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Nr. 642: The lovely church at Ephesus!

Nr. 642:

The lovely church at Ephesus!

Photo by myself . When we moved back to Oslo in 2005 as it was to start a church here in town . Although we have successfully filled by this date. Today I have been committed , the whole Christian world has been deceived and deluded that I follow the Lord. And that it is possible to live 100 % for the Lord even in this unreasonable and perverse generation in which the waiver is meaty and great among professing Christians.

Sorry first that I have not had a good enough ability and anointing to bring up how bad , manipulated , deceived, deluded , corrupt, ruled by demons, unbiblical , poor morale , human -controlled and fraudulent the Norwegian and western Christians , sorry ! The church is lame, blind, dumb , maimed , wretched, miserable , poor and naked.

They are like a big Mafia gang that is ruled by Satan , demons , and his own flesh. Actually do not know the Lord himself , but living in a spiritual mist home , while they think about themselves that they have it right with God just like the church in Laodicea imagining a reality that was not true and reel . They are self-centered and move in a spiritual landscape where one becomes introverted , carnal and never comes out of God's children delightful freedom and the ethical and moral standard that God has set for their children. The truth is that the church at the hearing, or lack of preaching. The life and the attitudes that are becoming more prevalent and the winning entry . So does one not ready to meet Jesus in the clouds , but Antichrist along with all other religions seduced !

Do as I've written about before , imposed by even having a break on the blog until mid January 2017 then to prioritize other things !

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Going to post some posts that are on our website such as otherwise on the blog and some old post edited again . Not going to write yourself something new then I will try to concentrate on with other duties for a while . Publish speeches, commentaries M. M.

Eph. 6 18b - 20a keep on praying for all the saints , even for me. Pray for the right words must be given to me when I speak, so I boldly make known the mystery of the gospel , that which I am an ambassador for .

Sorry also that I write about my mistakes and failures in detail, to show how vulnerable I am also . But as it is written that he who speaks must speak God's words. And the strange and a paradox in this is that I have found that when it comes to the ethical and moral standard that it is the fruit of our Christian life . Then there Smyrna Oslo and Catholics against the rest of " Rokle ", as we will soon be the only one that warns against remarriage , lesbian and homosexual practices. Everyone else either defending or trying to tie this to death !

We see more and more of today : Now Jesus talked about many believers who eagerly invoked him as "Lord " ( fervor we see that he uses repetition "Lord, Lord "), but that would not come into the rich because they did his father's will - they did " lawlessness " . These , he said he had never known him - even though they had cast out demons and perform many miracles in his name. He would say to them, Depart from me , you who practice lawlessness . ( Matt.7 0.21 to 23 ) . During and character itself is no assurance that any follower of Christ , it is only certain characters that follow the word of God in the life and teachings !


I have always had a great interest in the church's prosperity and importance. Both now and when we look back at the church's work for almost 2000 years.

At all times God has had his tools and his servants through 2000 years.

Perhaps one of the loveliest and one of the parishes with the greatest importance, is the church of Ephesus in ancient Asia Minor , the present Turkey.

It was not just one or several persons were lit on fire for God, but an entire congregation ! Just get a strong enthusiasm in me , a whole church on fire for God !

What was it that made the church at Ephesus was such a wonderful tool for God ?

There are of course many aspects of this , not just one reason.

But we have something to learn here . Will take 5 points why the church in Ephesus and was a glorious church .

The church stood out from the world and the religious .

The church had strong ministries for a long time .

The congregation loved God's word and fused with the Word.

The church endured and enjoyed all of God's word.

The church experienced a supernatural dimension.

There are the 5 key points in Ephesus church history, why it was what it was . A church lit on fire for God.

Looking at the Christian church life in Norway , it is probably very many born-again Christians in Norway from South to North and from West to East . But that's as far as I know there is no real burning churches that are close to the church in Ephesus.

Why ?

Try to go through the five points I have listed , so one should understand why. Should the church in Norway come on, we can begin to learn from history . It will create a much deeper understanding of why things are as they are .

We do not have a risk here and there to find the answers. All the answers are in the Word of God and history.

History tells us that the whole church at Ephesus was at work and they were burning and served the Lord with joy !

This is the way to go . The story answers . God's Word gives a correct and biblical answers!

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