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Nr. 653: Article for those who want to live 100 % for the Lord and meets resistance , hypocrisy , slander , shut the doors and breach of other believers , especially the leadership!

Nr. 653:

Article for those who want to live 100 % for the Lord and meets resistance , hypocrisy , slander , shut the doors and breach of other believers , especially the leadership!

I write not only welcomed and things , but also to humans. Now I'm 50 years this year , and there comes a generation after me to serve the Lord and go God's way as I have done since I was saved and born again as a 16 year old. I'm trying to steel , prepare and give instructions to those who - for me. In many ways, those who went before me, their life and example has sometimes seemed contrary intention when their way was so different than mine. this I will try to address in this article and highlight a few things with this. Photo from the movie Trading Places or the Norwegian Switching roles with actors Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd


Those who went before us the pioneers and founders of the various revival movements had great success and recognition because they lived for God and the Word went away.

Today, much of which turned on its head. Those who progress and receive recognition and people who adhere to their business is faltering , lukewarm and unbiblical in their preaching and practice of the great and all. There has been a role reversal , a change. Just as it happened in the movie Role Switching . This is from Wikipedia about the film : The action takes place is the following: The stone rich brothers Duke has Wall Street as a workplace and included one day a bet on what is most important of heredity and environment . To clarify the matter , they promote Louis winthorpe III , junior boss ( Aykroyd ) in Duke & Duke, being criminalized and place the black bum , Billy Ray Valentine ( Eddie Murphy ) , at the helm . Billy gets Louis' apartment with a butler and all, Louis ends up on the streets where he eventually gets taken care of that prostitute Ophelia ( Curtis ) ( end of quote ) .

I 've seen this movie and it has an important point that the word of God also speaks .

Fork 10:6 Folly is set in lofty positions, while the gentry must sit low.

In this film, then the rich positioned as homeless and bum as chief . Unfortunately this is my experience so goes this far in the congregation , but here it is a reality and not a movie.

Do you live for the Lord 100 % and follow God's words carefully ? Expect to be opposed in all quarters of the Christians and stand almost alone ! If not, then I'm afraid you 'll error count , and the powerful .

I just want you to brace yourself and count on facts. And what is the solution or part of the solution ? I think this is to "find" God's will for their life and ministry. It is not he who has the " biggest " service that has the most important and "right" service in the congregation generally . But those who preach and live right , though .

Matt . 5 19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven .

It is about to complete their service mission and the opportunities that you have, even if one is opposed , tense your feet under and maligned .

2 Timothy 4:5 But watch thou in all things , endure afflictions , do the work of an evangelist , fulfill your ministry !

From my commentaries Colossians Dispenser Letter 4 17 Tell Archippus : Ensure the service you have received of the Lord, that you fulfill it. It looks like Archippus has followed Epaphras that the congregation Board ? ! He got the call from Paul to complete the service . There may be those who would have Epaphras back . But it probably was not God's will. Revival Meetings shall be relieved of Bible classes and congregation members become students of God's word . Then it's a straight spiritual development.

I have learned what I have gone through, and it is never to work with people , but only with God and follow what is in one's own heart and mind. Unfortunately, so are most Christians so innsauset , seduced , pampered and Dalet that they do not really know what it is about. But trying to explain to them this is usually hopeless and a waste of one's own effort and time . Will mention five things that are important to serve the Lord in spite of the apostasy that is in the past.

1 ) Take care of yourself and your own spiritual life .

It is possible to be so busy with everyone else, both the one and the other. But you're the most important person to take care of yourself . And do not count on the unconditional support of others if you go God's way , unfortunately . But count on the support of the Lord and those he sends your way . And unfortunately , most abilities are not currently listening to the Lord's voice . Therefore, you must also prioritize yourself, not only the mission and ministry you have for God to reach all others. If you do not take care of yourself and your own spiritual life , then you will of course have something to give and convey to anyone.

2 ) Take care of the people that you put in with , it is vitti narrower than changing any other.

We all have someone we stand in relation to , whether it be a spouse , family, work colleagues , in church or wherever it is. The people we are set to protect , protect, give love and receive their love and concern . We all have some , and we should not have any. So we can prepare and ask to have one or more . I am sure that God will always lead you in conjunction with one or more . and the people shall one be a blessing sometimes.

3 ) Obtain liked a civilian job , but to try to become a full-time minister as Christian people do not want.

I bet 110% to be full-time minister of youth, but it did not . I am very, very happy today that I went on to school again, took a little education and did you I could to get back to the community , when I was rejected as a preacher of the Pentecostal movement in Norway. To sit down and mope and sulk and eventually become bitter and be a loser . I'm so happy that I did . This I really advise everyone to follow your calling and your " dreams ". Is it not, then let life go on and find other opportunities to both serve the Lord and survive or to live as a human. For me it was to support his family and an education and get a job with heavenly and exceedingly great blessing , happiness and all that is good . It is clear that it was a defeat , first. But I am glad that my defeat and I turned , not God , to victory . That's what we do ourselves out of our trials to which is essential if there will be a blessing or a curse .

