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Nr. 620: The Norwegian Christianity - A Mafia gang!

Nr. 620:

The Norwegian Christianity - A Mafia gang!

There is a " Christian " Mafia where one does not use bullets and krytt . But a game with a boycott of elements that are problematic . Secondly, as an even both live in sin , engage in unbiblical teachings and most . Only one silent about others within its their group as it is the thing to put your finger on . January Hanvold and Vision Norway is a good example of this. He invites many close to him and his corrupt and mafia -like TV channel. All are allowed to come out with their " news." Only one tier set of Hanvold and a possibly disagree with him . So he can get a profit in the second which is more serious and well-run . This is nothing else than Satan's machinations for control of the masses within its Christianity . Talk about being cheated and deceived. For me, this " Christian " Mafia headquartered in Drammen / Dunstable where Vision Norway localities situated and really spread beyond Norway . Remember , you give a dime to this so you maintain which are under the judgment of God and where dark , Satan and the demonic powers and principalities reigns and has a headquarters .

Who is the worst of mafia amongst the world is among the so called religious / Christian? It is important to stay within its them both to get the most out yourself. Here it is actually exactly the same as applicable. When Emanuel Minos asked about remarriage, he could not answer, why? For the "big" Mafia leader is re-married several times, contrary to the word of God and what Jesus and Paul taught. But it is a rotten bunch that it stinks of, you know one when to keep silent and when to speak. And when one speaks, see a convey everything so it does not attract attention and support someone, only to come forward. Talk about "Mafia gang"!

Hello again !

After reading the blog and website to you in Smyrna Oslo, and received very good and satisfactory answers before . So I have a timely question : What do you think of the Norwegian Christian people and their spiritual standpoint ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Thanks for the reply .

Eager blog reader

Hello again avid blog reader, thank you for last. Hope you found the answer to your question that you have asked before. I look at the Norwegian Christianity that is rotten, apostate , corrupt, unbiblical , unspiritual , carnal, lukewarm, proud, self , manipulative and everything else that unfortunately one must call for the Laodicean condition in church life .

About Mafia from Wikipedia: Mafia is a term used to refer to criminal organizations and syndicates with semi -formal hierarchical structure and clear internal standards , which use violence to maintain control over a particular territory and operate illegal businesses. The term derives from and showed initially only to the Sicilian variety.

Mafia Similar organizations are often associated with weak states , and described in part as a quasi - state phenomenon. Because of its illegal nature , there is little actual knowledge and many myths associated with the phenomenon, which often blends with looser and more common forms of so-called organized crime. ( end of quote ) .

How can this be ? Should mention ten ( 10) reasons it is possible that really Satan , and not God is in control and govern the churches here in Norway and the Norwegian Christendom. Church Life in Norway is similar in some parts they are governed by a " mafia gang " and not God :

1 ) Christians act and behave like sheep and sheep mentality is prevalent.

We know that all animal breeds have different characteristics . After a career as a Christian for thirty three years I have to say that the Norwegian Christians most similar to sheep , just maybe a little dumber ? They love to go in herds, and all without passing the norm is dangerous. But then there is little or no development for the better, mostly for the worse. The sheep can actually of troops oppose a cliff only one (1 ) trusting that the false shepherd who leads them there. Jesus warned against false ( Mafia - shepherds ) was to come: Joh.e. 10 12 But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep , sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep , and fleeth: and the wolf snatches them and scatters them apart ; 13 he is an hireling , and the sheep is him on heart.

2 ) All tier set about each other's sins and weaknesses.

It's pretty rotten as it has been . Where all drawing on each other , only one tier set about each other's sins and weaknesses. Talk about being duped . Why can eg . a TV Channel that Vision Norway have as broad hints of others? Because all have in common that they can come forward with what they have to bring, but they must tie set for January Hanvold sin and heresy , it's condition . If they do not , then it's over and out and other "Christian" warns than saying that one is extreme and cavil . Mafia gang is the "Christian" in Norway joined Hanvold on top. Who controls the "Christian" Norway ? God or Satan? The answer itself, it is enough demons and darkness that has consumed much of the so-called "Christian" Norway , unfortunately!

3 ) Those who know better , such as theologians and others, must tie set when the liver of having a job where one can not move without passing " boxen ".

There are many that look the same as me in many respects, both theologically and how bad it otherwise stands for . But is an example . theologian or live by the gospel is bound hand and foot and must tie set for the most part not lose a job , income and reputation.

4 ) Christians give to a business that does not work is right. It is very often that their consciences are so wounded and manipulated that they are able to not say no to the evil . They give out of duty , not desire.

2 Cor . 9 6 But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly , and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. 7 Every man according as he sat down in his heart , not grudgingly or under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver . 8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you , that you, always in all things may be all that you need , and abound to every good work: 9 as it is written, He scattered abroad , he gave the poor, his righteousness endures forever .

