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Nr. 651: If a person is remarried can not expect to go to heaven!

Nr. 651:

If a person is remarried can not expect to go to heaven!

Photo of Pastor pair Tore and Heidi Kransberg at Vision Church and Vision Norway , Jan Hanvold closest associate and youth , divorced and re- married as "father" himself. It is not once saved , always saved . And the arrogance that he and many surround themselves with is me completely incomprehensible when they fail , will and live according to the word of God and the New Testament teachings.

I get some e-mails that go on this that I can not judge anyone etc. When particularly with regard to remarriage or that one has married a divorcee .

Here is one of many mail I get into that I render to illustrate the theme and I do not naming the person as there could be many and anybody : "I'm certainly not going to hell because I have married several times in my life .... The man I have now God has given me ... and I have a gift for my husband . "

I do not doubt that they are a "gift" to each other , but the gift ?

I judge no one , but I keep up what the word of God and the New Testament teaches . And this creates discomfort and resistance, it should, since the majority of the Protestant world does not hold up really what God's Word teaches on this subject .

As I see it, is the word of God is very clear here . As the word of God is mostly in doctrine and religious issues .

That I will attack most of the Christians , because when I hold up my biblical , is it okay ? The attacks on me coming mostly from those who profess the name of Jesus . However, they are born again , I ask myself many a time , and I do not think they always are.

What 's the problem really, divorce or remarry or marry a divorcee ?

Clear that the stand is not good, and by all means . I hope everyone avoids , but unfortunately, that is not the case. But the word of God says is untrue , it is to remarry after a divorce or to marry a divorcee . Then get everyone to settle his accounts even within its God. But all that is re- married to a believer or married to a divorced as a Christian should really God's word ruled out by the local church .

This I declare here is really something that has been practiced throughout the church's history in 2000 more or less. But actually it was the Reformation and the pien movement outcrop that these things purely doctrinal was shaken by. Secondly, there was a resurgence in the world by the so-called '68 generation. And after the world's children began to separate and remarry as other switches shirts. So began the faithful to imitate the world. Anyway, what is our guideline as believers , it is only and solely the word of God . Where is the writing clear, remarriage or marrying a divorced is living in adultery !

Is this a big deal ? Is not God merciful and forgiving ? Yes, but only if we are in Christ, we walk in the light .

Are you any better than others I get questions again and again. I am sure that the average Christian in the most part, but the word of God is clear. There I deal .

You are not distinguished themselves, therefore you have no right to myriad you do I hear . But this fall of its own weight . One does not have to fall 10 meters heights to know that it must be terrible ? Of course , everyone has the right to speak out and have a clear opinion .

Are all marriage joined by God ? Yes, when marriage is an institution created by God, the God of all marriages even if they included the marriage empty not believe in God. It is the institution of marriage and that plan which God protective of and cherish .

You are judgmental I am told. That's right, sure as God's word is very sharp here to say the least against our flesh which yearns sin , and yet more sin.

There are many reasons with me that is not good , then I am a sinner saved by grace . But one thing I want , and still get to do. Keeping the word of God and what Jesus and the early Christian teaching .

Here are some teaching about these things :

Divorce and remarriage, the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church

Written coating The scriptures which primarily applies to the issue of divorce and remarriage are the following : 5 Ex 24:1 ff When a man has taken a woman in marriage, and he does not care about her anymore , because he hath found some uncleanness in her against him , he can write a bill of divorcement, and give her and send her out of his house . ( 5 Gen. 24:1) .

This is the scripture that Jesus refers to in Mark 10 and Matthew 19 It's about the scheme 's divorce when a marriage broke up . This was something that was allowed in Jewish law based on the Old Testament Scriptures. There was little conceivable that a single woman (there were women in practice pertaining to ) not to enter into a new marriage. In the Jewish community at that time was very basic in all social structure and in relation to the social conditions . It was also precisely what divorce letter should attend . Divorce letter set woman free from the marriage was broken. The man had no further claim against this woman. She was free in relation to entering into a new marriage.

