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Nr. 654: " The Dictator " and juggler Jorn Strand and his wife Pernille, married couple with two faces!

Nr. 654:

" The Dictator " and juggler Jorn Strand and his wife Pernille, married couple with two faces!

Picture of the couple Pernille and Jornstrand as a get assersjoner that they are doing a double communication and a cabal where they pretend to be something they are not. This author writes about. We must not disregard that the deck is somewhat excused, as he can in a while warn against remarriage , and the next he defends them as it was his dearest property. He seems to be paranoid schizophrenia and partly by a blissed out life as he sings .

Randi and Johnny Ingwersen

How we (myself and husband ) experienced Jornstrand and Sky Express m / teams. A small part of three years at least .

Should it not be allowed to talk about it ? Whatever personal experience ? Without that it is slander and gossip ? No, it is "everything" suddenly slander and gossip, if you come with such statements about truth.

I am of the opinion that the Brethren have a responsibility to each other and to do the best for each other , do not pretend that all seats (meetings ) are fine and great, too , go there and think everything is just you who do not know anything spirit . That " grate " you know something you imagine ? Take it seriously and know that I am writing this post not write to hurt Beach and the team, but for that you should have to experience what we did, how it hurts and especially because you are the love of people. It sounds straight out what they say many times , but their actions show the opposite.

This really was not a pleasant experience, but now there is a time so that we have experienced what we have , glad to know , but we have gone through a long grieving process . This story we share that just others to be awake in the times we live in. It need not be from God it is high hallelujah factor in the meetings ! or whether Christians say amen and hallelujah in the right places. None of us who at least will or want other people hurt and it's got to be allowed to try to wake people up ? I struggle to understand how easily many Christians just go on ahead without sacrificing you or me so much as a thought ...... I had not even been able to sleep if I had no quarrel with anyone. It is so important for us to speak out. And revival people talk a lot about the environment , I do not think it is possible to so with malice , to achieve revival. I found some abuse the word revival today , be placed at the most, without the revival there. But the Lord will never be to bless sin and evil ! For there are far too many who pretend to make up his sin also is it just a little time as they return with the same sins over and over again . There are abusing grace and so it around in Christian circles , however.

When we experience as we have done , it hurts long and it can also be experienced frustrating and strangely , no one likes lies and being maligned , but it's come a long way in Christian circles and allowed to develop there and grow, just because no one " takes issue " with all the sin and evil that actually takes place there.

Back to this to go with my best friend at the meeting. oh, thank you , we joined the meeting. Life could just be better. My best friend showed everyone how we struggled , I had cried and had absolutely terrible , I was afraid ... for the uncertainty that went to meet us . It was so nice there in the meeting rooms , the people there were doctored from head to toe and a an average weekday ( several said they dressed up for the Lord ) , there was a small coffee not to mention a fierce drive in the music. I will use a word they use , that there was high hallelujah factor and the mood was not anything to say on . The frame around was absolutely superb . People were smiling and so welcoming. She's one I met at the door said she looked forward so to meet to hear what new Lord had for her.

Even when I was a little wary . For Christians go to church just to see what they can get for themselves? And what about everyone else? Do they think other people think ? My answer to that last one is no. They have, no time for you or your problems . Think about that the whole Bible about about other people! Our first encounter with Sky Express and fam. Beach was not until April 2009. We had barely heard of the beach , but consider him an extension of Evangelisenteret and that we knew .

, I had opened my heart for everything, but it looks like those in these circuits forget that God uses people to disability their actions on earth . For it is all about what they can get for themselves and their families , you and I and others are quite as strange or rather, God's word into practice and in daily life is quite unknown to them, believe it or not . Now also Strand preached on Vision Norway in 2013 , he did not live as he preaches ! But should not Christians live as God's word says ? Of course, they are. More should ask themselves several questions! and begin to know properly for what they really know their inner self.

We also reported on the basis that we would like to be of service to God and man , and if they needed help of any kind, so they could just contact us. If we could give as much money as we could give of our time . We 've got all different challenges in life , some may have difficult financially, some lack the time and energy, a good advice is to listen to what the need . We were so well received that I was devastated , I was sure this was the right place for us to be. But the reception was the one who did not like ..... all my best friend .