Does this sound violently out , and that's it. This can be on edge . But Christians are so kind , good, gullible and deluded that they do not know what's what . Scripture says : 1 Cor. 13 3 And if I give to feed others all my goods , and though I give my body to be burned , but have not love , it profits me nothing . When a minister is not living right , and everyone "knows" it. Or do not have a healthy and good doctrine, and one is aware of it. But apparently advancement and recognition , what do the believers then? Giving , giving even more for not "Satan" will take the better of his ministry and church. It turns everything on one 's head, Satan has already gotten the better of him and his church . The only believers really make the most of their donor here in Norway is to nurture something that is under God's judgment , not the Lord's blessing and management!

5 ) Service Theirs is weak.

This apostasy and deception we see in the Norwegian Christianity is really nothing new . If we read the word of God , especially in the Old Testament of Israel. What was when God's " solution "? Very often we see that God raised up a man who stood in the breach before him , and turned the hearts of Israel back to God. We also need today such men and women who stand in the gap and turn hearts back to God. But then God must get grab someone's heart, preferably some young men who have power and courage. And he is not caught them , let him seize the who place themselves willing and able to hear the Lord 's voice and his words . And being a mouthpiece for him !

Ezekiel 10:30 p.m. I searched among them by a man who would walling up a wall and stood in the gap before me for the land , that I should not destroy it : but I found none.

Psalm 106:23 Therefore he said that he would destroy them , had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach before Him , To turn back His wrath from destroying them.

6 ) The believers are weak and are not trained to trust God .

Thinking sometimes of myself . I come from the world and a common Norwegian homes where no openly confessed the name of Jesus . So I was saved , baptized in water and the Spirit . Everything was so wonderful and promising . But what do I meet I'll be honest. People who have been corrupted , manipulated and artificial . This can not talk about , make a so feel offended . And discuss things that are delicate , but it is difficult. and all protective of her . And not least , his church and denomination. Everything for things to be " preserved" as it is and nothing to lose control and lose face ! The believers are weak , manipulated and behave and are artificial . Actually it destroys today's preaching people where good people become evil by the proclamation that prevails . In fact, a straightforward until one was saved, then becomes a perverse by becoming a "believer" . Not so good that it has become "normal" standard.

2 Tim . 2 25 so he meekness show them the way that oppose themselves , if God though even give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth 26 and wake up from his wine in the snare of the devil , having been captured by him to do his will.

7 ) Christianity is so tepid and gray , that everything that is "half - Christian" and lukewarm thrive and gain entry .

This we see today creates a focal point and the whereabouts of the evil spirit . They thrive. Should Christians warn against someone or something, then there is always that which is so extreme and everyone understands is very special. That Gelius was dismissed and some warn against hm now that he is seeking new vicar position is then understandable. The man is way out there if he sees the light of God's word. But what about all the others, that one should and should warn against? These defends one 's tacit and drop off. No wonder the church is totally out running here in Norway today ! And homosexuals warns against some , but remarriage if there is one or more times, they are "free."

8 ) There are so many vested interests within its Christianity has been that anything that has some sharp edges and tags will be eradicated .

All should be taken into account , what happens in the end? No mean something, but all take into consideration , respect and still regard .

Isa 5:8 Woe to you who add house to house and field to field , till there be no place , that they may be placed alone in the country.

Obviously , everyone can not be right. It was actually better in many respects before when every church had its særart and it showed everyone what that was. But today both Pentecostals , Lutherans , Katolikere , Adventists and others together in public meetings and running the same program for everyone. Who is right? Nobody knows when everyone is equal! Talk about "spiritual " uniform !

9 ) Warns than accept this, then becomes a stamp. And when it comes to boycott the line .

Christians or what should I call them ? They are so incredibly little good to talk about differences and the costs . Everything will either be swept under the carpet or ties to death . What is the " solution " that the "Christian" resorted mostly always ? Boycott line, not speaking and conversation to come to an amicable agreement etc. But boycott those who can expose and embarrass you . And who has " major " revelations of God's word than yourself .

10 ) An ability to gather others under things that people agree on , just put away what one disagrees about. This is a false unity and whore Christianity.

True unity is to be open about everything, where nothing is hidden away . The current unit is artificial and unbiblical . When Ulf Ekman approaching the Catholic Church , so do not change the Catholics , but Ekman . How could I have continued , but true unity based on consensus based on God's word.

Final comment for assessing that it is a " Christian " Mafia as a face !

Of course not Christian Norway a clean Mafia gang in the true sense. But the principles and much is the same. The mafia got stronger foothold where society was weakest. Is not it true Christians are mostly ? It also says the Apostle Paul : 1 Cor. 1 26 For ye see your calling, brethren , how that not many wise men after the flesh , not many mighty, not many noble ; 27 but it is bad in the world, God hath chosen to put the wise to shame , and the weak things of the world , God hath chosen to do to shame the strong , 28 and it is low in the world and the despised , God hath chosen , and things which are not, to bring to naught things that is nothing .

But we as believers should not remain there , " down ", but come on a "higher" level where we are able to be like Jesus. But today's gospel actually creates people who are similar to Jesus at all , but the people who are being oppressed , manipulated and controlled , just like a " mafia gang " that leads them !

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