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Nr. 332: The demons are invading the world

Nr. 332:

The demons are invading the world


Brother Aage Samuelsen is perhaps the greatest spiritual chief Norway and Scandinavia has produced, here is one of his articles

Never in history has spiritual hosts of wickedness, directed by Satan and demonic generals, had so life like they have now. It is eerie to see that the world is in impotence and just not look at the demo's ugliness and hatred against the people - God's creatures. Satan and the demons know their endelighet soon. Respect for human life is totally gone. Political leaders around the world are watching with horror and fear into a future without hope. Religious leaders of all sorts of groups have lost all power and authority from God - they are all deviated - whether they will admit it or not. It is a fact. And they ask: "What shall we do?" Falling on his knees to acknowledge that they are all deviated is not for the gentlemen. They are more or less obsessed with wayward demons. They can figure the number of members as much as they want, and get the blessing of the State with financial support. Satan laughs at them.

When the revival was under way in Norway, they hated this announcement because it was a threat to their religious position. Pentecostal Preachers became obsessed with hatred, they mocked, ridiculed, scorned and made insurrection with slander, gossip and all sorts of devilry. I remember saying at a meeting of Festiviteten in Skien in 1961: "Because Norway yell at these meetings to Satan invade the country with crime, disease, alcohol and drugs and all sorts of devilry." Today it's come true. Plague topples over the world, the demon of death would require thousands and thousands and thousands of AIDS victims. Experts believe that the Black Death in the 1400s are for baby food to be compared with what is going to happen in the near future. The fact that men adhere to the men and women to women is no longer any shame. It is fully legal with the State's blessing. Children 8-10 years of age will be used by seksualsadister and ruined for life.

We are just at the beginning of the shocking scenes and tragedies. When thousands upon thousands of souls searched my face and was seized by the Spirit of God, and they were celebrating before God, asked the religious leaders in the forefront of a hatkampanje and called it hysteria. But when long-haired rock idiots get tricked thousands of very young, beautiful souls to fall into powerlessness and yell and scream, so it sounds like an echo from hell. Satan prepares the harvest of millions upon millions of innocent people and lead them straight into hell. Young people are sucked into the wave of suicide in despair because they see no hope in the future. They are drowning in drugs and debauchery. The parents are powerless.

Where are the hateful politicians raged against the revival? Where is the religious crippled individuals of pastors, bishops and preachers flying from city to city and serves content fix empty sermon? Where are they? Where are their protests? The only thing they have in mind is to make himself and his family a good livelihood. The Catholic demon with his outrageous and demon-possessed teachings are about to get the platform in this country. NRK who have not the least thing on spiritual truths, preparing the pope's entry to act with their clown performances. Wherever Catholicism is the majority areas of poverty, famine and war. Their maria worship has led millions into an eternal hell. And this is even the Free Church ministers tainted by. They consider it an honor to get an audience with one of Satan's foremost religious henchmen. He can pray to God on 50 different kinds of language, and believes he will impress God and man that way, but when a poor woman or man is born again, baptized in water by the word of God, and baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire and speak in tongues in one language after another, then travel all the hell in protest. But one day the truth will dawn on the billions of people who allowed themselves to be deceived by Satan and his servants, and they shall see the ugliness in all its horror. There is no salvation for our world more - no matter what mankind does. And as the verdict came across the world in Noah's time, and of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham and Lot, the judgment rendered upon the world. It shall be burned up by fire. And scientists have invented explosives strong enough to put the atoms in the sky on fire so it becomes a chain reaction. Remember, I wrote: This is just the beginning of a gruesome end.

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