, are now only ashes. At the same time we are told that what happened to these cities will be an example of the fate of the wicked goes ahead. And then we can deduce that the wicked, just as the inhabitants of the two cities will burn and become ash, and the complete destruction is perpetual. Then it is the consequence which is eternal, and not fire. The expression "unquenchable" as used in Matt. 3:12 and Luke. 3:17 says, therefore, that no one could extinguish the fire, it was "insatiable", before it had done what it was intended, namely to burn everything to ashes. Jeremiah says that God would ignite a fire in the gates of Jerusalem that could not be extinguished. The prophecy was fulfilled when the city was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. The fire burned for as long as there was nothing to burn. When we see how the Greek word eternity "aionios" is used in connection with the fire at the end of the world, we see that there is a perpetual fire devastating effect, which is emphasized, and not its duration.

A parable It is argued by some that the story of Lazarus is fueling the idea that the destruction respects torment. This story is a parable, which means that it is a fictitious and false history, which are intended to communicate a principle. About the parable of detail should be interpreted as real, we would be left with an absurd theology, that does not match the rest of the Bible. The parable of Lazarus is based on elements of contemporary folklore, and intend to show that our choice for eternity must be taken while we live. Afterwards, it is too late. Jesus often made use of both proverbs and oral histories when he would get his audience to make a spiritual principle. The idea that a man has an immortal soul, came into the Hebrew thinking, from the pagan philosophers of the mid-Testament period, but has no roots in the Old Testament writings. If other parables in the Bible would relent objective truth points, should we have problems that Jesus is both bread and a lamb, that heaven is a coin that the children of God are salt, that God's Word is the grain. We must not make the Biblical parables to the real events to satisfy the Catholic dogma of purgatory. Something the set of the tendon to scare people into buying indulgences (forgiveness of sins). If I were to believe that God takes pleasure in torment, forever, the people he loved so much that He gave His life to save them, then I had to rethink all of the biblical statements about God's love. If a man, when he deeply and sincerely loves a woman, and his love is not gjengjelt, seeking to inflict the maximum amount of her pain and suffering, any expert psychiatric diagnosis, "permanently impaired mental faculties with strong psychopathic traits." God does not deserve a better review than that? If I believe that God is so, would the sky and Christianity soon lose much of its attraction for me. Then I would probably fill my mind with all the reasons why it probably was not a God after all. Or I would become a Christian by sheer frantic fear of being tortured for all eternity. All we know how bad it is and burn it. The idea that the body would burn for all eternity, while all pain sensations are intact, can make anyone crazy. With this faith, I'd probably go to Christian communities who said salvation, to avoid the fate described is simple and easy to achieve. This is probably the reason why the churches with an easy, superficial and unbiblical preaching salvation, for example. "Once saved always saved", often attracts people who believe in and fear of eternal torment, which for many is the main motive for being a Christian. But then also this doctrine a heathen foreign element in Christianity, and should probably be given much credit for atheism success and unprecedented growth of the Humanist Association can be proud of.

But the show this biblical understanding is recognized as pagan, I am suddenly set free to love and appreciate God and Jesus, not from fear of pines, but of admiration for his character and love. When he comes across not as a malicious psychopath who delights in tormenting others, but as a loving father who will not force or manipulate someone. Yes, he respects and even those who say no to his offer. All sin and must be destroyed. No one who has not been possible to distinguish from their sin, but love it, can survive in the presence of God and find joy in living in the new earth when all sins are gone. So he lets those who choose not to be saved, be as though they had never lived.

Read our blog or our website about what God's Word says about this subject. Do you have something to tilføe write an article or write on this blog. We take a lot of just not with the traditional helvetslæren for it makes God into a monster and a dictator!

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