Tent Reunion at Hovet was planned and where we should help both with washing toilets , arranging chairs , stand in the cafe ovs . Everything that comes with such a reunion . Exciting and fun ! In this team with Strand and co so it's mostly about what you and I may bless them ! What we struggled with at the time, was a financially difficult life situation , not due. stupidities , but because my husband was in an accident in 2002. This we were open about , not for others to feel sorry for us either, but that they might understand that for us it was not just to sit in the car to drive here or there , it actually costs money too. So we had some limitations ! We had to follow a careful budget, for we did not, we could lose the house, so it was very serious and especially difficult to talk about. I explained in far and wide, but it reached somehow not in, they did not hear what I even said . For one could be that right after that things were explained, so I got the same question again . Could it be that the lies and slander about us were already sown and been believed ? It was only expected that one should set up this or that on the tele meetings , while some of the team and the beach itself had caravans and was present at the campsite all the time. In 2009, after all three meetings per day , but we had thus home between each meeting because we had no other options. That was just . Therefore, it was sick a lot of driving during the day , trip / return 3 times to be helpful and when it began also to cost some money, which we had not. We could not even walk to harp on this with the economy either. The rain that they had missed it long ago.

Suddenly one day in the tent , we noticed a strong unease with my girlfriend , she changed against us and it felt good . Why was she like ? What had we done? She was simply furious and his eyes we never forget . She looked like a beautiful angel. Could she not be able to enjoy on our behalf ? She turned suddenly to a " jealousy demon ." She had everything and a really good economy. How's it possible to be jealous of her best friend who is struggling ? How's it possible to be Christian and envious at all ? It is certainly not from God. This is not God 's nature and when there is something in between , so it's not that hard to imagine whose nature is it?

In retrospect we can see that my best friend was looking for her husband , the " position " and that we had come in the way . But there were things she never mentioned , but it was easy to see who is supported financially , to put it bluntly . It does not affect you say? This is to give the money to give the heart and what you have ? Yes, certainly , but if you give in order to be seen by others , so it is not biblical. If one allows for even more back , so is not it rather biblical.

Today, one can provide an invoice and pay by card , even when your name is also there and clearly they follow certain that give large sums .

They had been on the team for about seven years and who we thought we were ? We were certainly never looking for any "position" , help me !

I said to her once , " you would never have swapped lives with me ." I did eventually see what she was doing, in the tent. She went to the wives of leaders and said that I and my husband simply tigde money of the ! something we had never done ! Moreover , they had never given us any help either and it was so they did not believe us . fact that we were in trouble was difficult for to understand , since they could not see it on the outside of us . so conclusions were made ​​based on what they saw with their carnal eyes. I stood in a tent cafe and the tears just started rolling. How could she be like the one she called his best friend ? and what can she do to others then? I got a sms where is was that she had talked with God and men on how to deal with us and our situation. Only then did it entirely up to me what she was doing . She and certainly more looking for excuses not to help us. Just as they hoped that others could get those in advance, so that they went himself? I can with all my heart to say that I had never dealt with anyone like that , you have to think that she was actually one of my best friend for many years. She managed to hide its real I long nor have I revealed her so fast. She thus support their view us, the leaders there .

We were therefore looking for money, so beware ! and it suited Beach and the team well , it may seem like they just bit paranoid ? The worst is when lies are sown and so believed! Beach and several team gave long as they had not heard anything about the lie . Besides, he thought there was nothing lying, he accepted what was said , as a truth , without checking if it was actually true , that is a pure malicious slander devoured him raw !

Passed over a year after the incident asking Strand my husband, completely out of the blue, it 's okay , he does not take a position on what happened to my friend ? Why would he decide to slander and malice ? Made of a seemingly of a lovely sister ? which they thought could do such a thing to others? Because she looked like an angel ?

It could mean that it was a topic they ever stopped your team ? Stand will apparently be "popular " in all circles , all goes clearly through his sieve in Jesus' name. In this " camp " there is apparently no laws and regulations, bids are rejected and everything is grace. But trying to preach the gospel without repentance and regret , are unfortunately not preaching , but seduction. The word sin is also gone from hearing, and that means you actually have to go back to Christians explain what sin really is. Many people have their own definition of what it is. Sin is often replaced with the word "error " and sin is " old fashioned" .

View repentance , to repent you must:

1 Realize that you have sinned and be genuinely sorry for what you have done.

2 Stop sinning and make every effort never to commit the sin again .

3 Confess your sins to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. If you have sinned against another person , you must also ask them for forgiveness.

4 Making amends. You should do everything in your power to rectify any problems that your actions may have caused. Keeping God's word is the most important thing to do when one is saved . To maintain the strength and grace and power in your life .

