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Nr. 646: Shall I and Smyrna Oslo become like all the "other" in order to not be labeled as sectarian and judgmental ? Then "all things" good and well !

Nr. 646:

Shall I and Smyrna Oslo become like all the "other" in order to not be labeled as sectarian and judgmental ? Then "all things" good and well !

Photo of the so-called " worship leader" and whore goat Arvid Pettersen min's latest flame that is not his wife , when he has been married before. This is Ragnhild who is not his wife into the word of God , but his roommate.

This is a "normal" mail I receive several times almost identical : Will not it be a little sectarian that only you and the Catholics against the rest of Rokle . I know many believers who are Bible-believing the word of God. Those are not preachers . But believe in the word of God and live out of it. Many agree with you ang it with married / divorce / remarriage . But I think you're hard on many preachers that they dance to Satan. I know many of them . They are passionate about Jesus. They may not have gotten it to the individual , but forgiveness and a new beginning , they could get. I agree that many stands too fast, maybe they should have gone another round of marriage. But maybe a little grace would be nice from you over for those people who have not got it to private. ( end of quote ) .

Shall I and Smyrna Oslo to be like everyone else, so we can close down the blog, website and our business and service !

I know that I and we Smyrna Oslo 's like salmon, which goes against the current of God's church where more and more of sin , immorality and heresy is accepted and approved . But then there's also this eschatological picture of God 's word . That is when the " turn " to , then that means I and we Smyrna Oslo. When all that we preach , write and do give in to sin intrudes more and more ? Not on your life !

Let us consider what this writing point by point. Could taken other e-mails that I get are almost identical, but taking this to counter all other templates that I get into the future, and respond with this article which I see myself forced , nødtvunget writing.

1 ) Are there some sectarian that only you and the Catholics against the rest of Rokle ?

It may well not be sectarian if I and the Catholic church against the rest of " Rokle " when the Catholic church is the biggest branch among professing Christians? In fact , the Catholic church has some good stuff on the moral . Two good things I will mention briefly here . They argue that remarriage is sin and not allowed, and they cling to it with and hardship , just opposite what unfortunately most Protestants and the PinseKaresmatiske Christians do not muddy the bend of that rule in the first turn of sin , the world and the flesh .

I'm taking for the sake of what the Catholic Church teaches about marriage that is completely in line with what we Smyrna Oslo stands for ( taken from their own website about marriage ) Catholic marriage entered into for life , and as a reflection of God's relationship with his Church on earth ( lifting and love community ) . Therefore do not recognize the Catholic church divorce as a way to dissolve the marriage. Conversely, the church in exceptional cases, after a legal process , declaring a marriage null and void if it appears that it has been signed on completely the wrong basis .

2 ) But I think you're hard on many preachers that they dance to Satan.

1 Tim . 5 15 For some have already alienated by Satan.

This I wrote in an article that I think is appropriate to reproduce here an excerpt from it: Are you an accomplice ?

2 Joh . b 9 He who does not adhere to the teachings of Christ , but goes beyond it, does not have fellowship with God. Anyone who adhere to the teachings, he has fellowship with the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, so please do not receive him into your homes, and salute him not to attend. 11 For he who greets him is complicit in his evil deeds .

James 3 1 My brothers ! Not many of you should become teachers , for you know that we will be so much stricter judgment.

Luke 17 1 He said to his disciples : " It is inevitable that offenses come , but woe to him through whom they come ! 2 It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck , than that he should offend one of these little ones. 3a Beware !

It amazes me how uninformed people of faith are about these things. That we are in a relationship with all other believers if we want it or not. We are like a body and belong to each other . And when a limb is not living in line with the head - which is Christ - so it rubs off on everyone else. When a limb is obedient, then the consequence is that it also affects the other . This has nothing to do with anything except that we are in direct life connection with each other because we have the same life and the same Spirit. And the same Saviour , Lord and Father . All this binds us together as believers in spite of differences and disagreements. This is a fact and a reality .

Those preachers and are accountable to others, this is even stronger. I like preacher has an additional responsibility , this also applies to everyone else.

