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Nr. 643: The various service areas , tasks and acts of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Nr. 643:

The various service areas , tasks and acts of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Photos of Peter , who was never in Rome and was far less the first Bishop pg Pope in Rome. He worked exclusively among their own people the Jews , while Paul worked among the heathen , and wrote a letter to the church in Rome which is the book of Romans . And was jailed there twice and the last time he was also assassinated in Rome. First came his house arrest in Rome , a condition that lasted two years. The conditions were fairly mild , he did receive visits and he wrote the letter . It is unclear what happened after that. It is possible that he was immediately sentenced and executed , or that he was released and traveled to Ephesus , and possibly to Spain. Pope Clement I said that this was what happened , and his writings took place only about 30 years after Paul's death. Paul was at some point, either right after the period under house arrest or after a period as a free man , appeared before the Emperor Nero, and sentenced to death. He sat for nine months under terrible conditions in Mamertinerfengselet in Rome before he was executed . As a Roman citizen he had a right to be beheaded , considerably less agonizing death than crucifixion. This should have happened at the Via Ostia , near the monastery of Tre Fontane . Kloster name , three sources , refer to the legend that his avhugde head bounced three times (! ) , And place it hit the ground, sprang up a source . The monastery was founded by the Cistercians , later acquired franc Salesian Fathers , but they had to give up because the place was infested with malaria. This first received the French Trappists overcome when they took over in 1868 and planted with eucalyptus instead - the roots dry out the soil , thus preventing hatching of the malaria mosquito . Emperor Constantine built a church over his grave , which with time has been extended to St. Paul 's Basilica , one of Rome's largest churches . In 2006 it was announced that a sarcophagus with his name was found in this church. It was Paul's Church chapel that Birgitta of Vadstena got a vision that Christ spoke to her from the cross. A statue of Birgitta 's in the chapel. Recommend Paul church in Rome long before the Vatican where there is a plethora of dead Popes makes me sick , sick and makes me feel sick when I was there all those dead popes who can not help me, nor anyone else.

Sorry first that I have not had a good enough ability and anointing to bring up how bad , manipulated , deceived, deluded , corrupt, ruled by demons, unbiblical , poor morale , human -controlled and fraudulent the Norwegian and Western Christians , sorry ! The church is lame, blind, dumb , maimed , wretched, miserable , poor and naked.

They are like a big Mafia gang that is ruled by Satan , demons , and his own flesh. Actually do not know the Lord himself , but living in a spiritual mist home , while they think about themselves that they have it right with God just like the church in Laodicea imagining a reality that was not true and reel . They are self-centered and move in a spiritual landscape where one becomes introverted , carnal and never comes out of God's children delightful freedom and the ethical and moral standard that God has set for their children. The truth is that the church at the hearing, or lack of preaching. The life and the attitudes that are becoming more prevalent and the winning entry . So does one not ready to meet Jesus in the clouds , but Antichrist along with all other religions seduced !

Do as I've written about before , imposed by even having a break on the blog until mid January 2017 then to prioritize other things !

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Eph. 6 18b - 20a keep on praying for all the saints , even for me. Pray for the right words must be given to me when I speak, so I boldly make known the mystery of the gospel , that which I am an ambassador for .

Sorry also that I write about my mistakes and failures in detail, to show how vulnerable I am also . But as it is written that he who speaks must speak God's words. And the strange and a paradox in this is that I have found that when it comes to the ethical and moral standard that it is the fruit of our Christian life . Then there Smyrna Oslo and Catholics against the rest of " Rokle ", as we will soon be the only one that warns against remarriage , lesbian and homosexual practices. Everyone else either defending or trying to tie this to death !

We see more and more of today : Now Jesus talked about many believers who eagerly invoked him as "Lord " ( fervor we see that he uses repetition "Lord, Lord "), but that would not come into the rich because they did his father's will - they did " lawlessness " . These , he said he had never known him - even though they had cast out demons and perform many miracles in his name. He would say to them, Depart from me , you who practice lawlessness . ( Matt.7 0.21 to 23 ) . During and character itself is no assurance that any follower of Christ , it is only certain characters that follow the word of God in the life and teachings !

