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Nr. 621: Are we as believers pray Israel or the Palestinians for forgiveness for something we have done?

Nr. 621:

Are we as believers pray Israel or the Palestinians for forgiveness for something we have done?

Now, some of Israel friends traveled down to Jerusalem and asked forgiveness for anything that I have not done. I have not asked them to leave, and what they are doing is sought and little to be impressed by . Dag Øyvind Juliussen is the driving force here , and he is seeking attention to himself and his own person that few others with this " stunt " , set up the Vision Norway and another lot of things. While Aril Edvardsen hated Israel and loved the Muslims because he was a lot of work in Arab countries. When he won a foothold and even thought that God and our God is the same, therefore preached he Quranic used dealings with Arafat and other Muslim leaders. His relations with Muslims and others, made ​​me nauseous and sick ! He also asked Palestinians for forgiveness on behalf of the Norwegian Christian which was both rude and tasteless . I had firstly not asked him about this and agreed with him about it . Secondly , I have never done anything violent or been negative towards them ! Then and it is pointless to ask them for forgiveness , but the Apostle Paul persecuted Christians before he was saved . When is it appropriate to ask for forgiveness, but not without having done anything gærnt ! The picture shows the late false prophet Aril Edvardsen during a prayer session with their Muslim brothers.

Was going to stop writing the blog in a few years, but have not known that it is completely over. Going just before the " landing " when I need to get with neo few observations and some questions that have come in the last month .

Excerpts from the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Norwegian Department 's website: Norwegian Christian leaders asked Israel for forgiveness

Today, Saturday December 4 , at. 11 , the Declaration, signed by 28 pastors and leaders the basis of 21 different parts of the Christian landscape of Norway , officially handed over to members of the Knesset . Vice President of the Knesset Gila Gamliel , took the declaration on behalf of the Knesset and the Israeli people . Below you can read the declaration that all pastors and leaders stood behind and signed .


Forgive us, O Israel!

Statement by pastors and church leaders in Norway

We talk to Christian leaders in Norway . We speak as leaders of churches , services , Christian TV and newspapers in Norway . We represent the different regions , north, south , east and west. We represent the two original ethnic groups, the Norwegians and the Sámi.

As Christian leaders in Norway we repent and ask forgiveness for Norway's attitude both in church contexts and in other parts of the Norwegian society. ( end of quote ) .

Firstly , in my opinion, so have those who have done evil against Israel no assersjon and brotherhood with me . It is for me three groups who have done evil against Israel represented up against Norway and Israel , it is far more to highlight . But they have in common , I have stood and sure many with me for miles under them most .

Mention the three groups that I will mention.

1 ) Crusade voyagers .

2 ) The Catholic and Lutheran church through its replacement theologian,

3 ) Socialists and the Labor movement through the Oslo agreement and Utøya march the previous day before the massacre there.

Who else would Juliussen ask forgiveness for ? Down through the ages it has always revival Christians have been persecuted by the same mostly wanting that Israel should be destroyed . Therefore experienced this stunt from Juliussen that as strange as the setting up of the occult television channel Vision Norway . What is he doing , I ask myself ? Will he be an actor or what ? It is strange , and strangely remains .

Renders a portion of an interview with him and Terje Liverød here:

Unknown initiative

The umbrella organization the Christian Council were not aware of the initiative. General Knut Refsdal says that the case , naturally enough, is not discussed in the Council , but that he personally find the declaration is very little balanced in Israel -Palestine question .

Initially, the declaration states that delegation talks as " Christian leaders in Norway ." "We pronounce ourselves as leaders from churches , organizations , mission organizations , Christian television and newspapers in Norway ," it says. Under the declaration is the 21 logos for a number of independent congregations in eastern and Good TV , Norway today and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. Neither the Norwegian Church , the Catholic Church , the great mission organizations or national communities are included. A review day has done, shows that the churches have about 1,000 members in total. - We represent a broad organizational background, says National Secretary Dag Øyvind Juliussen the International Christian Embassy , which is press officer for the delegation.

- Do not you mouth full when you say , "You said you that Christian leaders in Norway "? - We believe that we are precise . We say that we are from 21 different congregations , organizations and Bible schools, says Juliussen .