Mark 10.1 to 12 He arose from there and came to Judea, to the land beyond the Jordan . Again drew people in herds and follow him , and he taught them as he used to. Also, some Pharisees came , and to test him they asked, " Should a man be allowed to divorce his wife? " " What did Moses command you? " He said. They replied, " Moses permitted man to write a bill of divorce , and divorce her . " Then he said to them, " Because of your hardness of heart he wrote you this commandment. But from the beginning, at the creation , God created them male and female. Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and the two shall become one . What therefore God has joined together , let man not separate . " When they entered the house again, the disciples asked him about this. He said to them, " Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her . And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another , she commits adultery . " (Mark 10.1 to 12 )

This scripture , most agree that all about marriage sanctity . God has from the beginning instituted marriage , and this should not be violated . It will be somewhat different interpretation of how the divorce letter, and " decree of Moses " shall mean (more on this below) . The starting point of this text is that the Pharisees put Jesus to the test. They put forward a question that there were different interpretations . In short, you can " battle " among the Pharisees enshrined in the interpretations of the two Jewish scribes Hillel and Shammai . The basic question was whether one could stand for any reason based on 5 Ex 24:1 ff . Jesus' answer to the Pharisees is primarily a write of the situation. For the Pharisees and scribes went out of the question to " absolve " the one who took out the divorce. The question concerned " frikjennelsesgrunnene " . Jesus' reply , in which he refers to what God wanted from the very creation of , is to emphasize that any adultery is a violation of God's will. It is therefore not a question of being able to " acquit " . To conclude the divorce will still result in the recognition that God's will and the system is broken .

Some would argue that Jesus abolishes the scheme given by Moses. Others will argue that Jesus does is to put this scheme into its proper context . That he interprets it up against God's plan and justifies it into syndefallets time . The scheme is then not an expression of God's original purpose of creation , but given to limit syndefallets harm. It is given because of the " hardness of heart " . Jesus' answer to the Pharisees involves a clear confrontation with the interpretation of these assumed to understand 5 Ex 24:1 ff . An interpretation which one was looking to find " approved " divorce reasons. What most people will agree on is that the addressee of what Jesus is saying here is the one who deliberately breaks out of the marriage (considering marrying another) . It's the divorce that is the main theme and not a potential new marriage . Matt from 19.1 to 12 They asked him, " Why then did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce , and he can divorce her ? " He replied, " Because of your hardness of heart Moses allowed you to divorce your wives . But from the beginning it was not so. I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness , and marries another woman commits adultery . "( Matt 19.7 to 9 ) .

Jesus' handling of the issue of divorce and remarriage is also mentioned in Matt 19.1 - 12 This text does not add anything significant beyond those referenced in Mark 10 Here Jesus speaks directly into its contemporary understanding of the 5 Ex 24:1 ff and into the contemporary perception of divorce, adultery and fornication .

Some would argue that Jesus here makes adultery a valid reason for divorce.

Others will argue that Jesus here primarily places the responsibility where it belongs . This is due to his clear rejection of the entire mindset ( to find valid reasons for divorce ) . Jesus again refers to Jewish law where it was the man who could distinguish themselves from the wife and not vice versa. The man must bear the responsibility for the situation that arises. But where the woman lived lewd ( here , the word porneia - sexual promiscuity or fornication ) , she must bear this responsibility .

1 Cor 7.8 to 16 To those who are married , I have this requirement , yet not I , but the Lord : A wife must not separate from her husband . But if she depart, let her remain unmarried , or be reconciled to her husband . And a husband must not divorce his wife . To the rest I say - this is my own words , not the Lord : If a Christian has a wife that believeth not, and she wants to stay with him , he must not divorce her . And if a woman has a husband that believeth not, and he wants to stay with her ​​, let her not leave him . ( 1 Cor 7.10 to 13 ) .

In this written material will anyone find the legal grounds for divorce in the case where the non - believer in marriage will break out . The remaining will then be free to remarry .

But one can also argue that Paul occupies the same uncompromising attitude towards adultery and fornication as we find in Jesus. " Neither fornicators ( pornoi ) ... or fornicators ( moikjoi ) will inherit the kingdom of God "( 1 Corinthians 6:9) . So either those living in resolving sexual relations or those who violate the sexual relationship in a marriage, shall inherit the kingdom of God. One will say that Paul unreservedly endorses Jesus' condemnation of sexual relationships outside of marriage frame . In verse 10, pull these out of such a view , just as Jesus does, by prohibiting divorce. Paul emphasizes that this is a word from the Lord. Jesus' strong rejection of divorce in Matthew 19 and Mark 10 is set on the basis of the relationship between divorce and adultery. What may seem surprising is that Paul then appeals to the woman who still separated . Here, apparently as the active party. She will live as unmarried or be reconciled to her husband.