Article: The various service areas , tasks and acts of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Oskar LinkedIn Indergaard

The Messianic congregation and the Christian church are two different spiritual sizes, which must not be mixed together. The Messianic congregation consisted of Jews and Gentiles who belonged to the Kingdom of Israel , while the Christian church consists of Jews and Gentiles ( the latter being the majority ) who belong to the body of Jesus .

Because these two spiritual sizes operating in the same areas and partly in the partly same time periods , it is clear that there must be cooperation between them. In this article we describe what cooperation it was, and in which areas this happened :

1 ) " I believe this that every one of you saith, I am of Paul , I of Apollos , and I of Cephas . I am of Christ. " ( 1 Kor.1 , 12 )

" Therefore let no care of the people, for all are yours , whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or life or death , or things that are now , or things to come -all are yours . " ( 1 Kor.3 0.21 to 22 . ) " Have we not power to lead us a sister wife, as the other apostles and the Lord's brothers (they were also out and traveled ) and Cephas ? " ( 1 Cor . 9.5 . )

These Scripture words show the following conditions:

a) That there were different messages , which were represented in the Corinthians church. Some clung to Jesus , some clung to Peter , some remained Apollos and others remained to Paul .

b ) That both the apostles and Paul and his companions were out on mission trips .

c ) That they brought with them their wives and other employees , when they were out traveling . ( Paul was not married. )

The message that Paul preached , was the free grace message. Atonement of Jesus and the Holy Spirit were central to this proclamation . The Jewish law was no longer relevant for Christians - neither as a condition for salvation or trek as believers . This does not mean that we do not have laws , rules and regulations in our time , but it means that law as a coherent belief system has lapsed . Paul operated with over 400 statutes and regulations.

The message of Jesus , Peter and the other apostles preached , was related to Jesus' Atonement , The Holy Spirit , the grace and both Moses and Jesus Law Act .

The gospel that Paul preached he called " my gospel " or " MY WAYS IN CHRIST " . " But he who is able to strengthen you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ (from heaven) , after the revelation of the mystery which has been kept from the age of all times, but now it has come to light through the prophetic Scriptures ( Paul's writings ) by the age of all the commandments of God made ​​known to all nations for the obedience of faith . " ( Rom.16 0.25 to 26 . )

"For this reason I have sent Timothy to you , who is my beloved and faithful child in the Lord that he will remind you of my ways in Christ , as I teach everywhere in every church . " ( 1 Kor.4 , 17 )

Paul and Peter had a PARTIAL DIFFERENT MESSAGE , but Christ was the one unit. Therefore, they could also work . Jews and Gentiles are equal brothers in Jesus even though they do not belong to the same salvation meeting. They both have their foundation salvation in Jesus' atonement , and they are both " IN CHRIST " . While Messianic Jews belonged to the Kingdom Assembly and had an underground connection to the kingdom of God , so the Christian church belong to a heavenly assembly , which has its home in the heavenly Jerusalem . "I was unknown by face Christian churches in Judea . " ( Gal.1 , 22 )

"For ye , brethren, became followers of the churches of God which is in Christ Jesus in Judea ... " ( 1.Tess.2 , 14 ) " Blessed be the God and our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus . " ( Eph.1 , 3 ) One can therefore say that the Christian congregation has a higher calling than the Jews . In 1000 year kingdom , these two assemblies together. The Messianic congregation shall rule the world on the basis Jerusalem while the Christian church should be involved in managing the world on the basis of the heavenly world.