When preachers set up in conjunction with other ministers who live in sin or doing blatant heresy , then we become accomplices . Yes, it is so severe in some cases that Jesus said that it had been better received a millstone around his neck and been thrown with it around your neck and then had just destroyed itself. But here destroys not only for themselves but also for others. We lead others to perdition , into disability and into the delusion of self- influence and preach to others. It's in the room . 10 17 that faith comes by hearing . This applies not only religion but also heresy and unbelief also comes by hearing, have you thought of that? Or are you one of those who accept everything and not have their own opinions and attitudes ? All is not from God if it is not in accordance with God's word. It is only that which agrees with the word of God , that we should align ourselves . Everything else should we shun that " plague " that will lead us down from Christ and the simple fidelity to him!

Here is an explanation of why the priest collar around the neck as figuratively have much going for it : Enno today are priests often painted with the old priest collar. But what was the idea behind this under medical creation ? One of the explanations is that the collar should remind priest millstone . Not the bottom of the mill in the village, but the stone that Jesus spoke about " The top attraction at least one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better lit with getting a millstone hanged about his neck and sunk in the ocean's depths ."

It would therefore be better to have a millstone around his neck than to cause one who believes in Jesus , on wild roads. So serious is the lead man another way than what God says .

3 ) I know a lot of them . They are passionate about Jesus.

Brenner those of Jesus , yes, but they burn even more for their sinful and worldly lusts as scripture says .

2 Tim . 3 4b . lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God , 5 having a form of godliness, but denying the power - and they turn away from .

Scripture says the same thing over and over again , they love God enough , in their own way . But it is something they set higher , and that is far more important. It is that they have satisfied their own sinful desires , above anything else. An exhortation we define as commanded right Christian conduct , often given encouragement form . An example from Ephesians 4.1 : I beseech you therefore , I am the prisoner of the Lord , that you walk so it is worthy of the calling with which you are called to. The call is in the call to salvation. Something greater calling than this does not exist . If you have received this call and been saved? Lev then in accordance with the call . Nobility obliges we say . Are you a child of God ? Live then as children of God !

4 ) They may not have gotten it to the individual , but forgiveness and a new beginning , they could get.

Should the private and what a preacher be separated ? This warns the words of God contrary to the very , very strongly more seats , taking two passages :

Matt . 5 19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven .

1 Cor. 9 23 And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I may share in its blessings . 24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize ? Run as thus , that you can win it! 25 Every participating in betting battle is temperate in all things to obtain a corruptible crown , but we an imperishable . 26 I therefore so run, not as uncertainly ; swordsman I not as one who beats the weather ; 27 But I keep under my body and bring it into bondage, lest when I have preached to others , I myself should be a castaway .

Here we encounter something that all of God 's word is imbued with , that we should live as we preach and we must preach that we live . This is not and should not be separated . We're at our lives put at least two underscores what we witness and preach. I know we all fail, but it gives us no right and opportunity to change the word of God . Scripture says that whoever is speaking, shall speak the word of God , and he that speaketh shall live as he speaks now says I , quite in line with what scripture says !

And it does nothing to confess their sins , if we do not also repent and turn away from sin ! One is example . be married as a Christian , must also withdraw from the marriage is not valid and in accordance with what God's word teaches that the person will be forgiven .

John 8:7-11 7 But when they continued asking him , he lifted up himself , and said unto them, He that is without sin among you , let him first cast a stone at her ! 8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground . 9 But when they heard it, they went away one by one, beginning at the eldest . Jesus was left alone with the woman standing there. 10 When Jesus rose up and said to her, Woman , where are they? Has no one condemned you? 11 She said, No man, Lord ! And Jesus said , Neither do I condemn you. Go, and sin no more!

Often we encounter laws we think are meaningless . Why are there 60 zone here? It runs just fine when running in 80, and the like.

Most people do not understand all of God's commandments , these senseless requirements , you should not yours , you're not that. Is it so dangerous that ... Boy I can manage the fine though ... everyone else is doing the ... in 2014 may not care about ... God has promised to care for and protect their homes, but when you or I commit a sin so we put God out of our lives . We create a distance between us and God so that he can protect us as he would like . Often it is also true that the greatest danger comes innfra ourselves. The temptation to do something " illegal" and that someone has convinced us that the consequences are not deleted so bad. Try to remember that God has set up its borders in an evil intent, with the desire to shut you up , control and limit your options . No, as it is possible to climb over the fence at the playground God has made ​​it possible to break His commandments. But God has set up their " fences " that a supervisor fence , with the promise that as long as you are within his schoolyard , and he will care for you, care for you, teach you up and make you safe.

5 ) I agree that many stands too fast, maybe they should have gone another round of marriage ?