The context Paul writes in here is complex. What we can clearly read out the letters to korintmenigheten is that there is a church and an environment that has trouble dealing with "the two regiments ." There are some who will live abstinence within marriage , and it's scruples with the believers because of mixed marriages . It also seems to be an ideal for many living in chastity.

In this context, says Ole Modalsli : " Verse 11 does not speak of any woman who has suffered the fate of being separated . The verse comes to a woman who has actively divorced or separated . The grammatical form allows albeit both translation "is divorced " and " have separated themselves" . But the context suggests the active meaning of the verb : A wife must not separate from her husband ( v. 10b ) . And a husband must not divorce his wife ( v. 11c ) . Between these sentences is that in a parenthesis statement of a woman who divorced her husband and having the opportunity to be reconciled to him again . About the motives for her divorce is never so pious , she must know that for her will not be possible to contract a new marriage. This active sense of the verb " have separated themselves" we find among others by Schlatter , Odland , Conzelmann , Barrett and Danbolt . In this way, 1 Cor 7,11 no prohibition against remarriage for the outcast . ( Ole Modalsli , Practical Theology , nr.1/1990 , p.33 ) .

Paul then gives its guidance for the mixed marriages .

When the non - believers party in a mixed marriage agrees to continue the marriage , should not the non - believers party forstøtes . In this advisory claims not Paul the same authority as above by reference to the Lord's commandment . There is here no question that the unbelieving party demands a divorce. On the contrary, the believer is referred to as the not to forstøte . The basis for not forstøte is that the non - believers still want to live together. Conversely, if the unbelieving party does not wish to continue to live together , let the believers not refuse a divorce (verse 15). It then looks at Paul the same clear attitude towards adultery and divorce in Jesus , but also adaptability in a world of " hardness of heart " .

God's commandment is holy and good

It is written : "Marriage should be honored by all. " ( Heb. 13.4) . It therefore applies to both the married and the single that by his life and his words bear witness to God's good pleasure , and not against it. The sexual relationship belongs in the monogamous , lifelong marriage. This means that the Bible sets clear boundaries for sexuality expression. Both sexual cohabitation before marriage , cohabitation and sexual relationships between people of the same sex is contrary to God's will. Whoever maintains a lifestyle in such forms , violates God 's will for sexuality and marriage and comes under the judgment of God with their lives.

Therefore , we call for repentance from such patterns of life and actions. Apostle of the Lord says: " For this is the will of God - your sanctification : Ye shall keep clear of all sexual sin everyone should know how to possess his own wife in holiness and honor, not in lustful passion as the heathen do, they do not even know God. For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness . "( 1 Thessalonians 4.3 -5.7 )

The family , the basic institution

The family is the primary social unit of society . Therefore, the Bible teaches much about life in the family. God's will for spouses, parents and children need only to be lifted up in preaching and teaching. A good family life does not come by itself, but requires active effort for day to day and from all members of the family. Also in this part of our lives , we need to seek the Lord's guidance , his support and power.

For that cohabitation between spouses and between parents and children to develop positively , we must face each other with the attitudes that Scripture shows us the basics: love , respect , kindness , care and forgiveness. The main responsibility for the children God has given to parents . It is their great calling and mission to educate with " the discipline and instruction of the Lord Himself . " ( Eph. 6:4) .

This involves an upbringing in a Christian land, where parents should ask for wisdom to show the right balance between love and steadfastness , gentleness and discipline.

Modern psychology has taught us how crucial the first year of life and childhood environment is vårpersonlighetsutvikling . This helps to emphasize the central role of parents is given in the Bible. This task can not be solved satisfactorily unless the spouses have time together and time with their children.

In this context, it can not be regarded as an unqualified good that both parents work outside the home when children are young. We would warn against a lifestyle where we are ruled by material goals . While each family has to find its way to balance working efforts outside the home and working effort in the home, it is important to point out the child's needs as a fundamental value in this context. Our time needs a renewed vision of the parent task is one of the most important in the culture whatsoever.

Created in the image

One hears today alarming degree of increasing abuse of women and child abuse . Respect for the individual, his dignity and honor weakened. Through pornographic magazines and films degraded God thought about sexuality and relationships . Christ Church can not accept any form of mistreatment and abuse of human beings. God created us in his image , male and female he created them. He called the man to communion with himself and gave us his commandments , which is good . The many negative features in time due to the fact that respect for God's command is weakened. In this situation , we call you all to renew faith in God's good will, as man and woman, parent and child , as spouses and as citizens .

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