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Nr. 638: Nor Mission 'm not saying that they themselves breaking all the promises and led a miserable human politics, so getting everything else come later!

Nr. 638:

Nor Mission 'm not saying that they themselves breaking all the promises and led a miserable human politics, so getting everything else come later!

Have written about Normisjon before , and the only remedy is that its leader Chairman Tormod Kleven take his hat and go. In this case here , he has and does everything wrong , and do not understand it yourself. It is painful to see such poor personnel policies and management of a case that they have even set in. Picture of the injured here Ingvar Torsvik

What is now the key issue ? That Normisjon not realize that what they are doing regarding personnel policies are far below the minimum.

How should one treat each other , especially as believers ? Here comes Normisjon and unfortunately most Christians orge nations and communities to short , especially when a conflict occurs . It is very much to say, but first commandment here is to stand by what you have said and concluded that agreement . If this is groundbreaking , so there is really nothing .

Normisjon demonstrate that stands incompetence and lack of respect for agreements and Torsvik that is clearly not suited to what they are doing, unfortunately . Therefore, in each case chairman take his hat and go , if not more .

Here is an open post that Ingvar Torsvik brother Morten Torsvik who writes:

Ingvar Torsvik and Normisjon There is talk of a leadership crisis in Christian - Norway . Is that weird?

As the brother of Ingvar Torsvik I want to share some observations .

This summer saw Ingvar election anguish . He was called to serve in the mission, and could tell that a unanimous national executive committee had decided to call him to the Secretary General of Normisjon . What would he say?

He had a job , a good job that he thrived in. The days and weeks passed , and as the call had matured him, and he became better acquainted with Normisjon , we noticed how the driver and visions grew in him. Yes, this job he would have. I remember so well the night he came into the living room to my mother and said that today he had resigned from the job in Os. Now there was no way back . There was an excitement and anticipation in the air .

Then something happened . The mood turned . He had expressed himself unlucky in the media. It triggered a round of talks . That's good , I thought. It is important to have both theology and ethics in place when going to work in the Kingdom.

In Day 19 December was the final. I could read that " different views on leadership " was the reason he did not start in the position of General Secretary . It was made clear that this had nothing to theology and ethics to do. It was strange . Ingvar his views on leadership was so radically in one direction or another , the national board found it necessary to break the contract with him. It is dramatic, especially when the same newspaper to read that such a thing has never happened in the Norwegian mission.

How is that land board's view on leadership ?

The National Board has gone from a unanimous endorsement of Ingvar a majority against him. This has happened , but he has been allowed to speak with them. All information to the national executive has gone through Kleven . I wonder . Why has not Ingvar been allowed to meet them , get to know them and get to share thoughts and visions with them? When things got rough, when an uncertainty spread and there was a need for clarification , why should not it be taken directly to the national executive ? All information for the Board went through Kleven , information come to meetings with fuzzy and directly misleading agenda. From meetings with skewed balance of power . From meetings without proper abstracts where Kleven and his supporters completely have the power of the image that was created and passed to the national executive . That such a process has reached " Different view of management " is as far as I can understand rather a proof that Ingvar is the right man for this job.

On Christmas Eve , while Christmas peace was about to descend , go head hunter Heitmann out in the media. Through the newspaper 's Day presents he my brother as a man who almost managed to sneak to the position of General Secretary . In Day 19 December he was " not aware of Torsvik had to go ."

On Christmas Eve , however , he was aware that Ingvar not " the right man for Normisjon ." Through lengthy disquisitions how different selection methods presented , he draws a picture of my brother who justifies him being dumped , and deprives him of his good name and reputation . Is it just me who react ?

I ask myself . Are these the kind of people who will be responsible for the selection of leaders in Christian - Norway ? One moment priced up in the clouds with top scores on all tests, the next moment to be rejected and deprived of any sort of dignity ?

There is talk of a leadership crisis in Christian - Norway . Is that weird? ( end of quote ) .

Final Comment:

Is it money, power and position this is about? It looks like to me. Therefore, I think the only thing that is going to happen that a Normisjon doing everything they can to get out of this knippa they have put in. and everything rolls on as before, the Christian learns not enough of this either!

As I understand this, so utalte Ingvar Torsvik his unfortunate about his views on homosexuality in the newspaper the day .

Then it really asking back , they have not asked him about this before? And as I understand it, so do not Ingvar Torsvik changed views on this. Who then has failed? Ingvar Torsvik ? No ! But the management of the Lutheran and that its leader Chairman Tormod Kleven take his hat and go. And he may well take more with them . If not it might help that much? So statuate an example !

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