I can not sit to judge others and judge what they have done. I have to relate to what the scripture says , that remarriage or to marry a divorced is a sin and not allowed for Christians . And if they are preachers , they are public figures , and it is both the law and the right to mention them by name's mention of .

The exhortation as this comes along, and then others come with opposite however , seems so very meaningful when one will understand and want to understand why I think, preaching and writing as I do. It's not because I want someone to hurt , on the contrary , I want everyone all the best . Therefore I take the time both to preach , teach and write about this , although I know this is unpopular and little alike since the majority will have itching ears and being widely liked and accepted , not what God's word and scripture says about this.

6 ) But maybe a little grace would be nice from you over for those people who have not got it to private ?

I'll never be "ordinary" Christians, even though they are both divorced and re-married . And they have the same responsibility to God as preachers and pastors in the church of God has . But those with a management role models for everyone else, they are patterns to the flock scripture says .

1 Pet. 5 2 Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof , not by constraint , but willingly , not for filthy lucre , but of a ready mind , 3 nor that they will rule over their congregations , but so that I are patterns to the flock ; 4 and when the chief appear, ye shall receive unfading crown of glory .

Preachers and shepherds to guard the church , and above their own lives as they are the role model for all others. We all need God's grace , or so it had been out with us! Yet , God has set their criteria for preachers and those with the responsibility of management , and all other believers. But as an example and pattern of the flock , so it is incumbent upon an additional charge . And as public figures , I take the forward . For them , if possible, to repent . And for the other believers should be aware that they are re-married or married to a divorced are wolves in sheep's clothing. And they are not a pattern for the other believers , on the contrary . And it's like scripture says , necessary to warn against those who come to us in you in sheep's clothing , but inwardly they are ravening wolves ! They scream for mercy , forgiveness, and I do not know what ? But inside and by not denying his own flesh , they are ravening wolves Wake up , I say , do not let yourself be trapped by these who do not live according to Scripture , and that does not preach and is Vatter the word of God in the life and teachings !

Final Comment:

There are of course many times hurt, sad , and it may feel unnecessary to warn against this as , after all, God will one day put reformation and everyone should be accountable to their own lives. All that one has spent his life here on earth , especially after one became a believer. But are all exempt ? We do not live like an isolated island some of us. But we are all in a relationship of responsibility to each other to a greater or lesser degree. We as Christians are members one of another scripture says .

For me, the relationship around divorce and remarriage one of the very surest signs , or assessment of a church and preaching is healthy or unhealthy.

Is a positive for remarriage , stay far away from the church , at least to become a member . Is the negative to the remarriage of believers , then it can be a church that is based on God's word , eventually you never a church permitting remarriage , not least among preachers, pastors and those with the responsibility of leadership in the church , this is the truth as to add to heart dear friends !

Am I better than others? Far from there , but I hold out the word of God , have repented of all I do not tolerate the light and live in accordance with God's word.

Do not support the longer those who live and preach in accordance with God's word , no matter how much "good" they do and they cry out for a lot of money and resources to run the business. It will eventually make you want to " discredit " to God .

1 Cor. 13 3 And if I give to feed others all my goods , and though I give my body to be burned , but have not love , it profits me nothing .

There is something strange to me , that's why they get as not living and preaching the word of God so great sympathy , while those who live and preach the word of God , is met with contempt , criticism and other all too much. They get far too little encouragement , support and gifts. There is nothing to add on heart, that God's word says again and again that one should support the Lord's true witnesses, and neglect and boycott those that are false . But today turns one this head in a too large extent .

It is amazing how difficult it is to get the support of other believers to preach today . Unfortunately , we Smyrna Oslo and through my service almost just got crumbs and debris, while the false prophet of the time, the fetch and guys into . This must professing believers wake up to boycott those who live and preach the word of God . But those who preach and live according to Scripture , they support than in all ways , including financially.

2 Chronicles 8:20 p.m. morning, that they took early and went forth to the desert Tekoa : and as soon as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said , Hear me , O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the LORD your God , so shall ye stand ! Believe his prophets , so shall ye prosper

This word here a really anything to add on heart: " Believe in the Lord your God , so shall ye stand ! Believe his prophets , so shall ye prosper . "

It is a time of day where one must stop at once to support and reinforce the false prophets in time. But those whom God has anointed , called and sanctified , they should and must support , not the false prophets of the time!

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