After 1,000 years of empire is ended , the heaven itself , which is the dwelling of God , come down to the new earth , and then all save assemblies that have been, to be together in the heavenly Jerusalem . ( Joh.Åp.21 -22 . )

The Pauline preaching or Christian body began with Paul repentance outside Damascus. He said that he was the first to be saved in the Christian church. " It is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am the FIRST ( gr.protos ) , but I obtained mercy of Jesus Christ on me FIRST ( gr. protos ) might shew forth all longsuffering , for a pattern to them who should believe on him to life tidsalderlig . " ( 1 Tim.1 0.15 to 16 . ) Here it clear up that Paul was the FIRST , which was saved into the Christian church. What concerning the Greek word " protos " , it means "before " or " first". In 1.Tim.1 , 15 Bible translators have translated this word wrong. They have supposed that Paul was the main culprit , but it can not be. There were many sinners in the world of Paul's time was bigger than him - such as Emperor Nero.

In 1 Tim.1 , 16 Bible translators have translated the word correctly . We must distinguish between the prophetic program and the Pauline secrets . The prophetic program was introduced by the prophets. This pointed to Israel and God's plans for the country and the people. John the Baptist , Jesus and the apostles brought this on.

The angels knew well the prophetic program. They were often involved in introducing it. See how Daniel was revealed prophetic program ( Daniel 9.21 to 27 . ) In 1 Pet. 1.12 states that " which things the angels desire to look into ( they look eagerly into the prophetic program). What applies to the New Testament secrets , so they were introduced only by a man and it was Paul . He gave it on to their employees. He wrote 13 letters about these secrets .

The apostles knew neither the Pauline secrets . When they read what Paul wrote about these things , as they understood it not fully, for it was not in accordance with what they learned . ( 2 Pet.3 0.15 to 16 . ) The angels did not understand these secrets . They had to learn it the Pauline church when teaching about these things . " that the manifold wisdom of God now by the church should be made ​​known to the principalities and powers in heavenly places . " ( Ef.3 , 10 )

While the prophetic word came to Israel , the Jews and their proselytes , as applied to secrets both Jews and Gentiles. They were put on an equal footing in Paul's teaching. Jews no longer had priority over the Jews. ( In 1000 year kingdom will again Jews have priority over the Gentiles. ) " That together with all the saints must hold what width and length and depth and height there is . " ( Ef.3 , 18 ) This means:

a) WIDTH concern that the body consists of both Jews and Gentiles . b ) LENGTH concerning God's patience . He could have condemned Israel and the world after they both had rejected him , but he introduced a new system, the dispensation of grace . ( Today it is grace for all - both sinners and believers , God wants everyone to be saved. ) God does not intervene in our time as he often did before . He is a God who hides himself . c ) DEPTH walk in Jesus' atonement . The prophets knew that the Atonement came to the Jews. ( Es.53 ) , but they did not know there would come a time when the Gentiles might be partakers of this salvation on an independent basis. d ) HEIGHT go in Jesus' position in the sky. We will be exalted in connection with the coming of Jesus for the Christian church. Just as Jesus was exalted to heaven, will we also be.

Paul did not understand all the connections with the Christian Church from the beginning. We must remember that the entire Bible is a progressive revelation. Next to this was also Paul's teaching a new teacher , who had not been before . In the first 6 letters that Paul wrote , it was PART JEWISH ITEMS which are not part of the Christian church doctrine. This applies particularly to water baptism , circumcision and faith as a condition for salvation . (See my book : Gospel of Matthew . Jesus' Life and Learning . ) Kraft gifts of healing, miracles and speaking in tongues as understandable language was also muted in Paul's last letters , for then the grace of the Jews over for this time . God has always dealt with the Jews in terms of signs and wonders .

The grace period for the Jews ended in connection with his imprisonment in Rome . This was in the years 60-62 . Already in the year 58 , Paul broke his agreement with the apostles that he would not preach to Jews in Israel. We know that he went to Jerusalem to preach to the Jews. If only he would preach Jesus' atonement , or whether he would preach the New Testament secrets , as far as he knew them at the time , we can not know. This does not mean that the gifts are dropped off in the current period, but some of them have been given a new turn , these were primarily aimed at Israel and Jews. When Paul did the same miracles as the apostles , so this should show the Jews two factors , and it was :

a) That the grace of Jews still stood unchanged. b ) The fact that Paul's teachings were from God. The main reason that we have some Jewish elements in the Christian church learn from the beginning , the relationship that grace the Jews were not over yet . God therefore had to post these Jewish elements in the Christian church teachings in order that if the Jews would come to accept Jesus as their savior and king, so could the members of the Christian church could easily be transferred to the Messianic congregation. God's first priority has always been Israel and the Jews .