Jesus said He came to call sinners , or lawless , to repentance . (Luke 5 : 30-32 ) But what he considered those who were hardened and continued his sinful way ? Jesus gave strong warnings against being influenced by such persons. ( Matt 11:15 p.m. , 23-26) He also said clearly : " Not every one who says to me, ' Lord, Lord ` , shall enter into the kingdom of heaven , but he who does my heavenly Father. Many will say in that day ,' Lord , Lord , have we not prophesied in Your name and driven out demons in Your name , and done many miracles in your name "? But he will reject those who unrepentantly practice lawlessness , he said to them, " Go away from me ." (Matthew 7:21-23 ) Why are they judged that way? Because they dishonor God and harm others by their lawless deeds. God's Word says that unrepentant sinners shall be removed from the church.

This slandering about us , they also intended to simply suppressing , without taking it up with us who was maligned ?

My girlfriend admitted that she had talked with those who were the main leader of the congregation , as we heard it we contacted again and asked for a call. I think that this could have been hidden from us she did not say anything. What? Should we just walked there and did not quite understand why more shifted toward us, changed attitude towards us, much less friendly and it was not full so fun anymore . You were rather more and more in the way ? Or were you without anyone's place? But we could always recognize the long way that anything was wrong, the Lord showed my husband pictures of what really happened. As he said today that he actually did not realize soon enough , what really happened , even though he was shown there .

After about three years , we drew us quietly all the way back . The rain that there would be questions and then we'd get answered it when they possibly come . Maybe get a phone? To date, the questions come, not a word from the Beach or team. Are we not with them so it's possible they look at us like giving up? They keep on as if nothing has happened and that they believe and think that it's just what they do ? So much blindness has never been gone in in the Christian life . Satan uses them as pawns and they do not realize that they are being used . They have no spiritual purity and insight to see what is really happening . Satan wins chess party every time . In addition she resembles this lightning chess, it happens fast, not a game that takes a long time . For opponent dazzles with his knowledge and power. So the game is over in seconds.

All because they do not at all know the opponent's wiles . And they understand neither he dresses up and borrow human bodies .

What I can say about my tdl . Girlfriend seems like she is guided by a spirit similar to the Jezebel spirit. She loved all the false prophets and hated God real men / women. She took a giant step to love power and money ! Such as she is very concerned with all the outward appearance, but they will never admit it . It may actually take years before they reveal themselves or anyone fail enough to hide who they are whole life ?

I wonder how many people have a similar experience as us ? They are ! We could for instance . see some old footage and how was it then become of all those people who were previously doing? Talented musicians and servants? Where have they been and what happened? No one would say anything. They were just gone. There may be many out there who have experienced such as us, the same people , but they may not dare talk about it ? because they may fear that they are being accused of slander and we all make mistakes ovs . I hope this can help to help more people to open up about what they have experienced among those who call themselves looked fine brothers and sisters in team Strand. www.evangeliekirken - arendal.no v / Anders Helge cleanup , he has written a book called " my struggle " . He has been involved Strand him too, but also many other hardships among Christians.

It is thought provoking that the devil's evil get manage things quite undisturbed way into the churches and congregations . For as to call this the word of God is preached . Why are so many Christians so that they are only going to forgive and forgive without knowing who should forgive you? Most often it is mostly those who experience pain with other Christians, who are being asked to forgive and why should you forgive something you have not done ? Until you get the question if one can forgive a man with nothing to forgive. Forgiving is not the same as to allow . I have forgiven long ago , but that does not mean I will be with the team again . A minimum requirement has to be primarily a manager can distinguish between lies and truth, that they are so spiritual awake that they can distinguish right away even when a beautiful angel comes over those .

Many who do not take the warnings seriously, must experience . There is, in my stomach because I know how painful this has been. For one is clearly loves people too. I hope Strand and the team arrive on the narrow road again and dare to go beyond their comfort zone when they have to confront sin and evil . You readers are warned earlier by Jan Kåre , take it seriously. The cost to open around whatever 've experienced myself . This was just a small part of three years . I can tell you one thing, that blessing with us came after we pulled back and were honest about what we had experienced! Some Christians will first say : " Do not trust people ." Well ... you have to at least be able to expect honesty and truth from those who call themselves siblings in the Lord? Both that we can trust them , and expect those to include real family ? Moreover, Christians lead by example in all things , it should not be as it has become today , a lot has gone too far, as I see it . There will I write more about that another time . It is the Pentecostal Charismatic that I know best . Preachers and ministers have an additional responsibility , that they must never forget.

Time to start preaching about both sin and repentance repentance , grace and love? It must contain everything together and you have to not only pick out what best fits their own lives and reject everything else. The truth will always pay off whatever it might cost.

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