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Nr. 630: Ingvar Torsvik are not the leader in the Lutheran quit before he started . The leaders of Normisjon throwing embers in the eyes of Torsvik is a charismatic and liberal Christian!

Nr. 630:

Ingvar Torsvik are not the leader in the Lutheran quit before he started . The leaders of Normisjon throwing embers in the eyes of Torsvik is a charismatic and liberal Christian!

There was a castle in the air from day one to pursue a man who Ingvar Torsvik , tragic for both parties. The only remedy now is the leader in Normisjon Chairman Tormod Kleven leave from his position. But unfortunately , I do not think this is going to happen when Christians are doing their job and position if they have failed the Lord to the point , unfortunately!

Castles in the air

Normisjon , The Norwegian Lutheran Inner Mission Society , Langesundsfjorden Inner Mission Society and The Norwegian Santalmisjonen merged that were Normisjon . Having now drawn the position of Ingvar Torsvik would become the new leader of 1 January 2014.

But Torvik and Normisjon , it has never really matched ? What is Normisjon ? A conservative Lutheran Mission orge nation. Who is Torvik ? Do different clips from the web where Torvik says about himself as a charismatic person with good leadership skills . Here is some of what Torvik has meant about themselves :

1 ) The issue of gays is a peripheral concern for me. These are things that I find difficult.

2 ) I like to think I am a good strategist.

3 ) I do not know Kjøde as well , but I know the phrase to jump by Sten . Most people who have jumped after him have jumped farther .

4 ) Torsvik says he sees it as a huge vote of confidence and a tremendous challenge to be asked to become General Secretary of the Lutheran Home .

5 ) The main issue for me is grace , everything is finished.

Torvik seems to me like a pretty assertive person , with great faith in their own abilities.

That does not lead to Normisjon who employed him seen it before, is no small blunder . They should take his hat and go from his position and leave it to the more clever and people who are able to distinguish things. And that treats people well . This they have done for Torvik is throwing embers in the eyes of Torsvik which is a liberal Christian , and was a liberal and gay friendly man. Therefore, he is a fit and apt to be a leader and responsibilities and duties in a Christian context and where an emphasis on preaching the gospel.

Final Comment:

What should happen now is that Torvik get a proper financial compensation for having been promised a job that he did and that through this process, his name and reputation has been tarnished . Secondly, that Normisjon Chairman Tormod Kleven goes from his position when he is in charge of this collusion .

Should not Christians learn from their mistakes and let that affect , or is it always "enough" grace to get?

When Normisjon have a degree " Justforgetit drawbar " will have consequences , then it is right that someone go . Torvik has not done anything gærnt , he has just applied for a job and got it. That he was the right man , that one should have been investigated long ago. And when they initially brought such a man without a past , why was not the process itself wider where they brought in a third party and ethics question really should be emphasized when Normisjon after all accounts for which, unfortunately, most Christians have abandoned positions ?

Emanuel Minos and similar is the same cloth as Torvik, they should now be given a good partnership ? Both seem that God's word speaks clearly about difficult . God's words have clear answers to most , but it is difficult. it is that we humans are so difficult to submit to God's word when we have such a stiff-necked and hard flesh. But for those who bow to God's word and God's commandments , you will experience the blessing and the grandeur of this , glory be to God and the Lamb from now until forever !

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