God knew of course that this was not going to happen, but God keeps all options open. It is not he who chooses , but there are people who do. God is the one who makes arrangements so people can have the opportunity to choose salvation , but it turns out , however, that most people choose hell . There are the seven letters that captivity is THE FINAL REVELATION of Paul's teachings. They were written in the years 62-66 . They are Ephesians , Philip Wiper letter , Colossians Dispenser letter , Titus letter , 1 and 2 Timothy letters and letter to Philemon .

That Paul throughout his life participated in the Jewish festivals and took part in the Jewish purification practices , he could do as a Jew . He was free to do so. For Paul it was important to win as many as possible of the Christian body . There was an overriding principle in his preaching and in his walk as believers . "And I became as a Jew to the Jews , to win the Jews, to those who are under the Law , as one under the law - though I myself am not under the law - to win those under the law for them not having the law I became like one not having the law - though I do not have law to God , but for Regulatory Christ to win those who are without law . " ( 1 Kor.9 0.20 to 21 . )

The Jews who belong to the Christian congregation today is also free in relation to the law of Moses determination . Among other conscience regulating these matters .

Before the Christian church could be established , to both Gentiles and Jews be rejected by God. The first took place at Babylon in ancient times. The second occurred at the end of Acts , when Paul categorically said that from now on he would only go to the Gentiles . ( Ap.gj.28 , 28 ) . " God has given them all ( Jews and Gentiles ) to disobedience, that he might have mercy on all of them ( in a new assembly salvation . )" ( Rom.11 , 32 ) This is also the main reason and explanation for Acts have such a sudden end . Luke realized that now was the grace time out for the Jews this time . It had no intention to write more of Acts . We could also call this book : Israel's rejection of their Messiah .

In the Christian church , which is a completely new assembly salvation , God could AGAIN compassion on both Gentiles and Jews in one body . How God's grace and love of God. The Christian church began with Paul's conversion in the year 37, but the time until the year 62 was a transition period where both Jews won to the Kingdom of Israel , where both Jews and Gentiles was won for the Christian church. After 62 years probation was for Jews there. God had called them right from Abraham, and 62 years after Christ. This is 4062 years .

2 ) The apostle meeting in Jerusalem to the nations commit to help the Jews in the economic sphere . ( Gal.2 , 10 ) The Jews would later help the Gentiles if it was needed, so there would be " equality " . ( 2 Kor.8 , 14 ) The only formal collaboration as it was between these two groups was in the economic sphere . Paul was several times in Jerusalem with the money he had collected from the Gentile . What that applied the doctrine , they had no formal cooperation. They preached two partly different messages that were aimed at two different congregations , and it was :

a) The Messianic congregation. b ) The Christian church. That there was chaos in this area Corinthian congregation - see , it is another matter , but that it should not be. Given that this church was founded by Paul, so it should only Pauline message being preached there. Both Moses and Jesus Torah stated that Jews should help each other in the economic sphere . There was a demand for them that they might be partakers of the Kingdom of Israel. See, for example, what Jesus said to the rich young man in Matthew 19.20 to 24 . After Jesus' ascension sell members of the Messianic congregation in Jerusalem, their belongings and had everything in common. They did this for the reason that this was part of the spiritual basis that the Kingdom would be built. ( Acts 2 from 0.44 to 45 . )

They waited for the Jews as a nation should acknowledge Jesus. If it had happened , Jesus had returned and established the Kingdom of the Jews. ( Ap.gj.3 0.19 to 21 . ) , But as we know, this happened unfortunately . It was not the Messianic congregation that failed, but it was the Jews who destroyed for the creation of the Kingdom of Israel. By the Messianic congregation sold it as it owned and had everything together, so weakened the members where their own means of subsistence . In addition, it was also famine in Israel. This is why the Messianic Jews needed financial help from the pagans . This also pointed to the relationship that the Kingdom was not going to be created at that time . If it had happened , it would not Messianic Jews themselves in financial difficulties.