Psalm 84:7 As they pass through the valley of tears , they make it a source of enforcement , and the autumn rain covers it with blessings .

Who are the ones that make it a source vang when going through the tear valley ? It is a self - me and you there ! Åge Samuelsen sings in one of his songs that God makes it a source of enforcement , but it does not teach writing . It is we who do, by determining whether the tear valley shall be a curse or source enforcement. I am glad that I chose the latter , Hallelujah ! It can also make dear friend Amen !

4 ) Find you a scope that is for you where you get out your thoughts, opinions and viewpoints.

That God has given you and me something , I am sure , that's why we meet resistance , contempt and exclusion that Jesus and all of God's men and women have experienced in a greater or less extent and degree. But it is so important, healthy and good to have channeled and get into a service , task and purpose where one is taught and preached the truths that God has shown and added a heart.

5 ) Pray and seek God , never give up . There will always in the long run pay to go word -way over all other roads.

Exclusion , rejection , slander and all the crap of other believers in particular is just a great blessing , opportunity and open doors for something completely different and better, God.

From my commentaries Revelation 3 7 To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:

This says the holy and true , he that hath the key of David , he that opens , and no man shutteth , and shutteth, and no one can open : Philadelphia called today Alashehir . It is one of seven cities that you find in today's Asia Minor or Turkey. It was founded about 150 BC Attalos II , king of Pergamon . The name Philadelphia means " brotherly love". The name has probably received after its founder , also called " Philadelphus " (he with brotherly love ) , because of his loyalty to his brother , King Emen II of Lydia . The city is a kind of border , located at the intersection of other cities. Was also called "Gateway to the East " or "Little Athens" . Again Jesus presents himself . Now that the truth and to that resolves and closes . None of them, except the Father. No beside it . Matt . 28 18 Then Jesus came to them and said : " I ​​have been given all authority in heaven and on earth .

8 I know your deeds. See , I have set before you an open door that no one can shut . For you have little strength, yet you have stuck to my word and have not denied my name. Here we encounter a model church that follows Jesus and God's word . If one has little power itself and the world's resources is overwhelming it is the Lord standing by . What wonderful words, I have set before you an open door that no one can shut . The gospel should they gain power and opportunity to preach as if they " own" everything. 1 Cor. 3 21 Therefore, no boast of being a fan of any man. For all are yours , 22 whether Paul , Apollos , or Cephas , the world , life or death , things present , nor things to come - all are yours. 23 And ye are Christ's , and Christ is God's.

9 Behold, I will allow anyone from the synagogue of Satan , of those who lie and say they are Jews and are not. They shall come and bow down at your feet, and they shall know that I have loved you. Again they should be challenged on the false teachings and who themselves are deviating in their life of faith . But the church should remain true because the Lord was with and he provides both wisdom and power. The light is powerful than darkness and truth stronger than lies!

10 Because you have kept my word to endure , I will keep you from the time of trial which shall come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth . Here it should be an impending tribulation that the church would be spared from it. As the church also must be preserved from the great tribulation. The Lord loves His church and will spare it for the coming tribulation when they keep his word and abide in Christ. Psalm 32 7 With you I'll hide me , you preserve me from trouble and let salvation cheers sound around me .

11 I am coming soon . Hold fast what you have, so no one takes from you your crown ! Jesus is coming soon. The exact time is unknown but it is approaching is secure. The church here got assurance from the Lord that he came soon and they should keep what they had , so nobody took from them the crown.

12 He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God , and never again will he leave it. I will write the name of my God upon him the name of my God city - the new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God - and also my own new name. The church needs columns that are faithful and sacrifice everything for Jesus and the church. When these people are God's work and God's church on and survive from generation to generation . We meet the new Jerusalem much more extensively described in chapter 21-22 .

13 Whoever has ears , let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches !

It must be said that the church had really heard. But the challenge is still to listen , learn and obey lifetime! ( end of quote ) .

My up at all I have tried, wanted and succeeded in being a Philadelphia Christian, something I ask God every day to continue to be. One who takes care of the Word of God , do not deny his name and has an open door set before me , Hallelujah . This offer is for everyone - believers - even today when printed in January 2014 !

Final Comment:

Will also say one thing , it is that one must never despise what seems so little and make calls. God's work has always begun in the little and ring .

Case 4:10 For who despise the poor initial days ? With pleasure watching the seven eyes plumb line in Zerubbabel hand , these Lord as hazards around the whole earth .

Never give up , do not be sorry , and things go well ? Everything is God's grace !

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