- Peripheral connections

General Refsdal react to that delegation refers to "Christian leaders in Norway " and as " leaders of churches " without specifying further. - It is with due respect quite wrong . They do not speak on behalf of the Norwegian churches as such. This I find that somewhat peripheral connections in some of the ecclesial community. They take on a role where they apologize . It is that I know no ecclesial structures have asked them about it . They assume a role and mandate they have been given by some, says Refsdal .

- We represent ourselves

- We speak only on behalf of ourselves, underscores Juliussen . - Do the recipients of the document where few Christians you represent ? - We have not gone into any analysis of the sizes of Norwegian Christianity , answer Juliussen .

- What mandate do you have to apologize on behalf of the nation ? - As Christians Norwegians would like to ask for forgiveness for what Norway has done, says Juliussen .

Prophetic vision

Terje Liverød is the initiator of the trip to Israel. In a vision document day has received a copy of , he turns to the people that "we believe have a key role as spiritual leader of Norway in the future ."

In the five -page document describes the vision that he had a prophetic vision that he saw a flock of Christian leaders from Norway in Jerusalem stood together as a unit. "They had come to Israel on behalf of Norway , they had come as a spiritual leadership from Norway , to ask Israeli and Jewish leaders for forgiveness ."

Christian Leaders should bless Israel and convey that you do not stand behind "the political Norwegian anti Israeli attitudes ," said the vision document.

Liverød writes that he felt that God told him that Norway does not come into his calling without reconciliation with Israel. At a meeting at the conference Winter Celebration in Tønsberg last December tells Liverød that he was picked out of the crowd of 3,000 attendance and received a message from God that he should be a bridge between Norway and Israel.

- Is not such a background for the initiative which should be attached weight, Refsdal ?

- For me it is a strange world to claim authority on the basis of the kind of vision. It's okay to feel that you have such visions , but can not therefore say that it operates on behalf of the churches in Norway , says Knut Refsdal . ( end of quote ) .

Is Juliussen and Liverød the " grape " or live the way in their own world that they are capable of not seeing the real world ?

It is clear we must stand up for Israel and speaking their cause. But what this does is to run a separate swarm centric program where everything is allowed only promotes their cause. It does not stand up for Israel, whose dishonesty , fanaticism and lies will come in, as it obviously does here . Liverød and Juliussen says eg . they confess my / our sins. Firstly , I have not committed any violations against Israel , secondly , I have not asked them to go to Jerusalem and profess the Christian sins. It misses the target with more than one arrow, but all really, where will this end?

Can Israel friends live as they lust and wild ? This is a timely question as such . Juliussen has its own TV program with goat whore January Hanvold . and Terje Liverød was involved in the start-up of the same TV channel when he was on TV route tit and often.

I could go on, but today's Christianity, especially among Protestants Balaam and the Nicolaitans teaching and preaching right out !

What brings today's preaching ? People who imagines something very, such as Juliussen , Liverød and many others.

Waldensian , Franks , hugenotterne , Puritans , Presbyterians and many others who are awakening people has its roots , not the Catholic Church .

Waldensian , Franks , hugenotterne , Puritans , Presbyterians and many others were persecuted by the established Christianity with primarily the Catholic Church , later the Lutheran too. These were persecuted, killed and otherwise tried stopped by the established Christendom. And it was the same who also tried to kill, pursue and stop the Jews . My spiritual kinship , primarily back to them , then this is to ask Jews for forgiveness totally meaningless , ahistorical and really banal and stupid !

Final Comment:

Do I always speak against what is happening among the believers ? No, but when lying, falsification of history and so much more strange to get a foothold and recognition among the so-called evangelical Christians, one should not then be allowed to say so ? What cabinet division and deception ? Arguably such as Juliussen , Liverød and other non- replacement theologians , but really spiritually fully drunk. Scripture speaks of being spiritual sober , these are not. Will bring to end, would you like us and I Smyrna Oslo will be a counterweight in time? Support us chiefly in prayer , then economically, thanks in advance dear friends !

Account number in Record : 0535 06 05 845

Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ !

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