3 ) We know that both the apostles and other members of the Messianic congregation ran an extensive mission work - also outside of Israel. And so did Paul and his associates. These two different congregations shared unproven world among themselves , such as for example Spain and Portugal did to South America in his time. It was the Holy Spirit who showed them where to go. Because it was established many Messianic congregations in the countries lying east and south of Israel , so it was natural that Paul began his work in Asia Minor . The starting point of his work was Antioch, and it also laid south of the Asia Minor . Moreover , Paul had already worked for several years to form churches of Asia in Cilicia and Syria. Although Paul was dismissed by the apostles in the year 40 after his return from Arabia, as he lost not discouraged because of that. He knew that he had called him to work among the events , would also open up this work in its time.

Later - on his third missionary journey , which began in the year 49, Paul then expanded its range to include Europe .

In this connection , Paul had a vision of the night. There stood a man of Macedonia before him and asked him to come over to Macedonia and Europe , to preach the gospel there. ( Ap.gj.16 , 9 ) This was also consistent with his vocation. God would send him out to the nations that lived far away . ( Ap.gj.22 , 21 )

Paul emphasized not to preach his gospel in those areas where it was already established Jewish congregations . Paul preach where there were no churches before. He would not build on another man's , but he would build on the foundation that he had put in his preaching . " Yea, so I put my strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named , lest I should build upon another's foundation ( the apostles' teaching ) . " ( Rom.15 , 20 ) " But we will not boast beyond our measure , but according to the objective of the field God has assigned to us, a measure That we should now straight to you ( Corinthians ) . " ( 2 Kor.10 , 13 ) on his third missionary journey , Paul wanted to go to Bithynia with the gospel , but the Holy Spirit would not allow it , and there were two reasons for this:

a) There were already several Messianic congregations in these areas.

b ) It was God 's will that Paul and his companions were going to Macedonia with the gospel. " And when they were come to Mysia , they tried to go into Bithynia (which was up on the Black Sea) , but the Spirit suffered them not . " ( Ap.gj.16 , 7 )

4 ) Paul was a chosen vessel of God to preach a new message part . He was familiar with rabbinical Judaism. He also knew the Messianic Judaism, for that was what he tried to combat by all means from year 30 and year 37 after Christ. In that year he became vice-versa outside Damascus, and he was an ardent follower of Jesus , as he had hated. After his conversion he went to " Arabia" , where he was in three years . There he was teaching the new doctrine . By the time he returned to Damascus , and then he went to Jerusalem to get acquainted with Peter and James . ( Gal.1 0.18 to 19 . ) They did not understand his message , and he was sent to his hometown of Tarsus . He preached the new gospel in Asia Minor in areas such as Syria and Cilicia ( Acts 15 , 23 ) and formed congregations .

14 years plus three years after his conversion he went to Jerusalem to present his teachings of the apostles. This happened after a REVELATION . This was the so-called apostolic meeting in 49 years At this meeting were to the apostles and others judge Paul's new doctrine. His teachings were accepted to be a great learning for the events . It was a complete victory for Paul. He could continue to preach his message , but he was required five conditions that he would teach the Gentiles , and that was , that they should keep themselves from fornication , uncleanness of the idols , from what was strangled and from blood , and they were collecting money to the Jews. ( Acts 15 , 20 and ( Gal. 2.1 to 6 . )

In connection with the apostolic meeting in Jerusalem , they further agreed that Paul would go to the Gentiles , while the apostles were to go to the Jews in Israel and Jews in the Diaspora . The gospel that the apostles were to go with , was called " circumcision gospel ," while the gospel that Paul would go with was called " the gospel of circumcision " . (This is wrong translated in our Bibles. ) ( Gal.2 0.7 to 8 . )

These are two partly different gospels . The first concerns the Jews and is based on love of God and adherence to Moses and Jesus Torah . The second is based on God's love and grace of God . Jesus put the Jewish law completely aside by His death on Calvary. ( Eph.2 , 14 and Kol.2 , 15 ) This applied only to the Gentiles. The Jews had to continue living their lives under the law . They were tested on in their lives. ( See Acts 21.20 . ) This is the big difference between these two Gospels , and this does not the vast majority of theologians and Bible preachers out over the whole world.

The 12 apostles understood that they and Paul had a partially different matter, and that their preaching took out two different churches , but despite that, they did not understand everything that Paul preached . Peter admitted this in his second letter . " and heed our Lord's patience to salvation , even as our beloved brother Paul wrote to you according to the wisdom given to him , as in all his epistles, speaking in them of this. In them there is something that is difficult to LOVELY ( Peter ) , and that the unlearned and unstable ( including Judaists ) suggests interfered, as they do also the other scriptures , unto their own destruction . " ( 2 Pet.3 0.15 to 16 . )

We know that Paul had much opposition regarding their learning of the fariseistiske party and Judaists . The latter had also accepted Jesus as their Savior , but they believed that the events had to keep the Mosaic Torah in addition to that they had to believe in Jesus . ( Acts 15 , 5 ) These were Paul had to contend with throughout its duration . Wherever Paul preached , where they turned up and preached the Messianic Judaism, which was intended only for Jews. Paul was very hard against them, for they wanted to mix in elements of his preaching that did not belong there. (See Gal.1 0.6 to 8 . )

Mark and Luke were in a special way link between the Messianic congregation and the Pauline church. ( 2 Tim.4 , 11, and Philemon v.24 . ) They wrote about salvation principles of the Messianic congregation in its two gospels, but they also worked with Paul and Barnabas , preaching the Pauline doctrine . ( Kol.4 , 10 and 14 ) As we know, also followed Paul Lukas on his travels. It is also he who wrote the book of Acts .

5 ) Paul also had a service to the Jews and the Messianic Assembly. This mission he had received in connection with his conversion . He was to preach to the Gentiles , and kings of Israel. ( Ap.gj.9 , 15 ) What concerned the last mission as Paul did , so this has been expressed in the following ways : a) When he came to a new city , he sought first the Jewish synagogue there and preached about Jesus , Atonement and the free grace. Often , the Jewish Synagogue split in two. One part remained at the official Judaism, while the second part represented the Messianic Assembly.

b ) In their letters as Romans , 1 and 2 Corinthians and Galatians he wrote also to the Jews who were in those churches. They heard then with the Christian congregation .

c ) In some of his letters he wrote about God's plans for the Jews. A good example of this is Romans 9-11 . In Chapter 9 , he wrote about the Jewish past relationship with God. In chapter 10 , he wrote about the Jews contemporary relationship to God . In chapter 11 , he wrote about the Jewish future relationship with God and the Jews' salvation. In chapter 11 he also wrote about the relationship between the messianic and the Christian church. The Christian church is a parenthesis in God's plans for the Jews. ( Rom.11 0.25 to 26 . )

In two letters to the Thessalonians he wrote about both the messianic and the Christian church. 1 Thessalonians 1.4 deals with the Christian church. Chapter 4 describes the rapture of the church . In 5.kapitlet compared to Paul the Christian church with a world that is waiting for the coming of Jesus .

In 2 Thessalonians chapter 1 he compared also the Christian church with the world, who can not repent. In 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 Paul compared the Christian church rapture of the Lord's day . In this chapter he described also the time and the Jews' relationship with the Antichrist.

d ) It is likely that it is Paul who wrote Hebrews. This is a letter written to the Messianic congregation and to the Jews. This letter does not contain the Pauline preaching , but it contains the Messianic Judaism. The purpose of this letter is threefold . He wanted to show the Jews how important Jesus' atonement was. He wanted to show the great importance that the new covenant in contrast to the first covenant. He wanted to show the Jews that Act time soon by the Jews. " As he ( God) says, A new covenant, he hath made the first TO to be old ( the Sinai covenant ) , but it gets old and obsolete , is NEAR BY BEING AWAY . " ( Hebr.8 , 13 )

e ) After Paul had been sent home to Tarsus by the apostles Peter and James in the year 40, so he spent five or six years in Asia Minor , where he founded new churches in Syria and Cilicia . When it erupted revival in the Messianic congregation in Antioch, then extracted Barnabas , Paul , and they were in a whole year in Antioch , preaching the Pauline message. ( Acts , 11.26 . ) It was here that the believers first received the name "Christian" . The Messianic congregation in Antioch went on to become a Pauline church. While Jerusalem was the center of the Messianic congregation , Antioch became the center of the Christian church.

f) While Paul was in Ephesus on his third missionary journey , he put his hands on the 12 members of the Messianic congregation , and they received the Holy Spirit, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied . ( Acts 1 -7 . ) ( It is uncertain whether these were baptized in this regard . The baptism that we are talking about , can also be John's baptism. ( V.5 ). These 12 went over to the members of the Christian church , it was Paul who brought them further into the actual salvation . g ) Towards the end of his service he also broke the agreement he had with the apostles , that it was only those who preach in Israel and in Jerusalem. This happened in the year . 58 (See Ap.gj.21 , 17 to 23 ) The reason he did it was that he understood that the grace of the Jews and the establishment of the kingdom soon ended. The Jews would then be incorporated fully in the Christian church. Beyond this, so did not have any theological Paul cooperation with the Messianic congregations . In connection with his conversion , he had also been told that God would send him far out to the events . ( Ap.gj.22 , 21 )

What we also need to be aware of , it is the relationship that it was 2 SETS OF congregations in many of the towns - both in Asia Minor and Greece . It was the Messianic congregations and the Pauline churches. They had little contact each other more , because they preached a partially different message. While the Messianic congregations proclaiming both God's grace and the Jewish Law, as Paul preached and his associates the free grace. It goes without saying that one can not declare two different messages in the same church.

In Ephesus , for example, was both a messianic and a Christian church. When Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus , so this was a completely different PREACHING than it expressed when John wrote to the Messianic congregation in Ephesus. (John at Rev. 2 from 0.1 to 7 . ) Here comes deeds aspects of the faith much stronger expression than Paul's preaching. This also applies to the other seven little Asian churches that John wrote . In these letters we do not find the free grace , but we find a combination between faith and works -which is typical of the Messianic Judaism.

Because it does not distinguish between these two types of churches in preaching , so this is helping to undermine the Christian identity of many Christians today. Many Christians are unsure whether they are saved or not , for the reader in the letters to the seven little Asian congregation that God requires PERFECT WORKS to be saved ( preserved as believers . ) ( Joh.Åp.3 , 2 ) I can reassure the faithful who have problems with this. This does not concern the Christian church. It is saved by grace through faith apart from works , so the matter is clear. ( Eph.2 0.8 to 9 . ) Thank God for grace and rejoice in it.

As a natural consequence, as preached nor Paul depth of the Kingdom of Israel. When he spoke about the kingdom of God , as was the church he was talking about. " After they ( the Jews ) had appointed him a day , there came many to him into his lodging . He then laid out for them , as he testified the kingdom of God , persuading them concerning Jesus from the law of Moses and prophets, from early morning to late at night. "( Ap.gj.28.23 . )

From what is written above , see and understand that there were two partly different messages that were preached during this time , and it was the gospel of the kingdom and the gospel of God's free grace. The first was preached by the apostles and their associates. The second was preached by Paul and his associates. Both parties knew about this and they respected each other's calls and uniqueness. While the apostles went to the Jews with the Gospel of the Kingdom , so Paul went to the Jews and to the Gentiles with his Gospel , which he often called " my gospel " . After the grace period for the Jews was out , he NO LONGER to the Jews first, but he went exclusively to the Gentiles .

The Messianic Jews and Paul had no cooperation in the area of theology . The only area where they had a firm and formal cooperation , was the economic sphere .

How long will it be before we are able to distribute the New Testament theological content in a right way and start learning right about these things ?

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